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Hero Suriya’s emotional letter after BJP & AIADMK’s verbal attack on him


Ghazini hero Suriya’s emotional letter in social media defending himself after being attacked verbally by BJP & AIADMK leaders became talk of the town in Kollywood and Tamil political circles. Details as below.

The issue started last week when Suriya criticized ‘National Education Policy (NEP)’ proposed by central government. He commented that as per Draft NEP, the focus is on exams, qualifying exams and entrance exams, but not on accessible quality education to all students.” He also criticized the proposed 3 language formula that already caused a lot of controversy in Tamil Nadu.

His comments drew flak from Tamil Nadu BJP leaders and the state Education minister (AIADMK). Both criticized that Suriya is disturbing peace in the state with malicious intentions. However, actor turned politician Kamal Hassan supported Surya and commented on social media that, “Brother Suriya has my support. He has every right to talk about education as Suriya’s family has done a lot for educational development of the poor,” he added.

Suriya wrote an emotional letter in reply to these comments and questioned that, as India, he has right to speak his mind and his intention is governments should strive for providing quality education to all. He questioned political parties that are targeting him, whether he doesn’t have the right to question anything in this country. Already his fans are supporting him and arguing that there is nothing wrong in his statements and BJP and AIADMK need to understand we are in a democracy but not an autocracy.

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Who is Lois Sofia, arrested by TN government for anti-BJP slogans


Lois Sophia, 28 year old Tamil woman studying in Canada has become a top trend on social media. Reason- she called the BJP government ‘fascist’ in front of BJP Tamil Nadu president and TN government arrested her under non-bailable sections for this.

The incident:

She was travelling by aeroplane in which Tamil Nadu BJP president also there. She shouted in air craft and later in airport that “BJP’s Fascism rule down down!!! “ in front of BJP’s state head Tamilisai Soundarajan. She also shouted back at sofia . Finally , upon Tamlisai complaint, TN government filed cases on her under 3 sections and one of those is non bailable.

Sofia background:

She was from scheduled caste. She is a mathematician from the University of Montreal in Canada. She has been active in campaigning against social issues. She had earlier participated in campaigns against the Sterlite Copper Plant in Tuticorin and some other protests. ( www.telugu360.com/tuticorn-thoothukudi-violence-issue-protest-and-the-future/ )

She earlier participated in Tuticorin movement. During that movement, she strongly criticized the Tamil Nadu government inaction with regard to the Sterlite protests in Tuticorin. She has also voiced her concerns over the way the bjp led Centre has handled several situations of Tamil Nadu

TN government action and political parties reaction:

Tamil Nadu people have been alleging that AIADMK government has become puppet in the hands of Modi. Now, upon complaint from BJP leader, TN government filed cases against her. Actually, filing cases is not an issue but the sections under which Tamilnadu Government filed cases is attracting lot of Criticism from the people. Later , opposition parties like DMK and Congress supported her and lambasted the government. She also received support from actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan.

What is the argument of BJP fans:

BJP fans started vehemently criticising her on social media platforms. They are saying, she should first know what is the meaning of the word fascism. They also point out that her certificate is saying she is belonging to scheduled caste but she is actually a converted Christian. They also question her father’s argument that they are from low class family, as his daughter is studying in Canada. They call her anti Hindu. They are appreciating Tamil Nadu BJP President for doing the right thing as this will stop conversions.

What Sofia supporters are saying:

Many people question the government for taking stringent actions against her for shouting anti bjp slogans. They point out that the non bailable section under which case is filed is absolutely wrong. They also question Tamil Nadu Government’s inaction during Sterlite violence and many other such situations and questioning why it is super active now. They also question if you want to put all the people who shout against BJP behind bars how many lakhs of people you will put in jail?


Raising anti government slogans in the public might be punishable but not under non bailable sections. It is clear that AIADMK Government has taken another hasty decision.

– Zuran (@CriticZuran)

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Rebel AIADMK MLA to withdraw challenge petition from High Court


In a new twist to the MLAs disqualification case, one of the rebel AIADMK MLAs considered close to sidelined leader T.T.V. Dhinakaran on Saturday said he will withdraw the petition challenging his disqualification by Assembly Speaker from the Madras High Court.

Thangatamilselvan, one of the 18 MLAs disqualified by Speaker P. Dhanapal for meeting Tamil Nadu Governor and seeking a change of Chief Minister last year, told the media that he has lost hopes of getting justice from judiciary and hence has decided to withdraw his petition.

Reacting to his decision, Dhinakaran dismissed reports of disunity in his group and said all the MLAs were united and had decided to face the legal challenge. They would go even to the Supreme Court to challenge any adverse decision from the High Court, he said.

On Thursday, the Madras High Court gave a split verdict in the case, with Chief Justice Indra Banerjee upholding the decision of the Speaker in disqualifying the MLAs and the companion judge Justice M Sundar setting aside the order.

Dhinakaran said Thangatamilselvan was keen on withdrawing his petition and was ready to face the consequent bye-election because he was confident of winning it.

“I also said ok. He is not angry with us. It also does not mean there is any division in our group. We are all united,” he said.

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AIADMK trying to woo 18 MLAs of Dinakaran


It is known news that two judge bench of Madras High Court bench split verdict in the case of ‘ whether speaker decision to disqualify 18 MLAs belonging to Dinakaran group is justified or not’ . Now the case is referred to third judge.

This is very sticky situation. if 3rd judge gives verdict that speaker decision is not valid and they are not disqualified, they will join next assembly session and bring up no confidence motion and vote against Palaniswami government and that may pull down the Government. if 3rd judge gives verdict that speaker decision is valid and uphold disqualification, there will be elections in this 18 constituencies and the same 18 MLAs or DMK will win the elections. Government will not have majority numbers even in that case.

So AIADMK started wooing these 18 MLAs. Senior minister D.Jayakumar now said that the party leadership is planning to rejoin the 18 MLAs who have been disqualified, but they do not intend to include Dinakaran, the leader of this faction. He added, the AIADMK government will be in power for complete period of five years. His remarks suggested that these 18 MLAs have been ‘contacted’ by the ruling party already.

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AIADMK strange strategy on NCM confirms it a BJP agent


AIADMK party has been raising the issue of “Kaveri water board” in the parliament and it is because of their ruckus parliament is getting adjourned every day. Those who have been observing AIADMK openly saying they are doing all this only to help Modi government avoid “No confidence Motion (NCM)”. However, DMK tried to put AIADMK in a fix but the way AIADMK retaliated that surprised everyone. Details as below.

DMK initially asked AIADMK to support NCM issued by AP parties TDP and YSRCP. But AIADMK responded to that saying, for them Kaveri issue is more important than any other issue in the country and continued to create confusion and din in the house. This only resulted NCM never been taken up by Lok Sabha speaker. Then DMK came up with a new plan to put AIADMK in a fix. DMK suggested AIADMK to issue NCM on Kaveri water issue itself so that there will be discussion on this issue in parliament. Actually this is a clever plan by DMK to expose AIADMK’s secret agreement with BJP and at the same time they can accuse AIADMK for not giving NCM notice in parliament and there by questioning their sincerity towards the issue.

However, the way AIADMK responds blocked the minds of many. AIADMK said, they are ready to issue NCM notice on Modi government if Congress supports their NCM. Now what does this mean? Everyone knows Kaveri issue is between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. If Congress supports AIADMK’s NCM on this issue, it will severely hamper their prospects in Karnataka assembly elections that are due in less than 2 months now. Recognizing this, Congress kept mum on AIADMK proposal and DMK couldn’t retaliate AIADMK. At the same time, AIADMK strategy really surprised many as they are going that far to help Modi government and BJP party. This response confirmed everyone that AIADMK really colluded with BJP regarding NCM and many other things.

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TDP having a taste of its own medicine!


Further fueling the political heat, the TDP MPs held PM Modi responsible for the behaviour of TRS and AIADMK MPs in the house. From the past few days, the TRS MPs, and AIADMK MPs have been barging into the well, disrupting the business of Lok Sabha.

Even though LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan requested the MPs to remain calm, the TRS MPs and AIADMK MPs turned a deaf ear. The Speaker was forced to adjourn Lok Sabha repeatedly. This stopped from moving the ‘no-confidence’ motion in the house.

The TDP MPs held PM Modi responsible for the entire episode. Speaking to the media outside the parliament, they said, ‘In the past Congress cheated us (AP), and now it is BJP.

Why can’t Modi speak to TRS and AIADMK MPs, and ensure the house runs in order? The Centre has failed to ensure Lok Sabha runs in order’.

Meanwhile, on anonymity, a top bureaucrat said, ‘TDP MPs ensured that the Parliament never ran smoothly. Because TDP wants to move the no-confidence motion, they want the house to function smoothly? It won’t happen. Things don’t work that way’, he concluded.

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AIADMK must support TDP’s no-trust motion: Stalin


DMK leader M.K. Stalin on Saturday said the AIADMK must support the no-trust motion against the BJP-led government at the Centre, utilising the available opportunity and establishing its right for the Cauvery waters.

In a statement, he said had his party been in the Lok Sabha it would have announced its decision to support the Telugu Desam Party’s motion.

Stalin said Chief Minister K. Palaniswami should announce AIADMK’s support for the no-trust motion and apply pressure for setting up of the Cauvery Management Board (CMB) and Cauvery Water Regulatory Committee (CWRC).

Out of the total 39 Lok Sabha members from Tamil Nadu in the Lok Sabha, the AIADMK has 37 members while the BJP and PMK have one each.

Stalin said the Supreme Court on February 16 had ordered the Centre to set up the CMB and CWRC within six weeks of its order.

However, the Centre has been delaying that keeping in view the ensuing assembly polls in Karnataka which is not enthusiastic about the Board.

Stalin said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not willing to meet the representatives of all political parties from Tamil Nadu in the Cauvery river water issue.

“The party will take a decision on the issue,” a senior AIADMK leader told IANS preferring anonymity on Friday.

The leader said the possibility of the BJP government defeating the no-confidence motion was relatively high with the support from smaller parties.

On Thursday, the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed an unanimous resolution demanding the central government to set up the CMB and CWRC as per the Supreme Court order.

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Sasikala returns! Granted 5-day parole to visit ailing husband


AIADMK leader and close-aide of Late J Jayalalitha, V K Sasikala was granted a five-day parole to visit her ailing husband M Natarajan in Chennai.

Her husband who was admitted due to hospital last month over multiple organ failure underwent a kidney and liver transplant on Wednesday.

The parole granted by Parappana Agrahara Prison in Bengaluru reportedly set a few conditions, one of which was she should not have any political interactions. Also, she has to live with her sister-in-law Ilavarasi for the five days.

TTV Dhinakaran was at the jail premises where Sasikala was lodged. She was jailed on the charges of corruption in the disproportionate assets case in mid-February.

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Two AIADMK factions likely to merge on Monday


Decks are cleared for the merger of two factions in AIADMK — one led by Chief Minister K. Palaniswami and the other led by former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam — on Monday, said party officials.

They also said following the formal announcement of merger, the cabinet may be reshuffled inducting Panneerselvam as the Deputy Chief Minister and some of his faction members.

Governor C.V. Rao (holding additional charge in Tamil Nadu) is expected to be here for the swearing in.

Prior to the merger announcement, the Palaniswami faction was expected to pass a resolution against AIADMK General Secretary V.K. Sasikala.

As per AIADMK party byelaws, the General Secretary cannot be removed by a resolution passed by a committee or group of office bearers.

According to insiders, in order to overcome this hurdle and also to carry out the party affairs, a steering or advisory committee would be formed with representation from the two merging factions.

The decisions of the advisory committee has to be ratified at the general council meeting, said an AIADMK leader.

According to party insiders, one of the moves that is being contemplated is to abolish the post of General Secretary on the pretext that late Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa will be the party’s permanent General Secretary.

This would be done by amending the party byelaws.

But the main question is can the by-law be amended to take away the only power that a primary member enjoys?

As per AIADMK constitution, the party General Secretary is elected directly by the primary members. The party has around 1.5 crore members.

“It is a legal question that has to be deliberated in detail,” C. Ponnaian, former Finance Minister and part of Panneerselvam faction told IANS on Sunday.

One of the basic condition laid down by the Panneerselvam camp for merger is that AIADMK should dismiss Sasikala and her family members from the party.

The Palaniswami faction had declared the appointment of T.T.V. Dinakaran, Sasikala’s nephew, as Deputy General Secretary as “improper, unacceptable and invalid”. This was challenged by Dinakaran.

Meanwhile following the merger of two factions, the Panneerselvam-Palaniswamy faction may get back the party’s popular “two leaves” symbol which has been frozen by the Election Commission.

“As regards party affairs, Panneerselvam will be the number one and Palaniswami number two. In the government, Panneerselvam in most probability will be the Deputy Chief Minister,” the leader told IANS on the condition of anonymity.

“There will be couple of ministerial berths for legislators from our group,” he added.

This is the contour of the merger plan the two factions in the AIADMK have agreed upon.

The leader also said the government can look into the possibility of reviving the Legislative Council or Upper House of the assembly to accommodate members in the party without showing the door for those now holding posts.

The Upper House in Tamil Nadu was abolished by AIADMK founder and late Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandran in 1986. Attempts to revive it by a DMK government were cancelled when the AIADMK came back to power.

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TN CM announces judicial probe into Jayalalithaa’s death


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Palaniswami on Thursday announced that a judicial commission will probe the death of Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa and said her Poes Garden house will turn into a memorial, meeting the main demands of former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam for the two AIADMK groups to merge.

“The government has decided to appoint a commission of inquiry headed by a retired judge to go into the death of Jayalalithaa as there have been several reports on the circumstances surrounding the death,” he told the media at the Secretariat, accompanied by senior ministers including Finance Minister D. Jayakumar.

He also said that in deference to the demand from various sections and people, the government had decided to convert Chennai’s Poes Garden residence, where Jayalalithaa lived, into a memorial which will be open for public.

Asked who would head the commission and when it will give its report, the Chief Minister said the details would be announced soon.

“Any action in the matter can be taken only after the commission gives its report.”

Amidst talk of a merger of the AIADMK factions led by Panneerselvam and Palaniswami, the former had demanded a probe into Jayalalithaa’s death in December and conversion of her house into a memorial ahead of a merger.

Jayalalithaa died in Apollo hospital on December 5 last year after prolonged illness. Ever since, there have been hints at foul play in the death pointing fingers at V.K. Sasikala, who was a close aide of the late Chief Minister and who lived with Jayalalithaa.

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On the merger road, AIADMK sacks Dinakaran


Tamil Nadu’s ruling AIADMK on Thursday dumped its Deputy General Secretary T.T.V. Dinakaran, nephew of the jailed General Secretary V.K. Sasikala, in a move aimed at placating the rival faction ahead of a possible merger between the two groups.

The AIADMK decision was announced after a nearly one-hour meeting at the party office attended by Chief Minister K. Palaniswami and some 30 ministers and party leaders.

While there was no immediate reaction from the rival faction led by former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, a furious Dinakaran hit back.

Dinakaran — who was made the Deputy General Secretary by Sasikala before she was jailed for corruption — and his small band of supporters refused to accept the decision.

A resolution passed at the AIADMK meeting declared Dinakaran’s appointment as “improper, unacceptable and invalid”, clearing the decks for a possible unification of the two factions.

An AIADMK statement said Sasikala’s appointment itself was under scrutiny of the Election Commission, which was examining the issues raised by Panneerselvam who had challenged her leadership.

The AIADMK used to refer to Sasikala until recently as “Chinnamma”. The Thursday statement called her “Respectable Mrs V.K. Sasikala” – a clear sign of her weakening hold in a party she tried to take over after the death in December of then Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa.

The two factions will have to unite if they need to get back the party’s popular “two leaves” election symbol that has been frozen by the Election Commission.

Minus the frozen symbol, AIADMK leaders admit they will have problems taking on the DMK in the upcoming local body polls.

The AIADMK meeting also nullified all the appointments of office bearers and other decisions made by Dinakaran.

The Election Commission had earlier rejected a letter written by him in his capacity as Deputy General Secretary.

According to AIADMK sources, Chief Minister Palaniswami and Panneerselvam are travelling to Delhi on Thursday to take part in the swearing in ceremony of Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu and may meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The sources say that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been nudging the two factions to unite — and also join the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance formally.

If a merger takes place, Palaniswami will remain the Chief Minister while Panneerselvam could become the General Secretary in place of Sasikala. The Panneerselvam faction insists on Sasikala’s ouster for a merger to take place.

Meanwhile, security has been tightened at the AIADMK headquarters here to foil the possibility of Dinakaran and his supporters trying to take control over it.

An MLA close to Dinakaran, Vetrivel, who attended the AIADMK meeting, challenged the decision to dump Dinakaran.

“Sasikala and Dinakaran cannot be removed from the party,” he said. “Nobody can remove the two leaders from their party posts.”

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Modi might spring surprise as Sonia unites opposition for President


BJP is known to spring surprises when it comes to naming its candidate in elections. The July presidential elections will probably be similar to the face-off between VV Giri and Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy in 1969. It is indisputable that a staunch supporter of Congress Pranab Mukherjee will not be given another term as a President. Unlike the US, India has no restrictions on the term of President. Except for VV Giri who was not only President but also an interim president, India never had same president for two consecutive terms.

As the country awaits surprise from BJP several names have surfaced. L K Advani, Murali Manohar Joshi, Sushma Swaraj and Sumitra Mahajan are likely in the race. Even RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s name appeared. Advani mentioned that he is not in the battle. With the Babri case surfacing the chances for Advani and Joshi are bleak. However, there are chances that a Dalit candidate may be named as a President.

Narendra Modi may just pick Governor of Jharkhand Draupadi Murmu a tribal candidate from Odisha as the NDA Presidential candidate.

Congress is already in consultations with its allies about the candidate they will be nominating. AICC President Sonia Gandhi will probably organise a meeting with leaders of non-NDA parties to pursue plans for tapping a common candidate. The names of Deva Gowda, Sharad Yadav and Hamid Ansari surfaced from the opposition parties.

The Presidential elections are indirect elections done through electoral college. NDA is mighty in Lok Sabha but UPA has strength in Rajya Sabha. In such situation, the support of regional parties becomes crucial. The elected members of the Legislative assemblies of the 29 states and the elected members of the legislative assemblies of the Union Territories of Puducherry and Delhi are significant as BJP doesn’t have half way mark yet. The support of AIADMK, TRS, YSRCP and BJD are imperative now. Speculations are rife that the regional parties do not want to vote for a congress candidate.

The values of votes polled by MP is 708 while it is not equal for all MLAs in the country. Based on population and number of elected legislators, the vote value of MLAs is considered. In UP the vote value of an MLA is the highest at 209 while the lowest vote value is from Sikkim at 7. The vote value of TS and AP MLAs is 148.

President Pranab Mukherjee’s term expires on July 25,2017. It would be elevating if NDA proposes a non-politician as it did in 2002 by making Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

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Who will stop the BJP? No one in sight

After the resounding victories of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the UP assembly and Delhi municipal elections, the party increasingly appears to be politically invincible.

The three parties which offered some resistance to it in 2014 — the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, the Biju Janata Dal (BJD) in Odisha and Trinamool Congress in West Bengal — are not in the pink of health today.

The AIADMK has all but collapsed after former Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s death, the BJD has suffered serious reverses in the local polls and is feeling distinctly nervous while the Trinamool Congress has shot itself in the foot by its rather too soft a policy towards the Muslims, thereby alienating the Bengali middle-class Hindus, while several of its prominent personalities have become embroiled in scams.

Among the supposedly all-India parties, the fact that the Congress has fallen back on Sonia Gandhi to reach out to the regional leaders for an anti-BJP alliance shows that the party’s attempts to prop up Rahul Gandhi haven’t succeeded. It will not be easy for Sonia Gandhi, who is clearly not as fit and energetic as before, to take up the kind of role which she played to bring the non-BJP parties together in 2004.

Those who worsted the BJP in 2015, like Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi and Nitish Kumar in Bihar, have also suffered a decline, especially the former.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the BJP is now eying the east and the northeast as its new areas of conquest. The alacrity with which Congress MLAs in various states are joining the BJP shows that they regard their former adversary as a greener pasture for political and personal advancement.

It is not that the BJP doesn’t face problems. For one, it has become a virtual one-man party with its dependence on Narendra Modi for success in even municipal elections. The party does not have a second line of defence if only because Modi has kept previously prominent party members like Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha, not to mention veterans like L.K. Advani, well outside the organisation.

For another, the economy has not been picking up in a manner which will sustain hope about the success of Modi’s development agenda. The prime minister, therefore, has been speaking more about a pro-poor thrust a la Indira Gandhi than about rapid growth.

For a third, the government appears to be at a loss as to ways to deal with both external and internal threats posed by the Pakistan-based fidayeens (suicide bombers) and the Maoists, mainly in western and central India.

Even then, what evidently keeps the BJP going is Modi’s popularity which has made him the most dominant person in today’s politics, as Congress leader P. Chidambaram has said. Apart from the Prime Minister’s seemingly boundless energy and rhetorical skills, his advantage is that there is no one in the opposition camp who can match his wide appeal.

Not only that, his adversaries have undermined themselves by self-defeating moves as when Sonia Gandhi stalled the Manmohan Singh government’s forward march on the economic front by opting for extravagant populist measures, thereby handing over her own government’s development agenda on a platter to Modi. As Chidambaram ruefully admitted later, the government should not have taken “the foot off the accelerator of reforms”.

Similarly, Kejriwal came to power with the assurance of providing a clean government as promised by his one-time mentor, Anna Hazare, who pleaded for the setting up of a Lokpal, an anti-corruption ombudsman. But Kejriwal’s own internal ombudsman, Admiral L. Ramdas, had to leave the Aam Admi Party (AAP) for questioning the Chief minister’s authoritarian style, which also led to the ouster of the latter’s former allies, Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan.

By the time Kejriwal had concluded the purge of his own party, it was clear that governance, whether a clean one or not, was not his primary objective, but an insatiable craving for power. Once this obsession became clear, it was obvious that his party’s days were numbered since the aam admi or the common man after whom the outfit was named had seen through his pretensions. The AAP’s defeat in Delhi was only to be expected, therefore, after its setbacks in Punjab and Goa.

Like Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar, too, has failed to live up to the expectations that he had aroused during his earlier stint as Chief Minister when he succeeded in ridding Bihar of the lawlessness — or the jungle raj, as it was called — which was rampant during the tenures of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leaders Laloo Prasad Yadav and his wife, Rabri Devi.

But now, as an ally of Laloo Prasad while Rabri Devi is calling for her son, Tejaswi, to be elevated from Deputy Chief Minister to Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar’s focus is somehow to hold on to power.

So, who will stop the BJP? Not only is there no one in sight, but there is little chance of the opposition parties being able to put together an anti-BJP combine because of their fractious internal relations.

Besides, they lack a forward-looking economic agenda which appeals to the young as Modi’s Make In India, Digital India, start-ups and other programmes do.

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Jaya falls ill may be shifted to S’pore


Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa is unwell. If sources are to be believed the iconic lady of Tamil Nadu politics is likely to be shifted to Singapore for advanced treatment. She is said to be ailing with liver related problems.

“Her health is so fragile that doctors are of the opinion that the transplant procedure, which involves major surgery, may be a difficult proposition,” a report in rediff.com said.

The heroine of yester years, who took politics in association with MG Ramachandran, is 67.  She took oath for fifth time as chief minister on May 23, after a stunning victory in a byelection. She was convicted in a case related to disproportionate assets last year  by a special court in Bengaluru. Then she resigned from office and assembly. Later, the Karnataka High Court acquitted her. She contested byelection from Radhakrishna Nagar constituency in Chennai and returned with a margin of 1, 50,000 vote

“Her other organs are fragile and that would make the transplant more difficult,” the rediff report said.

Now, the two pillars of Tamil politics, Jayalalitha and her arch rival and DMK leader M Karunanidhi is bad health. Karunanidhi has been confined to wheel chair for years.

Their health condition is expected to reshape the southern state’s politics if their doctors advised rest for the duo.


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Pakistan Media Hails Jayalalithaa


Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa has hit the headlines for all good reasons this time. With Ramzam season starting yesterday, Jayalalithaa has ordered its government to distribute over 4000 tonnes of rice to more than three thousand mosques across the state.

The rice would be used to make gruel-a healthy soup- and served to fasting people at mosques. Noticing the same, Pakistani based television channel—SAMAA has hailed Jayalalithaa. It even telecast the video of Jayalalithaa displaying the sign of  victory.

The channel went on to say that Pakistan government should also implement the same. All in all, it’s a good note that steps being taken by state governments in India are being lauded by our neighbouring country. This will sure give an edge over DMK to J Jayalalithaa. What steps DMK will take to compete with AIADMK in serving Muslim brethren has now become topic of the town.

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