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Junior doctors at Hyderabad’s Osmania Hospital wear helmets


A section of junior doctors at government-run Osmania General Hospital in Hyderabad on Tuesday attended their duties wearing helmets as a mark of protest after a doctor was injured when a ceiling fan fell on her.

A final-year resident doctor from the Dermatology Department suffered head injuries after a ceiling fan broke off its hinges and came crashing down on her in the outpatient building. The incident occurred on Monday and hospital sources said the fan was 40 years old.

Highlighting the dilapidated condition of the city’s oldest hospital and its poor infrastructure, some junior doctors on Tuesday attended their duties wearing helmets.

The junior doctors staged a silent protest, demanding that authorities take immediate action to prevent recurrence of such incidents. They said despite repeated demands, no measures were taken to improve the infrastructure.

The doctors blamed negligence by the authorities concerned for the pathetic conditions in the over century old hospital.

However, OGH Superintendent Dr B. Nagender dismissed Monday’s incident as a sporadic one. He said all the problems faced by the hospital will be solved with the construction of a new building and pointed out that the issue is pending in the court.

This is not the first time that doctors have resorted to novel protest.

Pratibha, one of the junior doctors, recalled that in 2018, they wore helmets to highlight the dilapidated condition of the building. They had also conducted outpatient checkups under trees to highlight the problems faced by them due to lack of proper equipment and facilities.

Patients also complained of negligence by the hospital staff and lack of basic facilities like beds. Some patients were seen lying in open ground in hospital premises with their attendants holding saline bottles in their hands.

Located on the banks of river, Osmania Hospital is the oldest hospital in Hyderabad and one of the biggest state-run healthcare facilities in Telangana.

However, the hospital building is in a dilapidated condition and it has been in the news for all wrong reasons. Patches of plaster can be seen falling off while videos of stray dogs roaming around in wards, water and drainage pipeline leakage, patients lying on ground and even outside the building and heaps of waste have surfaced many times.

Last year, the hospital’s oldest block was flooded after heavy rains. The rain and drainage water had gushed into the hospital building flooding the corridors, alleyways and wards causing severe inconvenience to patients.

Patients and their attendants were sitting atop beds with ankle-deep water flooding the ward.

Videos of water flowing into the hospital and washing away various articles and hospital staff trying to stop the flow had gone viral over social media. Following the incident, the heritage block was closed.

In 2015, the state government had proposed to demolish the building on the ground that it is structurally weak and unfit to run a regular hospital. It wanted to build two towers, 24 floors each.

However, strong opposition from historians, heritage activists and prominent citizens forced the government to drop its plans to raze the building. The matter is currently being heard by the High Court.

Conceived after the Musi floods of 1908, the hospital was built by Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad, and named after him.

Designed by British architect Vincent Jerome Esch and Nawab Khan Bahadur Mirza Akbar Baig in Indo-Saracenic style, it was completed in 1919.

Spread over 26.5 acres, the hospital has 11 major blocks. The inpatient block alone is spread over an area of 2.37 acres with a total bed capacity of 1,168 beds including 363 in super speciality wards.

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Indian Science Congress put off


Osmania University in Hyderabad has indefinitely postponed the 105th Indian Science Congress scheduled to be held from January 3 to 7 next year. Reason: Its inability to hold the prestigious event for reasons beyond its control.

In an announcement made by OU Chancellor S Ramachandran the varsity said, “We had to take this decision keeping in view the recent incidents on the campus.”

What he was referring to was the suicide of 21-year-old MSc physics first year student, E. Murali, in the boys’ washroom in his hostel on December 3. A note found on him, according to the police, said: “Exams are round the corner and I fear I will fail. So I have decided to end my life.”

While his death has become a flashpoint for campus unrest and protests, Telangana students not only at the university but also elsewhere have launched an agitation for jobs to local youths. Since then, opposition political parties, particularly Congress, and Prof Kodandaram who spearheaded the student agitation for separate state have intensified their pressure on the KCR government for job creation measures.

Nevertheless, postponing one of the biggest events in Indian scientific calendar is unexpected. That means the university authorities might have got intelligence reports about simmering discontent and agitators’ plans to disturb the scientific meet which attracts hundreds of scientists from various disciplines from within and outside the country. Traditionally, it is held in the first week of January every year. Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh hosted the 104th congress.

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OU on the boil, opposition finds fire for political pot


Student unrest returned to Osmania University, the hotbed of separate statehood agitations for decades, with vengeance. This time it is over a student suicide in his hostel but it has become a rallying point for opposition political parties and some student bodies to take on the KCR government’s ‘failure’ to provide jobs.

A 21-year-old MSc physics first year student, E. Murali found hanging in the boys’ washroom in his hostel on Sunday. A note found on him, according to the police, said: “Exams are round the corner and I fear I will fail. So I have decided to end my life.”

As students gathered and started protesting, Prof Kodandaram, who was instrumental in galvanising students for separate Telangana earlier, and some Congress leaders arrived on the scene and in no time the OU campus erupted with student and political leaders linking Murali’s suicide to state government’s delay in issuing job notification. Some alleged that the suicide note was planted and the writing was not his.

While investigation is going on, the opposition is adding fuel to the charged-up atmosphere on the campus. Already, students are agitated over lack of jobs and their discontent is being exploited by opposition to attack the government inside the Assembly and outside of it. Chief Minister KCR’s promise of employing all ‘sons of soil’ is proving hollow. After all, no government can find a job for every college or university student and the TRS government is learning it the hard way.

The opposition is turning the government’s inability to create lakhs of jobs to its advantage to corner KCR. At a rally organised by Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) headed by Kodandaram, on Monday, political leaders found a plank in Murali’s death to launch their anti-KCR crusade.

At the rally, known as Fight for Jobs, jobless youth and students as well the opposition demanded the state government to immediately fill the vacancies and reminded the Chief Minister of his jobs promise.
Although it is touted to be a rally for jobs, it is said to be a testing ground for opposition unity ahead of 2019 polls to forge an alliance to take on the ‘mighty’ KCR.

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100 years old Osmania University in festive mood


Osmania University(OU) is celebrating 100 years of existence today. On 26th April 1917, a Firman was issued for the establishment of the University which also detailed the Mission and Objectives. With a special focus on the iconic Arts college building, the entire campus is illuminating with colourful laser lights to celebrate 100years of existence.

The Inaugural of the centenary celebrations will be initiated by President Pranab Mukherjee which will host the Chancellor and Governor ESL Narasimhan, Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, Minister for Education Kadiam Srihari and as many as twenty thousand spectators.

The university is named after its founder, Nawab Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam to rule Hyderabad. OU was established with ‘Urdu’ as the medium of instruction. In the year 1948, as the university completed three decades of existence, the princely State of Hyderabad became a part of new Independent India. Subsequently, Urdu was replaced by English as the medium of instruction.

Initially, the University Departments and Offices were located at different places in the city. It was only in 1934 that the University was shifted to the present campus. The motto of the University is “Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya” which means ‘Lead us from Darkness to Light’. The governor of the state is the chancellor of the University. Spread across 1600 acres the university has UGC, NAAC, AIU affiliations.

The university conferred Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (1953) with Honorary Doctorate, likewise Dr. Man Mohan Singh (1994). OU apart from giving the society like one of the former Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, Parliamentarians, Legislators, eminent scholars, scientists, writers, sportsmen and is known as the land of uprising. Be it protests in 1969 or 2009, OU students have converted all the agitations into people’s movement.

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Beef Festival planned on OU campus


In an act defiance, dalit and left wing student organizations of Osmania university have planned a beef festival on December 10. They are not worried about the heat the beef generated in India, because, beef is food stuff and needed for survival. Banning the beef-eating, they say, is robbing them of their right to live. In the run up to the festival, on November 30, a poets’ meet has been planned. Students and scholars from different universities across the country are expected to participate in the meet. A marathon is also planned to create awareness of beef eating.

A round table with representatives of all political parties will be held on December 5. They students have a plan to invite RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah to participate in the festival. It is not known, given tension the beef engendered after Dadri incident, if the authorities would allow the festival to be held on campus.

Dalit groups and left wing students have been organizing the beef festival for quite some time in Hyderabad. The first ever beef festival organized in Osmania in 2012 led to violence on the campus resulting in the stabbing of a student. Five students injured in the clash that ensued. Many private vehicles also got damaged. Scores of students had been taken into custody. undeterred by these incidents and possible retaliation by ABVP, the dalit and left wing students have made it a practice to celebrate beef as food every year. This year the festival is scheduled on December 10,2015.

Beef on the campus has history in Hyderabad. A year before, in 2011, some dalit students organized a beef festival on campus of English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), adjacent to the Osmania, which also ended up in a clash. Sangh Parivar’s ABVP stormed into the festival, destroyed the food items and attacked the organizers. Many students sustained injuries in the clash.

The inspiration for the EFLU’s Beef Festival was the similar festival organized on campus of Hyderabad Central University (HCU). CH Sateesh, a student Sociology department of HCU told telugu360.com that HCU students waged a three-year long battle for permission to celebrate the beef festival. And finally, it was held amid tight security.

Large presence dalit students in these central universities emboldened these students to break the restrictions on the food they had been living on. Later, this caught up on the campus of Osmania as well. Students of OU have floated the a forum called ‘save democracy’ to defend the democratic rights of students. RN Shankar of All India Students Federation, a CPI affiliated students wing, said their festival was not political move.” This is an attempt to sensitize the people on the need to resist the imposition of restriction on the food habits of various groups of people. Food is a cultural choice. And people have the right to follow their cultural traditions,” he said.

Student leaders cautioned that the “beef festival” should not be mistaken as a merry making event or a carnival.

“Beef is part of our natural food and we condemn Hindutva forces dividing the country on the basis of food habits. Any child will say attacks on beef eaters have risen manifold since Narendra Modi has come to power. We are uniting to resist these attacks,” added Vishnu of the Progressive Democratic Students Union(PDSU).

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Kodandaram to don a new role


Prof M Kodandaram is planning an agitation for farmers. As his political JAC is now almost defunct with its activities getting reduced to periodic meetings of in-consequence, the political science teacher from Osmania university, is all set to reincarnate himself into a farmers’ leader. He is also planning a separate JAC for farmers. For the past two months he has been busy with farmers agitations. He participated in tractor rally in Telangana, later part took in the national rally of farmers organized by another political scientist Yogendra Yadav.

To prove his commitment to farming community, he demanded a compensation for the crop lost due to failure of monsoons in Telangana. He demanded that Rs 10,000 be paid per acre for lost crop and Rs 50,000 as bank loan to take up alternative activities. Kodandaram talked on the need to have a separate JAC to fight for the cause of farmers. He is of the opinion that the farming sector is passing through a serious crisis.

Today he participated in dharna organized by Telangana Rythu Rakshana Samiti (TRRS).“This is the second year in succession that drought has hit the district. There have been no rains after July and the farmers have lost hopes.. Banks are failing to extending credit tof farmers despite assurance from the government,” Kodandaram observed addressing farmers at a dharna in front of the Collecorate at the district headquarters on Friday organized by TRRS. it is not known yet if upcoming JAC would fight against the

TRS government or confine itself to the ‘general welfare of farmers’ talk.

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OU student-JAC to invite Rahul to campus


Osmania University, the hotbed of separate Telangana  politics, is now training its guns on Telangana government. The student JAC of Osmania University is planning huge public meeting in the campus and it wants AICC vice president Rahul to address the student community which reeling under severe unemployment.

Rahul’s support to students and his entry into the campus is expected to take the campaign against TRS government to a new height.

Rahul Gandhi

For quite sometime, the Students have been unhappy with the TRS government. During the days of T-movement, the students had been offered a bright future by the TRS. Leader of movement K Chandraseakhar Rao assured a recruitment spree for  vacancies in the government. Telangana state has become a reality. But jobs remained a distant dream.

The government , instead of issuing notification, chose to regularize the services of contract employees, leading to violent protests by the students. It is almost one year, the TRS government  has not given  a single notification for the jobs which has worried the students and parents as they have been  preparing for the competitive exams for years spending huge money and precious time.

The students now want Rahul Gandhi to stand by their side  in their fight for jobs. According to Congress sources Rahul Gandhi is more than willing to interact with the students.Today the about 20  student-JAC leaders had a meeting with TPCC president N Uttamkuar Reddy at Gandhi Bhavan.

A team of students a leaving for New Delhi on August 6, to meet Rahul and to formally invite him to  the public meeting. Rahul is scheduled to visit Telangana on August 21 and August 22.


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Uranium reserves near Srisailam


A joint research group of Atomic Minerals Directorate and Osmania University found Uranium  reserves in the Nallamala forest near Srisailam, Kurnool district.

The team, which explored about 45 sq km area around Srisailam, found the reserves near Chennakesavula Gutta and Padra villages. The mineral is of superior quality.

According to AMD-OU team Kadapa super basin has about five lakh tons of Uranium and Telangana  has about a lakh ton of reserves.

The research team of published their findings in the latest issue of Chinese Journal of  Geochemistry.

The reserves may contribute substantially to Uranium stocks of India. It may be recalled that Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) has already set up Uranium mining facility near Tummalapalle village that falls in Kadapa super basin. Uranium is considered to be the future fuel of India.






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