Ravi Teja’s three film deal with Nela Ticket producer


Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja seems to be on a signing spree with back to back projects. The ‘Raja The Great’ actor is currently busy with ‘Nela Ticket’ and has lined up Sreenu Vaitla’s film and one more project with Santosh Srinivas.

Reportedly, Ravi Teja is likely to team up with Nela Ticket producer Ram Talluri for two more projects at a later date. It is heard that he has signed a three film deal with the production house and Nela Ticket is the first project in the agreement.

After working with Kalyan Krishna, Ravi Teja is likely to team up with young and talented writers turned directors Bobby and BVS Ravi for the same production house. This is the first time Ravi Teja has signed such a deal in his entire career.

Nela Ticket is slated for release in May this year.

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