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Bigg Boss episode 35: Friends, enemies and Brutus


It’s weekend episode of Bigg boss and people have been waiting to see Nagarjuna’s hosting this week. To be frank, people are waiting to see whom will Nagarjuna reprimand this week.

Nagarjuna reprimanding housemates for wrong doings:

It is known news that Ali displayed arrogance during his argument with Mahesh. Nagarjuna appreciated his talents but reprimanded his arrogance. He also found fault at Baba for his passiveness during the fights between housemates.

Friends-Enemies and Brutus task

As per this task, each housemate has to name one housemate as the friend, one as enemy and one as Brutus. Brutus is name of Roman politician who is part of conspiracy in killing Caesar and is known as betrayer. After Bahubali, most of the Indians (especially Telugu people) using the word Kattappa as synonym for betrayer or backstabber. Brutus is similar to Kattappa in this task.

Punarnavi: Rahul is friend, Varun Tej is enemy and Vitika is Brutus i.e. betrayer. It is known news that Bigg boss showed Punarnavi that Vitka bad mouthed about Punarnavi in her absence.

Himaja: Friend is Sreemukhi, enemy is Vitika and Brutus as Ashu Reddy. She reminded Ashu’s argument with her in the past.

Mahesh: He named Baba as friend, Ali as enemy and Sreemukhi as Brutus. But his reason about Sreemukhi didn’t look justified.

Vitika: She name Himaja as friend, Himaja as enemy and Ravi as Brutus. He explanation on Ravi was not convincing and even Nagarjuna reminded that Ravi wiped her tears when she was in tears.

Rahul: He also named exactly same as Vitika.

Ashu: She named Himaja as brutus while Jyothy was friend and Baba as enemy..

Sreemukhi: She named Baba as friend and Rahul as enemy as expected but gave a twist by swapping them. She named Vitika as Brutus, as per the video shown by Bigg boss to Sreemukhi.

Varun: He named Mahesh as friend, Vitika as enemy and Punarnavi as Brutus. He explained that he didn’t like Punarnavi spoiling 30 days friendship based on 30 seconds video she has seen.

Shivajyothy: She named Baba bhaskar as Brutus, Ashu as friend and Mahesh as enemy.

Baba Bhaskar: He named Sreemukhi as friend, Ali and Mahesh as Brutus but none as enemy.

Ravi: He named Jyothy as friend, Ali as enemy and Vitika as Brutus.

Ali : He named Jyothy as friend, Ravi as enemy and Himaja as Brutus.


Mahesh and Shivajyothy got saved today. Ashu, Baba Bhaskar, Punarnavi, Rahul and Himaja are still in danger zone. We need to wait and see who will be evicted tomorrow.

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Bigboss tidbits: Rahul & Punarnavi’s “track” becomes talk of the town


Bigg boss Telugu season 3 is going in full swing and offering all kinds of emotions and entertainment to the audience. One of the threads, that interested and entertained the audience during this season is the track between Rahul and Punarnavi.

Rahul sipligunj is one of the noted singers in tollywood who entered Bigg boss season 3 Telugu. Actress punarnavi is known to the audience through her cute performance in the film Uyyala Jampala. Within couple of days after entering into the house, Rahul started trying to impress Punarnavi. In fact at this moment, other housemates as well as the audience think that- vithika, Varun, Punarnavi and Rahul are in one group. Audience could clearly see Rahul’s efforts to impress Punarnavi.

Housemates reactions:

One day he jokingly asked her whether she will accept his love if he proposes after coming out of the show by giving her a ring. She didn’t reply and immediately Rahul told that he was just kidding. Another day, he wore the dress that exactly matches with her dress i.e. yellow top and white pant. But all these tactics could not go unnoticed by other housemates. Even though he told that it was pure coincidence and he doesn’t know that she is going to wear that colour, housemates like Rohini made fun of Rahul efforts.

Nagarjuna and Vennela Kishore satires:

Not only housemates but even Nagarjuna poked Rahul on this topic. When Mahesh Vitta was dancing with punarnavi, Nagarjuna said jokingly, ” From somewhere, the smell of burning something is coming”. Later when Punarnavi was dancing with Ravi, Ali Reza went and brought a fire extinguisher and told that this will help if something is burning somewhere, indirectly referring that Rahul might be jealous of Navi dancing with others. But the best punch on this topic came from vennela Kishore who joined the show last weekend. He told Rahul that he is best “Pulihora recipe”. Even though Kishore didn’t tell anything else, his intention conveyed to the housemates as well as the audience so clearly that all of them split into laughs immediately.

Will have to wait and see whether this track will proceed further or stopped intermittently in the house, given the fact that Rahul is in the nominations this week. Last week Tamanna got evicted from the house but as per the reports Rahul also got very less votes but got just a little more votes than Tamanna. It was mainly because of his “Faltoo” talk on some of the housemates. Moreover, some section of audience say that, both Punarnavi and Rahul are doing this just for the sake of time pass in the house and to give some sort of entertainment to the audience so that they will stay longer in the house.

We will have to wait and see how will this”track” proceed.

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Bigg Boss day 21: It was a Vennela Kishore episode

It was Sunday and for Bigg boss contestants it was elimination day. Audience as well as housemates will be anxious to know who is going to be evicted from the house this week. However, Vennela Kishore made this episode hilarious with his funny comments on the housemates. Even though there was fun games before Vennele Kishore entry and emotional situations after his exit, this episode will be more remembered for the one liners of Vennela Kishore
Vennela Kishore one-liners on housemates:
Vennela Kishore appreciated the interviews Tamanna convened with some of the housemates in the house. He told she can start a program with title “Thalimpu with Tamanna” on the lines of Coffee with Karan
It is known news that Rahul has been trying to impress Punarnavi and trying to flirt with her. Without telling all this, he told Rahul that – he is a good “Pulihora Recipe” and that phrase conveyed everything and entire house split into laughs.
Ali Reza:
Kishore told that Ali’s Telugu is very special and it is like “naaki bangaram naki ivvu”. The way he gently poked Ali evoked laughter in the house.
Mahesh Vitta:
Vennela Kishore appreciated Mahesh for sincerely sleeping when other contestants were discussing an emotional and serious issue. He told Mahesh is lucky to have such a beautiful art of sleeping.
He called her “Pathala Ganga” for crying a lot in the house.
Varun and Vitika :
He called both of them a nice couple but advised Varun not push back Vitika  whenever she comes to hug him in the house and asked him not to worry about the cameras. He apologized Vitika for not attending the marriage but quickly reminded that Varun also did not invite him for the marriage.
Baba Bhaskar:
He advised Baba Bhaskar to open a therapy center after coming out of Bigg boss house, It was an indirect compliment for  Baba who has been radiating positivity in the house.
Vennela Kishore appreciated him for showing composure when Tamanna provoked. But he quickly passed a sarcastic comment that Ravi needs just a ‘sorry’ and you can lambaste him anything and finally say sorry and he will immediately cool down.
Tamanna’s elimination:
As everyone already predicted Tamanna evicted from the house today. She became emotional while leaving the house and she got opportunity to talk one minute about each contestant. She praised Baba bhaskar and said he was like her father and had she born to him as daughter her life would have been much better. He praised Sreemukhi as lady tiger. She fumed at most of other housemates.
Overall it was a very enjoyable episode.

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Bigg Boss day 19: Day of Punishments


Bigg Boss day 19 continued with the secret task of yesterday. Ali Reza and Punarnavi successfully completed their secret task and went to secret room without the knowledge of other housemates. However, to send them back to the house Bigg boss required the housemates to do some sacrifices like milk, curd and eggs. The decision of sacrifice made by the housemates by majority as some of the housemates like Himaja and Tamanna did not agree. After Ali Reza and Punanavi came back to house, the housemates elated and hugged them. However, as described by Sreemukhi, Punarnavi showed attitude and didn’t receivSreemukhi well when she came to her.


Later Bigg boss gave some trivial and funny punishments to the housemates.He reminded that Varun Sandesh failed as captain to ensure the rules are followed by all the housemates. So Bigg boss gave him a punishment that he will be servant to the other housemates and he should do tasks like – opening the door whenever a housemate enters or exit from through the door, he should serve food for all, and he should wash the plates etc. Also, Vitika, Himaja, Ashu, Rohini and Tamanna got punishment for not following the rules and as per this punishment, they have to dip in swimming pool, whenever Bigg boss makes any announcement. Ali, Rahul, Sreemukhi. Baba Bhaskar and Mahesh also got a punishment and as per the punishment, they have to ensure water leak from the tank is fixed.

Overall, it was an OK episode.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Will ’11th entry’ make Ali Reza also title winner?


Strange are the sentiments that are followed in the fields like movies and politics. Even TV industry is not an exception for this. Now among the audience watching Bigg boss show, there is an interesting discussion about one such sentiment.

Bigg boss season 1 hosted by NTR was good hit. Shiva Balaji won the title in the show. During the first episode after Bigg boss 1 Telugu, Shiva Balaji entered into the house as 11th contestant. Bigg boss season 2 hosted by Nani also was a big hit and it surpassed previous season in terms of the number of audience viewed the show. Kaushal emerged as winner in the show and he earned huge fan following also. During the first episode of Bigg boss show he was also 11th contestant to enter the house. Now Bigg boss season 3 it was Ali Reza, who entered the house as 11th contestant. So, some people started predicting that Ali Reza may win the title this time as per the sentiment.

Not only based on sentiment but as per performance also, Ali Reza is slowly emerging as favourite contestant for some people. Especially the way he handled Tamanna despite being provoked by her several times earned him applause not only from the audience but also the host Nagarjuna.

We will have to wait and see if the sentiment repeats and Ali Reza becomes the title winner. But it is too early to predict that.

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Bigg boss day 12: Day of emotions


Varun Sandesh became the first captain of Bigg boss 3 Telugu and Bigg boss gave the house luxury budget. Later Ali Reza apologized to Tamanna who lambasted him yesterday for giving the task of males dressing up like females and vice versa. After this, Bigg boss asked the housemates to reveal to the housemates about an incident that they wish didn’t have happened in their life. Most of today’s episode filled with housemates explaining the emotional incidents happened in their lives.

Varun Sandesh explained about his relationship with his father and shared the incidents that shouldn’t have happened in their relationship. He explained that he understood the value of his father only after his father left to the US leaving him in India. Baba Bhaskar also explained about his relationship with his father. He told that he realized the value of his parents after he became a father. Punarnavi shared about her relationship with a boy who died in Colombo blasts recently. Ali Reza shared about the accident his wife met because of him. Rohini also explained about the accident she met. Shivajyothi told about her marriage and the associated emotions. It is to be noted that she already explained about her love marriage in previous episodes. Jaffer told about his sister and family. Mahesh told about his friend who helped him a lot in his lean phase but died of heart attack.

Overall, this episode is filled with emotions and some of the stories shared made housemates as well as audience cry.

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Big Boss 3 TVR : Nagarjuna beats NTR and Nani


Highly popular Telugu reality show Big Boss is now into its third season. After NTR and Nani, it is Akkineni Nagarjuna’s turn to steer the show with his impeccable anchoring. As the first two seasons emerged as super hits on small screen with solid ratings, the third season is expected to draw more attention from the audience. And rightly the third season is off to a terrific start.

As per the latest reports, the first episode of the third season garnered an unprecedented viewership in the history of the show. While the NTR set a benchmark with 15.41 points, Nani couldn’t surpass him as he fell short with 14.70 points in his first episode. But, Nagarjuna has surpassed both of them and set a record with 17.24 points which is the highest till date. Nagarjuna is a popular host in audience as he previously bagged brownie points for his hosting skills in Meelo Yevaru Koteswarudu.

While NTR proved he is peerless with his inimitable timing and energy levels, Nani thoroughly impressed with his subtle approach. Till now, Nagarjuna impressed with his easy-going and relaxed hosting skills. He hasn’t shown any signs of nervousness and pulled off the episodes quite effortlessly. It remains to be seen if Nagarjuna can continue the same tempo in the coming weeks or not.

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Video: Mahesh Vitta Superb Performance in Bigg Boss 3

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Bigg boss day 5: Skits that are just average


The episode started with the continuation of Mahesh versus Vitika fight. Yesterday Vitika alleged that Mahesh talked rudely with her and then her husband Varun Sandesh lambasted Mahesh for not knowing how to behave with women. Mahesh explained that his slang and his face expressions might have made him look rude but he doesn’t intend to be rude towards her. Varun Sandesh did not get convinced. However, after repeated apologies from Mahesh, Varun cooled down.

Later, Jaffer, who did not open much in the last 4 days, funnily explained Baba Bhaskar, how the housemates of Bigg boss can make an issue out of any frivolous thing. Then, there was a task given by Bigg boss to housemates, who were divided into two groups – Srimukhi school and Baba Bhaskar school. Both the teams performed skits that are just ok. While Srimukhi team attempted skit that has slight comedy, Baba Bhaskar team attempted skit with a message about farmers. Overall it was a passable episode.

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Video: Public Opinion on Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

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Controversies on Bigg boss 3, one week ahead of airing the show

Controversies and Bigg boss go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter, which language it is, the show always comes up with bunch of controversies. Bigg boss 3 Telugu is all set to start airing from next week but now anchor Shwetha Reddy and Jogini Shyamala made sensational comments on the show. Details as below:

Anchor Shwetha Reddy’s casting couch allegations on Bigg boss organizers:

Anchor Shwetha Reddy has always been news maker in AP. During Maddelacheruvu Suri episode, her name popped up and she had to resign to the news reader job in which she was working at that time. Couple of months back she was again in news as KA Paul announced her as Hindupur MLA candidate from Praja shanti party. However, later KA Paul denied ticket and she made very wild allegations on KA Paul. She spoke in a TV a channel in an extremely harsh language against KA Paul. Now she came up with strong allegations on Bigg boss makers.

Anchor Shwetha Reddy made casting couch allegations on Bigg boss organizers. She has been making this allegations for last couple of days. She told that she was approached by Bigg boss makers from Mumbai, and MAA TV coordinators from Hyderabad. She told that, she had even signed the agreement but after that, there is no further update from MAA TV coordinators. She explained the subsequent happenings. Then she followed with them for several times to confirm on whether she is in the show or not. After so many follow-ups, MAA TV coordinators agreed to meet her in a restaurant. Program in-charge Shyam and Raghu, who came for meeting were beating around the bush without giving update on her participation in the show. They directly started asking her about ‘What can she do to impress their boss’, What extra can she do for them and all such questions.

Actress Madhavi Latha and Jogini Shyamala responded on allegations on Bigg boss:

Shwetha reddy revealed these things in an interview to a TV channel. Another actress Madhavi latha who joined her through telephone call revealed that she never faced such experience from Bigg boss makers. But Jogini Shyamala told that she was approached by Bigg boss makers two times but she didn’t agree. Madhavilatha and Shyamala both opined it is personal choice whether to participate in the show or not.


Just before starting Bigg boss-2, actress Sri reddy made similar wild allegations on Nani. Before Bigg boss-1 some people opposed the show saying it is not part of our culture and junior NTR should not accept the show. We will have to wait and see how these controversies impact Bigg boss 3.

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Allegations on #BigBoss: The other side of the coin


It is quick to make an accusation on anything in this digital era as one self-recorded video uploaded on Facebook will do the trick. As more and more media houses are dependant on these social media videos to churn out their prime time stories, the likes of Sri Reddys and KA Pauls become headlines all the times.

Recently a lady anchor is seen accusing that the organisers of #BigBoss3 Telugu have asked her, ‘What are you going to do for our Boss if you are taken in?’. In the world of #MeToo cases skyrocketing and men feeling all the heat, would anyone dare to ask a contestant that way? Assume she is saying the truth, but there is other side of the coin we hear.

The Big Boss team is looking for those celebs who could bring some sensation to the reality show such that TRPs will touch all time high. In Hindi version, we have seen how some celebs have fallen in love with a contestant though they are married in real life, such that they make the show spicy. Some girls slipped into bikinis, some did lip kissing with the fellow mates to boost viewership of the show. Few made filthy accusations on people inside and outside of the house, to grab sudden attention.

“Maybe the team that approached this Telugu anchor might have asked her, what she’s going to do inside the house to create such sensation. If she does one such thing, then the team that got her aboard will get many perks. In that sense, they might have posed her ‘what will you do for our boss?’, which literally doesn’t mean she’s asked for a casting couch”, a source in the know commented.

We have to see where this accusation thing ends now, as Star MAA is taking Big Boss a prestigious thing and they don’t want their image get hampered this way.

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Nagarjuna to host Bigg Boss 3


Star MAA is left puzzled in finalizing the host for the third season of Bigg Boss. With NTR occupied with the shoot of RRR and Nani saying no for the fresh season, the makers approached Venkatesh, Rana and Vijay Devarakonda but the host was not finalized. Finally, it is King Nagarjuna who will host Bigg Boss 3. Nag already made his debut on small screen with Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu and he shares a special bonding with Star MAA.

Nag is currently busy in Portugal shooting for Manmadhudu 2 and will sign the agreements once he returns back to Hyderabad. Star MAA will announce the news officially once they are done with the agreements. Tarak charged Rs 9 crores as remuneration for the first season and Nani took Rs 6 crores home for the second season. We have to wait to see how much Nag charges for Bigg Boss 3.

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