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Kathalo Rajakumari Review: A test of patience !


Kathalo Rajakumari Review, Kathalo Rajakumari Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 1/5

Young hero Nara Rohit is desperately trying for a much-needed hit that has been dodging him for a long time now. His career is battered with a string of badly executed films, but that doesn’t stop him from experimenting with novel scripts. He is back with a love story Kathalo Rajakumari which also stars Naga Shaurya in a supporting role. Namitha Pramod plays female lead. Mahesh Surapaneni is the director.
Let’s see if Nara Rohit and Naga Shaurya taste the success with Kathalo Rajakumari or not.

Arjun Chakravarthy is a numero uno villain in Telugu film industry. His craze is nothing short of any star hero. Arjun gets carried away by his on-screen image and soon becomes egoistic, head strong in real life too. Meanwhile, a major accident changes his outlook towards life and transitions him into a soft natured guy. This leads to failure in his forte of portraying villainous roles as he can no longer express sheer cruelty. Soon he starts losing films and upon well-wisher’s request, he seeks advice from different people in industry.

One of the yesteryear villains who is also a good personality advisor, recommends Arjun to meet his worst enemy of all time and take revenge; so that he can regain the lost cruel nature.

Now, in process of finding his worst enemy Arjun zeroes in on his childhood friend Sita. Realizing that she stays in a village called Nandanavanam near Vizag, Arjun visits her home. Pretending to be good with her, he executes the revenge plan. Rest of the story deals with how Arjun tries to impress and/or hates her and how Sita tries to protect herself? what happens next is for the viewers to watch on silver screen.

This flick follows a ‘film inside a film’ concept. The proceedings start off promisingly showcasing Nara Rohith’s ferocious action in different villain roles. Naga Shourya plays his real character. Once Rohith’s wickedness is softened, the movie graph starts tumbling. The flashback showcasing Arjun and Sita’s childhood is ineffective. The reason for Arjun hating Sita so badly is not at all convincing.
The childhood story lacks depth. Similarly, why and how Arjun or anyone’s personality changes if they come into the proximity of their worst enemy, has not been explained to the common audience.

Technically too this a subpar film. The dubbing of the artists, primarily the hero’s, is inconsistent – at times gets louder, occasionally goes low with non-audible words. Climax is another farce with film-fare awards’ backdrop.

Amateur director Mahesh Surapaneni tried his best to make a film but ended up in delivering worse than a television serial quality. Many scenes like the episode of ‘audio recording device’ are classic examples of too much amateurishness. Story offers slightly different backdrop but created a failure. Cinematopraphy and music are also of poor quality except one Illaiyaraja bit.



Nara Rohith is okay with his performance, but in this one-year old film he looked overweight in many instances. Heroine Namitha Pramod is not at all appealing as main lead. Nandita raj comes in a special appearance.

Verdict :
Kathalo Rajakumari is an utterly nonsensical film for any kind of audience. How a cinema villain, who is very arrogant off-screen as well, tries to change his attitude is the core point of this film. Nara Rohith who was known for choosing different kinds of stories, failed to pick one this time. An avoidable fare.

Telugu360 Rating : 1/5

Release Date : 15th Sep, 2017
Director : Mahesh Surapaneni
Music Director : Ilaiyaraaja
Choreography : Naresh Kancharana
Production Company: Sudhakar Impex
Starring : Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya

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Is this Rajakumari really worth the wait!!!


Will “Kathalo Rajakumari” be one of those trend setters that will take the TFI by storm after Sai Pallavi’s Fidaa? Will it continue the trend female characters taking the center stage in Telugu cinema finally? If a title is meant to give us a glimpse into the story then this is what must be true.

However, if you saw the trailer, Nara Rohit’s character seems to contradict this. He is introduced as “the best villain” and the film seems to be all about him. You get a feeling that is a story of a “spoilt kid” who has it all; drugs, sex (again a new trend?) and reminds us of Arjun Reddy all over again (and rightfully so as the character’ name is Arjun).

The Second half of the trailer gives us an entirely different feel; melodious and heartwarmingly smooth. It will be interesting to watch how these two contradicting faces that the director choose to present come together.

Srinivas Avasarala, Naga Shourya and Nara Rohit gave us a heartwarming movie last year, “Jyo Achyutananda” seeing the three together yet again and the tag line “Love in its best form” makes us hopeful of a love story that keeps us hooked on to it. The music definitely reinforces this expectation.

Illayaraja’s music is something to look forward to. The song “Manase Thalape Thadutondila” grows on you and the rest of the songs do sound soothing and pleasant to the ear.

Debutant Director Mahesh Surapaneni has done a good job with the cinematography if what is seen in the teaser and trailer is to be believed.

The movie releases this Thursday and it will be once and for all proven it debutants are a risk worth taking to break the monopoly in the industry.

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Rohit announces Kathalo Rajakumari Release Date


Young actor Nara Rohit wrapped up the shoot of Kathalo Rajakumari some time ago. Directed by debutant Mahesh Surapaneni, the movie features Rohit, Naga Shourya and Namita Pramod in the lead roles. Rohit and Shourya have been presented in massy looks along with their regular presentation in the movie. Touted to be a triangular love story, Kathalo Rajakumari is all set for release on August 25th and Rohit himself announced the release date on the occasion of his birthday.

Aarohi Cinema and Aran Media Works are jointly bankrolling this project. Ilayaraja and Vishal Chandrasekhar composed the music for Kathalo Rajakumari. This is the second time Rohit and Shourya are teaming up after Jyo Achutananda. Nara Rohit has been busy shedding his weight and he will be showcasing his six pack abs in his next film Balakrishnudu which started rolling recently. Pavan Mallelea is the director and Regina Cassandra is the heroine.

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Rohit 2.0 – Sheds more than 20 KG’s

Nara Rohit came a long way since he had made his debut with ‘Baanam’. With impeccable dialogue delivery being his major strength, he has improved his weak areas such as comic timing, expressions, dances etc. over the years. If there is any drawback still left in him, it has to be weight issues.

Over the years, Rohit has never looked in shape. In some movies, he sported too much flab that his alleged negligence received criticism from every corner. It seems that Rohit has taken the criticism to his heart and has started hitting gym with vengeance in order to lose those extra kilos.

Rohit has been working out rigorously for around six months now. Besides spending over three hours daily in gym, he has been following a strict food regimen. He has lost almost 20 kilos now and the result of his hard work can be clearly seen in his latest photographs.

On work front, Rohit is eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Kathalo Rajakumari’ and ‘Shamanthakamani’, both films will be releasing very shortly. He has ‘Pandagala Digi Vachadu’ and ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantharayalu’ in pipeline. We can Rohith’s version 2.0 in these upcoming films.

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Kathalo Rajakumari Teaser: All about Love and Revenge


Young actor Nara Rohit owes a massive hit for Tollywood. All his recent innovative attempts have been badly rejected by the audience and he is all set with his next movie titled Kathalo Rajakumari. Directed by Mahesh Surapaneni, Kathalo Rajakumari features Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya, Namitha Pramod and Nanditha Raj in the lead roles. The movie is said to be a romantic thriller which completed the entire shoot. The first teaser of the film has been revealed which is all about love and revenge.

Rohit has been showcased in two completely new looks in the movie and he reveals about his love and all about the revenge to be taken on his love. Naga Shourya plays a crucial role in the movie and Kathalo Rajakumari has some emotional drama which is touted to be the major highlight of the film. Busy with the post-production work, Kathalo Rajakumari is all set for June release this year. Aran Media along with Aarohi Cinema and Srihaas Entertainments bankrolled this prestigious project.

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Nara Rohit’s next titled ‘Kathalo Rajakumari’


Young hero Nara Rohit is signing back to back films post ‘Asura‘ success. He has given the nod to nearly 5 new projects in the last couple of months and the latest update reveals that he has okayed the script narrated by Mahesh Surapaneni, who will make his debut with this project. B.Srinivas, who produced Karthikeya with Nikhil, will bankroll the film.

Titled Kathalo Rajakumari, the film will have child actress turned heroine, Shamili, as the leading lady. The regular shooting will kickstart in December and the makers are planning to release it for Summer next year. The remaining cast will be announced soon.

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