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Big Boss 2: Deepthi, Tanish and Samrat’s journey


This is last week in Bigg Boss house. Housemates are in relaxed mode and waiting for Finale. The last week in Bigg Boss 2 is very much similar to the last week in Bigg Boss 1. Last year an Astrologer came into the house and yesterday Tarot reader came into the house to predict the prospects of finalists.

Similar to last year, this year also Bigg Boss showed housemates the videos of their journey in the house. Today they covered Deepti , Samrat and Tanish videos. Housemates got very excited to see their journey in the house. While showing the videos, Bigg Boss explained them about their strong points and those points were almost matching with SWOT analysis done in Telugu360.

Bigg Boss appreciated Deepthi for her fighting spirit and perseverance (https://www.telugu360.com/swot-analysis-deepthi-nallamothu-biggboss2-telugu). Bigg Boss also appreciated the way she formed bonds with housemates. Deepti became emotional after seeing the journey video.

Later Bigg Boss called Samrat into activity room and showed his journey to him. Bigg Boss also appreciated Samrat for his friendly nature and the way he became very likeable person to all the housemates. Finally he called Tanish into the activity room and showed his video. Bigg Boss also appreciated the way Tanish stood for friendship in the house and the way he protected who trusted him.

Almost all the points Bigg Boss pointed to Deepti , Samrat and Tanish matched with SWOT analysis articles published in Telugu360.

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Big Boss 2: Amazon wild card entry into the house


Big Boss show gave promos sometime back that a common man will get an opportunity to enter into the house as wild card, if they download Amazon app. Today that wild card entry joined the house for a few minutes and distributed gifts to the housemates.

Before wild card entry, Bigg Boss game task to the housemates that they have to do character reversals. As per the task Deepti should behave like Kaushal, Kaushal should behave like Samrat, Samrat show behave like Deepthi, Geeta should behave like tarnish and Tanish should behave like Geetha Madhuri. Out of all the housemates, Tanish, who is a very good actor Since his childhood, imitated Geetha Madhuri perfectly.

Other than the character reversal task and Amazon wild card entry guy speaking about housemates, nothing much happened in the house today.

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Big Boss 2 : Samrat is the first contestant to reach finale


Samrat becomes first contestant to reach the grand finale after winning in the race to finale task today. Samrat and roll Rida competed in the task of saving eggs and Samrat was able to save the eggs as part of the task while Roll Rida lost in the task.

In the last two episodes Roll Rida and Samrat won the task of race to finale in level 1. Today’s episode was keenly watched by audience to see who will support whom in the task. That is especially because until yesterday Samrat and roll rida were in the same group , Kaushal and Deepti were in other group while Geetha Madhuri did not participate in the game actively.

Kaushal supported Roll Rida :

Tanish openly supported Samrat and tried to protect him save the eggs. Geetha Madhuri supported Samrat because roll Rida nominated her for eviction in previous episode. By seeing all this, Kaushal decided to support roll Rida. That is despite the fact that roll Rida burst into tears after Kaushal’s dog comments on the housemates. Kaushal clarified roll Rida once again that his ‘dogs’ comments were not intended at roll Rida or any other housemate specifically but the word is used as part of general example. Roll Rida accepted the support of Kaushal. To be frank, Kaushal is the only housemate who supported Roll Rida, even though Roll Rida tried his level best to malign the image of Kaushal in previous episode.

Tanish’s commendable support to Samrat:

Tanish strongly supported Samrat and after seeing these many episodes of Bigg Boss, Tanish character of being a dependable friend is coming out time and again. Once he trusts someone, he goes to any extent to save them. In physical tasks also, he was able to show his upper hand on Kaushal. Also, he is seen as a person who doesn’t have any jealousy. Almost, in this 100 days, he was never seen as someone feeling jealous when others won in any task. In fact, when Samrat won over him in yesterday’s episode, he tried to evoke some laughs, by teasing Geetha.

Samrat cried after becoming the first contestant to reach Finale:

Samrat became emotional after knowing he reached finale. Except Kaushal all other housemates supported him. Even roll Rida supported Samrat after he failed to save his eggs, as he told, at least one of them reaching finals makes him happy rather than none of them reaching finals.

With Samrat doing saved from evictions this week, 5 housemates will still be in danger zone. We will have to wait and see who will be evicted this week. Grand Finale will be on next weekend.

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Big Boss 2: Kaushal’s ‘dogs’ comments stirred the house


Today’s Bigg Boss episode was filled with heated arguments and altercations again. Kaushal’s tongue slip about the housemates referring them as dogs created enough turmoil in the house.

The issue:

Actually Kaushal asked Nani earlier that his daughter’s birthday is due and if possible, send her into the house for couple of hours on that day. For this , Nani told he will do something about that but can’t assure. Later Kaushal went to Geetha Madhuri and discussed about the same topic. Geetha told, they may not send the girl into the house as it may boost up the emotions of the housemate at this crucial juncture, but they may send a letter or some gift or something like that. She also added that, even for other housemates’ occasions also, Bigg Boss sent only gifts or something like that but not the persons.

Kaushal’s tongue slip and Roll Rida’s tears

The debate intensified and at some point, Kaushal lost control and told that, “whenever I say anything , all of you (housemates) fall on me like dogs”. After hearing that “dog” comments, the housemates got burst and raised voice in the topmost pitch on Kaushal. Roll Rida burst into tears while arguing and reminded Kaushal’s sarcastic comments with him saying, “wash my GlASS”. Kaushal defended himself saying he did not call them dogs but he just took the word ‘dogs’ as an example.

Samrat won the task:

After that argument, race to finale task part-2 started. In part 1, Roll Rida won the task yesterday and in today’s episode whoever wins the task, will have to compete with Roll Rida to secure entry into finals. Compared to yesterday, today’s episode was not as intense. Kaushal could not empty the containers of Tanish or Samrat. Roll Rida focused only on Deepthi as Samrat and Tanish helped him in previous episode. Geetha did not participate fully in the task at all. Kaushal focused fully on emptying Tanish’s container but Tanish defended his container. It was surprising to see Kaushal, who spends most of his time in gym every day and looks macho, could not empty the container of Tanish. In fact, today all three contestants- Samrat, Tanish and Deepthi saved their containers from falling down whereas yesterday, containers of all three- Roll Rida, Kaushal and Geetha fell down. Samrat proved his muscle strength in yesterday and today’s episode – by emptying Kaushal’s container yesterday and by completely saving his container today. Finally, Bigg boss asked Geetha to check whose container has more sand, for which she replied it is Samrat’s container.

Tomorrow Roll Rida and Samrat will have to compete to secure a seat in Finale. We will have to wait and see among housemates who will support whom tomorrow.

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Big Boss 2 intense action episode: Roll Rida won the task


Bigg Boss season 2 is coming to the end and whoever survives eviction this weekend, will be in the final episode. As of now, all the 6 housemates are in the danger zone.

The Game:

Today Bigg Boss gave a task to all the housemates and whoever wins the task will have opportunity to go to the finals. The task will be conducted in two parts. Today Kaushal , Roll Rida and Geetha Madhuri are given three containers and each of them have to fill their container with sand. Other 3 contestants Tanish, Samrat and Deepti can disturb them and take the sand out of the containers. Whoever saves more sand in their container by the end of the task, will be the winner. Tomorrow the task will be repeated by reversing the roles and will have another winner. These 2 winners later compete and final winner out of the 2 will be saved from eviction this week and so will reach finale.

Samrat emptied Kaushal’s container:

But the task turned violent as Kaushal and Tanish not only shouted at each other but it even went to the extent of fighting physically. As one among the three – Geeta Madhuri, Roll Rida and Kaushal will go to finals, the game turned interesting. After Samrat emptied Kaushal’s container, Kaushal went and tried to empty Geetha Madhuri container so that she also will not go to Finale and he was successful in that. Later he went and tried to do the same with Roll Rida but Samrat and Tanish came to the rescue of Roll Rida. Actually Kaushal should have tried again to fill his container but he tried to empty the containers of other 2 contestants of the group

Tanish vs Kaushal action episode:

As Kaushal reversed his role, Tanish and Samrat also reversed their roles. They tried to protect Roll Rida so that he goes to Finale at the cost of Kaushal and Deepthi. In this process, Tanish and Kaushal crossed the limits. Bigg Boss clearly warned both of them as he told, there should be no physical attacks during the game. But both of them continue to fight. At one point, Tanish hurt Kaushal and later Kaushal hurt Tanish. After this, Bigg Boss stopped the task intermittently. Even after the task was cancelled, Kaushal and Tanish continue to argue. Bigg Boss gave them a stern warning that if they continue this, Bigg Boss will send both of them out of the house.

Roll Rida, wins the task:

Finally Big Boss announced that it is Roll Rida’s container that has more sand and so he is the winner of the task today. Roll Rida will later compete with winner in next episode and whoever wins out of these 2, will be saved from eviction this week and will reach Finale of season-2.

As per promo, it seems tomorrow’s episode please even more intense.

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Big Boss 2: Amit Tiwari evicted


As most of the audience expected, Amit Tiwari got evicted from the house today. Kaushal ,Deepti ,Geetha Madhuri , Roll Rida and Amit were in danger zone this week.

Amit totally spent 99 days in the house and left the house without seeing 100th day in the house. Even though Amit did not win the title, his image totally got transformed among the audience. Before Bigg Boss, he was always seen as bad boy but after the first episode itself people got surprised to see him as a nice gentleman and as person with child like nature. In fact, in the beginning episodes itself, Nani humorously told him that , he may not get villain roles and negative roles anymore as earlier.

Nani asked Amit, after coming out of the house, whom he thinks will be the final 3 in the house. For that question Amit replied, “I don’t have any confusion regarding this, it will be Samrat, roll Rida and Geeta”. It is surprising to see a pattern emerging regarding the top 3. Geetha Madhuri and roll Rida names have been mentioned in top 3 by both Shyamala and Amit. Also, both Shyamala and Amit did not mention Kaushal’s name in the top 3.

Currently there are totally six members left in the house – Tanish, Samrat, roll Rida, Kaushal, Deepti and Geetha Madhuri. Just two more weeks left for the grand finale.

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Nani confirmed to host Big Boss 2


The first season of Telugu reality show ‘Big Boss’ , which featured NTR as host, emerged as a huge hit on small screen. Due to his busy commitments, NTR opted out of the second season and the organisers had a tough time to find a replacement for him. There were rumours that Allu Arjun might be roped in for the second season. But, it is Nani who has been finalized as the host.

The latest reports suggested Nani has agreed to the proposal made by MAA TV and an official confirmation is likely to be out very soon. Issues like the remuneration to be paid and the number of dates Nani is required to allot are currently being sorted out.

Sources say that Nani’s spontaneity and his natural instinct makes him a perfect fit to host a reality show like Big Boss and this is reason why the organisers have approached him. Also, his fame and popularity among all sections of audience turned out to be a clincher for this plump role.

On film front, Nani is busy with multiple projects which are in different stages of production.

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