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Bigg boss episode 80: Nagarjuna in the house


Nagarjuna, the host of the Bigg boss show, entered into the house today, giving a pleasant surprise to the housemates as well as the audience. Nagarjuna, in the get up of ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ movie, looked awesome. His entry excited the housemates. After the day-1, this is the first time Nagarjuna entering into the house.

Prior to that house was divided into two groups and contested ‘BB Food Mela’, a cooking competition between the two groups. Rahul, Sreemukhi, Vithika and Shiva Jyothy were in one group and the rest of the housemates in the other group. Bigg boss gave them tasks like – to cook Chinese dishes, Andhra dishes etc and the housemates displayed their skills of cooking. Meanwhile, Nagarjuna’s entry, on the day of festival, excited the housemates. He brought some gifts as well as sweets to the housemates and told that all the housemates have become his friends because of this show, He added, his family members also discuss about the show and ask about the performances of the housemates.

Nagarjuna’s interaction with housemates continues in the next episode.

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Bigg Boss tidbits: Will Mahesh gets lucky again or evicts this time?


Bigg boss game show is the most popular reality show in the country. The show not only a test of the caliber of the contestants but also the test of their strategic playing. However, sometimes it is not the caliber or strategies but luck plays important role. Mahesh, the comedian of Tollywood, has successfully completed 11 weeks in the house and he is in nominations this week again. There is a discussion about whether Mahesh gets lucky again or will he get evicted this week.

Mahesh nominated 8 out of 12 times:

This is 12th nominations in the house and Mahesh is nominated 8 out of these 12 nominations, probably the highest for any contestant in Bigg boss Telugu season 3. In fact, the audience expected his eviction long back but he got lucky many times because of various reasons. He came into nominations in 2nd week itself but he got a breather as Jaffar exited that week. Jaffar’s passiveness in the house, made him obvious choice for eviction that week. In the 5th week, Ashu evicted for the same reason i.e. passiveness. Mahesh was there in nominations that week and by that time he already got the tag of gossipmonger whose words lead to altercations between others. The next week when Ramya hosted the show, there was no eviction. But it was Punarnavi who got saved because of that waiver as she got the least votes.

Slowly his vote base improved:

Until now, he was saved because of others’ mistakes but slowly his own vote base got improved. The twist came as Ali Reza was evicted when most of the audience was expecting Mahesh’s eviction that week. Ali’s arrogance and his body language against Mahesh not liked by many and they chose Ali over Mahesh. Otherwise, it was the toughest week for Mahesh. The next week he was saved as Shilpa Chakravarty got lesser votes than him, because of her passiveness. By this time, Mahesh got steady voting as he came to nominations every other week. Between Himaja and Mahesh, the audience preferred Mahesh and Himaja got evicted. In the recent eviction also, he got more votes than Punarnavi, thanks to her arrogance and attitude.

Tough situation for Mahesh as Vithika used immunity:

This week Varun, Rahul, and Mahesh are in nominations. Both Rahul and Varun are strong contestants. Had Vithika also been in nominations, Mahesh would have got saved as there is a lot of negativity on her after medallion task. But she used immunity. Only hope for Mahesh is that, fans of all other contestants who hate ‘VVPR’ group (Varun-Vithika-Punarnavi-Rahul) are voting for Mahesh now even though they are not big fans of Mahesh.

Reports suggest, all the three are getting more than 30% voting as of now. We will have to wait and see whether Mahesh gets lucky or exit this week.

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Bigg boss episode 79: Varun, Rahul, and Mahesh nominated this week


Monday is nominations day in Bigg boss house. This week also Bigg boss gave a physical task for nominations. The task is called safe parking.

Safe Parking task:

As per this ‘Safe parking’ task, shopping trollies are given to each of the housemates and whenever buzzer is given, they have to place the trollies in parking. However, there will be one less parking slot than the number of contestants and whichever contestant fails to find his parking spot, will be nominated. The task is similar to a musical chairs game in which the number of chairs will be one less than the participants in each and every round.

Before others could even think about how to play the game, Srimukhi stood in a strategical place to play the game. Varun who stood at exactly another extreme and was the first one to get nominated today. In the next round, Vithika stood at that place and she was the next one to get nominated. It is then the participants understood the strategical positions to win the game. Shiva Jyothy exchanged her position with Baba Bhaskar and also played right and successfully avoided nomination. Rahul also understood it and asked Sreemukhi to give her place but, obviously, she refused.

During the game, Shiva Jyothy got physically hurt at some point. In the third round, there was some confusion between Mahesh and Rahul about who entered the parking spot first and who did it correctly. Mahesh was the first one to enter but his trolly was not fully placed in the spot. So, Rahul got saved and Mahesh got nominated. In the last round, Rahul got nominated.

Vithika uses medallion immunity:

It is known news that Vithika won the ‘Battle of medallion’ task last week and she got immunity power that she can use once anytime in the next 4 weeks. As she got nominated today, Bigg boss asked her whether she wants to use it now. She told, ‘yes’ and so she came out of nominations. Given the negativity on her after she pushed Baba Bhaskar during medallion task, she has high chances of getting evicted this week, had she been in nominations. So, it is definitely a wise decision from her side to use that immunity now. Moreover, her husband Varun, her groupmate Rahul also in nominations and definitely votes will be split among themselves had she been in nominations.

We will have to wait and see who will be evicted out of Varun, Rahul, and Mahesh this week.

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Bigg boss: Punarnavi’s elimination and task of ‘Navarasas’


Bigg boss weekend episodes are fun to watch. Today, on the occasion of ‘Nava Ratri’, 9 housemates of the house performed ‘Navarasa’ task.

‘Nava rasas’ task:

Nagarjuna asked each of the housemates to perform one rasa today. Varun performed ‘Shanta rasa’ (peace) which was a bit boring. Punarnavi performed ‘Sringara rasa’ and was appreciated by housemates as well as Nagarjuna. Shiva Jyothy performed ‘Shoka Rasa’. Actually there is no such rasa in 9 ‘rasas’ and it should have been ‘Karuna’ rasa (compassion). Rahul performed ‘Bhayanaka’ rasa but it seems he did not understand the meaning of that ‘rasa’ correctly. Baba performed ‘Bheebatsa’ rasa and he got cent percentage marks for the performance. Sreemukhi performed ‘Raudra’ rasam terrifically and she also got a cent percentage of marks. Baba, being a choreographer, getting cent percentage is ok, but Sreemukhi getting cent percent shows her dedication in the tasks. Vithika performed ‘Adbhuta’ rasa along with Varun. Ali performed ‘Veera’ rasam. Mahesh performed ‘Hasya rasa’ along with Baba and he also got a cent percent marks and their performance brought the house down. So overall, Baba, Sreemukhi, and Mahesh got 100% score in this task.

Punarnavi eliminated and Rahul cried a lot:

As already reported, Punarnavi got eliminated today. It is known news that She got lot of negative feedback because of her arrogance as well as foul language in the house. Moreover, Bigg boss saving her couple of times from eviction also irritated the audience. She was given the silliest secret task of the season and was given immunity when the negativity on her was at its peak. Later, during the week of Ramya Krishna, reportedly, she was supposed to be evicted but none was evicted that week. In recent weeks, negativity on her was so much that the audience have been waiting for her nomination.

Click here:

After coming out of the house, she told, Rahul is just a good friend of hers. She gave positive feedback on Varun, Vithika, Ali, Shiva Jyothy, Sreemukhi and negative feedback on Mahesh, Baba, Rahul sang a song for her to express his feelings on her eviction, But he couldn’t complete the song as burst emotionally. It is to be remembered that she also cried a lot when Rahul was evicted from the house during a fake elimination. Even though Punarnavi and others tried to relieve his emotions, he could not control his emotions. Punarnavi threw the big bomb on Baba Bhaskar and Ali. Baba has to act like a slave to Ali.

Out of Varun-Vithika-Rahul-Punarnavi gang, she is the first one to get evicted and we have to wait and see how the game changes in upcoming weeks.

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Bigg Boss : Shiva Jyothy Sentiment?


Bigg boss is a reality game show but there are some sentiments in this show during any season. One such sentiment was in both the seasons of ‘Bigg Boss’ show Telugu 11th contestant entering the house – Shiva Balaji and Kaushal won the title. One more sentiment that became viral on social media this season is that with whomever, Shiva Jyothy becomes close, they will get evicted from the house.

Shiva Jyothy has been very emotional and the audience got connected with her emotions in the first week itself. She was the first housemate to shed tears in the house and making other housemates cry in the house. However, her too much of crying became monotonous. Moreover, Shiva Jyothi crying for silly reasons became unbearable for the audience after some time. She also is looking very meek and always needs someone to support her emotionally. But the twist is that, with whomever, she becomes close they are leaving the house in recent weeks.

After the initial 3 weeks, she became close to Rohini and she got evicted that week. In fact, it is the chitchat with Shivajyothy cost Rohini eviction from the house.

Ashu, Ali, and Himaja:
After the exit of Rohini, her best friend, Shivajyothy became close to Ashu and the same week she got evicted from the house. Then, she became close to Ali Reza and he also got evicted the same week. Next week Shilpa evicted but she was not a close friend of Shiva Jyothy, and probably she is one exception to this sentiment. Later Shivajyothy became close with Himaja and incidentally, Himaja was evicted next week.

Of late, she has been moving very close with Ravi emotionally. Even when the entire house is sitting in the living room, chitchatting among themselves, Shiva Jyothi and Ravi used to sit separately and chitchat. Even though there were many reasons for Ravi’s eviction, it also aligned with this ‘Shiva Jyothy’s sentiment’.

Next is Mahesh?
As of now, it looks like Mahesh is becoming close to her. If the same sentiment continues, he may be evicted next week. However, it is too early to predict that, as the nomination process is yet to start tomorrow. We need to wait and see whether Mahesh will come to nominations or not this week. Anyway, this sentiment of Shivajyothy has become viral on social media.

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Bigg Boss Funday episode: Ravi evicted from the house


Bigg boss Sunday episodes are fun as well as emotional. At the outset of the episode, Nagarjuna announced that there could be a double elimination this week and that shocked Baba, Ravi, and Sreemukhi, who are in nominations this week.

Fun task of the week – Enact a scene:

As every week, this week also Nagarjuna gave a fun task to contestants. As per this task, housemates have to enact a scene. Ali and Vitika acted like an innocent husband and suspicious wife. They performed a scene that was similar to the sequence between Hema and Brahmanandam in ‘Doosukeltha’ movie. Ravi and Varun did a sequence in which Ravi was a TV interviewer and Varun is the contestant eliminated from Bigg boss show. This was a so-so skit. Mahesh and Shiva Jyothy’s sequence on similar lines but Mahesh’s satirical comments on housemates were hilarious, mainly because of his good comedy sense.

Sreemukhi’s sequence with Baba and Ravi was a satire on dance shows and it had shades of the famous sequence of Brahmanandam in ‘King’ movie. It was very hilarious as all of them performed very good. Later Rahul sang a song on Bigg boss house and the contestants of this season. The song was enjoyed by all the housemates as well as the audience. Punarnavi also sang another song and it was ok.

Kiss and Kill game :

Each of the housemates has to kill one contestant (on the photo of the contestant) and kiss one contestant (on the photo of the contestant) . Rahul kissed Varun and killed Baba. Mahesh killed Ali and killed Sreemukhi, citing some weird reason that made housemates, as well as Nagarjuna, puzzled. Shivajyothy kissed Varun and Ali’s photos and killed Punarnavi’s photo. Ali kissed Jyothy and killed Baba. Sreemukhi kissed Vitika for supporting her in captaincy task and killed Ali for getting an unfair advantage because of re-entry. Ravi killed Punarnavi and kissed Shivajyothy’s photos. Baba killed Ali and kissed Sreemukhi photos. Varun kissed Rahul and killed Punarnavi’s photo. Vithika killed Rahul and kissed Sreemukhi. Punarnavi kissed Mahesh’s photo and killed Ravi.

Ravi’s eviction:

Click here:

Out of Sreemukhi, Baba, and Ravi, Ravi got evicted from the house as expected. Ravi told, he is happy to be himself in these 10 weeks and leaving the house without any major controversy with others. After exiting the show, he gave negative feedback on Punarnavi, Vithika, Mahesh, and Rahul. He gave positive feedback on others.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Ravi to exit this week from the house?


Bigg boss game is going strong in this season and this week – Baba Bhaskar, Ravi Krishna, Sreemukhi and Varun are in the danger zone as they are nominated for eviction from the house. If reports are to be believed, TV actor Ravi Krishna will be evicted from the house today.

TV actor Ravi Krishna, who became popular with serials like ‘Varudhini Parinayam’ was second contestant into the house. He was very passive in the initial weeks. He didn’t land in any controversies so far in the house and maintains cordial relations with almost everyone in the house. At the same time, he didn’t make any strong impression on the audience as well.

Nominating Sreemukhi instead of Shivajyothy was a blunder by Ravi?

Bigg boss is a strategic game. If one plays strategically during the nomination process, one can sustain in the game despite some weaknesses. For example contestants like Mahesh and Shiva Jyothy are weak and yet sustained in the game. One strategy that some smart contestants follow in Bigg boss show in different languages is this – whenever they are in nominations, they ensure someone who is weaker than them also there in the nominations. If they have immunity for a weak, they will ensure all strong contestants in the nominations. If they are not sure whether they will come to nominations or not they will see that weak candidates are in nominations.

During nomination process, Ravi saved ShivaJyothy over Sreemukhi. So Shivajyothy got saved with one vote. Had she saved Sreemukhi and nominated Shivajyothy, most probably he could have saved as Shiva jyothy got lots of negativity in recent weeks for slipping back into her old habit of too much of crying. But as she got saved this week, Ravi had to complete with Varun, Sreemukhi and Baba. Obviously Varun and Sreemukhi are strong contestants with individual fan following while the voting patter oscillated between Ravi and Baba Bhaskar. But as per reports, Baba scored over Ravi and got saved.

Baba also saved Shiva jyothy over Sreemukhi:

In fact Baba also saved Shiva Jyothy over Sreemukhi and Vitika over Ravi and it looked like he regretted these decisions. He was also nervous this week on eviction, probably for the first time, because of all strong candidates in nominations. We will have to wait and see how true are these reports.

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Bigg boss episode 69: Sreemukhi becomes captain for the first time


Sreemukhi becomes captain of Bigg boss house for this week for the first time. She won in captaincy task contended by Baba Bhaskar, Shiva Jyothy and Ravi.

As per the captaincy task, Bigg boss gave the contenders bowls of color liquid. Each of them has to save the liquid in their bowl. They cant keep the bowl down or give the bowl to others or even hold it with single hand. If they do so, they will be out of the task. In the end, whoever has the bowl with more liquid, will be the winner. Housemates can save their favorite contestant’s bowl and try to spill the liquid from other contenders.

Captaincy task:

As Baba Bhaskar and Shivjyothy have already become captains in previous weeks, housemates didn’t support them. Housemates were divided between Ravi and Sreemukhi though, in their support. Ali Reza told, he wants to support Ravi as he is in nominations this week and may get evicted and so he will leave the house with a satisfaction of serving as captain. Varun also supported Ravi. However, Sreemukhi’s arch rival in the house Rahul also supported Sreemukhi. Varun’s wife Vitika supported Sreemukhi despite Varun supporting Ravi. Ali took bowl from Baba Bhaskar and as per rules, Baba was out of the game for giving away his bowl. Later Bigg boss announced that Shiva jyothy also out of the task as she held the bowl with single hand. However the task turned interesting after this as it was direct competition between Sreemukhi and Ravi and both of them have never become captain in the house and both of them are in nominations this week. As per rules of the task, contestants can re-fill the bowl once and Ravi utilized the opportunity and refilled it with help of Varun. Sreemukhi didn’t refill. her bowl.

Ravi’s blunder costed him captaincy:

At this stage, Ravi did a blunder. Even though his bowl had more liquid and if he sustained he would have become captain. But he moved towards Sreemukhi and tried to spill the liquid from Sreemukhi’s bowl with his leg. Meanwhile Vitika tried to save Sreemukhi by pushing Ravi’s bowl and all the liquid from his bowl spilled and he was out of the game.

After becoming captain, Sreemukhi took sweet revenge on Baba by forcing him to do mean tasks as he did the same to her when he was the captain. We have to wait and see who will get evicted from house this weekend.

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Bigg boss day 62: Men can’t cry and women don’t have GK


In yesterday’s Bigg boss episode, beloved persons of the housemates like family members, friends and relatives entered the house. But out of these 10, only 5 will get a chance to meet their beloved housemates. They were selected through a kind of lottery and after the lottery process, Vitika’s brother, Punarnavi’s brother, Ravi’s uncle, Shiva jyothy’s brother and Himaja’s friend were selected. Remaining housemates like Sreemukhi cried a lot for missing the opportunity to meet their beloved.

Housemates’ relatives/ friends argued more than the housemates:

In Bigg boss house, arguments and altercations between the housemates is very common. However, in today’s episode, just for a change, housemates’ family members and relatives argued about the housemates. After selecting 5 people through lottery, Bigg boss announced that out of these 5, only 2 will get chance to meet their beloved housemates. But these 5 housemates have to select best 2 contestants out of 5 housemates – Vitika, Punarnavi, Ravi, Shiva Jyothy and Himaja – in 30 minutes. So, these 5 people argued a lot highlighting positive points of their favorite housemates and negative points of others. One interesting thing out of these debates is most of the people opined that Varun is better than all these 5 and rated him as top 1 contestant for the title.

Break the myths task:

Bigg boss gave a task to break certain myths and stereotypes about men and women. One of the myth is men can’t cry. So Bigg boss gave an opportunity to men to break this myth. They were given a minute to cry silently without speaking a word. Varun and Ravi could shed some tears but Rahul, Mahesh and Baba couldn’t cry at all and in fact they were laughing. So they failed in breaking this myth.Next myth to be broken is that women can’t get ready quickly. So Bigg boss gave an opportunity to break the myth by getting ready within 10 minutes and women broke the myth by getting done with makeup done in10 minutes. Later men were given another task to break the myth that they can’t do housekeeping. They quickly arranged beds and won the task. One more myth on women was that they dont have general knowledge. So men asked them 10 GK questions and they failed in answering 6 questions correctly so couldn’t break the myth. So, overall, men couldn’t break the myth that they can’t cry and women couldn’t break the myth about lack of GK.

We need to wait and see who among Himaja, Mahesh and Rahul will get evicted this weekend.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Wild card entries failed to impress in season 3


Bigg boss season 3 Telugu already finished half the mark last week. However, many people opining that wild card entries failed to impress the audience in Bigg boss season 3.

So far, two contestants entered into Bigg boss house as wild card entry in this season. Usually wild card entry contestants will have some advantage because they get a chance to observe the housemates from outside as well as from inside the house. Some housemates use this advantage very well and strategize their game properly. Navadeep in season 1 reached finals and Pooja Ramachandran in season 2 dared to differ with Kaushal despite knowing his fan following. Both of them left their mark on the audience.

However, in season 3, Tamanna had to leave the house in the first nomination. Shilpa Chakravarti who entered into the house couple of weeks back, also may exit this week as per the reports. She couldn’t make a strong impression on the audience in this two weeks.

We will have to wait and see if Shilpa survives or exits this week.

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Bigg boss episode 55: Guess correctly to win a dinner


Bigg boss today gave a task to the housemates and if they win the task, they will get dinner from Bigg boss. Contestants go into confession room, do some task, come out and tell the housemates about what happened inside the room. Housemates have to guess whether they are telling truth or not.

House guessed some tasks correctly:
When Shivajyothy and Punarnavi entered into the room together, they were asked to say some rhymes and Telugu poems. After coming out, they told the house that they simply said some rhymes and poems, and housemates also easily predicted that they are saying truth. Sreemukhi was given a chance to speak to Nagarjuna’s photo and when she came out she told she spoke to Nagarjuna. But housemates like Himaja predicted that she might have talked to Nagarjuna photo. Baba Bhaskar was asked to tell English alphabets and surprisingly he couldn’t tell all the alphabets correctly. Shilpa was asked to convince the house that her husband is not happy about her footage in Bigg boss show but housemates easily guess that she was lying.

Bigg boss told Varun and Vitika to convince the house they are quarreling now because the video shown by Bigg boss. Even though both Varun and Vitika are good actors on screen, they couldn’t convince the house and the housemates predicted that they are lying. Finally Bigg boss asked Mahesh to convince the house that he is eliminated today as part of surprise elimination. He tried his level best but none in the housemates believed it.

House got some guesses wrong:
When Rahul went into the confession room, Bigg boss asked him to do 50 sit-ups but after going out, he has to convince housemates that he got call from her mom and his marriage is fixed. House has to guess whether he is telling truth or not. Surprisingly, Rahul made housemates convince that he got call from his mom. In fact there was altercation between Varun and Sreemukhi after they got the answer wrong. Himaja even poked at the technique Sreemukhi used to predict whether Rahul is telling truth or lies.

However, as house could correctly guess most of the answers, Bigg boss provided them with special dinner party today. Overall, it was a passable episode. We will have to wait till this weekend to see who will be evicted this week.

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Ali Reza’s emotional post after eviction moves people


Ali Reza is one of the strong contestant in the Bigg boss season 3 Telugu show. Even though many people considered him to be finalist, he got evicted from the house after 50 days. His eviction shocked housemates, who had no clue on the voting trends among audience. Even though many audience predicted his exit because of the way his arrogance projected in telecast, the way entire house stood by him during eviction made them emotional. But more than that, his recent post in Instagram after exiting the show is making people emotional. He shared that,, his uncle passed away last week but his family didn’t communicate that to him because he is in Bigg boss show and as they know how important is the show for him.

Ali shared his memories with his uncle and wrote,

“You wanted to see me successful in life and now that i have so many people loving me and praising me ur not there to see that. I wish i could atleast see you for the last time. Mom dad could not send any information cause they knew how important Bigg boss was for me and they dint wanted this to effect my game but they dint know you were equally important for me in life .

By the time I could come out of my elimination shock i got another huge shock of you being No more.

There has been so much of greef at home and still everyone trying to stay happy and support me . I want nothing more in life after seeing all the love and support from all over . Mama you were the best, Your the best and will always remain the best. Ill always have the regret of not getting to see u for the last time. May your soul rest in peace.”

Ali Reza’s letter went viral and people expressed their solidarity with this Bigg boss star.

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Bigg boss episode 48: Comedy episode


Bigg boss show is potpourri of different emotions. Sometimes housemates fight with each other, sometimes some housemates flirt with each other, sometimes they cry and sometimes they laugh. Today’s episode is mostly comedy one though we can’t say it is a hilarious episode.

Baba Bhaskar becoming the captain itself triggered a jovial mood among housemates. Usually, once any housemate becomes captain, he or she tells what is expected from other housemates Baba Bhaskar used this occasion to evoke a few laughs by giving a funny speech after becoming captain.

After that there was a task in which housemates will be asked questions like a rapid fire and they need to give funny answers. Many housemates failed to give humorous answers spontaneously but Mahesh gave funny answers. After the task, all housemates unanimously chose Mahesh’s answers as the funniest answers.

After this, housemates got the messages from their families along with their favorite food. Housemates became emotional after seeing the messages from their families and also enjoyed their favorite food from home.

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Shraddha Das responds on Bigg Boss 3 entry and the stories around her


From a long time, there are rumours mushrooming every day that Shraddha Das is the most possible wild card entry into Bigg Boss 3, Telgu reality show. This rumour got busted twice, as Tamanna Simhadri entered as wildcard contestant earlier, and anchor Shilpa Chakravarthy now.

There was a buzz that Shraddha has demanded way too high to participate in the show, and also want to enter the house only if Varun Sandesh got eliminated because he happens to be his ex-flame. Talking about the same, she gave three reasons including that she’s not approached, some third person could not affect her decision

“Firstly, I haven’t been approached for it, secondly my decision to do something or not do something is ‘ONLY’ based on my comfort, interest, benefit, image and availability, ‘NOT’ based on a person. Thirdly I am working in almost five different language industries simultaneously and not doing films in particular language means I’m not sitting idle” said Shraddha, in a statement.

Well, these ambiguous statements from the heroine clarified that she got hurt with Varun Sandesh’s angle and also that she’s sitting idle as there is no work in Telugu films for her.

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Bigg Boss 3: Ramya Krishna replaces Nagarjuna this weekend


Senior hero Akkineni Nagarjuna is supposed to host Bigg Boss 3 every week until the show wraps up its seasonal run. For that, he needs to shoot on Saturday nights, where the episodes that will be telecast on Saturday and Sunday will be canned.

Now that Nagarjuna went abroad as he celebrated his 60th birthday eve in the tropical Ibiza of Spain, many wondered if he is flying back immediately to host the show. But the senior hero is not taking any such risks of giving up his vacation, and Bigg Boss has come up with a solution for this.

Bigg Boss organisers have now got Ramya Krishna to host this weekend’s two episodes and she has already shot for her intro parts on Saturday afternoon itself. She will be hosting the Saturday and Sunday show as a backup for Nagarjuna. Surely her arrival is going to surprise the contestants.

Reports are coming that there will be no elimination this week due to Nagarjuna’s absence.

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Bigg boss forgot his words, Varun Sandesh becomes captain again


Today in the 41st episode of Bigg boss, Varun Sandesh becomes captain of the house again.

Captaincy task:

After BB express task that lasted 2 days, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul and Varun Sandesh became eligible for captaincy task. This was a physical task. As per the task, this three guys will be given three different baskets and whoever throws maximum balls into their baskets will be the winner. However there is a catch here. This three guys will be tied together and each of them can disturb others by pulling the thread tied. Moreover, this entire task happens in the mud. As Varun Sandesh is a basket ball player, he could easily win the game.

Bigg boss forgot his words that Varun Sandesh cannot become captain again:

This is second time Varun Sandesh becoming captain of Bigg boss house. However, it surprised the audience because when Varun Sandesh became captain of the house for the first time, Bigg boss announced that he utterly failed as captain and so he is prohibited from becoming captain of the house for the entire season. It seems Bigg boss organisers completely forgotten this and allowed Varun Sandesh to become captain of the house today.

We will have to wait and see how will be the captaincy of Varun Sandesh this time.

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Opinion : Biggboss 3 – Varun’s act is wrong at many levels


If you are married ask your wife, if unmarried ask your mother, how she would feel if her husband threw coffee on her face? Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on Tuesday stood as an example of how wife is taken for granted. Varun Sandesh had to perform task to splash cold coffee on any contestant. He picked his wife Vithika Sheru for pulling off this act. There were several instances where Varun was convincing Vithika over petty fights, but that doesn’t balance this stint he tried to pull off. It sends such a wrong message even if he apologized or cried. Varun Vithika may have considered it as a task, but the kind of audience bigg boss has, hope it doesn’t have those unwanted repurcussions. He could have just picked anyone else and apologized. He literally goes by a big assumption that his partner is interested and available for whatever, whenever. Many men take their wives for granted because they are focused on other things like Professional or domestic work, hobbies and leisure activities. As long as she’s not complaining, they don’t notice a problem.

There were two tasks, he preferred to pick his wife over others for both task. What kind of game is that where he tries to play safe by throwing coffee at his wife and cutting her shirt. Why Vithika in both tasks.? Because she is wife and signed up to bear all the nonsense he throws at her.

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Bigg boss episode 37: Nominate one, Save other


Bigg boss Telugu season 3 is getting interesting as well as tough with one housemate leaving the house each week. After the exit of Ashu reddy yesterday, the competition among housemates got even tougher.Today Bigg boss gave a twist to nomination process and Bigg boss himself will choose a pair of housemates and all the housemates have to cast their vote to save one of them and nominate the other. Each housemate has to give explanation for nominating or saving a candidate.

Bigg boss selected pairs as below:

  • Ravi-Ali : Most of the housemates saved Ali and nominated Ravi for not opening up himself fully
  • Varun-Punarnavi: As anybody can expect, Punarnavi, who is exhibiting bit of arrogance, was nominated by most of the housemates and Varun was saved for his non-controversial nature
  • Baba Bhaskar- Mahesh Vitta: Given the camaraderie Baba shares with all the housemates, it is not difficult to predict Mahesh Vitta will be nominated by most of the housemates.
  • Rahul- Vitika: This was a tie as both of them got 4 votes each. As per the rule, captain Shiva jyothy has to break the tie. She saved Vitika and nominated Rahul despite the fact that he has been in nominations continuously for many weeks.
  • Himaja-Sreemukhi: Out of these two, even a kid can guess Sreemukhi will be saved given her strong candidature.

Another twist and captain Shiva Jyothy’s judgement:

After this process Ravi, Himaja, Mahesh, Punarnavi, and Rahul nominated for eviction next week. Just when the others thought we are saved, Bigg boss asked captain Shiva Jyothy to nominate one among those saved directly. She has to nominate one from – Ali, Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar, Vitika and Varun.

During nomination process, Shiva Jyothy behaved very rational and clearly explained the reasons without being subjected to any emotional stress. It was surprising given her highly emotional nature. While breaking the tie between Rahul and Vitika, she gave an elaborate explanation for saving Vitika. Her explanation convinced everyone. While nominating one from the saved housemates directly also she gave nice explanation for saving housemates. However, finally she had to choose one from Vitika and Varun and she nominated Varun and saved Vitika. So Varun also came into nominations this week. It is to be noted that when Vitika has to save one from Varun and Punarnavi, She saved Punarnavi and nominated her husband Vitika. But Varun saved Vitika and nominated Rahul.

Final list of nominees for eviction:

We have to wait and see who among – Ravi, Punarnavi, Himaja, Rahul, Mahesh and Varun will leave the house this week. Given the trends, Varun and Ravi got good voting and fans among audience compared to other four. So, one among Punarnavi, Himaja, Rahul and Mahesh may leave the house this week.But who knows, anything can happen in Bigg boss house.

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Bigg boss funday


Bigg boss Sunday episode is full of fun and today’s episode also loaded with lots of fun.

Fun task of masks:

Nagarjuna played a fun task with housemates today and as per this task, captain Shivajyothy has to label each housemate with an animal and they will wear mask of that animal. She also has to give reason for comparing that housemate’s character with the traits of that animal. Shivajyothy compared the characteristics of the housemates with those of animals as below:

Ali Reza – Lion, for his bravery during tasks
Baba Bhaskar – Chameleon – for changing colors with the housemates
Mahesh – Fox, for being friend of Baba
Rahul – Deer, for always fearing for on the consequences of mess he created in previous weeks
Himaja – Elephant, for eating a lot in the house
Sreemukhi – monkey, for the obvious reasons i.e. her mischief with friends
Ravi – Dog, for the faithfulness towards
Ashu – snake, for the sweet revenge she has been taking on Jyothy after Rohini left the house
Varun – Tortoise, for being slow in the house as well being soft towards other housemates
Punarnavi – Rabbit, for eating lot of carrot Halva
Vitika – Sheep, for easily believing anyone and everyone

Fun task of Role play

This week there was another task of role play in which pairs of the housemates have to imitate each other. Ashu imitated Baba and Baba imitated Ashu. But Baba’s imitation of Ashu was hilarious. Similarly Sreemukhi’s imitation of Rahul made house split into laughs. Mahesh, being comedian, perfectly imitated Shivajyothy’s temper and gave humorous touch to the role play. Same way, Ravi also imitated Himaja perfectly. Also, Ali Reza’s imitation of Vitika was too hilarious as he imitated how she plays tantrums with her husband Varun.

Ashu evicted from house:

Dubsmash star Ashu Reddy eliminated from the house as expected. She has been passive in the house and it is only recently she has started showing her talents in the house. After elimination,she told that despite being in nominations, she didn’t have negative feedback on her and leaving the house on positive note. Later she was asked to name who among the housemates are least qualified to be in the house. She named Mahesh, Rahul, Himaja and Vitika are least qualified to be in the house because of various reasons.

Overall it was very enjoyable episode.

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Bigg boss tidbits: Dubsmash star Ashu Reddy evicted this week?


Bigg boss is getting interesting with each week in this season 3. Audience are always curious on Sunday episodes that eliminate a contestant from the game. As per the latest reports, Ashu Reddy gets eliminated this week.

Ashu Reddy is a social media star who got famous on Instagram. She got huge followers due to her similar appearance like the Indian Actress Samantha Akkineni and dubsmashes did by her. She is born and brought up in US and acted in movie Chal Mohan Ranga. Audience who followed her in social media prior to Bigg boss expected her to entertain the housemates as well as audience and leave her mark in the show. But she has been passive in the show and survived till now only because she didn’t get nominated by the housemates because of her non-controversial nature. But given her passive nature, many expected her to get evicted as soon as she comes into nominations.

If rumors are to be believed, she is the one to leave the house today and it makes her 5th housemate to leave the house after Hema, Jaffer, Tamanna and Rohini. It is just a matter of couple of hours for this rumor to become official. As per reports, Punarnavi got slightly more number votes than Ashu and got saved.

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