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Diwali films off to a Disastrous Start


Three films Manchi Rojulochaie, Peddanna and Enemy tested their luck at the Tollywood box-office during this Diwali. All these three films underperformed on the holiday. Manchi Rojulochaie had paid premieres on the night of Wednesday which is a huge risk. Manchi Rojulochaie received poor response from the premiere shows which had a massive impact on the morning show numbers of Diwali. The film reported quite low openings considering the theatrical rights. Rajinikanth’s Peddanna reported the lowest ever opening for a Rajinikanth’s film in the recent times.

The word of mouth has been extremely poor that the footfalls remained low on the Diwali holiday. The poor content and the predictable narration made Peddanna fall flat. Vishal and Arya starter Enemy carried low expectations when compared to the other two releases. The film too failed to impress the audience as Enemy offered nothing new. All the three films reported low numbers on the Diwali holiday and the pre-sales for today are pathetic. All the three releases will end up as disasters this weekend.

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Rajinikanth’s Peddanna Review:


Telugu360 Rating: 1.75/5

Superstar Rajinikanth’s next film Annaatthe is dubbed into Telugu as Peddanna. Shiva is the director and Meena, Khushbu, Nayanthara, Keerthy Suresh are the lead actors in Peddanna. Sun Pictures produced this mass entertainer and the film released across the globe today. Here is the review of Peddanna:


Peddanna is set in the region of Rajole and Peddanna (Rajinikanth) is the President. He loves his sister Kanaka Mahalaxmi (Keerthy Suresh) so much. He starts his hunt for a bridegroom for his sister. His sister makes a promise about her wedding to his brother. He finalizes a guy and plans a grand wedding for his sister. Right before the wedding, Kanaka Mahalaxmi goes missing. He comes to know that she loves a person and leaves his home for him. He comes to know that Kanakam is in Kolkata. Peddanna lands in Kolkata and he gets shocked to see his sister in a bad shape. The rest of Peddanna is all about the real story behind Kanakam’s drastic shape and what happens next. Watch the film to know about the rest.


Peddanna or Annaatthe is a bad script and the story is ages old. There is nothing exciting in the film and has resemblances to Shiva’s Vedhalam that is done with Ajith. Peddanna is an old-fashioned film that is adopted considering Rajinikanth in mind. Superstar’s fans are badly disappointed with his recent films and choices. Peddanna is one more film that is disappointing to the core and has nothing much to get excited about. The elevation shots for Peddanna in Kolkata will leave his fans in delight but the film misses to continue the tempo and hype. There is no logic in the police station episode with Prakash Raj.

Rajinikanth’s dialogues seem like preachings and they miss the magic. Shiva wanted to bring back the vintage Rajinikanth but those episodes never worked. His romance with Meena and Khushbu looks awkward on-screen. Peddanna also misses several logics throughout the film. The bonding between Peddanna and his sister are well presented but she never reveals about her love story to her brother. The entire second half is filled with action which is one-sided. Though the plot was presented as a brother-sister sentiment film, Peddanna is laced with several unwanted stuff. The villains are presented in a powerful manner but they fail to match with Rajinikanth.


Rajinikanth looks quite active and energetic on screen. His style and mannerisms impress his fans. Nayanthara has a guest appearance and she looks good on screen. Keerthy Suresh has been good as Rajinikanth’s sister and she did justice for her role. Jagapathi Babu is presented well but his role makes no impact. Prakash Raj too did his part well and all the other actors did their roles well.

Peddanna has nothing new with the script. The screenplay and the dialogues are pretty average. D Imman’s music is quite loud. The songs are just ok. The cinematography work is decent and the production values are grand. Shiva believes in an old-fashioned script and indulged too many unwanted mass elements. This makes Peddanna loud, unimpressive and boring.


Peddanna is one more disappointment from Rajinikanth that fails to make an impact because of the poor script and boring narration.

Telugu360 Rating: 1.75/5

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Tollywood to have a triangular fight for Diwali


Three films are testing their luck at the Tollywood box-office for this Diwali. Maruthi’s Manchi Rojulochayie is the straight Telugu film and Rajinikanth’s Peddanna, Vishal’s Enemy are the dubbed films that will test their luck tomorrow. The trailer of Manchi Rojulochayie generated enough laughs and the film is carrying good expectations. Santosh Shoban and Mehreen are the lead actors and the film is made on a tight budget. The film is also heading for early premiere shows in selected cities of the Telugu states.

Rajinikanth’s upcoming movie Annaatthe is releasing in a record number of screens tomorrow as Peddanna. The film is loaded with a lot of Tamil flavour and the film’s run completely depends on the word of mouth. Vishal and Arya starrer Enemy too is hitting the screens tomorrow. Vishal and Arya are known faces for Telugu audience and the film too is expected to open well. There would be a triangular fight at the Tollywood box-office tomorrow and we have to wait to see which film dominates the Diwali box-office.

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