Shyam Singha Roy Review : A Well-Crafted Love Saga


Shyam Singha Roy Review

Shyam Singha Roy Review

Telugu360 Rating : 3.5/5

Story :

Vasudev (Nani) is a wannabe film maker who makes a a successful short film ‘Varnam’. Thrilled with this success he works to make a regular movie hoping it becomes a blockbuster. He hires Kirthi as the heroine. A brake to his dreams comes when he is accused by a prominent publisher of a copy right violation stating that he made his short film copying from their 1970’ story. During the legal proceedings Vasudev argues that his is an original story. Clinical hypnosis reveals Vasu’s past life as Shyam Singha Roy. Rest of the movie showcases the Singha Roy – devadasi Mytreyi’s love story from 1970’s era with string connecting to Vasu’s current life.

The movie starts off as a story of an aspiring film maker, with artistic touch especially noticed with the songs. ‘Tara’, ‘Edo Edo’ songs are visually rich. Uppena star Krithi Shetty is a sight to watch – her beauty blends well with esthetics in these songs. With light comedy interlaced the first half is a decent time pass and ends with the introduction of Shyam Singha Roy.

Shyam, born to a Bengali father and a Telugu mother, is a social reformer and rebel poet in Kharagpur. He falls in love with the Mythreyi (Sai Pallavi), a devadasi, and liberates her from the clutches of the oppressive feudal system. The second of the movie is a visual poetry. The aerial shots following the lead couple’s moonlight romance are outstanding. Sanu Varghese’s camera work is stunning and deserves a special mention.

The songs ‘Pranavalaya’, ‘Nela Raju ni – Ila Rani ni kalipindhi’ are shot very well. Sai Pallavi excelled at dancing and her expressions in the classical dances are beautiful. She is a great asset and a perfect casting choice for the Mytreyi role. Mickey J Mayor’s songs and background score are very good and gel well with the movie narration.

Director Rahul Sankirtyan ‘s screenplay connects the dots well to showcase the reincarnation concept. Especially impressive is the highlighting the importance of Vasu’s short film to the core story. This young director surprised the audience with his wonderful story telling and visual narration. The producers have spent a very good budget as is required for this kind of a partial periodic film.


Nani is natural in his role of Vasudev. In his second role as the rebellious Shyam Singha Roy, he delivers a commanding performance. This film is yet another milestone in his acting career. Sai Pallavi’s is perfect for the crucial devasai role. Her performance and dance are a delight to watch. Krithi Shetty got a reasonable role, and she is lively.

Positives :
• A fresh, interesting story
• Excellent direction and use of technical crafts
• Nani & Sai Pallavi ‘s splendid performances
• Emotionally rich second half
• Poetic visuals, good Lyrics
• Very good songs
• Good screen Play

Negatives :

• Slow pace


Shyam Singha Roy is a superbly made emotional film that deserves an all-round appreciation. Director Rahul delivers an engaging and poetic love saga with supreme production values. Second half has an arresting story which is a class of its own. This film is recommended as a good watch for the families, class film lovers. A well-crafted film in Telugu Industry after a long pause.

Telugu360 Rating : 3.5/5

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