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Naidu pumping Bad Money into Horse-trading


Opposition leader in Andhra Pradesh Assembly YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wondered how TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu clings to the post of chief minister despite his direct involvement in the cash-for-vote scam. Jagan worked more hard than any TRS leader to get Naidu implicated in the cash for vote scam as accused number 1 or 2. He rushed to New Delhi, met President Pranab Mukhejee and Home Miniser Rajnath Singh and submitted memoranda to this effect. He also demanded a high level inquiry by a central agency.

However, both parties in the cash-for-vote scam seems to be withdrawing slowly from the warpath. So, Jagan has chosen to tour Andhra Pradesh.The opposition leader is in Kakinada on Odarpu Yatra to console the families of those fishermen who died recently in cyclone. Jagan accused chief minister of spending the ill-gotten wealth for horse trading in Telangana State.

He said the fiver crore offer to a Telangana nominated MLA was stands testimony to the money politics Naidu was going to unleash in Andhra and Telangana. “It is unprecedented in the history of the country for a Chief Minister to involve directly in a bribery case involving crores of rupees to buy a vote of an MLA,” he said.“I fail to understand,” he said, “though there were audio visual proofs of the involvement of Chandrababu Naidu in the scam, as to why he is not being arrested and Chandrababu Naidu has no moral right to continue as Chief Minister,” he said. “Chandrababu Naidu has preached morals and ethics and demanded for the recall of the Governor. When he and his follower were caught on the video tape the tune suddenly has changed. He has no moral right to continue in the office,” Jagan said. (jnr)

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Naidu plans mini cabinet for farm sector


To address the issues confronting the farm sector on priority basis government of Andhra Pradesh will set up a mini ,Cabinet, soon. Chief Minister N Chandrababu made this announcement today at a conference on Primary Sector Mission in Vijayawada. All departments related to the agriculture and allied sectors will be part of the cabinet.

The Krishi Cabinet will meet every month to take stalk of the situation on the problems of farmers in the state. The state government set a target of 18.2% growth for the year 2015-16.

The Chief Minister said the additional Joint Collectors in the districts have been made in-charge of the Primary Sector Mission at the district level.

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Babu in Trouble: Court Directs Police to Slap Sedition Case


Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu ended up in trouble for his statements that excites disaffection towards the Government of Telangana. Rangareddy Court in Hyderabad directed LB Nagar police to file sedition and criminal conspiracy case against Chandrababu Naidu.Accordingly, LB Nagar DCP filed IPC Section 124-A and 120-A of Indian Penal Code. While the former section deals with sedition, the latter deals with criminal conspiracy. Five others were slapped with similar sections in this case. The court, which heard the petition of an advocate, has given this direction to the police. The LB Nagar police said that they would soon submit a report on the same.

What did Chandrababu Naidu say?

In a recent television interview, after cash-for-vote scam broke out, Chandrababu Naidu said that it would be the last day of Telangana Government in case ACB (which is probing this infamous case) attempts to arrest him.

 What does Sedition mean?

If anyone makes any statement or sign or visible representation that attempts to bring disaffection towards the Government established by law in India, he/she will be liable to be punished with life imprisonment to which fine may be added to. It has to be mentioned here that Chandrababu’s statement that the government would fall will fairly attract this section. Any leader has the right to criticise political leaders and political parties but can’t speak anything against that will attempt to overthrow the government, said legal experts.

Criminal Conspiracy:

When two or more persons gather and discuss to conspire a plan to commit crime in near or far future, it can be termed as criminal conspiracy. The punishment for criminal conspiracy is capital punishment/death sentence or life imprisonment or rigorous imprisonment of two years to which fine may be added to. Chandrababu Naidu should now at least withdraw these disaffection statements in order to protect himself. While cash-for-vote itself is a bigger problem, the statement that it would be the last day of Telangana Government can be a final nail in TDP’s coffin.

(Phani B)

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EC to Crack Whip Against TDP?


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n a major jolt to Telugu Desam Party, the Election Commission of India shifted its focus to the ongoing infamous cash-for-vote scam. EC on Thursday filed a memo in the ACB Court in Hyderabad seeking duplicate copy of the report submitted by FSL.

It may be noted that FSL on Wednesday submitted a preliminary report on the audio that’s alleged to be of Chandrababu Naidu. If ascertained that the voice is that of Chandrababu Naidu, TDP supremo might have to face legal consequences. It has to be mentioned here that cash-for-vote scam came to light when ACB sleuths apprehended TDP MLA Revant Reddy. The same night, media released the footage of the sting operation that showed Revant Reddy promising five crore rupees to nominated MLA to Telangana assembly, Stephenson, in case he votes for TDP candidate in MLC elections.

Days after that sting operation went viral, vernacular media aired the audio tapes that allegedly contained conversation between Chandrababu and Stephenson. While TDP said that the audio was fabricated and also said that the phones were tapped, Telangana Government stressed that telephone lines were not fabricated.  Now that Election Commission has also plunged into this activity, it might take an action against Chandrababu Naidu only if it’s proved that the voice in the audio is that of Chandrababu. The experts said that the action could be banning the political party or its supremo from contesting elections and exercising his vote.

Notably, Election Commission earlier took such strong decisions and Shiv Sena’s Bal Thackeray can be cited as an example as he was banned from exercising his vote for a period of six years for proving guilty in a communal violence case. How and when Election Commission is going to crack its whip against TDP has now become the talk of the town.

(Phani B)

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AP Mulling to Buy Satya Sai International Airport


Andhra Pradesh Government is contemplating to buy the Puttaparthy International Airport owned by Sri Satya Sai Central Trust. The airport has lost it utility after the demise of iconic spiritual leader Sri Satya Saibaba and reportedly has become a white elephant for the trust. State government which is planning to develop an airport in each district thinking of buying the Puttaparthy airport. The issue has come up in the Investment and Infrastructure (I&I) review chief minister Chandrababu Naidu conducted today. He has asked Ajay Jain, Principal Secretary of I&I to study the matter and submit a report on the issue. In fact, the trust has been thinking of selling off the airport for the past several years due to inability to maintain the huge airport sprawling in an extent of 450 acres. The length of the runway is 2230 meters. Some time back the trust has invited bids for the sale and put the floor price at Rs 600 crore. But there has been no further progress. Except on the occasions when special flights of VVIPS are handled, most of the time the airport remains unused. Now that the state government is planning to develop the Hindupur area of Anantapur district as the IT hub it thinks that buying the airport would give boost to its plans. Puttaparthy International Airport is located just 70 km from Bangalore International Airport. The trust reportedly has also put about 2000 acres of land adjoining the airport  for sale. State which is in the process of developing a land bank for industrialization of the Andhra Pradesh is keen on buying the airport and land, a senior official told Telugu360.com. (JNR)

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CM Naidu Feels Insecure in Hyderabad


Agriculture minister Prattipati Pullarao said chief minister Chandrababu Naidu was feeling insecure in Hyderabad.

Addressing a round-table in Vijayawada, Pullarao said, “Greater Hyderabad Municiapl Corporation has refused to give permission to construct house. Water supply to his Lake View guest house camp office is erratic. His phones have been tapped. The CM has been under constant watch.”

If this was the plight of the chief minister, imagine the problems of 40 lakh Andhra settlers in Hyderabad, Pullarao asked.

He put the blame for the sorry state of affairs at the doors of Raj Bhavan. Governor ESL Narasimhan was not able to protect the rights of Andhra people in joint capital of Andhra Pradesh.

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KCR’s Dilemma: To Dilute and Not to Dilute the Cash-for-vote Case


Telangana chief minister K Chadrasekhar Rao is grappling with a Hamletian dilemma: to dilute the cash-for-vote (CFV) case or not, in order not to implicate his Andhra Pradesh counterpart N Chandrababu Naidu in the case.

The central BJP is said to have advised him against going overboard on the case and vitiating the relations between the two states.

The advice, reportedly delivered to KCR through Governor ESL Narasimhan and some informal channels, if ignored, has the potential of shattering the dream of KCR to see his daughter and Nizambad Lok Sabha member Kavita in the union cabinet.

Though there has been no love lost between Telangana BJP and KCR, the central BJP is understood to have responded positively to the friendly vibes from the TRS recently. For quite some time TRS has been sending signals to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amith Shah about its intension to join the NDA. KCR’s daughter, Kavita has gone on record that her party would have no objection to join NDA cabinet as it would help the nascent state get more assistance from the centre.  “If Prime Minister Modi invites me to join the cabinet we will consider it,” she told media some time back.

Highly placed sources in BJP told this correspondent that Modi was also not disinclined to take the TRS on board.

“The only hitch is TRS connections with MIM. We want the TRS to distance itself from MIM publicly to join the NDA government. The moment TRS jettisons the MIM, it is welcome to join the NDA cabinet,” informed BJP sources said.

TRS is not ready severe it relations with MIM before GHMC elections as it needs the support of Muslim minorities in Greater Hyderabad Municiapl Corporation (GHMC) area to win the election.  GHMC is the testing ground for TRS’ real influence in the capital where Andhra settlers outnumber the Telangana people. It was proven in 2014 Assembly elections when TRS ended up as poor third.  So, a defeat in GHMC elections would weaken his grip over the capital which in course of time undermine the chances of its return in 2019.

So, the TRS doesn’t want to antagonize Muslim minorities by jettisoning MIM before GHMC polls. It is said to have conveyed to BJP leadership in Delhi that it could not afford to do it  before GHMC elections. Though Kavita’s joining the cabinet has been put off for the time being, two parties are enjoy cordial relations.


Now, chief minister KCR has to choose between the BJP’s advice against implicating Naidu in CFV case or pursue his anti-Naidu politics and fall from grace of Prime Minister Modi. Pursuing latter course may put the dream of getting a cabinet berth for Kavita at risk.




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Naidu: T- Govt Will Fall if KCR Tries Arrest Me


Naidu  warned that TRS government would not survive a minute if he was implicated in the cash-vote-case and arrested.

He told this to a national news channel in Delhi.

According to the NDTV, which interviewed him, Naidu said, “if he (KCR) does like that (tries to arrest me), it will be the last day for his government.”

Naidu said the tapes and conversation in the tapes were doctored and accused that KCR was using fabricated tapes and the police to intimidate him and his party legislators.

Naidu  is in Delhi on a two-day tour to seek centre’s intervention in containing T-CM  Chandrasekhar Rao’s enthusiasm in tapping telephones.

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TDP amends party constitution for national status


The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Wednesday amended its constitution, taking the first step towards attaining national party status.

With the party having presence in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and looking to expand to other states, it amended the constitution to provide for a national framework.

A resolution to this effect was passed unanimously on the first day of the three-day ‘Mahanadu’ or annual conclave at Gandipet on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

The 34-year-old party dropped the word ‘Telugu Nadu’ and replaced it with India.

The amendments made in tune with the requirements also provided for a central committee and state presidents instead of one president.

The resolution was tabled after TDP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu addressed the conclave.

Naidu said this ‘Mahanadu’ was historic as it was the first after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

The TDP is in power in Andhra Pradesh and is in opposition in Telangana.

Naidu said the party was planning to expand to other states.

“We are not only there in two states but can have presence in many as states as possible. We need to work out details,” he said.

The TDP chief said that with its credibility, the party can attain national status and play its role at the national level.

He said that in the last 34 years, the TDP despite being a regional party played a key role in national politics.

It was part of four out of five non-Congress governments at the Centre.

According to TDP sources, the party was trying to spread its wings to neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka where a sizable number of Telugus reside.

The party already has a unit running in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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