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Khaidi Verdict: BLOCKBUSTER

Release Date: 2019-10-25 AP/TS First Day: Rs. 0.32 Cr
AP/TS First Week: Rs. 3.45 Cr AP/TS Lifetime: Rs. 7.05 Cr
India First Week: Rs. 0.00 Cr India Lifetime: Rs. 0.00 Cr
Worldwide First Week: Rs. 0.00 Cr Worldwide Lifetime: Rs. 0.00 Cr
USA Locations: USA
USA Premiers: $ 0 K USA First Day: $ 0 K
USA First Week: $ 0 K USA Lifetime: $ 0 K


  • ALL INDIA 1st Week: Rs. 0.00 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.00 Cr
  • TELUGU STATES 1st Day: Rs. 0.32 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 3.45 Cr | Final: Rs. 7.05 Cr
  • NIZAM 1st Day: Rs. 0.06 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 1.09 Cr | Final: Rs. 2.20 Cr
  • CEDED 1st Day: Rs. 0.05 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 0.45 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.90 Cr
  • UA 1st Day: Rs. 0.05 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 0.54 Cr | Final: Rs. 1.25 Cr
  • GUNTUR 1st Day: Rs. 0.04 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 0.37 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.70 Cr
  • EAST 1st Day: Rs. 0.03 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 0.23 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.50 Cr
  • KRISHNA 1st Day: Rs. 0.04 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 0.41 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.80 Cr
  • WEST 1st Day: Rs. 0.03 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 0.21 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.40 Cr
  • NELLORE 1st Day: Rs. 0.02 Cr | 1st Week: Rs. 0.16 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.30 Cr
  • ROI 1st Week: Rs. 0.00 Cr | Final: Rs. 0.00 Cr

    • Movie HeroKarthi
    • Movie Heroine
    Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj

    Karthi about the sequel for Khaidi


    Khaidi stands as a cult classic in the career of Karthi. The film’s director Lokesh Kanagaraj and Karthi announced the sequel right after the release of Khaidi but the project got delayed because of their ongoing commitments. During the promotions of his recent film Viruman, Karthi responded about Khaidi 2. He said that the shoot commences early next year once Lokesh Kanagaraj is done with the shoot of Vijay’s project. There are also speculations that Lokesh Kanagaraj is keen to combine Vikram and Khaidi for a mega project.

    Karthi stood away from responding about the film but he clearly hinted that Khaidi 2 starts rolling very soon. Kamal Haasan after the super success of Vikram is keen to kick-start the sequel for Vikram very soon. Lokesh Kanagaraj for now is completely focused on Vijay’s film. A clarity on this is expected very soon.

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    Tamil action blockbuster ‘Kaithi’ to get Bollywood remake


    Reliance Entertainment is all set to co-produce a Bollywood remake of the 2019 Tamil action blockbuster “Kaithi”.

    “Kaithi” revolves around an ex-convict who is on his way to meet his daughter for the first time. He is accompanied by an injured police officer and, before he reaches his destination, he has to face a gang of drug lords.

    Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, the Tamil original received positive reviews from critics and worked well at the box-office.

    The film will be co-produced by Reliance Entertainment alongwith the Chennai-based film company Dream Warrior Pictures, founded by brothers SR Prakashbabu and SR Prabhu.

    Prabhu said that “Kaithi” is a film with “no heroine, no songs and 100 per cent action”.

    “Released with all these odds on the Diwali festival day, ‘Kaithi’ came out as a box office blockbuster among the family audience in South. We’re delighted to join hands with Reliance Entertainment for the Bollywood remake. This high-octane film will surely entertain the audience pan India,” Prabhu said.

    Excited about the association, Shibasish Sarkar, group CEO, Reliance Entertainment, said: ” ‘Kaithi’ is a gripping thriller and a tribute to all the celebrated cops-and-criminals actioners you can think of. And yet it is like none you’ve ever seen. I really look forward to this collaboration and coming together with a great creative team that would do true justice to the film’s Hindi remake.”

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    Khaidi AP/TS Closing Collections – BLOCKBUSTER


    Karthi’s Khaidi has ended up its run in the Telugu States with a distributor share of 7.05 Cr. The film is a Blockbuster with theatrical rights valued at 3.50 Cr. It has also emerged as career highest grosser for the hero bettering Khakee. After a very poor opening, the film has sustained well as collections on its 7th day are par opening day. Lifetime share to opening day share(0.32 Cr) multiplier of the film is about 22 times which is an excellent trending.

    Below are the area wise closing shares

    Ceeded0.90 Cr
    UA1.25 Cr
    Guntur0.70 Cr
    East0.50 Cr
    West0.40 Cr
    Krishna0.80 Cr
    Nellore0.30 Cr
    Total Share7.05 Cr

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    Khaidi bringing good profits to buyers


    Karthi’s ‘Khaidi’ had a good run last weekend in Hyderabad city. As per an online booking site, it was the highest-grossing film during the last three days. It truly is attracting multiplex crowds as the word-of-mouth is pretty strong. The film is another example that good content will find its audiences.

    ‘Khaidi’ began its run on a pretty dull note on the first day but good reviews and strong WOM gave a huge boost to her. As celebrities have also started posting tweets in the film’s favor, the movie picked up the collections in a big way. ‘Khaidi’ has now become the most profitable film in recent times in Karthi’s career.

    It did a pre-release business of Rs 3.5 crore. The producer will see double profits. Now, there will be demand for Karthi’s new movies

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    Khaidi passes the test of first Monday


    Barring the solo hit ‘Khaki’, Karthi has witnessed only flops in the last three years. With flops galore, his market came crashing down. Despite mastering the Telugu language and promoting his movies in Telugu states aggressively, his market has not seen any growth of late.
    His latest film ‘Khaidi’ didn’t take the big opening on the first day for this reason. Only after good ratings coming in and word-of-mouth has started spreading, theaters began witnessing footfalls. Surprisingly, the movie has seen a huge jump on the first Monday indicating that the thriller has clicked with the audiences. The film has passed the crucial test on Monday. 
    This film has given a huge boost to Karthi’s career. Needless to say, flabbergasted Karthi has already announced a sequel to this thriller.

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    Karthi’s Khaidi witnesses extraordinary jump


    Tamil actor Karthi’s recent offering Kaithi (Khaidi in Telugu) clashed with Vijay’s Bigil. Though the film carried good expectations, the day one numbers are quite low after Bigil opened on a massive note. With the word of mouth extremely positive, Khaidi witnessed an extraordinary jump on its second day. In most of the territories, the day two numbers are triple when compared to the first day numbers. Karthi’s performance, raw narration and the core plot received a top class response from the audience.

    Khaidi is expected to stand strong on Sunday and Monday considering the Diwali season. Lokesh Kanagaraj is the director and Dream Warrior Pictures are the producers. Karthi during the film’s success meet announced a sequel for Khaidi which will start next year. Bigil released as Whistle in Telugu and the movie did decent business on its second day.

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    Karthi hints of a sequel for Khaidi


    Young and talented Tamil actor Karthi tested his luck with Kaithi which released as Khaidi in Telugu. The film released yesterday and opened on a dull note after the film faced tough competition from Vijay’s Bigil. With the word of mouth extremely positive, Khaidi opened with decent footfalls on day two. Karthi during the film’s success meet today in Chennai hinted of a sequel for this mass entertainer.

    “I am extremely happy about the response the film is getting. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj already narrated the script for the sequel. He just wanted 30 days of my dates to complete the project. The script is ready. Will announce other details soon” said Karthi. Khaidi is directed by Lokesh Kangaraj and Dream Warrior Pictures bankrolled the film. Karthi’s performance from the film received top class response from the audience.

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    Khaidi Review – A Riveting Thriller


    Khaidi Movie Review

    Khaidi Movie Review

    Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

    Tamil star Karthi has been experimenting with stories. After ‘Khaki’, he is attempting serious themes. His latest ‘Khaidi’ has been promoted as a film with intense story and narration. The film has no heroines, no songs. A daring attempt from Karthi for sure. Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraju, it has created a good impression with its promotions and trailers.

    Story :

    ‘Khaidi’ has a unique story and the basic story takes place in five or six hours in one night. A police officer Vijay (Naren) realizes that a drug cartel gang mixed sedatives in the drinks while the large group of police officers was having a party. The gang’s target is to release the confiscated cocaine from SP’s office. Their boss is also in the custody of the police. Vijay requests Delhi (Karthi), a prisoner on parole who is on his way to meet his daughter, to drive a lorry and safely take the officers to a hospital. Can Delhi save the day?

    Analysis :

    From the very first scene, ‘Khaidi’ makes its intentions clear- this is a no-nonsense action thriller. It gets to the point straightly. In the first 15 minutes, the main point has been established.

    Karthi enters the scene a bit late into the movie but once he does, he takes the charge with his terrific performance. Till the interval, the director puts the audience on the edge of the seat with his gripping narration. There is not a single dull moment before the interval.

    Everything is neatly established, multiple layers are presented with lucid way. Still, director Lokesh Kanagaraj has succeeded in maintaining the tense situation. What is more, the movie doesn’t deviate into a romantic thread or take an excuse for a song. There are no songs in the film. There is also no female protagonist.

    Amidst the action melee, the core element is father-daughterer sentiment drama. The scenes of Karthi’s yearning to see his daughter pulls your heartstrings.

    The action stunts (the are aplenty) are realistic. However, the action-blocks get too repetitive in the second half and the sequences in the SP’s office in the later part test the patience. They need to be trimmed.

    The excessive runtime is the main drawback. Also, some scenes are filmed in over the top manner.

    Karthi has given fab performance once again. He is seen in a single dress throughout the film. He should be commended for accepting a role that lacks commercial values. He has proved that he can pull off any role with ease. Narain as the police officer is very impressive. Other actors have given convincing performances.

    Action stunts and cinematography are top class.


    • Gripping narration
    • Unique storyline
    • Karthi’s performance
    • Terrific first hour
      • Negatives:

        • Too lengthy
        • Repetitive scenes in the second half
        • Serious tone
          • Verdict :

            ‘Khaidi’ is a riveting thriller with a different storyline, gripping narration. It is narrated in international format sans songs. There is no heroine either. Multiple threads are explored in this drama that might appeal to serious cinema lovers. It is for niche audiences.

            Telugu360 Rating : 3/5

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    Telugu Films’ BO Report in First Half of 2017

    With the conclusion of first half of 2017 on June 30, we have brought you the detailed box office report of Telugu films released during these six months.

    70 straight Telugu films have released this year with an average of less than 3 films per week. The number has come down this year as 85 films were released last year during the first six months. The success rate however has increased as the count of successful films (9) remained same.


    Highly anticipated sequel of Baahubali, “Baahubali : The Conclusion” has collected a worldwide distributor share of Rs 310 Cr, which is a record by miles. The film surpassing it’s predecessor’s worldwide collections (186 Cr) in Telugu states alone speaks volumes about this humongous success.

    The film went on to create All Time records in Hindi and Tamil film industries besides Tollywood.


    1. Khaidi No.150 – This film marks the comeback of Megastar Chiranjeevi after a long gap of 9 years. It has opened to huge numbers with an All Time Record Day One and went on to become a Blockbuster by the end of it’s run.

    With a worldwide distributor share of Rs 102 Cr, Khaidi No.150 became the second film after “Baahubali” to collect over Rs 100 Cr share.

    2. Sathamanam Bhavati – The film was an underdog at its time of release since it clashed with two big films – Khaidi N0.150 and Gautamiputra Satakarni. Despite the relatively limited release, the family entertainer has taken a good opening and went on to dominate the two rival biggies from 3rd week.

    Worldwide Distributor Share of this Dil Raju production venture is – 33.60 Cr, almost 3 times return on investment.

    Super Hit :

    Nenu Local – The film has ended up as second career best grosser for Nani. [Worldwide distributor share : 32.65 Cr]

    Hits :

    1. Rarandoi Veduka Chudham – The film has strengthened Naga Chaitanya’s image as the best suitable hero for romantic and family entertainers. It has also become his first solo film to collect over 25 Cr Share. [Distributor share of the film is 25.40 Cr worldwide]

    2. Guru – It was the first hit among the summer releases with a worldwide distributor share of 18.60 Cr. Venkatesh has scored a hit after 3 long years.

    3. The Ghazi Attack – The success of the film is one of it’s kind as it has won both critical acclaim and commercial glory. [Worldwide Distributor share is 11.50 Cr]

    Above Average :

    1. Gautamiputra Satakarni – It is the 100th film of senior hero Nandamuri Balakrishna. After a good first week, the film has slowed down due to the domination of Shatamanam Bhavati in A centres and Khaidi No.150 in B,C centres. The film has incurred minor losses to some buyers and ended up with worldwide distributor share of Rs 49.70 Cr

    2. Kittu Unnadu Jagratha – This film was benefited from the vacuum of movies in theatres for first three weeks in March until the release of Katamarayudu. It has collected a distributor share of 6 crore and incurred minor losses to some buyers.

    Average :

    Ami Thumi – Shoestring budget of the film and the decent run in A centres helped it attain average status at box office.

    Duvvada Jagannadham – After an excellent extended opening weekend, the film has dropped suddenly. This Bunny starrer is expected to end up as a loss venture for each and every buyer involved. With over 66 Cr share worldwide in 10 days, DJ is expected to collect around 69 Cr in its full run. The film’s theatrical rights were sold for around Rs 80 crore.

    P.S – Bunny has good market in Kerala and the Malayalam version is slated to hit screens on July 14.

    Flops :

    Katamarayudu – Expectations were high on this Pawan Kalyan starrer as it was the first biggie of summer. The film however has ended up as a flop by raking in a worldwide distributor share of just Rs 62.15 Cr.


    1. Om Namo Venkatesaya – This Nagarjuna Akkineni starerr is one of the biggest disasters ever in not just the actor’s career but in the history of Tollywood. The film’s buyers lost over 60% of their investment. [Worldwide distributor share – 10.1 Cr]

    2. Winner – Sai Dharam Tej’s utter routine commercial entertainer opened strongly on Day One but collections nosedived on day Two itself. And, the film ended up as a disaster

    3. Mister – This Srinu Vytla directorial starring Varun Tej in lead role had a decent opening, and it was declared a washout on Day Two itself. The film was produced by the same makers who bankrolled Winner.

    4. Rogue – The very-prolific Puri has churned out this disaster. The film had very less expectations and it failed to impress even the director’s fans.

    Dubbing Films:

    As many as 38 films were dubbed into Telugu from other languages including English. Of the total, only 2 films succeeded as box office. Aadhi’s horror comedy Marakathamani and Hollywood action film “Fast & Furious 8” are the only two profitable films.

    While Lawrence’s “Sivalinga” collected average revenue, Suriya’s highly anticipated “Yamudu 3” ended up as a disaster.

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    Ram Charan Abandons Khaidi No.150 Strategy for Uyyalawada

    It is known that Ram Charan has taken the production responsibility of his father Megastar Chiranjeevi’s 151st film after producing his comeback film, Khaidi No.150. Going by the latest happenings in the case of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy biopic, it can said that Charan and Chiru have decided not to follow the strategy they had implemented for Khaidi.

    It may be recalled that Charan assembled a strong technical team, the likes of Devi Sri Prasad, Ratnavelu, Thota Tarani etc. for Khaidi NO.150. Coming to the cast, there was no big name except Kajal, Brahmi and Ali. Even the villain was not a leading actor. Since it was the comeback film of Chiru, Charan made sure that his father be the cynosure in the film. As a result, the film was wrapped up in reasonable budget and it brought high profits.

    But, coming to Uyyalawada, Charan and film’s director Surender Reddy have decided to rope in pan-India actors besides an experienced technical team. As part of this strategy, the names of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vidya Balan are doing rounds as the probable female leads. Plans are also underway to rope in noted actors from Bollywood and Kollywood even for small roles.

    Plan is to release the film simultaneously in Hindi and Tamil languages. Reports are emerging that Charan’s team is approaching noted Bollywood big wigs to help Uyyalawada have a wide release across North India. Film’s budget has also been revised to Rs 120-130 crore. As audiences expect high standards after watching Baahubali 2, good amount of money is being spent on lavish sets and graphics work.

    Megastar has created history at box office with an average film like Khaidi No.150. One wonders what sort of phenomenon he can create with this upcoming historical film that is being made on a huge canvas.

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