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Allu Arjun in talks with AR Murugadoss?


AR Murugadoss delivered several super hits in Tamil but he is behind in the race because of his recent outings. His two straight Telugu movies Stalin and Spyder could not end up as box-office hits. AR Murugadoss wanted to direct Ram Charan in the past but the project could not materialize due to various reasons. The top director is now in touch with Stylish Star Allu Arjun. He narrated a plot to Bunny last year and Bunny was impressed with the idea.

AR Murugadoss is working on the full script currently. Allu Arjun will commence the shoot of Pushpa: The Rule from July and the film will release in summer 2023. Bunny is keen to sign his upcoming movie in advance and kick-start the shoot once he is done with the shoot of Pushpa: The Rule. AR Murugadoss is currently working on two scripts and one among them is for Allu Arjun. The final decision will be taken soon and if the project materializes, it would be a pan-Indian attempt.

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Bunny in talks for one more Film?


Tollywood actors and directors are in huge demand. To expand their market, the stars are collaborating with directors of other languages. Stylish Star Allu Arjun has been in talks with Tamil directors AR Murugadoss and Vikram Kumar for some time but the projects never materialized. Going with the recent update, AR Murugadoss is back in touch with Bunny for a film. Murugadoss narrated a script recently through a Zoom meeting. Bunny is yet to take a call on the script.

Top Tamil producer Kalaipuli S Thanu is in touch with Allu Arjun to bankroll this pan-Indian project. Allu Arjun will resume the shoot of Pushpa from Monday and he will move to Icon very soon. He will then return back to the sets of Pushpa 2. AR Murugadoss’ project may happen soon after Pushpa 2 if Bunny gets impressed with the script. More details awaited.

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Tamil director aims a comeback with Allu Arjun


AR Murugadoss is one of the most talented directors of Tamil cinema. His career graph reached rock bottom and the director has all his hopes on his next film which is the sequel for his super hit film Thuppaki. Vijay will play the lead role in this action thriller and the regular shoot is expected to commence from August or September. Murugadoss has been in plans to work with Allu Arjun for some time.

He is currently working on a script that suits Allu Arjun. The actor asked him to come up with the complete script and he is expected to take the call after the result of Thuppaki 2. In this meanwhile, Allu Arjun will complete the shoot of Sukumar’s Pushpa and will join Sriram Venu’s Icon. If everything goes well, the project will start in 2022. Allu Aravind will produce AR Murugadoss’ project on Geetha Arts banner.

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Visitors banned on the sets of Darbar


Superstar Rajinikanth started shooting for his next film Darbar in the direction of AR Murugadoss. The high voltage action drama presents Rajinikanth in dual roles and Nayanthara is the female lead. The shoot of the film is happening in Mumbai and the makers are left in deep shock after a series of pictures have been leaked from the sets. Initially, Rajinikanth’s stylish young look has been leaked online.

Soon, a day ago, the pictures of Rajinikanth and Nayanthara from the sets are all over the internet. The makers imposed strict security on the sets and banned visitors on the location for this Mumbai schedule. Rajinikanth plays a cop in one of the roles. Anirudh is the music composer and Lyca Productions are the producers. Darbar is slated for Sankranthi 2020 release.

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Midnight Stir: Attempt to arrest AR Murugadoss

Tamil film Sarkar, starring Vijay in the lead role and directed by AR Murugadoss, has raked a political storm with its controversial dialogues on current politics. Late on Thursday night, Sun Pictures, the production house behind this film, has tweeted that police have reached the residence of director Murugadoss to arrest him. This news has created a lot of panic in audience and Kollywood. However, Chennai police denied the news and said it was just beat patrolling which is their regular duty.

Minutes after this news came out, Murugadoss tweeted ‘ Police had come to my house late tonight and banged the door several times.Since I was not there they left the premises. Right now I was told there is no police outside my house’

While Sun Pictures alleged that police came there to arrest Murugadoss, a senior police officer said that they were just checking the security measures at the director’s house.

Interestingly, all this drama happened a day after Tamil Nadu law minister warmed to take strict action on Sarkar team for some of its controversial dialogues and scenes aiming at political parties. There were protests by AIADMK supporters to remove such scenes and mute dialogues that offended their party.

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AR Murugadoss responds on Sarkar controversy


Top director AR Murugadoss is all set to test his luck with Sarkar that features Vijay, Keerthy Suresh and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the lead roles. The film landed into plagiarism issues after a writer Varun Rajendran approached the Madras High Court claiming that Sarkar is based on his script named Sengol. AR Murugadoss called this a foolish act and responded on this controversy.

“It is just a publicity stunt from one of the attention seekers. The film is yet to be released and it is foolish to say that I copied the script. I am ready to go to court instead of settling outside. Will obey the orders of the court” said AR Murugadoss. Bankrolled by Sun Pictures, Sarkar is hitting the screens on November 6th.

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Superstar to team up with AR Murugadoss


Despite the disappointing result of SPYder, star Tamil director AR Murugadoss is continuing to bag big ticket offers in Kollywood. He is currently busy wrapping up Vijay’s upcoming political thriller Sarkar which is on the verge of completion.

According to the latest buzz in Kollywood media circles, Murugadoss will next team up with Superstar Rajinikanth. Sources say that the heady combination is going to materialise in 2019 and the regular shooting will commence from January.

If the buzz turns out to be true, this film will be the first one in Rajinikanth – Murugadoss combination and it is bound to create ripples in trade circles for sure. Rajinikanth is now shooting for his next film Petta in Karthik Subbaraj’s direction.

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Heroes will be worshipped as long as Humans exist- Murugadoss Interview


Tollywood Star Hero Mahesh Babu and Prominent Director AR Murugadoss collaborated for new flick SPYder which will hit the screens on September 27. Ahead of the film’s release, Director Murugadoss was in conversation with The Hindu Cinema. Read the full interview here …

SPYDER is in final stages and soon to be released. How is your mindset?
Murugadoss – However confident you may be as a director, when you know you are going to face the audience, there will always be a few butterflies in stomach.

Mahesh Babu is a big star in Telugu, he will have his own style and his own characteristics set in the Telugu industry, whereas this is his debut movie in Tamil. How did u manage to balance the script? Did you pick the script in such a way that concept has more importance than the star?
Murugadoss– Yes, there is something called balancing. Commercial films in Telugu industry will be hardcore and raw. In Tamil cinemas, there are certain limitations. In the Telugu industry Mahesh Babu is a big superstar, handling him in that industry will be different, but here in Tamil industry, he is a new face and even if we try and give him the same heroism people here will suddenly get disconnected with the movie. So, everything had to be done carefully. Even the story was balanced. I gave more importance to screenplay and story. If you are looking for heroism, the movie Thuppaki had heroism in it, even though the villain showed a lot of anger to instigate the hero, he only says “I am waiting”. That was subtle yet heroism was shown. Similarly, this story also needed balancing.

As far as cinema is concerned language is not a barrier. I have met Mahesh babu sir long back. He used to speak good Tamil. He was born in Chennai, studied here in Loyala college, since he knows such good Tamil, I never felt that I was doing a movie with another language hero. I felt that I am doing this movie with a Chennai based handsome hero.

Whenever we speak of a Murugadoss movie, we always know it is a commercial, mass movie yet there will always be a concept. Is this movie also a concept based?
Murugadoss – This is a hero villain movie, that positive and negative individually exists in every human. In simple words, both MGR and Nambiar are in us. It only depends to whom I show my MGR character and whom I disclose my Nambiar character, both negative and positive exist. So, we created two characters in the name Sivan, positive and negative. One is positive to the core the other is negative to the core. The spark in this movie Spyder is the meeting of the positive and negative.

You are one of the most renowned commercial directors of this age. Do you think the concept of worshipping heroes is gone?
Murugadoss– No not like that, hero worship will remain as long as humans exist, for instance even belief in god is a type of hero worship. Superman and Spiderman are for kids, Anjaneya and Bheema are for adults. Heroes may change but hero worship will never change. This world exists with so much evil, we hope for a guy to come and change everything, as long as imagination of such characters exist, hero worship will exist.

In all your movies there is the anger towards the society which can be seen, can we see it in this movie also?
Murugadoss – Yes it will be there as far as this film is concerned. I am person who studied in a government school in a village, from a middle-class background. I am a person who learnt writing, by writing on the ground. So, I have all the suffocations, anger of the middle class, hence I try to portray them in my movies. In one movie, maybe I would pick one issue, in another I would choose another contrasting topic. I don’t try to incorporate it but if the situation arises I use it.

You are a big director now. How do you still feel that sensitivity towards such issues in the society?
Murugadoss – I was born in a family with lot of members, I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters, our house itself would be like a big group. So many relatives, studied in a govt. school, so I’ve always been in a crowd. I am very clear with one fact that no matter how high we go; our feet must always be on the ground. Even though my office has a good ambience, I want my kids to grow with the same feeling around people hence I still live in a 3 BHK flat with 200 families around like a middle-class man.

For a filmmaker, does social responsibility exist?
Murugadoss – Social responsibility exists for everyone, not just film makers, we need to be very careful when we portray it on the screen. Especially if the movies are of big heroes we need to be careful. Apart from that, the scenes of cigarette smoking sometimes cannot be avoided because of the story. For instance, if the story is based on drinking/ alcohol or smoking, these aspects cannot be avoided in that movie. If the movie is about smoking then my hero needs to be a smoker, if the movie is in the backdrop of alcohol, I cannot avoid. But it is not necessary to include without reason. Sometimes they just introduce it in the name of comedy unnecessarily.

You have done films in Telugu and in Tamil but this is your first bilingual. Is it challenging?
Murugadoss – A lot of my previous films have been dubbed or remade into other languages. Initially when I thought bilingual would be easy. But this is almost equal to doing two films. When it comes to bilingual, wide shots are kept common and only close up shots were reshot with change in language for lip sync but in this movie as far as we are concerned, we have given a very sincere attempt. For instance, in Thuppaki, I decided that all the scenes must be shot locally since it was Mumbai based, all the scenes were shot in Mumbai. In many movies, if they are shooting in a different location, they shoot all the wide angles and scenery from the other place and all scenes like, house, hospital, etc will be shot locally inside a set. But in Thuppaki we made sure each scene was shot in Mumbai not one scene was shot in Chennai. Similarly, in this movie I thought regardless of the shot being a wide shot or a silent shot, every scene was shot separately. Even small artists were changed, for example if 4 people were used in Telugu, they were called off and another 4 artists would go in for the Tamil shot. Because of this the time taken was longer than anticipated.

People nowadays mix politics with movies. They don’t watch a movie as it is and mix it with politics.
Murugadoss – Yes, nowadays it has increased a lot. There’s a group of people who exist for this sole purpose. They have two primary reasons – one is to become famous while second is to scare us and take money. You shouldn’t use this title, this refers to my sub caste, this refers to my caste, you shouldn’t say this or that, all this is very cheap. If such people want fame they should come to movies, act, direct and become famous. Why take this shortcut?

If I was scared of people with black money, I wouldn’t have shot the movie Ramana 15 years ago. A person’s bravery does not depend on the people behind him or his age or his strength. If you are aware against the British we had Gandhi who stood against them, did he have a black belt or did he wear bullet proof clothes? He never wore a shirt.

Similarly, my mental strength comes from within, your body or your size doesn’t matter. Therefore, regarding black money I am not scared. If conflict arises, even I can speak very well. On our side, we have truth and justice, we would not have made mistakes and we have so many things to speak about but I am not interested in it. If they write about me, they may get something out of it but we may never get anything back if we retaliate.

And the second thing is that there are so many things in movies nowadays. I need a producer to invest money. I need an actor who would set in with my mindset. Also, the producer should be brave enough to withstand a loss if the movie flops. But producers expect safety first, so if we find such a brave producer who is willing to withstand everything, I am ready to fight.

What is your thought about the film reviews?
Murugadoss – Everyone has the right to review a movie, but let it be with a little decency. There is no need to be vulgar about it. Because it’s the hard work of a 1000 people, no one makes a movie hoping it wouldn’t run. They are all made based on some calculations. Even at home sometimes my kids ask after the movie – don’t you play it before release. They are asking in the sense that the movie is so bad but how did you make it? The fact is that since we made it we don’t know. When we try something new, instead of saying it was so bad and other things it could be reviewed by saying this could have been better and so on. Point our mistakes, it will help us. For instance, Gajini movie which was first made in Tamil, after the reviews and mistakes pointed out I rectified a lot of things in Hindi. I had that chance. In Tamil, the double act in the climax didn’t work out, that was the minus in the movie climax is what I understood from reviews, so what I did was to change that in the Hindi version. So, such positive reviews help us. But it should be reviews that would prompt us to change and not in such a way that it would push us down and kill us.

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A Wide Tamil release for Spyder


Superstar Mahesh Babu is one among the highest paid South Indian actors. Though his last outing Brahmotsavam disappointed, he is all set to strike back after a year with Spyder. The movie has been in shoot from a long time and it has been delayed several times. AR Murugadoss is directing this crime thriller and Rakul Preet Singh is the female lead. The movie is currently in its last leg of shoot and a song is being shot in a specially erected set.

Baahubali opened doors for Telugu cinema in all the regional languages along with Hindi. The makers of Spyder are aiming a massive Tamil release for Spyder than the Telugu version. AR Murugadoss stands next to Shankar in Tamil and his name along can get some huge opening figures for the film. Spyder will also get a decent release in Hindi and Malayalam languages informed sources.

Spyder is a film that is based on bio terrorism and Mahesh will be seen as an intelligence officer in the action thriller. Produced by NV Prasad and Tagore Madhu, the makers are in plans to release the film during September.

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Rakul to Romance Mahesh Again?


Superstar Mahesh Babu is currently shooting for Spyder which is in final stages of shoot. AR Murugadoss is the film’s director and Mahesh is romancing Rakul Preet Singh for the first time. Rakul has been quite excited about teaming up with Mahesh in Spyder after she missed an opportunity to work with him Brahmotsavam. The latest update we hear is that Rakul is all set to romance Mahesh once again after Spyder. Koratala Siva will direct the movie which will start rolling next month.

Mahesh and Koratala are keen on roping Rakul for the female lead’s role. Keerthy Suresh and Shruti Haasan have been considered for the role earlier however Rakul Preet Singh is almost locked. An official announcement will be out soon and the movie has been titled Bharat anu Nenu. Mahesh will be seen as a Chief Minister in the film and Devi Sri Prasad is composing the music. DVV Entertainments will bankroll the project.

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