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I took a gap for education and in the industry it means out of sight is out of mind, also my PR is not strong and the third reason Telugu industry doesn’t encourage Telugu girls. Whatever I get, I choose the best and do it. My last film was Aravind 2. I am not into limelight because I am not doing glamorous roles, now I am ready to take it up”, says Madhavilatha in an exclusive chat with on Anushtanam.

How is it working with the team? 

Everyone worked with love, passion for Anushtanam. We have been working for two years and the crew be it costume person or hair stylist, make up department all have stayed on. I did not read the novel and did whatever the director Krishnavasa told me to do. From the accessories, Nallapoosalu, Pateelu onwards everything he selected and the diction resembles that of what the characters spoke in Kanyasulkam. How Savitri and NTR would speak to each other in black and white films, that sort of conversation you will find here. RR will be less and there will be clarity in dialogues. For instance there is a dialogue, “Yemite nuvvu chestunna pani? Aadhemitamma aa rojullo munulu rushulu vocchinnappudu…aadavaalu yilane dhaakunnevaara lekapothe bayatakocchi matladevaara?”

Was it tough?

I was upset for a day as I didn’t get it right, the entire night I saw Kanyasulkam and the next day did it. I settled down a bit. The director encouraged me and said I alone could do it. Learnt so much in the process, for pathetic scenes, I had to crumple one end of my pallu and cover it on my nose and mouth and express anguish and cry after running out and holding the wooden pillar. The director would be particular about how I would drape my saree, what sort of anklets I should wear and how much curve from behind I should show while putting ‘muggu’ just like a Bapu Bomma.

What is Anushtanam?

It is a 1950 novel titled Anushtanam by is a satisfying feeling that you experience when you sacrifice something. It is a woman oriented film, shot in Palakollu where century old houses were available. We shot a song in Sarathi Studios, it came out very well. The lady will be discussing with her mother, she reads a lot of mythology, history about men going astray those days and what the wives did. Were they silent or did they question them? The mother says, “Mee naanagaru inthakanne ekkuva tiregevaarule. She replies”Appudu Nuvvu enduku tiragaledu, ” Yemite aa maatalu? Magaadu cheste nyayamu mari aadadhi cheste tappuna? Mari natho itihaasalu puranaalu enduku chadivacchavu? Chalam’s women in the stories always had a questioning spirit. She takes a resolution and it is a revolutionary decision. Her husband works in a bank, she is traditional but modern thought. I found difficult wearing cotton sarees and sporting a lengthy plait

How many characters are in the film? A husband, devadasini, a rowdy with the devadasini and a few others, hardly a handful characters in the story. I learnt Telugu, earlier I would pronounce Telugu as Telgu and the director would correct me. I realised why yesteryear actors were considered legends. There is only one song, that too montages during the initial stage of marriage to show how compatible they were. There is no romance at all.

(Sunita Yalavarthi)

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