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Kamal Haasan weighs in on language row, says ‘diversity is our strength’


At a time when Hindi has been at the centre of a controversy over whether it should become India’s link language, Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan, who had once called Hindi “still a little child in diapers”, said here on Thursday that the conversation is not needed as the country’s “diversity is our strength.”

The actor, who was in the national capital to promote the Tamil action thriller ‘Vikram’, said: “We should be proud that we have people speaking different languages but communicating with each other in English. There’s nothing wrong with it. The British robbed us of many things, but they left us something which we can encash now.”

Talking to IANS, the auteur, who’s back from the 75th Cannes Film Festival, underlined the strength of India’s linguistic diversity: “Why are we making it our weakness? We have so many languages and we have learned to live with them. We have so many cuisines. Our diversity is our strength. We should be proud of it rather than being ashamed of it.”

The 67-year-old star, who started as a child artiste when he was all of six, has been acting for more than five decades. He has worked in several languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Hindi, where he has been a part of a number of acclaimed films such as ‘Sadma’, ‘Ek Duuje Ke Liye’ and ‘Saagar’.

He’s happy therefore about the emergence of an ‘Indian cinema’ that cuts across language barriers. Why did it take us so long to call it ‘Indian cinema’?

Kamal, who likes to be referred to as an “Indian actor”, said: “I hope it happens in every field. You call it Indian language instead of calling it Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi or Bengali. It’s our language. I cannot speak it but there are millions who can speak it. Like 80 million people speak Tamil, that’s a lot of people bigger than a country.”

Over the years, the box office has seen regional language movies such as the ‘Baahubali’ franchise, and more recently, ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, the ‘KGF’ franchise and ‘RRR’ leaving Hindi films far behind in the competition for eyeballs. What is Bollywood doing wrong?

“Nothing wrong,” the superstar was quick to reply, adding: “Some of them are very talented.”

He explained: “It’s like the National Awards, which are given by (a jury of)12 people. But the audience, millions of them, also give awards. The fact that an actor doesn’t get a National Award doesn’t make him a bad actor. It doesn’t make him an actor who is doing something wrong.

“It’s just that he didn’t get the right opportunity, the producer, to do it. The same applies to filmmakers when they want to make a film — the right production, the right distribution, the right publicity, these are all important factors. All these are coalescing now, thanks to technology, communications, YouTube, media — everything has grown. So, we are able to reach out to a lot more people, instead of shouting ourselves hoarse to get national attention.”

‘Vikram’, which is being backed by Kamal Haasan production house, Raaj Kamal Films International, is scheduled for a June 3 release. Besides the superstar, the Lokesh Kanagaraj film has Vijay Sethupathy and Malayalam actor Fahad Faasil playing the lead characters, with music scored by Avinash Ravichander.

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F3 Movie Review – Fun, Fun and more Fun

F3 Movie Review

F3 Fun and Frustration Review

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Story : 

Anand Prasad (Murali Sharma), an influential businessman is in search of his lost heir. Venky, the sole breadwinner of a family in cinematic crisis, provides shortcut services. Varun is an expert day dreamer. They attempt to get rich via the trap the rich girl scheme, only the rich girl happens to be Tamannah’s sister Mehreen, who have the same plan. One thing leads to another, and the group finds themselves in a tough spot in need of money to get out from. What happens when these frustrated folks cross paths with Anand Prasad makes up the rest of the movie.

Analysis :

As with F2, do not expect any logics in F3. Check In your thinking hats outside the theater and only expect to be treated to Director Anil Ravipudi’s trademark slapstick comedy. Where F2 dealt with fun and frustration in relationships, F3 shows us the fun(?) and frustrating sides of not having the money that you want. 

Using core cast from F2, Anil Ravipudi created a relatively engaging canvas with some laughs and no concrete story. The episodes where the characters end up in fits was good – use of old timer songs in the background is a nice touch.

First half of the movie deals with establishing the characters and we get to see pretty much the entire cast of F2 reappraising their roles in same fashion. Venkatesh leads the way with screentime through the entire movie. His comedy timing and antics with dealing with his night blindness are very funny. 

The track with Venkata Rao’s wife is a signature Anil Ravipudi’ creatives and expertly delivered by Venkatesh. Varun Tej does a good job with good Telangana accent dialogues and his stammer covering mannerism are top notch. After a long time, we see Sunil playing to his strength as the fun sidekick. Rajendra Prasad and Sampath Raj play corrupt cops and provide the subplot that further ties the characters together. Ali’s episodes generated some laughs.

Second half of the movie deals with another scam to get their hands on Anand Prasad (Murali Sharma’s) money. With more laughs – some fun and some forced the movie makes its way to the climax episode. The expert use of movie parodies a treat to watch – albeit a bit too packed. May be could have cut down on a few of the parodies. Venky and Varun Tej excel with unique mannerisms. Sunil and Raghu babu do decent job as sidekick.

Songs are not upto the mark. Editing could have been a bit crisper. 

Pros : 

  • Venkatesh’s & Varun Tej’s performance
  • Few Comedy Blocks

Cons :

  • No reasonable story
  • Songs 

Verdict : 

F3 is an entertainer with Venky leading the way. There are fun scenes here and there, which might work well with family audience.  Don’t expect any logic in the movie ,You can watch once if you want to get some respite from over-the-top action movies from recent past in Telugu.

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

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