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Ponnavolu is speaking like Jagan agent, says TDP leader


TDP senior leader and former minister Nakka Ananda Babu on Wednesday alleged that additional advocate general Ponnavolu Sudhakar Reddy was speaking like an agent of Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

He took strong objections to Sudhakar Reddy opposing the bail granted to TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu by the high court in the skill development scam. He said all accused in the skill development scam are on bail and wanted to know whether the additional advocate general is aware of it or not.

He sought to advise Sudhakar Reddy to speak as an additional advocate general and not as an agent of chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. He alleged that the additional advocate general was making political statements. His comments against the bail petition were highly objectionable, the TDP leader said.

He said that the ruling YSR Congress leaders were unable to digest the high court granting bail to Chandrababu Naidu in the case. He further said that Chandrababu Naidu’s name was included in the case after 22 months of filing the FIR.

He said that the high court observed that the case has no evidence to prove charges against Chandrababu Naidu. The supreme court too would say the same, the TDP leader asserted. He alleged that the government was wasting the public money by paying it to the advocates in high court and supreme court.

He also blamed the additional advocate general and the APCID for holding press conferences in Hyderabad and Delhi. He wanted to know what provision in the law gave them the power to hold press conferences against the Leader of Opposition.

He blamed state government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy for making baseless charges against the TDP leaders in the skill development scam and the fibernet scam. He said that a thief is calling others thieves.

The TDP leader also alleged that the government was resorting to data theft using the volunteers’ network in the state. The volunteers have all the data about the people, every family in the state, he said.

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Jagan telling stories to grab 14 lakh assigned lands, says Nakka Ananda Babu


Former minister and TDP politburo member, Nakka Ananda Babu, on Friday felt that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, has begun narrating cock and bull stories like Bhu Hakku (land rights) and Bhu Raksha (land safety) only to provide legal rights to the YSRCP leaders on the 14 lakh acres of assigned and other lands that they have grabbed in various parts of the State.

Ananda Babu told media persons here that Jagan’s ugly design is to provide all legal rights on the lands looted by the YSRCP leaders, including party MP, Vijayasai Reddy, across the State. Observing the the ruling party leaders illegally occupied the lands of the poor Dalits and other sections of society in the past four years, he added.

Ananda Babu asked Jagan whether he has given at least four cents of land in these four-and-half years to any Dalit under the Land Purchase Scheme. How the person, who has not allotted even a single cent of land to any Dalit or a Girijan in these four-and-half years, can get the power or the qualification to provide rights on these lands, the former minister asked.

Jagan managed to get his photos on the passbooks and on survey stones by conducting land surevys for merely namesake only for two times, Ananda Babu remarked. Now, in the name of third phase land survey, he has raied the curtains
to grand the assigned, 22A and other lands besides to the lands owned by Girijans, the TDP politburo member felt.

In the name of land distribution to the poor at Eluru, Jagan has spewed venom at former chief minister and TDP supremo, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Ananda Babu said. On the one side Jagan is saying that he is providing rights to the poor on their lands but on the other he has grabbed 14 lakh acres till now from the poor in the name of thermal power plants, SEZs and other reasons, he stated.

Those who are in the camp of Jagan have forcibly grabbed the lands of the Dalits and others while Vijayasai Reddy has illegaly taken over 40,000 acres in Visakhapatnam, Ananda Babu said. Why Jagan now providing rights to Dalits on the lands distributed to them by the successive governemnt since 1954, the former minister asked.

Taking advantage of the needs and their poor financial condition of Dalits, the YSRCP leaders have already taken possession of their lands and now Jagan is providing rights only to such persons but not to actual beneficiaries, Ananda Babu maintained.

The people are now regretting for having elected Jagan to power, Ananda Babu said, adding that he came to power by killing his own paternal uncle. The TDP politburo member is of the opinion that atrocities on Dalits are on the rise after Jagan came to power and the people of the State are well aware of his background and how he came to power.

The people are eagerly waiting for the Assembly elections to send Jagan home, Ananda Babu said and demanded Jagan to prove whether Chandrababu has made any objectionable comments on the Dalits.

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YSRCP goes to polls with money looted through sand scam, says Nakka Ananadababu


Observing that liquor and sand have turned out to be the major source of income for the State, former minister and senior TDP leader, Nakka Anandababu said on Monday that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is considering liquor and sand as both of his eyes.

“Cash is to be sent to Tadepalle palace either in the shape of liquor or sand,” Anandababu told media persons at the TDP headquarters here. Stating that Rs 50,000 scam in sand mining alone in the State, he felt that the State Government has had no policy on sand mining for one whole year through which the Chief Minister, his Cabinet colleagues and the ruling party MLAs besides some officials have encashed it.

This has resulted in total collapse of the construction industry following which 45 lakh construction workers lost employment. After one year of coming to power, a policy on sand mining has been formulated but it is handed over to a binami company called JC Ventures through which the ruling party leaders looted the State, Anandababu noted.

Unable to bear this havoc, JC Ventures brought in another company called Turn Key, which also opted out of the contract after one year. The State Government, those who are at the helm in the administration, Mining Director, Venkat Reddy, and the staff members of Jagan’s palace have almost robbed the State by appointing some agents, he said.

Former chief minister and TDP supremo, Nara Chandrabbau Naidu, has already thoroughly exposed how the ruling party leaders minted Rs 40,000 cr through sand mafia, Anandababu said and pointed out that the TDP has also taken up some agitational programmes against the illegal sand mining. The contract entered into with the JC Ventures ended on May 12 and the National Green Tribunal (NGT) too has passed orders in March that the sand mining be stopped immediately and cancelled the permissions, he added.

The State-level Environment Impact Assessment Authority also has cancelled the permissions granted for sand mining, the former minister said and pointed out that the State Government did not honour even the NGT orders. “While cases have been registered against the Leader of the Opposition for a policy decision taken nine years ago but there is no reply when we have thoroughly exposed a scam in which Rs 50,000 cr is looted,” Anandababu said and felt that cases have been foisted against Chandrababu only to divert the public attention from the major issues.

The TDP senior leader dared Mining Director, Venkat Reddy, to explain to the people the details of the sand policy. Venkat Reddy is operating from his residence to loot money through sand mining. Since the Mining Director is aware that once the TDP is back in power serious action will be initiated against him and thus false cases have been foisted against Chandrababu, he felt.

Advising the district collectors to be cautious as they have to be partners as the way bills are to be issued for transport of sand from their offices, Anandababu said that the way bills are being issued offline instead of online. How can they claim that the NGT orders are confined only for Chittoor district alone, he asked.

Leaving the real culprits cases being registered against Chandrababu, he said and pointed out that cases have also been booked against another TDP leader, Peethala Sujatha, earlier. People are ready to chase Jagan out of the State and the day is not too far, Anandababu maintained.

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Jagan is a liar, says Nakka Ananda Babu


Telugu Desam Party senior leader and former minister, Nakka Ananda Babu, on Tuesday termed Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, as a liar who levels baseless allegations against others to make the people believe.

“It has become a habit for Jagan to pass the buck on others only to safeguard himself and amend the laws to suit his taste,” Ananda Babu told media persons at the party headquarters. Jagan always believes that he can twist the laws to make the innocent people trust him, the TDP politburo member said.

Observing that Jagan mastered the art of passing the blame on others after committing nefarious crime, Ananda Babu gave the example of the murder of Vivekananda Reddy, his paternal uncle. “Jagan made every attempt to blame the TDP president, Chandrababu Naidu, for the murder,” he said.

Maintaining that it is Chandrababu Naidu, who revised the pension from Rs 200 to Rs 2000 during his tenure, Ananda Babu asked whether Jagan could prove that this is wrong. “In fact, it is Jagan who cheated the pensioners. Before elections, he promised to increase the pension to Rs 3,000 but cheated the pensioners stating that he will increase it by Rs 250 annually.

The TDP, without confining the pension scheme only to the poor, extended the benefit to artistes, fishermen and others too, he said and added that the whole credit of this goes to Chandrababu. How long can you rule the State by simply uttering lies, he asked.

Stating that even the ancestors of Jagan have a criminal record, Ananda Babu asked whether Jagan knows or not about who killed his uncle. He is a master in use and throw and this is proved in the case of his own sister and mother, the TDP politburo member said.

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CID acting as sister concern of YSRCP, says Nakka Ananda Babu


Former minister and senior TDP leader, Nakka Ananda Babu, on Wednesday expressed anger at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) terming it as a sister concern of the ruling YSRCP.

Ananda Babu told media persons at the party headquarters here that the CID’s existence is only to file false cases against the TDP leaders and to harass them. The Jagan Mohan Reddy Government is utilising the services of the agency only to subject the TDP leaders to custodial torture, Mr Ananda Babu stated.

Maintaining that the CID is a state police wing and the officials should act independently, the former minister felt that but the ruling YSRCP is utilising it as one of its functionaries. The CID is maintaining total silence even on several critical cases, Mr Nakka Ananda Babu observed.

As per the Supreme Court guidelines, the officials should wear a badge and uniform while investigating a case. They are not showing even their identity cards when they are taking the TDP activists into custody, he noted.

Ananda Babu believes that the whole process is under the directions from Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, and his advisor, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy. The chief of CID wing, Sunil Kumar, should take the responsibility for the whole issue, he felt.

The TDP leader said that Sunil Kumar, who is a Dalit, is using several Dalit officials to harass the community leaders and this will have a major impact on the community in the future. Observing that one will not remain in power permanently, Anand Babu said that such officials will have to pay a heavy price in future for their misdeeds.

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Jagan is adopting destructive politics, says TDP


TDP politburo member and former minister, Nakka Ananda Babu on Saturday said that the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, is deliberately adopting destructive politics and is taking repressive measures on the farmers as he has come to a conclusion that he can no longer develop Amaravati.

Ananda Babu told media persons at the TDP headquarters here that Jagan Mohan Reddy, who welcomed Amaravati as the capital had changed tack after coming to power and is spewing venom on the farmers in the area. He is unable to digest the tremendous response to the pada yatra undertaken by the Amaravati farmers and thus Jagan is now talking about decentralisation, Ananda Babu stated.

Is Jagan Reddy not aware of the fact that he has no right to shift the capital from Amaravati, the TDP politburo member asked and pointed out that the YSRCP MP, Vijayasai Reddy, brought the private bill before Parliament admitting that the Chief Minister does not have the power.

It is really atrocious that Vijayasai Reddy brought such a bill before Parliament seeking amendment to the Constitution on Amaravati, Ananda Babu observed. Is he not aware that the High Court has made it clear in its March 3 order that the Assembly has no powers to change the capital, he asked.

As Jagan Reddy could not implement the High Court order and thus moved the Supreme Court, he said and added that the people have already realised that a liar can no longer rule them.

The powers of the sarpanches and the other elected representatives have totally been neutralised and there is absolutely no development after Jagan came to power.

Jagan Mohan Reddy has not undertaken any developmental activities in Visakhapatnam and the port city witnessed a large-scale progress only during Chandrababu Naidu regime, Ananda Babu stated. Chandrababu Naidu is a role model for development and transformed Visakhapatnam as an IT hub, he added.

Jagan Reddy turned Vizag as a suitable place for looting and for land grabbings, the TDP leader said. Can the Chief Minister say what developmental activities he has undertaken in the past three years even in Kurnool where he wants to set up the judicial capital, he asked.

It is really shameful that the Ministers too are simply accepting the decisions taken by the Chief Minister, he felt.

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Renaming of NTR Health varsity is part of conspiracy to defame NTR, says TDP


TDP politburo member and former minister, Nakka Ananda Babu, on Monday came down heavily on the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, for renaming NTR Health University.

Ananda Babu said that the decision to rename the university is nothing but a part of the conspiracy to defame the former chief minister, late N T Rama Rao. The Chief Minister uttered blatant lies on the floor of the Assembly on changing the name of the varsity only to mislead not only the people of the State but also the whole nation, he observed.

Besides Jagan, other leaders like Lakshmi Parvathi too are taking some undue pleasure by resorting to this kind of deeds, the TDP politburo member felt. Monday’s media conference addressed by Lakshmi Parvathi is a classic example of this, he added.

Ananda Babu said that the Chief Minister, making the Assembly as a platform, told several lies on setting up medical colleges in the State. Chandarbabu Naidu, as the chief minister of the State, was behind the setting up of 24 medical colleges, including four government colleges, he said adding that the Tata Cancer Institute too was set up in the State during Naidu’s tenure.

Not only this, a total of 197 acres was alienated at Mangalagiri for the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and all the necessary basic amenities were also provided for the institute during Chandrababu Naidu’s tenure, he pointed out. But, after Jagan Mohan Reddy came to power not even drinking water was provided to it, and this is nothing but resorting to vengeful attitude, he stated.

It is really ridiculous that when YSRCP MP, Vijaya Sai Reddy, the Accused 2, asked the Centre on December 14 about the number of medical college in the State, the Union Government told Parliament that the State has 14 colleges but Jagan told the Assembly that the State has only 11 such institutes. This clearly indicates that the Chief Minister has no proper understanding on the number of colleges too and it is really surprising that Jagan announced that he would set up 17 more medical colleges, Ananda Babu maintained.

NTR had established the health university in 1986 only with a view to bringing all the medical colleges under a common umbrella and thus setting up an example for the decentralisation of development, the TDP politburo member said. Later, Chandrababu continued it to further strengthen the medical education system, he maintained. The Assembly was totally misled by the video which was morphed at Sakshi studios, he added.

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YSRCP lost 55 cases in 11 months: Nakka Anand Babu


Hailing the High Court’s verdict to scrap the GO to make English education compulsory, senior TDP leader and former social welfare minister Nakka Anand Babu on Wednesday said the YSRCP ruling has set a record of sorts in the country by losing a series of court battles in a short time.

In a statement, the senior TDP leader said the Jagan-led government had lost 55 cases in the last 11 months which is a record set by any state government in losing court cases. “The High Court verdict should serve as a slap on the face of the YSRCP leadership. Three months back, our party’s council members in the Assembly opposed the Bill. However, the Assembly passed the Bill rejecting our proposals,” Anand Babu said.

The state government’s decision to make English medium instruction mandatory drew sharp criticism from various quarters and saw severe opposition from various political parties, but the government went ahead to amend the AP Education Act, 1982, and passed a Bill to incorporate the necessary provisions related to English medium of instruction.

Hearing a petition was filed by BJP leader Sudish Rambhotla and Guntupalli Srinivas, the High Court on Wednesday struck down the GO 81,85 to make English the compulsory medium of instruction in all government schools. The petitioners questioned the state government over the legality of the move to make English medium mandatory. The decision to make English medium instruction mandatory had stirred a hornet’s nest in Andhra Pradesh with some arguing that such a move will hurt the Telugu language while Dalit groups contended such a move will give equal access to English medium education to children from socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

Despite the criticism and opposition, the Jagan led AP government had issued a GO making English medium compulsory from class 1 to 8 in all government schools from the academic year 2020-21. After continued opposition, the government announced that only classes 1 to 6 would be converted to English medium in the first phase, adding one class to English medium in each subsequent year. The government even conducted a survey among parents who were asked to fill in form to choose between ‘English medium with Telugu as a compulsory subject’ or ‘Telugu medium.’

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