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Nandi Awards to be presented shortly?


Thanks to megastar Chiranjeevi’s efforts, Nandi Awards will finally be given. They will be presented by the Andhra Pradesh government. From the past two years, the presentation ceremony of the awards getting postponed.

During yesterday’s talk with Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chiranjeevi urged him to present Nandi Awards. Chandrababu Naidu led Andhra Pradesh Government in 2017 had announced the Nandi Awards for three years – 2014, 2015 and 2016. But due to controversies over the selection of awards, the Naidu government didn’t present them. Actors like Posani and others slammed Naidu’s government for showing favoritism in announcing awards.

With Chiranjeevi requesting the government now, CM Jagan is thinking of presenting the awards in December. Jagan is also planning to hold a meeting with leading cinema personalities in Vijayawada.

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Producer Satya Reddy fires on Posani


Producer Satya Reddy fires on Posani Krishna Murali

Producer Satya Reddy fired on Posani, for his scathing comments on Nandi awards as well as the ruling party TDP. He said, Posani is misleading people of Andhra Pradesh with his statements.

Regarding the Posani’s question, “how can be Nandi Awards annulled by the AP government? If someone criticizes the awards, do you cancel entire Nandi awards?”, Producer Satya Reddy asked Posani to prove whether any one from the government ever gave this statement. He asked how can Posani attribute the statements to the government that it has not made. Also, what Nandi awards has to do with AP IT minister Lokesh Babu. He reminded the same Posani and Gunasekhar made lot of hullabaloo when Nandi Awards were announced in 1998 too. Satya Reddy remarked, these awards are beyond any one particular caste, area and religion. Also, Satya Reddy told, when there are so many good things this government doing Posani never talked about them. But he is raising voice on these Nandi awards only with malicious intentions of maligning the government. Also he fired on Posani, for not taking up any other issue concerning film industry but coming out only when Nandi awards are announced.

He demanded the withdrawal of all the statements by Posani on Nandi Awards as Posani’s words hurt entire AP population.He advised to put a full stop on all controversies regarding Nandi Awards. He also advised Posani talk about many other problems concerning the film industry like the issues of small film producers. Writer Rajendra Kumar, who was also in the same press meet, said al the Nandi Awards announced based on merit only. He also remarked, whoever did not get the award, they should focus on their work and give better output so that they may win the award next time.

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YSRCP leaders confusion on Nandi Awards


Recent Nandi awards created lot of furor among film circles. It is not stopping but growing day by day. Gunasekhar, Bunny Vasu and Nallamalupu bujji were among those who tied the bell in the cat. Later, many joined and attacked the jury as well as the government. When everybody thought it reached a climax, Lokesh made surprising comments that not only brought embarrassment to the ruling party and the government but also kept the ball rolling for those who opposed the government and jury. But in the midst of such clear situation also YSRCP leaders unable to decide which position to take and made statements contrasting other YSRCP leaders.

Posani, who has been telling in recent interviews that he supports Jagan and campaigns for YSRCP, came forward and attacked the jury as well as government (Read it as Lokesh) despite getting a Nandi award for himself. His stand was clear and one can understand it. Because even though he received award for himself, he got an opportunity to pelt stones on the ruling party and being someone from opposition party, it is quite natural for him to attack.

But later, another YSRC leader Ghattamaneni Adiseshagiri Rao joined in this issue and stated, it is wrong on the part of the leaders and a section of film industry to attribute caste motives to the state government in the announcement of Nandi awards. He even condemned Posani Krishna Murali’s comments that he would return his Nandi award. “This will damage the entire film industry. It is not a healthy trend,” he said.

Then, another to voice on this issue is Ambati Rambabu, YSRCP’s spokes person, who demanded the government to cancel all the Nandi awards announced. His demand is in sync with Posani’s demand regarding the same. He said he was demanding withdrawal of the Nandi awards in the capacity of the party’s official spokesman.

Highlight in this episode is, both Adiseshagiri Rao and Ambati gave these statements from the dais of party office and none of them told it is only their personal opinion. In fact, Ambati reiterated, he is talking in the capacity of party’s official spokesperson. To explain it in the jargon of cricket, YSRCP leaders are not able to utilize even a “free hit ball” and giving the wickets because of the perennial confusion among themselves!!!

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Nandi controversies & ironies: History repeating itself?

Nandi controversies & ironies: History repeating itself

History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes, said Mark Twain. But when it comes to Nandi award controversies, it seems History not only rhymes but also repeats.

See the below statements from film industry celebrities:

  • Nandi Awards announced by Jury must be scrapped immediately – Posani
  • Nandi awards awarded purely based on favouritism – Guna Sekhar
  • There were selfish motives involved in the selections – Person close to Mega family.

Do these statements look quite familiar? Do you think these are the statements given by these personalities regarding 2014-16 Nandi awards. No, these are the statements by them after 1998 Nandi awards were announced.

Criticism began pouring in no sooner had the awards been announced in 1998. Posani blasted the jury for not considering for Nandi awards his “Shivayya” movie, which, he said, has a good social message. In fact he made exactly same statement as he gave recently – “Scrap the awards and constitute jury freshly again”. What a coincidence!!

After 1998 Nandi awards announcement, Gunasekhar, “Choodalani Undi” film’s director, said he was also shocked that the film’s art director, Thota Tharani, lyric writer Veturi and cinematographer Chota K Naidu weren’t selected. Chota K Naidu’s cinematography for Choodalani Undi lost it to Jayanan Vincent (Premante Idera movie). Chota K Naidu accused that it happened only because Jayanan Vincent’s father (A. Vincent) was in the jury as member. Thota Tharani’s art direction for Calcutta set lost it to Srinivasa Raju for Rayalaseema set in “Anthapuram”.Antahpuram was produced by Tammareddy Bharadwaja and Bharadwaja’s father (Tammareddy Krishna Murthy) was also in the committee that raised some eyebrows. Veturi’s “Yamaha nagari Calcutta puri” song lost it to song “Aadakoothuraa Neeku Adugadugunaa Vandanam” by Suddala Ashok Teja.

After 1998 Nandi awards announcement, Chiranjeevi’s brother Nagendra Babu has dashed off a letter to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu about the ‘blatant favouritism’ which he claimed was visible in the selection. Irony here is, while Nagendra Babu wrote letter to Chandra Babu about nepotism in the awards, his brother Pawan Kalyan’s film “Toli Prema” got best film award for 1998. Coincidentally, now also voices in support of Mega family raised strongly. Bunny Vasu, comparatively new comer in the industry surprised many with his tweets. His tweets targeting Lokesh didn’t go well with many in the government and ruling party.

And final statement is this:

  • “Murali Mohan was trying to salvage the reputation of the Nandi awards, trying to convince people.”

Do you think, this statement also regarding 2014-16 awards?? But actually this refers to 1998 situation post Nandi awards announcement when Murali Mohan was doing trying to save the situation in the capacity of Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Film, Television and Theatre Development Corporation. Though he is not seen doing any mediation solving the issue this time, he is also part of the committees.

On the one hand, it looks like it is almost the same set of people who complained and raised the voice against jury and government regarding Nandi awards. The same Guna Sekhar won Nandi later in 2003 for Okkadu movie and there were no complaints at that time. His okkadu movie got second best film award, despite being just an action film with no social message whatsoever. Mega family members also got many awards between 1998 (when Naga Babu wrote a letter to CM Chandra Babu) and 2016. Allu Arjun (Arya, Parugu), Chiranjeevi (Indra), Ram Charan (Chirutha), Allu Aravind (Magadheera) got Nandi awards and still there is a complaint that Mega family is neglected. Posani dashed the jury for their bias and nepotism, and probably this is the first time in the history- this comment came from someone who got award from that jury.

On the other hand, it looks like allegations of nepotism and favoritism is not new. A. Vincent, Tammareddy Krishnamurthy were in the jury and their direct relatives got awards, whether the award was genuine or influenced, it’s a different matter. Now most of the controversy has its epicenter on the fact that Nandamuri Bala Krishna is associated with the jury. Of course, this is not happening just in Nandi awards. National awards and other honorary awards in India several times favored their direct relatives.

Until, a simple rule that- “jury member should not be associated with the members of works nominated for awards” is applied, History will not only rhyme, but also repeat!!!

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Mega Producer Raises Controversy On Nandi Again


After the announcement of Nandi awards for three consecutive years by Andhra Pradesh government, it was producer Bunny Vas who has expressed his dissatisfaction over neglecting mega family heroes. This has further developed into biggest controversy with caste card taking the prime place and filmmakers openly claiming that those are Kamma awards, not Nandi awards.

Today Posani Krishna Murali announced that he disowning the Nandi award and going to return it back to AP government. Posani has strongly objected statements given by Nara Lokesh about Telugu actors, not posing Aadhar card in AP state and the jury of Nani award committee has Non Resident Andhrulu (NRA).

Now the mega producer raises controversy on Nandi again with a post on his facebook account. Bunny Vas posted supporting the writer turned actor as

” posani garu Sir….u r 100% eligible to receive award ….. We born in AP ..we grown in AP not in US….we studied in AP not in US …..our accent is AP …… no need to prove that we belongs to AP… ”

Let’s wait and watch how many days the media is going to stretch the Nandi award controversy which is taking new turns every day with fuel being added by many people like Bunny Vas.

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Posani Threatens To Return His Nandi Award

With every passing day controversy over Nandi awards announced by Andhra Pradesh state government is increasing with film industry members openly expressing their injustice in announced awards. Latest to join this list is writer turned actor Posani Krishna Murali and he called out for a surprising press meet with media.

Posani threatens to return his Nandi award which he won for Temper movie. He added that he is ashamed to get Nandi award, everyone is that feeling because of his Kamma cast award was given to him. He continued by bashing Nara Lokesh for his comments over Nandi award and opposed his provoking statements given to the leading media houses. Posani didn’t even bare trashing ABN Radha Krishna, his Andhra Jyothi newspapers for publishing news that’s misleading everyone about the Nandi awards.Let’s wait and watch who else will join Posani and support him in his decision to return Nandi award. Keep watching the space for more updates.

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Rudrama Devi director now crossing swords with Jeevitha


Director Gunasekhar who directed the movie Rudrama devi has been expressing his displeasure for not getting Nandi awards for his movie. Earlier, he wrote an open letter questioning CM’s decision of not granting tax exemption to his film. After Nandi awards were announced, he questioned why Rudrama Devi movie, which speaks about women empowerment was not considered for any of the first, second and third best films. For this question Jeevitha in the capacity of Jury member responded.

She responded – “We received Baahubali as well as Rudramadevi movies for the awards in the same year and both the films belong to same genre. So in the process of accommodating films of all genres, we could not give many awards (Telugu360: It is actually wrong on part of Jeevitha to say Baahubali and Rudramadevi belong to same genre. Obviously she could not differentiate the genres of historic films against the genre of folklore – Rudramadevi belongs to first and Baahubali belongs to second genre respectively).” She also responded on Gunasekhar’s question on – “Why Allu Arjun was given best character award instead of best supporting actor award”. She told, the award that was announced to Allu Arjun is called “SV Ranga Rao best character award” and he should be proud to receive that award, at least that’s what we, the jury members, had believed.

Now Gunasekhar responded to Jeevitha’s statements. He told, immediately after announcing awards, she praised Chandra Babu Naidu and his ruling. When asked by journos if she would join TDP she replied,yes, if you want. So Jeevitha lost her credibility by supporting to one political party. It is wrong to accommodate such people (film people expecting political benefits) into the jury. He also said regarding Allu Arjun’s award, jury can not change the category themselves. They have to examine the deservingness of the candidate only for the category for which he was nominated.

It seems this Nandi awards debate is going to continue for few more days!!!

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Balakrishna responds in Controversy


Balakrishna responds on Nandi awards Controversy

Andhra Pradesh Nandi awards have generated a lot of controversy around it and especially about nine awards been awarded to Balakrishna’s Legend movie in a single year. Filmmakers have openly trashed Nandi award committee by keeping press meets questioning one-sided foul play in the entire process of awards. On the other side television, live debates in news channels are making things worse for the film industry members.

As the controversy is growing every day there is no official statement from AP state government on the allegations being made on the Nandi award committee. Finally, Balakrishna has spoken about Nandi wards and his statements added more fuel to the fire with silly statements he made regarding winning nine Nandi awards to Legend film.

Balakrishna stated that ” Legend title is not a regular film title. Are you people aware that many controversies surrounded around Legend when it was made. Because of everyone’s hard work, Legend has been honored with nine awards”. Let us wait and see how long it gets stretched by media now.

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Nandi awards: ANR name omitted by Jury in press release


ANR name omitted by Jury in Nandi awards press release

The Akkineni Award for best home-viewing feature film winners was commissioned in 1996, the same year in which “NTR award” also was commissioned. NTR award for 1996 was announced for ANR while Akkineni Award for best home-viewing feature film was awarded to “Ninne Pelladatha” movie in 1996.

While 2014-16 Nandi awards, do have the category of Best Home Viewing Feature Film, the name “Akkineni Award” was not seen in the press release given by the jury. Tommy, Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju and Sathamanam Bhavati won the best home-viewing feature film for 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Film producers like Bandla Ganesh and NV Prasad raised this point during the debate in TV channel and with this again surfaced the rumor that “All is NOT well” between Nagarjuna and Bala Krishna. Of course similar rumor has surfaced even during Samatha’s reception when Balayya missed it. Even during some other function, Nagarjuna condemned the rumor by giving an explicit statement in the presence of Bala Krishna himself. But instead of clearing the air, that statement raised even more doubts, but that’s a different matter.

Akkineni fans were terribly disappointed as Manam movie being lost to Legend movie. Because it was not only a clean film with novel screenplay, it was last film of legendary actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao. But now, with this new point that “Akkineni Award for best home-viewing feature film ” becoming “best home-viewing feature film” is like adding salt to the wound for Akkineni fans.

But, this is actually a correctable mistake. Even though the name “Akineni Nageswara Rao name omitted from “Akkineni Award for best home-viewing feature film ” to make it “best home-viewing feature film” in the press release statement, while giving the award, the tag of “Akkineni Award” could be added and that could put an end to all this confusion.

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Allu Arjun Was Insulted Intentionally?


Looks like the controversies around the Nandi awards announced by the Andhra Pradesh government is not going to stop anywhere now and it will be extended to another level. While mega fans are openly bashing award committee members for the false game played by the jury members for sidetracking eligible movies and announcing awards to films, actors, technicians citing unacceptable silly answers when questioned by anyone. Today director Gunashekar and Racegurram producer has called for a press meet with media to convey their opinion about Nandi awards.

During the press meet, director Gunashekar has shown the application copy of their Rundhramadevi movie to Nandi awards and here it is clearly mentioned which actors are named after each category. Filmmakers have clearly mentioned Allu Arjun name for best supporting actor category and Prakash Raj name is given in character artist category.

But for best reasons known to the Nandi award community members, Allu Arjun is awarded best character artist award rather than best support actor for which he was nominated by the movie team. Neglecting mega family members to a large extent by not crediting to their hard work is very much evident here and this is not the first time but was seen through the years in Nandi awards. Film industry members are strongly believing that Allu Arjun was intentionally Insulted by Nandi award committee members by giving him character artist award while he was appealed the award for best supporting actor category. Make comments below about your stand where injustice is made towards Allu Arjun by Nandi award team or not ?

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Criticism on Nandi awards (continues..)

Criticism on Nandi awards

The announcement of Nandi awards for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 attracted wide criticism of nepotism in allotting awards. Netizens were seen sharing the criticism and trolls in the media. But from TFI, Guna Sekhar and Bunny Vas were among those who tied the bell to the cat.

Firstly, Manam , a clean family entertainer with exciting screenplay , losing to a regular commercial potboiler like legend movie that got ‘A’ certificate from censor board (for its violence) didn’t go well with many people. If state award itself favor ‘A’ certified movie over a clean family entertainer, what is the message state wants to convey to the makers as well as audience. Moreover hero of the Legend movie Bala krishna himself leading the jury and announcing so many awards to his starer movie apparently attracted the criticism of favoritism. Of course there is not much controversy on other awards given to Legend movie, though it bagged 9 awards except getting ‘best movie’ award. Because it got award despite showing lot of gory and violence on the screen and that too beating a clean entertainer like Manam movie that was last film of legendary actor ANR.

Meanwhile bunny vasu, who is very close to mega, family, tweeted that “All mega heroes should learn acting AP government to get state awards”. Obviously this comment didn’t go well with jury members and they replied in the TV channel debate that awards were selected in a very transparent manner. Then, the director Gunasekhar also wrote an open letter babu Naidu questioning why his movie Rudramadevi was neglected in awards. He also questioned AP government for giving tax rebate to NBK starrer Gautami putra Satakarni but no such benefit was given to his movie that is also a historical movie.

On the other hand, there was another argument surfaced today – that heroes from mega family were being neglected in AP state awards. Producer Bandla Ganesh went on to comment that “These are not Nandi awards but these are Cycle awards”. He told best story award to Govindude Andarivade and Raghupati Venkaiah award to Chiranjeevi are just an eyewash. Mega fans also were disappointed with Bunny getting just a “best supporting actor” award. Also Chiranjeevi got Raghupathi Venkaiah award while his contemporaries like Rajni and Kamal got ‘NTR “national” award’.

Of course, this is not the first time Nandi awards dragged into controversy. It’s become almost a regular affair. There were times (1998) when cinematographer like Chota K Naidu threatened that he will go to court as he dicn’t get award for his film choodalani undi to another cinematographer whose father was in the jury. In another instance director SV Krishna Reddy also fired on jury for not getting award. In another instance, writer Posani Krishna Murali ridiculed jury for giving best female comedian award to a character which he has written as it was actually a tragedy character (Pelli Kanuka movie – Rajitha) but jury gave best comedian award. At some point of time, Nandi awards became a laughing stock. But later the situations changed. But after so many years, now again Nandi awards attracted lot of criticism and satires.

One thing to be remembered is awards are just like incentives. Getting or not getting awards should not be taken so seriously and one should focus on the work and awards and rewards are just add-ons in life. At the same time, jury needs to exercise sufficient care to avoid nepotism and favouritism. Usually it’s a tradition that if someone’s work is nominated for any kind of award, they should not be in the same jury that gives awards. But it seems Bala Krishna didn’t follow that tradition and that is causing all these troubles now.

Moreover, even for the government it is not good to give impression that there is strong nepotism in this kind of awards as it alienates some section of people to the government (especially in the states where cinema and politics go hand in hand) and that will have subtle ramifications!!!

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Chiranjeevi responds on Nandi awards


Chiranjeevi responds on Nandi awards

Mega star Chiranjeevi who received Raghupathi Venkaiah award for the year 2016 expressed his happiness and thanked jury as well as government for garnering this honorable award. He also congratulated other winners of Nandi awards.

With this, Chiranjeevi joined the club of eminent people like – Rama Naidu, Dasari, K. Vishwanath, ANR, KS Prakahs Rao etc. This award is Telugu cinema’s highest award for individuals’ lifetime achievements and contributions to the Telugu film industry. The State Government incorporated this prestigious award in 1981 in honor of Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu, a pioneer of Indian film industry.

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TDP mark on AP-Nandi awards

TDP mark on AP-Nandi awards

At last, Nandi awards are announced for three years for 2014, 2015 and 2016. Though Nandi awards were always been with one or other controversy, this time the awards were to attract even more controversies as TDP mark is very much visible in the awards this time.

Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer Legend movie won 9 awards for the year 2014 that include – best film, best actor (NBK) ,best villain (Jagapthi babu), best director (Boyapati), best fight master (Ram lakshman), Best writer (Ratnam) , Best singer (Vijay Yesudas) and best editor. What is more surprising is Legend beats “Manam” movie that bagged only second best film for 2014. Manam movie, that won critical acclaim as well as box office collections was definitely a better choice for best feature film compared to Legend. But somehow, jury chose NBK’s Legend movie. Another movie that lost to Legend is Chandamama Kathalu directed by Praveen Sattaru. Incidentally this movie won national award for Telugu regional film in 2014. Even best screenplay to AS Ravi Kumar to Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham was not convincing as screenplay for Chandamama Kathalu received rave reviews and was a strong contender.

In 2015, Bahubali swept 15 awards leaving very little space for other films and individuals to win any other awards. However, TDP mark is again visible here as Dana Veera Shoora Karna bagged best children film award for 2015 and child artistes master NTR and baby Karunya won best child artistes awards. Of course not many contenders for best children film category though there are a few contenders for best child artists category.

In 2016, Janatha Garage bagged 6 awards, including award for NTR as best actor (for both Janatha Garage and Nannaku Prematho). Boyapati, who worked for AP government’s programs like “pushkaralu” got B.N. Reddy award.

Some people commenting, albeit satirically, NBK’s Gautamiputra released in 2017 for which awards are not yet announced. Had it been released in 2016 itself, probably that would have changed all the equations of 2016 awards and would have broken Legend movie’s “Nandi awards 2014” record !!!

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National Award Winning Filmmaker to Direct Telugu Remake of Queen

Its been three and a half years since the release of Kangana Ranaut-starrer Bollywood film ‘Queen’. Discussions for its remake in all the South languages have been going on for a long time. It seems the Telugu remake has finally landed in safe hands.

Our trusted sources have divulged that acclaimed Telugu film director Neelakanta has been finalized to direct the Telugu remake of ‘Queen’. Neelakanta has won numerous awards including a National Film Award and a couple of Nandi awards for his acclaimed films such as ‘Show’ and ‘Missamma’. The director however has been going through a barren period for past few years. ‘Queen’ remake will be a potential opportunity for him to bounce back.

There were rumors in the recent time that Kajal has been roped in to reprise the lead role enacted by Kangana in the Hindi original. They all turned out to be baseless rumors as Tamannah is playing the female lead role in the Telugu remake. An official announcement in this regard will be made in a week. Amy Jackson will play the character of heroine’s friend, the second most important role in the film.

Post ‘Baahubali’ first part, Tamannaah really hasn’t had any notable film to her credit. Hence, she hopes to make great use of the potential ‘Queen’ remake to revive her fading career.

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