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BiggBoss Day 18 : Captaincy task and secret task


Bigg Boss season 3 Telugu is engaging audience a lot and this week’s captaincy task turned violent and there were injuries for the housemates.

Captaincy task:

As per this task. all the housemates will play different roles For e.g. there are 3 thieves i.e. Sreemukhi, Ravikrishna and Ashu Reddy and  Baba Bhaskar will be the lazy police inspector and all the remaining housemates will be villagers. There will be money and gold in the village and it needs to be saved from the thieves. During the task, Sreemukhi, used dumbbell to break the glass of the chest. After this, another thief Ravi Krishna, on advice of Srimukhi, also tried to break the glass with hand and he got injured. After this injury, there was all chaos in the house. Rahul and co (Varun, Vitika and Punarnavi) blamed Sreemukhi for taking foolish decision. Rahul even called her “Faltoo” that upset her but she didn’t cry in front of the housemates. Later Ravi Krishna and Sreemukhi went to medical room to treat the injury and Sreemukhi there burst into tears. The discussion followed after this injury exposed the stand of the housemates on the incident. Rahul tried to provoke Baba Bhaskar by saying he cannot keep quiet when this kind of incidents happen. It is known news that, Baba Bhaskar never landed himself into any troubles so far.
Secret task:

Later Bigg boss gave secret task to Ali Reza and Punarnavi separately. They have to go to a secret room and ensure none of the housemates sees them and knows about the task. After everyone slept, Ali Reza left to the secret location in the mid night and completed his secret task successfully. Punarnavi also successfully entered that secret location in the morning around 7:30 am before wake up call. Later, housemates found Ali Reza and Punarnavi missing in the house but they were not worried much as they know both of them visited confession room today. Bigg boss asked the housemates whether they want Ali Reza and Punarnavi back into house. Himaja replied she didn’t miss them. Tamanna told she wants Punarnavi back but she doesn’t care about Ali Reza. Rest of the housemates told they want both back. However, Bigg boss put a condition that if the housemates really want both of them back, they need to sacrifice milk, eggs and curd.

Housemates reaction on this is awaited

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Bigg boss update: Tamanna entry and nomination process


Transgender Tamanna Simhadri who joined Bigg boss 3 Telugu as wild card made her entry into the house today. As this is first time a transgender entered into Bigg boss house, audience were keen to know how the housemates will receive Tamanna’s entry. Housemates received Tamanna warmly and Tamanna also was confident of her game as she had already seen the first week of Bigg boss 3 from outside the house. She, however, told the housemates that she would have stood by Mahesh in the fight between Mahesh and Vitika, had she been in the house last week. She also found fault with Varun Sandesh for calling Mahesh as cheap character.

Then, nomination process started in the Bigg boss house for next eviction. Bigg boss asked each of the housemates to nominate two persons for eviction. However this nomination process became complicated because of Baba Bhaskar’s indecisiveness. He told that he cannot nominate any housemates as all of them are very good. Despite Bigg boss asking him repeatedly to nominate two persons as per the rules of the game, he could not come up with any names. Then Bigg boss announced that the nomination process is not complete because of Baba Bhaskar. Bigg boss revealed the names of the housemates who are already nominated and gave two options to the house i.e. either make Baba Bhaskar come up with two names or entire house get nominated. Some housemates like Varun Sandesh who already know that they are in the nomination list, advised that entire house to get nominated. Bhaskar did not like entire house getting nominated because of him and then made a decision to nominate two people. He nominated 2 people who are already nominated by others.

Overall, Srimukhi, Himaja, Jaffer, Mahesh , Varun Sandesh, Vitika, Punarnavi and Rahul got nominated eviction this week.

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