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Jagan sweet revenge against ABN Radha Krishna


The State Government officials have razed to the ground the printing press of the Andhra Jyothi newspaper located at Mindi in Visakhapatnam city. The demolition was carried out in the name of illegal construction. Actually, the godown belongs to some private persons. They were now saying that their building was brought down without giving notices. The ABN management has just taken it on lease.

Obviously, CM Jagan Reddy is taking sweet revenge against ABN Radha Krishna. Andhra Jyothi has been carrying out a series of articles on the Vijayamma open letter, Sharmila Reddy differences with the CM and on a variety of topics. This has become a serious embarrassment to the Chief Minister and his Ministers.

With the Tirupati election battle picking up momentum, the Jagan regime has stepped its pressure on the organisations that are friendly to the rivals.

The officials of the AP Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) said the site at Mindi was given to the private parties. But, they constructed illegal buildings there. This was why the structures were being demolished. Whereas, the private persons were maintaining that they took all permissions as before. The building was leased to Andhra Jyothi over five years ago.

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Who loses more by boycotting ABN? BJP AP or RK


Everytime, the BJP AP leaders criticised the Jagan Reddy Government, the ABN news channel and the newspaper have given very good coverage. The BJP would have very little to criticise the TDP since it is not in power. Now, after the ‘chappal slapping’ incident, the BJP AP leaders have announced their boycott of ABN Radha Krishna and his media.

By doing so, the BJP AP leaders are left with limited chances to air their views in the media. As it is, the Sakshi media is known for their one-way presentation of news. They do not give any weightage for the BJP AP leaders and cover their statements only when they criticise Chandrababu Naidu. It is nearly two years since Naidu was thrown out of power. Any more criticism of Naidu’s regime would not benefit the BJP much.

Moreover, the Sakshi media have no need to fear Somu Veerraju, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy and the like considering the fact that Jagan Reddy and his MP Vijaya Sai Reddy having greater influence with the BJP Delhi leadership.

Being a marginalised party with less than 1 percent vote in 2019, the BJP was not getting much coverage in the Eenadu, TV9, NTV and other media. Moreover, since Veerraju became BJP AP president, the BJP scaled down its attack on the Jagan regime which was another reason for the BJP losing its visibility in the media.

Unless the BJP starts its own media in AP, it cannot think of winning the next assembly elections here as per the wishes of its AP leaders.

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‘Gopala Gopala’, YCP leaders may deify CM as God: RK

The High Court has recently commented that the so many advisors engaged by the Jaganmohan Reddy government were not giving proper advice on different subjects. The HC comment came in the wake of lots of strictures being passed by the courts against the orders and policies of the YCP Government. But ABN Radha Krishna, in his latest ‘Kothapaluku’, clarifies to the HC comment that there is not a single advisor in Andhra Pradesh right now who can go near and advise the CM on any matter. Moreover, the so called advisors were just people and non-experts who stood by Jagan Reddy in his worst times in the past. They were at most the CM’s loyalists who were rehabilitated with high-paying advisors posts.

As per RK, there are many doubts arising on the turn of events taking place within the YCP top inner circle. Is a cinematic drama going on within the ruling party right now? In this real cinema, there are some leaders who are projecting CM Jagan Reddy as above the law and nearly superhuman. Advisors and Officials, Ministers and MLAs are no exception. RK says some ruling party leaders were even behaving in such a way that the CM is next only to God. The YCP story is going to read like ‘Gopala Gopala’ film, in which a vicious circle of people try to project Venkatesh as God. No wonder, some fawning leaders may even convert the CM into a God in order to serve their own selfish interests.

RK comments that nobody in the YCP is trying to open the eyes of Jagan Reddy to the fact that the courts and judges occupy a high place in a democracy. Jagan may consider himself above the Constitution because he got a brute majority. But to treat all rivals as enemies including the courts would be a serious political mistake.

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AP is a condemned state in every way: RK


The Opposition parties are all fighting hard to prevent the YCP government from destroying AP by crippling Amaravati Capital. TDP, Communists and JAC have announced Chalo Assembly on Monday. The BJP-Pawan alliance is promising to stop Jagan Reddy from further crushing the state. But there are doubts that Jagan would not care for these two parties as long as they do not join hands with TDP. This triggered political speculation that Pawan Kalyan will eventually bring Chandrababu Naidu also into their alliance. A TDP-BJP-Pawan alliance will no doubt counter Jagan Reddy effectively. Will the opposition unity ultimately save AP from present crisis?

ABN Managing Director Radha Krishna is making highly philosophical statements on AP future in his Kothapaluku columns. Now, he says that even if all opposition parties unitedly fight and strongly resist Jaganmohan Reddy, it would be of no use at all for the state at this juncture. The golden hour to save AP is already over. RK says that Andhra Pradesh has become a condemned state already. It has lost all national and international credit in just 7 months. No industrialist is daring to even look towards AP. There will be no investments, no employment generation and no economic activity. Jagan Reddy’s misrule has already done enough damage which will last for a long time. But RK says that it is now upto people only to save themselves from future crisis.

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10 Crore defamation suit on Pawan Kalyan


The latest breaking news is ABN Andhra Jyothi MD Radha Krishna is going to file a defamation suit and criminal case on Pawan Kalyan for Rs 10 Crores for making baseless allegations on him and also provoking fans for damaging the media vehicles of his channel.

Since yesterday morning, the Janasena chief came up with a series of Tweets making allegations on media barons Radha Krishna and Srini Raju ( TV9) in connection with the Sri Reddy – RGV issue. Pawan also lamented on the existing affairs of media in Telugu states for constantly mudslinging on his personal life with hourly debates.

After this, high tensions prevailed at film chamber in Hyderabad as fans of Pawan Kalyan damaged vehicles of several media houses who were present there to cover the issue.

It is also learnt that Srini Raju will be filing a defamation suit for dragging his name into the imbroglio.

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Pawan Kalyan Strong Counter To ABN Radha Krishna


Pawan Kalyan Strong Counter To ABN Radha Krishna

After making sensational comments on YSRCP Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy in yesterday’s meet, Pawan Kalyan has now given a strong counter to ABN Chairman Radha Krishna in a public meeting held at Rajahmundry on Thursday. It is a well-known fact that during Land Pooling when Pawan Kalyan met farmers in Tullur village, ABN Chairman RK said that the youth, who came over there in support of Pawan Kalyan belongs to his caste and he always has them for every meeting.

Now, giving a counter to it, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan said, “I met people in various places like Karimnagar, Warangal, Ballari, and Raichur, where no one belongs to my caste and how can he get into conclusion that I work for one particular caste. I don’t have caste feeling and I am here to serve every section of the society.”

Pawan also warned him, that he is not a good person like Chiranjeevi and if they try to manipulate the news, then he is not going to spare them and will come with the list of people, who employed by them in their organization and belongs to their caste. Well, we have to wait and see how Radha Krishna reacts to it.

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