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Poonam Kaur demands a ban on Trivikram Srinivas


Tollywood actress Poonam Kaur made sensational comments on top director Trivikram in the past. After making noise for sometime, she turned calm and Trivikram never responded to her comments. Now, Poonam Kaur took a dig on Trivikram demanding a ban on the top director. “It’s easy to ban Santosham Suresh. Try banning Trivikram Srinivas. This industry abuses the powerless!! Hypocrisy” told the post of Poonam Kaur.

Santosham Suresh is said to have banned from Telugu Journalists Association after recent controversies on him. Taking this incident, Poonam Kaur stated to ban Trivikram Srinivas. The actress has been away from Telugu films and some of her audio conversations in the past got leaked and they turned sensational. Trivikram is currently busy with Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram that is aimed for Sankranthi 2024 release.

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Poonam Kaur’s attempt to create controversy on Ustad poster

It is known news that actress Poonam Kaur doesn’t leave any opportunity to corner Pawan Kalyan or director Trivikram. Now she attempted to create controversy on recently released poster of Ustaad Bhagat Singh. Details as follows.
Ustaad Bhagat Singh movie team released poster and first glimpse of the movie and it went viral immediately after the release. However, actress Poonam Kaur commented on the poster and said that “When u cannot respect revolutionaries atleast don’t insult them – a recent poster release for a movie – insults the name #bhagatsingh by placing it below foot – ego or ignorance ?”
Netizens counter to Poonam:
However netizens countered Poonam’s comments. They replied her with the posters of other movies like Hanuman, Adi Purush etc where the title of the film is at the foot of the actor in that poster. They questioned why Poonam gave a blind eye to those posters and selectively targeting Pawan Kalyan. Some others gave even stronger reply and showed how Bhagat Singh photos are disrespected by some political groups in her own Punjab state and asked her to dare to question those political groups first. Many others reminded her that this is not the story of real Bhagat Singh but the story of another man who just has the same name.
We need to wait and see whether Poonam’s attempt to gain some attention will be successful or not. kaur

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Poonam Kaur Diagnosed with a rare disease


Punjabi beauty Poonam Kaur has done enough number of films in Telugu and other languages. The actress is diagnosed with a rare disease called Fibromyalgia which causes physical pain along with memory loss and mood swings. Poonam Kaur who has been active in politics is away from films for a long time. Poonam Kaur visited Kerala recently after she was suffering with back pain for an ayurvedic treatment. The team of doctors confirmed that she is suffering with Fibromyalgia and her health condition is stable.

Poonam Kaur has been suggested with all the needed medications, and therapies and was asked to take exercise. To enhance the quality of life, Poonam Kaur has to reduce the symptoms through the treatment. There is no complete care for the disease. The actress is currently in Mumbai and is in recovery mode. Poonam Kaur was spotted walking with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during his Bharat Jodo Yatra.

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Poonam Kaur’s sensational tweets against RGV

Actress Poonam Kaur made sensational tweets against director Ram Gopal Varma. She told that, director Ram Gopal Varma begged her for 1 hour to tweet against Pawan Kalyan in the past. She also added that she recorded all this conversation and send it to janasena party media head Hariprasad. Details as below.

RGV to mock Pawan Kalyan in his new film Power star:

This all started with director Ram Gopal Varma announcing movie with title Power Star. It is known news that director Ram Gopal Varma recently making some very cheap movies ( in terms of content as well as budget ) and releasing them on his app to make a few quick bucks. His recent movies like Climax, Naked received worst feedback but yet Ram Gopal Varma is boasting himself of being able to sell a few thousand tickets. Even if we go by his numbers, the total collected could have been a few lakhs. He seems to have forgotten that his movies were being awaited by biggies of the country at one point of time.

Yesterday Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that he is making a movie on Power star. He tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR ..it will be starring P K, M S , N B , T S, a Russian woman , four children , 8 buffaloes and R G V ..No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are #RGV’sPOWERSTAR”

Poonam Kaur responded on RGV’s new film, reminds RGV begging her to tweet against Pawan:

Ram Gopal Varma announcement on power star movie did not evoke any response from power star fans as everyone is now aware that he is doing this for a few quick bucks. But quite unexpectedly, Poonam Kaur responded to Ram Gopal Varma tweet about power star movie.

She tweeted, “Plz include a character named #rgv who calls girls finding out their emotional weakness n instigates them to use abusive language and sends tweets to them to share as if they are doing it n then informs media about it …I respected U when I was a child …feel sad about u now”. She also added, ” I really wish I had recorded the call of this traitor director who brainwashed me for an hour to speak against a personality …the tweets he sent me were sent to respective party personal …thank god I have few genuine people in media I wouldn’t know ur intentions otherwise ….”

Poonam says, she sent these recordings to Janasena leader:

Even though she did not mention the name of Pawan Kalyan in her original tweet, it was understood by many as she quoted Ram Gopal Varma tweet on the movie Power Star. But she herself opened up when some netizens were asking about all the proofs. She told that she had recorded the conversation of Ram Gopal Varma begging her to tweet against Pawan Kalyan and sent it to Janasena leader Hariprasad. She tweeted, “The tweet msgs were sent to Hari- prasad Garu from your party who hails from Tirupati …. I don’t know if he saved it ! My responsibility was to inform them!”

Overall, it seems that Poonam Kaur, with her tweets, really exposed director Ram Gopal Varma ‘Naked’. We will have to wait and see how Ram Gopal Varma responds on this.

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Poonam Kaur Vs Director ‘Guruji’ storming social media


Actress Poonam Kaur’s series of tweets against unnamed director creating a storm in social media. As she didn’t directly give the name of the director, many people started assuming different names including director Trivikram’s name. In one of the tweets she mentioned the word ‘Guruji’ which is usually used to refer director Trivikram and this tweet created controversy in social media.

If you die, it will be used for just one day, said the director- alleges Poonam

While everyone is talking about Sushant suicide, actress Poonam Kaur spoke about one incident where she had a tendency for committing suicide and the way a favourite director responded on her situation. She tweeted, “My friend approached a director not once but twice ..thrice saying Poonam is unwell she is completely not ok . Can we do some thing about this situation ..and there are delaying techniques by the director. Then I asked what do we do now I feel absolutely sick n sad . I again asked him can we resolve this situation . Can I talk , I feel sick n suicidal. Director says ( emi zargadu, nuvvu chachipotey one day news untavu ) . This one sentence and his escaping approach made me feel so shitty about myself. Journey with this man saying ‘’Madiya ratri kuda problem untey nenu vasTanu ….to nuvvu chachipotey one day news untavu ‘’ seriously? Why I was unwell, I am still not ok you remove my name from movie casting list , u remove my pics from audio function,seriously? Those words resound!”.

This director is the reason for his friend and star NOT patching up with his wife:

Punam Kaur also tweeted in another tweet that, this director is the reason for his friend, who is a star, to not patch up with his wife. She tweeted, “U stopped ur friend from getting back to his very loving wife . She could have died for n the star gets abused today why coz of u coming in between them. Children suffered,he suffered ,he still suffers … why did u do this. Are u places to kill him like slow poison ?”

This tweet created a lot of debate about many people trying to guess who that star hero is.

This director is manipulative and Powerful :

Poonam Kaur also said this director is very manipulative and also a powerful man in the industry. She tweeted “Speaking about Savitiri Garu on the stage and never ever promoting a local talent , rather stopping some one from doing that coz u think it’s not right after the girl was declared beautiful by people . You know minister sons n big families so what ? I think u r sick and manipulative . Media is controlled by him ,movie mafia is controlled by him , advertisements are controlled by him,the way he communicated to me thru indirect articles online made me feel more sick thru my depression, unnecessary articles putting me down.I gave one reply and that was direct . His assistants who do all the inside work and sell the information to the website like your from sabotaging people image to trying to tell a person to move on ,sure this website gets information from some sources, some one must be paying u right, his girl friend are shown in amazing light?”

Names Guruji:

Even though she did not mention any name directly in all these tweets, she mentioned the word GURUJI in one of the tweets. She tweeted, “And for a fact I never approached him for anything other than resolving an issue,his delaying n manipulative techniques ,misusing the power given by ministers n friends, casting only ur muses, doing nothing but bhajana , u want to silently ban me it’s fine but u r no #guruji”.

Will have to wait and see what kind of controversy and debate these tweets going to create.

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Poonam Kaur hits out at Fake Tweet creators


A snapshot of Poonam Kaur’s tweet has gone viral. According to this viral tweet, Poonam Kaur also asked Telangana police to punish actors turned politicians who cheated women like her. Based on this Fake tweet, several media outlets including TV9 website published news saying that Poonam Kaur tweeted against Pawan Kalyan.

The fake tweet snapshot doesn’t even have AM/PM to the time stamp but the media outlets carried away the viral image. Angry Poonam Kaur first tweeted that it was fake. Later, she took it to twitter to vent our anger on a section of media people who spread fake news.

She mentioned she didn’t tweet anything as such. She tweeted, “Attention plz,have always observed that when ever I am doing my interest of work mostly regarding social activity at any level n I am intensely busy,there are these group of media ppl who spread fake news in my name,I don’t understand know this physco behaviour.just ignore. thanx.”

It has become a fashion for media outlets to use Poonam Kaur’s cryptic tweets to link them with Pawan Kalyan.

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A culprit who targeted Lakshmi Parvathi and Poonam Kaur on social media


Two different complaints have been registered by Lakshmi Parvathi and actress Poonam Kaur recently that they have been targeted with defamatory posts across the platforms of social media. The Cybercrime cops conducted a thorough investigation and identified that the culprit who harassed the duo with his indecent writings was the same.

His identities have been collected by the cybercrime cops who is currently missing and the hunt for him is on. The culprit has been running an office from an apartment in Filmnagar. He staged attacks through social media platforms on Lakshmi Parvathi from February and on Poonam Kaur from the past eight months. Other facts would be unveiled once he would be nabbed told a cop.

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Poonam Kaur met DGP: What might be real reason?


Poonam Kaur, who has become more popular in last 6 months than when she was a heroine, surprised many as she met Telangana DGP yesterday. She claimed, she met DGP to appreciate his decision of expelling Kathi Mahesh and Paripoornanda Swamy from Hyderabad city. Even though she is saying this as official reason, many think, there could be some other reason for this and it may be revealed only at later point of time.

It is known news that when Kathi Mahesh was continuously targeting Pawan, she criticized Kathi and called him ‘fatso’ and asked Channels to stop showing him ‘as she was bored of watching fatso’ all the time. Later, Kathi made sensational comments on Poonam as he fired several questions to PK and the questions involved Poonam Kaur’s personal matters. Kathi recent episode of criticizing Hindu gods was unanimously opposed by several sections of people. Even though expelling someone from city was not supported by analysts and people believing in the system of judiciary, considering Kathi Mahesh crossing the line several times and Paripoornanda involving in this sensite issue, several people appreciated decision of Telangana DGP.

Now Poonam Kaur met Telangana DGP and she also claimed the meeting was only to appreciate his decision of expelling Kathi and Paripoornanda but no one knows what exactly she discussed with him. Official reason given is, meeting was scheduled to congratulate Mahendar Reddy’s brave decision in implementing ban on people who are creating law and order issues in Hyderabad. But, according to other sources in DGP office, the actual reason for the meeting was unclear and the appointment wouldn’t be scheduled for just congratulating. They added it might be for some other unkown reasons as lot of conversation exchange happened between them. At this moment, what transpired is not revealed, but it is for sure that meeting lasted long and lot of conversation exchange happened.

We will have to wait and see to know what exactly transpired in their meeting.

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Poonam Kaur slams ‘Gossip site of Andhra’


A Telugu website, which has a bad reputation for writing mudslinging gossips on Tollywood stars, has been slammed by actress Poonam Kaur for publishing an article regarding her social media posts.

It is well known that since many days Poonam Kaur has been targeting a top director and a star hero for ruining her career. Recently, the so called gossip website published an article on why she is taking potshots at the star director.

In no time, Poonam lashed out at the website and said that she knows that they are getting paid by the media head of the director. She excoriated the website and asked them to shut up and stop putting women down to glorify such persons.

The gossip website has already faced the ire of several Tollywood stars for writing fake and unconfirmed news articles about personal and professional lives just for the sake of clicks and making money out of it. Recently, Natural star Nani also condemned the website for spreading a fake news about his choice of films.

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Who is Poonam Kaur targeting with her innuendos


Actress Poonam Kaur has been constantly in news ever since Kathi Mahesh alleged that she is an estranged girl friend of Pawan Kalyan. Since then, Poonam Kaur posts in social media have become a point of serious discussion among her followers. Previously, she went on a Twitter rant and targeted a few industry people including Pawan Kalyan.

Yesterday, she has once again raised the eyebrows with a couple of innuendos through her Tweets. She posted :

‘The director yet extends his support to thru all his 4 families support to this so called NRI heroine ( he has tendendancy to fall for this particular slang for years ) so I did not have a hit …so did she ??#justasking …good at quite a few jobs u give #justheard #hypocrisy’

Though she didn’t reveal the name of the director and the actress, it can be understood that she is referring to a top director who maintains a close rapport with Pawan Kalyan and an NRI heroine who recently acted in his film.

She further created a stir by taking two of Pawan Kalyan’s films titles in her next tweet : ‘Jalsalu choopistu agnyathavaasam lo esestadu …Jaggeratha #namakadrohi’

This tweet has become a sensation and has been the talking point both among audience and industry circles since yesterday night as both films are related to Pawan Kalyan. Several questions are being raised on who is she targeting ? What are her claims ?

It is well known that Poonam was supposed to play one of the female leads in Jalsa, but was replaced due to some unknown reasons.

So, it remains to be seen if Poonam really dares to open up on her allegations and reveal who is behind these innuendos.

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Inside info: ABN Poonam kaur interview to be a damp squib.


ABN channel is planning an interview with Poonam Kaur and the trailer with the title Punjabi Panja has created lot of tremors in media and political circles. However, as per our sources who have watched it, it is going to be pale and damp squib.

Our sources say, Poonam is talking about her relation and issues with Pawan very very vaguely without any specific details. Actually she didn’t want to do the interview right now. As T360 earlier reported, high level deal still being worked on through a VIP business man. As the deal is still not worked out fully, she wanted to wait for few more days to decide. But ABN Radha Krishna has been hounding her from last few weeks . When she goes to Gurudwara also daily he was sending ABN reporters to talk to her and get details. So finally she obliged and talked for a few minutes.

Everybody in media circles know that she has some explosive information. People who have seen her WhatsApp chat were quite surprised with some of the details. But she is not willing to reveal those details, at least for now. She is not talking about politics too. With her reluctance to reveal details on Pawan and not showing any willingness to talk on politics – interview turned pale. We will have to wait and see how this turns.

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Poonam kaur’s sensational comments


Poonam Kaur, who has been in news recently with Kathi Mahesh dragging her into his controversy with Pawan fans, has made a sensational tweet today. Her tweet –

“Porn stars have better life and respect in India than normal girls..innocent are framed..misused and abused and if they stand up for something..all are prepared to kill her soul..mind and body”

It seems this tweet is an indirect attack on Kathi Mahesh who recently had all praise for porn star Mia Malkova and RGV’s porn video God, Sex and Truth. Kathi Mahesh earlier tweeted

“Mia’s physique, her voice, and MM Keeravani’s back ground music added an epic value to the film. I look forward for the movie. The trailer of the movie (God, Sex and Truth) embodies philosophy of many philosophers and many revolutionaries. The film embodies an ancient truth, and an undeniable physical fact. Mia is not a body. Mia represents the desires of woman who has been suppressed since ages”

Seems, Poonam who was dragged into controversy by Kathi Mahesh is miffed with his praise for a porn star and so retaliated with a tweet saying, Porn stars are better respected than normal girls like her.

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After Kona Venkat, actress Poonam Kaur attacks Kathi Mahesh


Kathi Mahesh, who has been churning out punch lines on celebrities on daily basis, got surprise from actress Poonam Kaur as she attacked him in a serires of tweets and even went on to call him “fatso”. She tweeted –

“Beggars are better than people who are making money criticizing others. Change the man or the topic,I am bored to see the same fatso (on TV).” She even justified calling him a fatso. She tweeted – “Don’t tell me commenting on being fat is personal, I am worried about millions watching him and getting inspired. I am concerned about people’s physical and mental health”

Earlier film writer Kona Venkat tweeted – “Some Jokers are taking the silence of PawanKalyan for granted… don’t….”

But it seems Kathi is unstoppable and continuing his spree of posts attacking Pawan, Trivikram, Bala Krishna and many others.

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