Sridevi’s Week TRP — TV9 Leader by a margin


Telugu News Channels TRP ratings

Sridevi’s untimely death, shocked the nation. She died on February 24th, Saturday. The news broke on early hours of Sunday (IST time). News channels showed the news of Sridevi’s death and ran stories after stories on the same issue. Some people complained that these news channels are “overacting” by presenting same single issue through out the day. But now TRPs of that week are out and it clearly shows the channels that showed Sridevi’s news garnered more TRPs than others.

TV9 got the rating of 92/56, which is 25% more than it’s competitor NTV, that got 73/55 rating. NTV stood at 2nd place. Moreover, for all news channels, TRP ratings were better in that week compared to previous weeks. People keep blaming TV channels but TV9 TRP is 25% more than it’s competitor. TV9 was severely criticized in social media for doing stories ONLY on Sridevi on those days. But finally, end of the day media is business. TV channels are no exception. They air content programs that public want to watch.

So,it is not the TV channels but it is the people’s mindset that needs change. Anyway, TRPs of some main channels on that week as below:

T News 832
Hm TV925
E TV AP1021
I News1113
ETV TS1211
Jai TG1310
Gem News149
Raj News151
B Today173

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  1. dont worry, state capital cannot be changed since the ground work completed in TDP reign, many government buildings completed morethan 80% construction. Central institutions like AIMs also announced / foundation laid. All that YCP can do is announcing industrial corridor, there are many industrial corridors across AP state such as petro corridor, VCIC, Chennai-Bangalore corridor and many more. No progress still. Announcement is just a statement, implementing needs vision which is not possible with YCP as they divert funds to welfare schemes only. This donakonda industrial corridor was announced by CBN, jagan may just lay foundation to name after his MahaMetha. But who is going to start industries there? YCP men? LoL they just sell their lands at good rate like Mahametha did with SEZs.

    • “they just sell their lands at good rate like Mahametha did with SEZs…” and invest in Hyderabad.
      They are creating short term speculation. I personally know real estate brokers from Donakonda lobbying for this for last few years. They want to create short term speculation and sell their lands to innocent retail investors.

      But where is water , there is long term growth. We all have seen Chennai story – how they get drinking water from 200 km Jolarpet. You want similar thing ? Actually this is good buying opportunity for investors to invest around Amaravathi. “buy on lows “. Long live Warren Buffet!!.

        • అదేంటి నీకు నీ జగన్ అన్న లా మడమకి ఆపరేషన్ అయ్యిందా? బాగానే తిప్పుతున్నావు , నిన్నేగా Capital lo ఎంత పోయిందో ఎంత frustration లో ఉన్నవో అని comment పెట్టావు. అప్పుడే కామెంట్ withdraw చేసుకుంటున్నావా . జగన్ జైల్లోకి వెళ్ళేదాకా అన్నా ఆగు. BJP ఒక్క కేసు కూడా 5 ఇయర్స్ లో కొట్టేయదంట.

          • అవును.. నిజమే.. దాంతో పాటు మిగతాది కూడా కొనేసావు అనుకో.. లాభమే లాభం… కొంపతీసి అంతా already కొనేసావా

          • కనీసం దొనకొండ/ రాయలసీమ లో కాపిటల్ పెడతానన్న కొంచెం naaku గౌరవం పెరిగేది. ఈయన పులివెందుల పులి కాదు పిల్లి. మోడీ కి KCR కి festival.


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