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TDP MLCs hold mock Council meet to expose distortion of facts by YSRCP on Fiber Grid project


Protesting against the misinformation campaign being resorted to by the ruling YSRCP MLAs and MLCs in both Houses of State Legislature on Fiber Grid project, the TDP MLCs on Tuesday organised a mock Council meet at the party headquarters here and brought the facts to the notice of the people.

The TDP MLCs felt that providing cable TV connection, internet and telephone connection for every household at just for Rs 149 per month was a technical revolution in the country. The TDP MLCs felt that either the Skill Development project case, AP Fiber Grid project or the Amaravathi Inner Ring Road case all are deliberately being brought onto the scene only out of political vengeance and nowhere the Jagan Reddy Government could prove that there are lapses in any of these three projects.

The TDP does not have the policy to publicise except working for the progress of the people and the State, the MLCs strongly believed that the people will certainly realise the facts some day. They are of unanimous opinion that the allegations being levelled against the Tera Soft Company are totally baseless.

Later, talking to media persons MLC Ashok Babu said that initially the Price Waterhouse Coopers studied the Fiber Grid project and came out with the proposal with a total cost of Rs 5,600 cr. But the then chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu, felt that the State can not afford this amount.

The technorat in Chandrababu came out and a plan was formulated not to go for underground cables but instead erect the cables on the electric poles which are already existing and the whole project was completed in a mere Rs 330 cr, Ashok Babu recalled. The work to implement this project was handed over to the INCAP (Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh), which ultimately resulted in supplying internet, TV and telephone connections at a mere Rs 149 per month which is certainly a technical revolution, he stated.

Observing that when a major project is taken up there will be some hiccups and finally Tera Soft came forward to take up the project. A high-power committee under the supervision of senior officer, Ajay Jain, has been constituted and under the directions of this panel the project implementation was handed over to Tera Soft, Ashok Babu explained through a power-point presentation.

The work that started in 2015 by Tera Soft was completed by 2017-end by using 24 core optical fiber cable which is the latest cable, he stated. The whole country has praised this project, Ashok Babu said.

The YSRCP Government is trying to sling mud without any evidence at such a great project and is resorting to mispropaganda that Rs 120 cr has been misused, Ashok Babu said. Of the total cost of Rs 333 cr of the project, the government has paid only Rs 280 to the contractors, Ashok Babu said and asked of this amount if Rs 120 cr is diverted as is being claimed by the YSRCP Government how such a great project can be implemented.

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APCID files yet another PT warrant against Naidu


The APCID had filed yet another PT warrant against TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu in the ACB court on Tuesday. They filed the warrant in the AP Fibernet scam.

It is alleged that Chandrababu Naidu, the then Chief Minister, was holding the portfolio of Energy, infrastructure and Investment Department. He personally recommended getting the fiber net project executed by the Energy I&I Department, instead of the IT Department.

The CID also alleged that Naidu personally got Vemuri Harikrishna Prasad appointed as a member of Governing Council-Governance Authority, despite his Criminal background. Chandra Babu Naidu gave approval for the estimates of the fiber net project without considering the fact that no market survey was done for the process of the items or the standards to be followed.

Chandra Babu Naidu brought pressure on the senior Government officials to include Vemuri Harikrishna Prasad in various tender evaluation committees. He also asked the officials to revoke the blacklisting done by the Government, then prevailing against M/s Terasoftware.

The CID alleged that Naidu mounted pressure on the officials to finally award the tender to M/s Terasoftware by silencing the protests from other bidders such as M/s Pace Power. He got the officers seeking a fair tender process transferred out unceremoniously and posted more pliable officers in their place.

The issue about the irregularities in the Tender process and the conflict of interest between Vemuru Harikrishna Prasad and Tera software Pvt Ltd was pointed out to Naidu on the floor of the Legislative Assembly. However, he chose to deny the allegation and did not make any effort to rectify the issue, the CID alleged.

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