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Jagan’s inefficiency, greed for money, corruption lead to youths’ suicides, says Ashok Babu


The youth in Andhra Pradesh are under serious pressure and are resorting to suicides due to inefficient administration of the Jagan Mohan Reddy government besides largescale corruption coupled with the Chief Minister’s greed for money, observed MLC and senior TDP leader, P Ashok Babu, on Saturday.

Ashok Babu told media persons at the party headquarters here that unemployment in the State is growing by the day which is pushing the youth into frustration as the vacancies in various government departments are not being filled while there are no employment opportunities in the private sector, all this due to the inefficiency of the Chief Minister.

How Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, answer for the Centre’s report that till now 21,575 youth had committed suicide, Ashok Babu asked.

It is nothing but cheating the unemployed youth that Jagan, who once promised to fill 2.3 lakh vacancies in various government wings, is now claiming that there are only 66,000 vacancies existing, the TDP MLC felt. The Chief Minister miserably failed to fulfil another promise of announcing a job calendar every year and also issuing the DSC notification, he added.

Maintaining that the TDP government had imparted training to 2.94 lakh youths through the Skill Development project and created employment to over 70,000 jobless, Ashok Babu said that Jagan has totally ruined this project by levelling baseless allegations against it. The people have realised this fact and the verdict given in the recent Council polls completely reflects this, he said.

Demanding Jagan to announce the job calendar immediately to do justice to the youth, Ashok Babu appealed to the jobless not to resort to suicides. “Wait till TDP is back in power and soon after the party forming the government all the aspirations and hopes will certainly be fulfilled,” he added.

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TDP discounts YSRCP charge on cheque bounce


TDP MLC, Paruchuri Ashok Babu, on Thursday discounted the YSRCP propaganda on the financial help extended by the TDP to the families of those who died in the Kandukur incident. The YSRCP said that the cheques issued to the deceased family members were bounced, which he said was incorrect.

The MLC told media persons here that the YSRCP leaders are spreading misinformation through their social media that the cheques given by the TDP national president, Mr Nara Chandrababu, to the families of those who died in the Kandukur incident have bounced.

“Does anyone who has basic knowledge will resort to such kind of malicious propaganda,” Ashok Babu asked and stated that the cheques given by the TDP have been cleared and the money has been deposited with the bank accounts of the respective affected families.

“This smear campaign is a classic example of the YSRCP’s cheap politics,” he remarked and said that the TDP did maximum justice to the affected families. The party extended Rs 30 lakh to each affected family and no party in the country has given such huge financial assistance to anyone, the MLC stated.

The way the TDP supremo responded to the incident thoroughly exposed the YSRCP’s venomous propaganda, Ashok Babu said and stated that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, never reacted in the way to his party activists as Chandrababu Naidu responded with humanity. Jagan did not pay even a single rupee though 17 persons died in his ‘Odarpu Yatra,’ he pointed out.

The State government has given a financial aid of a mere Rs 2 lakh to each affected family that too after the Centre announced ex gratia to them, he stated. Ashok Babu demanded a reply from Jagan to the malicious propaganda on the YSRCP social media.

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Why salaries of Govt staff not paid yet, asks Ashok Babu


TDP MLC, Paruchuri Ashok Babu, on Tuesday asked the State government as to why salaries of the government employees have not been paid till 13th of this month though the ruling party leaders claim that the financial condition of the State is very healthy and comfortable.

Talking to media persons at the party headquarters, Ashok Babu questioned the government why the situation has come to such a pass that the employees are forced to stage dharnas in front of the district collectorates demanding payment of their salaries. “One can easily imagine the financial condition of the State as employees’ salaries have not been paid yet,” Ashok Babu questioned.

Observing that the State is now passing the 1959 condition wherein the staff members could not get their salaries on time, Ashok Babu said that the ruling party cannot claim that the salaries of 13 lakh employees are paid on first of every month. He said that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, could not pay the salaries as the State failed to get loans and said that the ruling party is adopting a vengeful attitude towards its own employees.

Why should the employees suffer for the benefit of the advisors and volunteers, he asked and said that even the retirement benefits amounting to Rs 2,200 cr too are not paid yet. The situation is so bad that even the insurance premium too is not paid till now, Ashok Babu added.

The Jagan government has kept on hold a whooping Rs 27.150 cr which is due to the employees, including the Dearness Allowance arrears for the contract, outsourcing and regular employees, the MLC said adding that the government quota of Rs 800 cr under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) has also not been paid.

Ashok Babu demanded that the government explain to the public as to why the amount due to the employees has not been paid. He also wanted the Centre to explain why the loans are being granted to the State government crossing the FRBM limits and also demanded a white paper on the current financial condition of the State.

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DBT is Duplicate and Bogus Transfer scheme, says TDP


Telugu Desam Party. (TDP) MLC Paruchuri Ashok Babu has termed the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme, the most favourite scheme of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy as Duplicate and Bogus Transfer scheme.

Talking to media persons at the party headquarters here on Wednesday, Ashok Babu said that Jagan Mohan Reddy has been making false claims in the implementation of every welfare programme. “Today Jagan pressed the button for the so-called welfare scheme but did not mention for how many times he pressed such buttons,” the TDP MLC remarked.

The Chief Minister claimed that a total of Rs 2,011 cr, including Rs 395 cr financial benefit under Jagananna Thodu scheme, has been extended to 15 lakh beneficiaries as interest free loan. This is nothing but misleading the public with false claims and “that is the reason as to why we called it as Duplicate and Bogus Transfer, ” he added.

Maintaining that the Centre has been giving interest free loans of Rs 10,000 each under Atma Nirbhar Bharat to pretty businessmen in all the States, including Andhra Pradesh, since 2020, Ashok Babu said that the Centre is even uploading the details of the beneficiaries on its website. Of the total amount of annual interest of Rs 16 cr on these loans, the Centre is paying Rs 10 cr and the respective State Government has to pay the remaining Rs 6 cr.

“But Jagan Reddy has been claiming that the State Government is paying the total amount of interest. How shameful it is,” he remarked. Also, the Chief Minister is claiming that the interest free scheme is being implemented only in Andhra Pradesh. “That is the reason as to why Mr Jagan is called as bogus Chief Minister,” Ashok Babu commented.

When the Centre is extending the financial benefit to the poor petty traders in the shape of bank loans, claiming that the State Government is giving the benefit is nothing but stopping so low, the TDP MLC commented.

The funds meant for Dwcra women amounting to Rs 8,700 cr and Rs 2,100 cr under Abhaya Hastham have been totally diverted, he said adding that the Rs 7,600 cr sanctioned by the 14th and 15th Finance Commission for panchayats too were misused.

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Academic standards in AP reached the button-level, says TDP MLC


TDP leader and MLC Paruchuri Ashok Babu on Saturday alleged that teachers in the State are being subjected to harassment as they actively participated in the agitation programme against the State Government policy on the Pay Revision Commission (PRC).

Memos were served on 625 head masters of various schools in Srikakulam district and two teachers were placed under suspension at Anakapalle just because they attended their school just two minutes late. He said these incidents are evident that the State government is adopting a vengeful attitude towards the teaching community.

He said that lakhs of teachers have taken part in the agitation programme organised in Vijayawada against the PRC and the Chief Minister could not digest that the teachers, on such a large scale, took part in the strike. Thus, they are being subjected to persecution, he said.

The leaders of the teaching community were either threatened or enticed, the agitation programme somehow ended, he stated. Memos are served on the teachers as they could not upload the pictures of the toilets, Ashok Babu said adding that if there is any single individual in the State who is drawing salary every month without work it is only the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister has absolutely no idea as to how to bring in reforms in the academic sector. On the one hand he says that he will reform the whole sector and on the other digital classes and rationalisation of schools are being encouraged.

Ashok Babu said that the academic sector is something different which the Chief Minister could not understand. It is not like pressing the button which the Chief Minister used to, he said and stated that painting the school buildings under Naadu-Nedu scheme or distributing sops under Amma Vadi are not part of encouraging the education system.

Drafting the teachers for Corona duty during the pandemic cost the lives of some teachers and the condition of the community is worse in Andhra Pradesh than in any other State, Ashok Babu said. It is really pathetic that some teachers are posted on duty to control the crowd near liquor shops, and some of them are asked to take pictures near bathrooms, he said and asked is this the way to bring in reforms in the sector, he asked.

In the periodical surveys conducted for every four years on educational standards, Andhra Pradesh is the lowest, Ashok Babu said and demanded that the State government take immediate measures to improve the system and should not put the teachers and students to untold hardships.

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Jagan govt follows failed “Friday arrest” attempt on TDP MLC Ashok Babu


The YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh headed by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy continues to adopt the policy of making arrests of its political rivals on Fridays although it was proved several times earlier that these attempts have failed miserably.

Almost all the accused who were arrested on Fridays or weekends by ACB or CID secured bail and came out of the jail on weekdays soon after.

In the latest instance, TDP MLC P Ashok Babu was taken into custody by APCID on the early hours of Friday on charges of submitting fake education certificate to secure promotion in the commercial taxes department, when he was an employee of the state government.

Although Ashok Babu tried for bail in the AP High Court, the court adjourned the case until Monday.

Arresting political rivals on Friday or weekends has been the norm since the YSRCP government headed by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy came to power in Andhra Pradesh in May 2019.

In all the cases which have political implications and which could target political rivals of YSRCP, the raids and arrests are happening only during weekends, namely, especially Friday and Saturday.

For instance, APCID raided the house of YSRCP rebel MP Raghurama Raju on May 14 this year, which was Friday.

The AP ACB raided the house of TDP senior leader and MLA Atchannaidu on June 12 this year, which was Saturday.

Similarly, AP police arrested TDP leader and former MLA JC Prabhakar Reddy on June 12 last year, which was a Friday.

The AP ACB arrested TDP senior leader and former MLA Dhulipalla Narendra on April 23 this year, which was a Friday.

The strategy seems to be simple. The courts have holidays on Saturday and Sunday and the arrested cannot move courts for bail if they are arrested during weekends.

The investigation agencies can have the custody of the accused for two to three days and they can extract the information in the three days in their custody and complete their task assigned by their higher-ups.

However, in all these cases, the accused secured bails from the High Court later.

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Andhra CM must clarify on PRC, IR, DA immediately: TDP


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) MLC P. Ashok Babu on Thursday demanded that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy immediately clarify about the implementation of employees’ PRC, IR and DA, including cancelling contributory pension scheme (CPS).

“Why are the employees’ leaders forgetting the significance of July 1 as it was the day on which the first pay revision commission (PRC) was announced,” questioned Babu.

He said that people in general preferred July 1 as their date of birth when there was no proper official recording of birth dates.

“Reddy promised a very good PRC along with IR (of) 27 per cent but this has not been implemented till now,” he alleged.

The TDP leader deplored the delay in implementing the 11th PRC, claiming that it should have been in force from July 1, 2018.

Babu claimed that all the employees were ecstatic when the CM announced the ‘best’ PRC but their joy was shortlived as the PRC dated July 1, 2018 has not been implemented till now.

The MLC alleged that the ruling Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party’s (YSRCP) two-year rule completely ignored employees’ welfare.

“The Jagan Mohan Reddy regime should implement the PRC with retrospective effect from July 1, 2019 itself. This should be extended to all those employees who have retired in this period. The Chief Minister should also make an immediate statement on the payment of DA and cancellation of the CPS,” he demanded.

He said that up to over 2 lakh CPS employees across the state are keeping silent on the Chief Minister’s promise and stressed the need for the CM fulfilling his promise to regularize contract employees.

“It was by making such promises to all the employees that the YSRCP could get a massive majority in 2019. The CM was thankless as he started to take a U-turn on the promises made to the employees,” he alleged.

Asking the government to ensure that employees are able to use their health cards fully, he claimed that the current rulers were thinking that employees and their associations would not be able to do anything even if any injustice was done to them.

“YSRCP would have to pay a very heavy price if it continued to give a raw deal to the employees without recognising their services. There are 10 lakh employees and pensioners in AP,” he said.

Including employees’ and retired employees’ family members, Babu calculated that they would form a 50 lakh strong vote bank in the state, which could be enough to upset Reddy’s calculations.

“The employees vote bank would change the fate of the governments. Unfortunately, the AP CM was using the police to suppress the democratic protest rights of the employees and unemployed youth,” he claimed.

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