Narappa Movie Review: Venkatesh shines in this Rustic Drama


Narappa Movie Review

Victory Venkatesh has chosen an action path after years with Narappa, the remake of Tamil critically acclaimed film Asuran. The film is helmed by Sreekanth Addala and Priyamani, Naren, Nassar, Rao Ramesh, Rajeev Kanakala played the other important roles. The trailer hinted that Narappa is a faithful remake for Narappa and the film skipped the theatrical release. Narappa is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Here is the complete review of the film:


There is a property dispute between Narappa (Venkatesh) and Pandu Swamy (Naren). Things turn big as the years pass after Narappa’s elder son Munikanna (Karthik Ratnam) steps into a physical fight with Pandu Swamy and his son. Shattered with this, Pandu Swamy and his family assassinate Munikanna. With Narappa unable to take an act of revenge, his younger son Seenabba (Rakhi) kills Pandu Swamy. It is then, Narappa steps into action to save his son. The rest of the film is all about the battle and a revenge drama of a father to save his son. Watch Narappa to know about the rest.


Narappa is a revenge story and it is laced with social elements and castism. The film is inspired by several real-life incidents. Dhanush who played the lead role in the original won a national award for his outstanding performance in the film. Narappa is a shot to shot copy of Asuran and the makers decided to stick to the original and play safe. All those who never watched Asuran will feel the new experience through Narappa. The entire first half is narrated on an interesting note. The interval action episode takes the film to the next level. Venkatesh did an outstanding job throughout the film offering a new experience to the audience in a role he never played.

Narappa also has various sub-plots and they are narrated in an interesting manner. The flashback episodes in the second half are emotional and action-packed. But the second half of Narappa is boring at times. Venky’s young look is not appealing though he looked perfect in the other look with grey shades. Dhanush looked perfect in the flashback episodes as he is a youngster. The makers also played it safe without naming a particular caste throughout the film. The climax portions look decent and the film ends up on a convincing note. The second half looks lengthy and slow-paced because of the detailed narration.


Venkatesh slipped well into the role of Narappa. His look is well designed and he roars loud in the action episodes. His expressions in the emotional episodes have been top class. Right from his look to his dialogue delivery is subtle and new for the Telugu audience. Priyamani looks perfect in the role of Sundaramma, the wife of Narappa. She delivered her best in the movie. Karthik Ratnam looks good in his crisp role. Rakhi looks natural in his assignment. Naren, Rao Ramesh, Rajeev Kanakala and Nassar did justice for their roles.

Narappa is a script that has the right emotions and scope for intense action. Though the story is presented to be a take on casteism, it is a clean revenge drama. The screenplay and the dialogues are decent. Manisharma’s music is good and the background score is top class. The production values are good enough and the technical aspects supported the film well. Sreekantha Addala understood Asuran and he managed to direct Narappa as a faithful remake.


Narappa is a faithful remake of Asuran and Venkatesh delivers his best. The second half sounds lengthy and slow-paced after a gripping first half.

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