Bigg boss 5: Nomination day


In Bigg boss show, Monday is the day of nominations. This week, except Shanmukh and Sunny, all others are nominated for eviction. Details as follows.

Shanmukh nominated Kajal for bringing up the topic of community during the captaincy task. It is known thing that , during captaincy task, Kajal requested Shanmukh to help Priyanka Singh keeping her community ( transgender) in mind. He also nominated Priyanka for not being able to take negative comments in a sportive way.

Priyanka told she is not able to nominate anyone as she doesn’t have any reasons to nominate them. She told she had reasons for Shanmukh and Ravi but she can’t nominate both of them as Shanmukh is captain and Ravi already left the house. But Bigg boss warned her to nominate someone otherwise she will be in nominations directly. Then she nominated Kajal and Siri.

Siri nominated Kajal for bringing up the word community during the task. She also nominated Priyanka as retaliation.

Sriram nominated Manas and Kajal for being disrespectful to him. Kajal tried to defend herself and that led to argument between both of them. Manas nominated Sriram as a retaliation. He also nominated Siri for finding fault with his judgement.

Sunny nominated Siri and Sriram. He tried to be diplomatic with both of them by giving simple reasons and by trying to avoid arguments. Kajal tried to defend herself by explaining the word community. She nominated Priyanka and Siri as retaliation.

Sunny got lucky as he was not nominated by anyone today.

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