Kalyanram’s Bimbisara Movie Review


Bimbisara Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Nandamuri Kalyanram took a break and picked up a socio fantasy entertainer titled Bimbisara. The film is packed with action and VFX work. The trailer caught everyone’s attention and kept good expectations on the film. Vassishta is making his directorial debut and Bimbisara is the costliest attempt in the career of Kalyanram. Catherine, Samyuktha are the heroines and MM Keeravani scored the music. NTR Arts bankrolled Bimbisara and here is the film’s review:


The story happens in 5th century and Bimbisara (Kalyanram) is the king of Trigarthala Kingdom who is ruthless. He never shows any mercy and he intends to conquer all the existing kingdoms. He imposes a ban on his own brother from the kingdom. Dhanvantaripuram from his kingdom is known for Ayurvedic treatment and the people there treat the enemies if injured. Bimbisara kills the entire people of the village ruthlessly and he hides the Ayurveda Grandham in his Secret Treasure where his wealth is preserved. It is during this time, that his brother Devadatha returns back and fights against Bimbisara. The rest of the film is all about how Bimbisara lands in the present and what happens next.


Bimbisara has all the elements needed for epic fantasy. The story itself is quite interesting. The director has taken a new angle from the history that narrates about king Bimbisara and his acts. The presentation is perfect and the audience will thoroughly enjoy the film. Bimbisara looks curious right from the first frame. The director takes the audience to a new world in the kingdom of Bimbisara. The characterization and presentation of Bimbisara are quite impressive. At the same time, the episodes of Ayurvedic Grandham and Maya Darpanam are not presented well. They should have told in a much more better manner.

Some of the episodes remind us about films like Yamaleela and Ghatotkachudu. The interval bang is quite interesting. The second half of Bimbisara looks pretty normal as the ruthless Bimbisara turns normal in a simple manner. The second half of the film has a couple of unwanted fights and the climax looks simple. Bimbisara is a one-man show of Kalyanram and the audience will not remember about any other characters. The first half is impressive while the second half is passable with some flaws.


Kalyanram steals the show as Bimbisara and he is a perfect match for the role. The amount of efforts the actor kept into the role is clearly visible on screen. Right from his looks to the body language and the expressions, Kalyanram took special care on everything. There is no scope to perform for Catherine, Samyuktha and their roles are limited. Srinivas Reddy and Vennela Kishore are good. All the other actors and their roles are limited.

Bimbisara is a technically sound film. The makers relied on the VFX for most of the shots. The action episodes are well designed. Keeravani adds life to Bimbisara with his background score. The songs are not catchy. Debutant Vassishta should be appreciated for picking up a fantasy film in his first attempt. There is enough scope for the sequel. He has enough clarity and command on his work. The cinematography work and the editing work are good.


Bimbisara is a passable fantasy film that is excelled by the performance of Kalyanram and the background score of MM Keeravani.

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

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