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Naga Babu hints that Janasena is PRP 2.0 !

The audio launch event of Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya took place this Sunday in Military Madhavaram village. While speaking at the event, Naga Babu praised Megastar Chiranjeevi for giving a wonderful life to entire Mega family.He then made startling political statements about Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party.

Naga Babu stated that Pawan Kalyan, despite being a top actor of the current generation, choose to serve people and launched a political party. He alleged that many greedy machinations are being planned by current political parties to damage Pawan’s political image. He said many evil forces are against Pawan’s political career.

Naga Babu then made striking comments like – ” Pawan Kalyan okkade anukokandi ” “Ippudu Prajaseva loki vachi niswardham ga seva cheyadaniki mundhuku vastunnamu , Yela Cheyyalo maaku telusu… Okasari Kudaraledhu esari kudiri teerutundhi

This speech is a sort of revealing the face behind the mask of ‘Janasena’. Is Naga Babu hinting that Pawan Kalyan is not the only one leading Janasena ? Is he confirming that Janasena is a reincarnation of Praja Rajyam party founded by Chiranjeevi ?

Right from Janasena inception, Pawan kalyan used to disown anything of shades of PRP to coverup the caste stamp. Pawan Kalyan had tried his best to project Janasena as a fresh party but today  Nagababu revealed the family’s real intention. At the election year, whether Nagababu’s talk of Janasena is PRP 2.0 helps or damages Janasena – only time can tell !

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Lokesh sees a friend in Pawan Kalyan, hints at TDP-JSP alliance in 2019


Andhra Pradesh Minister of IT&C Nara Lokesh said that Jana Sena Party is their ally. He said that Bharatiya Janata Party and Jana Sena are ‘our allies’ and that they are going forward together. He hinted that Jana Sena will tag along with TDP in 2019 elections.

Responding to a question that if TDP wins 175 of 175 seats, does that mean Jana Sena won’t win any seat, Lokesh said that TDP along with their allies will secure all the assembly constituencies in the state.

He also said that it is unfair to say that the government reacts only when Pawan Kalyan extends his support. Lokesh noted that the government will solve any problem brought to their notice and recalled that they had solved the problem of the Mirchi farmers.

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KCR: Will Pawan Kalyan get votes by merely waving his hand?

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Thursday commented on political developments in Andhra Pradesh. Speaking about Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party, KCR said that the actor-cum-politician will not be able to emerge as a political force to reckon in the near future.

KCR said that Kapu community will play a significant role in the 2019 elections. However he said that Kalyan who hails from the same community will not be able to fetch votes. He asked, “Will Pawan Kalyan get votes by merely waving his hand at the crowds?”

The TRS supremo held that a political party should have a mass appeal to be effective. He said that a persona like Megastar Chiranjeevi could not run a party and preferred to reduce his burden by dissolving the Praja Rajyam party. He hinted that JanaSena would follow the footsteps of PRP.

Indirectly referring to Kalyan’s unmoved attitude, KCR said that any person must be ready to fight, strive towards achieving the goal. He said that he ran TRS for 14years and had participated in several movements

KCR said that Telangana politics is free from the influence of caste while Andhra Pradesh is still under the clutches of caste-based- politics. He said that AP cannot free itself from the grasps of caste anytime soon.

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Meaning of Pawan’s temporary ceasefire


Jana sena President Pawal Kalyan called off his fight for the special category status to Andhra Pradesh after he tasted his success in Capital lands issue. He said the ceasefire was temporary. His suspension of fight happened hours after the Municial Administration minister P Narayana announced in Vijawada yesterday that the government revoked the notification issued to acquire the fertile lands in Krishna river front villages in Guntur district honoring the suggestion from Pawan Kalayan.

Within hours Jana Sena President has not only thanked the minister Narayana and his colleague Prattipati Pullarao and especially the chief minister Chandrababu Naidu , but also announced his temporary ceasefire on the demand for special category status. He did this by raising the bogey of National Integration. He did not elaborate how the asking for special category status would pose threat to National Integration.

The reason Pawan Kalyan floated for the suspension of his fight for special category status is this:

“I had explained to hon. Prime Minister Narendera Modi about the injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh at the time of division of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and how the act hurt the sentiments of the people. The PM understood it. So, I hope the centre would react positively on the demand for special category status. I know pretty well that it has already been delayed. Still, let us wait for some more time without subjecting ourselves to emotions in the interest of national integration. we will decide upon the next course of action in case there would be no justice.”
This tweeted this at a time when the all opposition parties are urging the people to observe total bandh on Saturday to put pressure on the state and centre for the special category status. Though bandh call is given by YSRC, Left parties and other mass organization have extended their support. But, Pawan, did not refer to the bandh call and did reveal if was opposed to the bandh.

It looks chief minister Naidu is successful in disengaging Pawan Kalyan from the protest politics at a crucial time when opposition is fiercely fighting. Can we call this Pawan-Naidu-quid pro quo?

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