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Save Ranga Reddy Dist. : T-Parties sound war bugle


All opposition parties in Telangana have decided to oppose the TRS government move to abandon the Pranahita-Chevella, which is intended to supply water to seven districts,and drinking water to Hyderabad. All parties- Congress, TDP, CPI, CPM, BJP and YSRC-today gave a call to stall the ensuing Assembly session to force the government to withdraw the decision to scrap the present design of the project.

They have decided to visit the project on August 17. The meeting of all parties strongly felt that KCR had been vindictive against Ranga Reddy district because of political reasons. They have given a call “Save Ranga Reddy district from the nefarious designs of chief minister KCR”.
All parties felt belittled as KCR was refusing to take them into confidence on any controversial matter such as Pranahita-Chevella.

Pranahita-Chevella has become the rallying point for the opposition parties in Telangana like the Special status in Andhra Pradesh. Telangana opposition parties, however,have moved a step forward to organize an all-party meeting held in Sitara Grand on Friday in Hyderabad.

The meeting was attended by former home ministers Sabitha Indra Reddy,G Prasad Kumar G Sudheer Reddy, Rammohan Reddy, K Srisailam, Congress farmers’ wing leader Kodanda Reddy (all Congress),S Mall Reddy (CPM) Raghavareddy (YSRCP), Prakash Goud (TDP), Ramachadra Rao (BJP), Shivkumar (YSRC) etc. The leaders felt that the Pranahita-chevella projet was lifeline for Ranga Reddy district and they should oppose any move that affect the interests of the district.
Incidentally, TRS fared badly in the district in 2014 elections.

In a rare show of unity all parties decided to wage united fight against the government’s move. Ram Mohan Reddy said KCR was thinking that he was chief minister to his home district Karimnagar alone. “It is unfortunate that the CM was trying to deprive Rangareddy district of Pranahita-Chevella water,” he said. The meeting adopted a resolution demanding the government to desist from changing the design of Pranahita-Chevella project and urged to implement the project as per the design approved in 2005.

CPM leader Mallareddy said Adilabad and Rangareddy would be severely affected if the design of the project was changed.Former minister Prasad Kumar asked Mahender Reddy, district minister in KCR cabinet,that he should oppose the design-change or quit the cabinet.TDP leader Prakash Goud opined that the unilateral decision of the government should be opposed tooth and nail.
CPI leader Mallesh suggested that if government thinks there would be problem from Maharashtra, then chief minister should lead an all-party delegation to New Delhi to put pressure on Maharashtra through NDA. YSRC leader Shivkumar said his party was opposed to the splitting of Pranahita-Chevella in the various dams.
Sabita Indra Reddy said design change would not only harm Adilabad and Ranga Reddy, whole Telangana state would be affected negetively. She said KCR was vindictive against Ranga Reddy district for political reasons.

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D Srinivas path of enlightenment


The path to power  seems to be also the path to enlightenment in D Srinivas case. He is shining with new found wisdom.

Srinivas quit Congress, the party which made him PCC present and Minister and his son mayor, on july 8, to join TRS.

Two days ago, TRS president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao came to his residence to meet him and surprise the Telangana.

DS emerged as an embodiment of wisdom from the  30-minute meeting.  He said he was surprised that KCR had so many great and grand plans to develop Telangana state  and he was thoroughly convinced by the CM’s argument to abandon the approved design of Pranahita-Chevella project.

He went to the extent of chiding his former colleagues in Congress. He advised them to see whether the new design would be useful or not, nothing more.

The 30-minute meeting he had with  KCR had transformed him so much that he was now  fully confident of creation of bangaru Telangana.

“ He (KCR) has wonderful ideas. Telangana state  will become number one if they are implemented,” he told media with eyes wide open with astonishment.

He also praised KCR’s clarity of thought and purity of mind.

” The CM was marching forward with commitment.  I was amazed by the  depth and breadth  the KCR thoughts reach. the meeting  threw so much light on me that I am ready to work in any capacity the CM offers,” he wondered.


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Godavari Water Becomes Inflammable in TS


Politically speaking, Godavari water is becoming inflammable in Telangana.So far, we have seen the Krishna water generating extreme heat between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and this lead to lathi-battle between the two Telugu states near Nagarjuna Sagar some time back.

This time round, the Godavari water is turning into contentious issue because of TRS government’s decision to abandon  Dr BR Ambedkar Pranahita-Chevella Sujala Sravathi project, which YSR initiated as chief minister. YSR laid foundation for the project, which would impound 160 TMC water from Pranahita river, on December 17, 2008. On that day, the project, planned with an outay of Rs, 38,5000 crore,was envisaged to generate 13,500 MW power.

Adilabad district was upbeat because it was going to be the principal beneficiary. Now, tension is building up in the district as the TRS has almost decided to abandon the original project and wants to build a project in lieu of Dr BRAPCSS project near Kalewaram. The decision has meet with protest from all opposition parties-Congress,YSRC, Telugu Desam, CPI and CPM. The mass organization Jalasadhana Samithi organized protest against the decision in the very meeting KCR addressed in Gudem, Adilabad district, two days ago.

Political parties allege that the original project is abandoned as it gives credit to the Congress party.  YSR Congress says KCR doen’t want credit go to YS Rajasekhar Reddy. CPI and CPM also are opposing the change of project site.

On the other side, government argues that original project, with huge submergence in Maharasthra, leads to disputes and stalls the project, and shifting of the project from Tummidihetti to Kaleswaram in Karimnagar disrtrict is the best deal.

Jalasadhana Samiti, a non-profit and non-political mass organization disputes government’s verision. According to Nainal Goverdhan, a representative of organization, original project is planned scientifically and water flows due to gravity. “If a project is built near Kaleswaram, transferring water to Adilabad district which is located on higher planes, is difficult and needs huge power to lift the water to higher levels. Kaleswaram denies Godavari water to Adilabad,” he told Telugu360.

KCR, he said, organized Telangana movement around the slogan ‘Telangana Resourses to Telangana’ only. Now we want carry that slogan forward with “Adilabad water to Adilabad  only”.

“We oppose the Kaleswaram  and demand that original project be implemented,” he said. Goverdhan was warned by CM KCR of dire consequences if continues to oppose the Kaleswaram, when staged a protest Gudem village.

Similarly, CPI state secretary Chada Venkata Reddy also opposed the move to change Dr BRAPCSS project alignment. District CPM leader Bandi Dattadri, advised the government to against shifting project. Instead, he said, to avoid the submergence in Maharashtra, the height of the project could be brought down by 5 mts. The financial burden of Kaleswaram would outweigh the benefits if the project is built near Kaleswaram.

Many suspect, something more than feasibility and submergence in Maharashtra are said to have driven the government to abandon the original project, which no doubt earlier attracted criticism from environmentalists.

Even though no force can stop the government shifting the Dr BRAPHSS project (name also will be erased) to Kaleswaram, the decision is bound to create ill-will among the people of Adilabad against KCR government. And also the controversy is expected to turn into new ammunition in the hands issue-less opposition parties

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CBN and KCR Trying to Erase YSR Legacy


YSR Congress has taken strong objection to TRS government’s attempt to modify the design of Pranahita-Chevella Project in Telangana.

Dismissing Telangana Chief Minister KCR’s remarks against feasibility of Pranahitha-Chevella project as conceived by YSR, Telangana party president Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy said finding fault with the design and limiting its utility to four districts instead of six was unfortunate.

Drawing a parallel between two Telugu states, the Reddy said while Andhra Pradesh government is delaying the  Polavaram project, T-government is planning to redesign it only to disconnect them from YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s name.

Reddy recalled the how YRS strove to get national project status to these projects.

He said Chief Ministers of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states were ignoring the Jalayagnam projects just because they were initiated by YS Rajasekhar Reddy when he was chief minister.

“The two chief ministers are putting their personal agenda ahead of public interest and are trying to scrap the various welfare schemes launched by YSR which were benefiting poorer sections of the society,” he added.

YSR had strived to bring national project status to both the projects which were now being given short shrift by the two chief ministers, he added.


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Cong. demands Assembly session on Pranahita-Chevella


Mohammed Ali Shabbir,leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council, has demanded that the State Government convene a special session of Assembly and Legislative Council to take a final decision on Pranahita-Chevella project.

The project was planned to irrigate 16.4 lakh acres in Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Nizamabad, Medak, Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy districts.

Shabbir Ali accused Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao of delaying the project only with political motives. He said the Pranahita-Chevella had all clearances from the Centre and all disputes with Maharashtra had already been resolved.

“The project report was prepared by the WAPCO and several teams of experts have given their nod. So far, nearly Rs. 10,000 crore have been spent and even the land acquisition process is over. The previous UPA Government was  almost on verge of  declaring  Pranahita-Chevella as national project.”he said alleging that instead of simply executing the project, KCR was searching for reasons to delay the project


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