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Nandyala by-poll – Akhila Priya casts her dice


Vijayawada: Minister for Tourism Bhuma Akhila Priya had cast her dice for the Nandyala Assembly seat by-election. She broke her silence on the run for the ruling Telugu Desam Party ticket for the election. The race had intensified with former MLA Silpa Mohan Reddy staking his claim for the seat and mounting pressure on TDP president to give him the ticket. Another former minister N Md Farooq too had jumped into the race asking for the ticket. There is equally strong pressure from the Bhuma family to give the seat to them as it was held by Bhuma Nagi Reddy.

In this background, Akhila Priya spoke to journalists where she had opened the issue claiming for the seat. She said that the Nandyala Assembly seat was won by her father Nagi Reddy in the last election. It was the responsibility of the political parties to leave the seat to her family. She further said that her family would name their candidate for the seat on April 21, the death anniversary of her mother Sobha Nagi Reddy. This would mean that the Bhuma family would mount its force making the fight more complicated. The flames of fight for supremacy are set to be spreading fast in the State generating enough heat to make politics interesting.

Perhaps Nandyala is one of the very few Assembly seats where election mood started ahead of the election schedule with the aspirants fighting for ticket within the ruling party.

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Nandyala is all set to be high voltage electoral battle

Vijayawada: Though not decided or declared yet, the by-election to Nandyala Assembly Constituency in Kurnool, is all set to see a high voltage electoral battle. Besides being a tough one between the ruling TDP and Opposition YSR Congress, it is also set to make a few nail biting developments within the ruling TDP.

The by-election is for sure as its sitting MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy died last month. Though Nagi Reddy was elected on the YSR Congress ticket, he defected to the TDP in his last days. It is for this reason both the YSR Congress and the TDP are staking claim for the seat. The YSR Congress which had won the seat in 2014 elections is firm on winning it again and prove its hold, while the TDP wants to wrest the seat as Bhuma was with it in his last days. However, the two parties are yet to name their candidates and it would be clear only once the Election Commission notifies the schedule.

There is a big internal fight going on within the TDP with the family members of Bhuma Nagi Reddy insisting on having the ticket to the family members on one side and Kurnool senior leader Silpa Mohan Reddy staking claim for the seat. Though it has been a formality in the Telugu States to give the by-election ticket to the family members of the deceased MLA, the practice is all set to be kept aside this time for the MLA had defected in his last days. Having won the seat in 2014, YSR Congress claims for it, while having the MLA in its bag, the TDP too is claiming. For these two reasons, the election is set to be a real battle field and the voters would have tough time to decide. The YSR Congress is strong once again with the Gangula family joining the party after the death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy and thus the party had gained its lost ground.

The ruling TDP is already feeling the heat with Silpa Mohan Reddy being firm on contesting the by-election. He lost the seat to Bhuma Nagi Reddy in the 2014 elections by a small margin of 3,604 votes. Earlier, he had won the seat on Congress ticket for two successive terms, 2004 and 2009. This time too he is mounting pressure on the TDP leadership to give the ticket to him as the seat belonged to him. Moreover the TDP had already compensated the Bhuma family by giving a Cabinet berth to Bhuma Akhila Priya. Mohan Reddy had even threatened to quit the TPD and contest either as Independent or join the YSR Congress. While YSR Congress has not made up its mind on fielding the Silpa family in case he defected, it is said that Silpa Mohan Reddy is firm on contesting the seat, which would give a tough time to the ruling TDP.

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Kurnool Farmers Cry for Water


At a time when Rayalaseema is resenting that the region is being ignored and the chief minister has become the CM of CRDA, state government is drawing more water from Srisailam dam to Nagarjuna Sagar, while region cries for drinking water.

The decision to acquire fertile lands to set up industrial hub has already fomented trouble in Orvakal and Jupadu Bangalow mandals. Now, water is also becoming combustible at the other end of the district.

Farmers of Kurnool district today laid siege to KC canal and Telugu Ganga offices in Nadyal town protesting the release of water from Srisailam dam to Nagarjuna Sagar to help coastal farmers at the cost farmers of Rayalaeema. They complain that the water was being released even though it fell to dead storage level and needs of the district were ignored.

About 300 farmers, raising slogans against the state government’s apathy towards Rayalaseema, in providing drinking water, entered the office premises and locked the doors from outside.

Stating that the refusal of the government to release Srisailam water to the region for drinking purpose is part of the continued ill-treatment to the region, Bojja Dasaradharami Reddy said, the CM had no concern towards people of backward region.

Talking to telugu360.com over phone from the dharna venue, KC Canal and Telugu Ganga office, Dasaradharami Reddy, leader All India Federation of Farmers’ Associations, said the water level in the reservoir had fallen to dead storage and still water was allowed to flown into Nagarjuna Sagar.

“When the villages in Kurnool district are crying for drinking water, instead of coming to the rescue of region’s people, government is taking water to coastal districts through Sagar. What sort of government is this? ” Reddy asked.


The demands of Kurnool farmers are:

1. Instead of using the available 132 TMC water in Nagarjuna Sagar ,state government is resorting to draw more water from Srisailam to Sagar. It should be stopped immediately.

2. In order to meet the drinking water demands of Rayalaseema, the water level of Srisailam dam should be restored to 854 ft.

3. Keeping in view the acute drinking water scarcity in Rayalaseema, the Krishna Water Boards should take a favorable decision immediately.

They vowed that the farmers of Rayalaseema would intensify their agitation in case water is not released for drinking purpose.

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