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First Look: Nithya Menen’s look as Savitri from NTR

Balakrishna and Nithya Menen from NTR
Balakrishna and Nithya Menen from NTR

Nandamuri Balakrishna is busy with the shoot of NTR, the prestigious biopic of his father. Krish and his team have been unfolding the looks of the lead actors from the film which brought enough buzz for the film. Now the makers released the first look of Nithya Menen who is playing the role of veteran actress Savitri in NTR.

Balakrishna and Nithya Menen have been spotted essaying the roles of NTR and Savitri from Gundamma Katha in NTR. A song on them has been canned recently and the makers released the picture on the eve of Diwali. Nithya Menen looks apt in the role of Savitri and Balayya stuns in a new look in the picture. NTR will hit the screens during January 2019 and is produced by NBK Films.

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Mahanati Review – A mesmerizing tribute to Savitramma

Mahanati Review

Savitri Biopic Review

Telugu360 Rating : 3.75/5

When attempting a biopic of most acclaimed actress Savitri garu- not only willingness but also honesty, guts to stick to the theme are important. And this is what the team of ‘Mahanati‘ delivers to the audience.


Savitri garu’s reel life needs no introduction, but real-life certainly does. Many of us know her real life outline – she earned fame and lot of money, was a generous donor, but died in miserable conditions due to financial mismanagement and personal issues. Few youngsters may not be even aware of this outline. It doesn’t matter how familiar you’re, this film covers almost all phases – from childhood until death of Mahanati Savitri.


Enacting scenes of Savitri garu’s films is different ball game altogether when compared to another actress. Her films like Mayabazaar, Gundamma Katha are cult classics. Her signature characterstics is familiar to all generations and any mistake enacting her on screen or offscreen personality would backfire. Even under that pressure, Keerthy Suresh walked away with award winning performance as Mahanati Savitri. Samantha Akkineni who played a journalist Madhura Vani got into the skin of the character. Her performance while talking to coma ridden Mahanati in climax is outstanding.

Vijay Deverakonda as Anthony is good, except diction. Dulquer Salmaan as Gemini Ganeshan is remarkable. Naga Chaitanya enacted his grandfather’s reel life and is super cool as ANR (No off-screen scenes of ANR). Great actor Mohanbabu portrayed SVR’s role, Prakash raj as Chakrapani, Avasarala Srinivas as LV Prasad, Director Krishh as Director KV Reddy so on. Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad potrayed the role of Savitri garu’s Pedananna ole. Bhanupriya, Naresh, Tanikella Bharani, Shalini Pandey and Malavika Nair played smaller roles. Makers should thank all these great actors for supporting Savitri garu’s biopic.


Any biopic to work needs good amount of research, sticking to true history, highlighting the drama in the life of the person aided good production values. All these aspects worked out for Mahanati. Most of the times biopic films lack commerciality and runs merely on the popularity of the person on whom it was made. Especially if the film is based on the life of a celebrity whose half of the life was in hardship, then the film may endup with slow narration.

Likewise, in Mahanati, the documentary style slowness is inevitable at few times, but the overall experience is good. To narrate Mahanati Savitri life on screen, director intelligently picked multiple sources. For each small character, a renowned personality has been picked and audience will enjoy the star cast. The way Gemini Ganeshan drives Savitri even after he was married twice, her prime time life, her downfall and saddest ending, all are nicely captured.

Savitri’s first scene as heroine came out well, her love life with Gemini Ganeshan is colorful. ‘Mooga Manasuloo ‘, ‘Mahanati’, ‘Aaduko balyamaa‘ songs are splendid on screen. In climax, the decision not to show Savitri garu’s dead body is very touchingly justified by Madhuravani’s character. Vyjayanthi movies’ young team – Dutt Sisters Swapna and Priyanka and director Nag Ashwin (Husband of Priyanka Dutt) dreamt big about Savitri’s life and their dream comes true moment based on Mahanati’s outcome.


Production design by Shivam Rao is good in initial parts. Art work by Avinash is superb, with huge number of retro sets which he excelled at. Mickey J. Mayor background score, songs are soothing. Especially that ‘Mahaanatiii…’ signature music is haunting.

Cinematography by Dani for entire Madhuravani, Anthony thread is terrible. Cinematography for remaining parts is very good. For some reason majority of second half has blurry backdrop (intentional production cost cut or some technical glitch). To make it look 80’s they might have chosen easy path, deliberately made those scenes with grainy look and out focussed setup. A poor production on this aspect. Kotagiri editing is adequate though it appears too lengthy at times due to the fact that it is a biopic.1980s, 60s, 40s setup has been done with great effort and kudos to the team.


Mahanati Savitri took birth as Keerthy Suresh is an understatement because such was the grace with which Keerthy carried herself as Savitri. Re-rendition of iconic scenes from Savitri garu’s hit films are pleasant retro experience. First half of this film is very good. In second half, due to pathos in the legendary actor’s life, the narration slows down but emotions work out. Throughout the movie the director keeps you connected with the proceedings. With huge starcast, stellar performances and honest team work MAHANATI is a must watch and a true tribute to great actress Savitri Garu.

Telugu360 Rating : 3.75/5

Starring : Keerthi Suresh,Samantha, Vijay Deverakonda, Dulqueer Salmaan, Shalini Pandey, Prakash Raj and few others in prominent roles.
Director : Nag Aswhin,
Produced by Vyjayanthi Movies banner.
Release Date : 09th May 2018

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Mahanati’ is a celebration of Savitri’s life : Nag Ashwin


Movie audiences around the world eagerly awaits for the release of legendary actress Savitri’s biopic ‘Mahanati’ on May 9th, what lingers in everyone’s mind is what is in this biopic? According to Nag Ashwin the director of the film, “it’s a celebration of Savitri’s Life”.

‘Mahanati’ in Telugu & Nadigaiyar Thilagam in Tamil is about the joy and a celebration of the great ‘Mahanati’ who ruled the hearts of millions then, now and forever. As a story teller and makers of the film we want people to appreciate her professional talent and being a beautiful mother and a family person, about her association with people who were part of her life from childhood to her passing away.

According to Priyanka Dutt, Swapna Cinema, “for us the important thing was as a film-maker, the best we can do is get things right. Life is big and laden with troubles, awful and wonderful. It was indeed a massive task for us, in this film we have done our best to distil Savitri’s life story into two hours of quality entertainment”.

Complementing our choice of Keerthy Suresh for the titular role of Savitri, Vijaya Chamundeswari had expressed it is a huge challenge to play this big role on her young shoulders, I found many qualities in Keerthy that kind of made me feel yes, she can pull it off.

There was so many instances in the set that made not just me but many in the sets believe that Keerthy had mannerisms that strike lot of similarity like Savitri, adds the film maker.

Savitri had immense, diverse talent, a director, playback singer, producer and someone who loved car racing. As a race car driver she won trophies. There are so many such beautiful facets of this actor she deserves to be reminisced today, Writer, Director Nag Ashwin added.

Directed by Nag Ashwin, Produced by Priyanka Dutt of Swapna Cinema and Presented by Vyjayanthi Movies, ‘Mahanati’ is slated for release worldwide on May 9th 2018 as ‘Mahanati’ in Telugu, and as ‘Nadigaiyar Thilagam’ in Tamil.

While Keerthy Suresh plays the role of Savitri, Dulquer Salmaan plays the role of Gemini Ganesan. Samantha Akkineni, NagaChaitanya, Vijay Devarakonda also plays important role in the film along with other celebrated actors from the southern film industry.

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Can This Senior Producer Convince NTR?

‘Mahanati’, a biopic of yesteryear actress Savitri that is being produced by Ashwini Dutt, looks to have become his dream project. He has already roped in an ensemble cast – Samantha, Prakash Raj, Anushka, Dulquer Salman etc. in this film starring Keerthy Suresh in lead role. Dutt however is still yearning for the presence of one actor in the film, and he is NTR Jr.

There is no need to reiterate that a biopic on Savithri can’t be made omitting the characters of NTR Sr and ANR. The toughest part for the makers is roping in actors who can do justice to the characters of those two legends. Despite the promising star cast ‘Mahanati’ has, the film is still being treated as a heroine-centric film, so the two actors who would play the roles of NTR and ANR can take the film’s reach to next level.

Dutt is of the opinion that NTR Jr and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni are the best options to play their respective grandfathers on screen. He has approached both the youngsters very long back. Whereas NTR politely refused to act in the film citing he didn’t have the stature to portray his grandfather, Chaitu put forth the condition that he would do the film only if NTR does it.

Rest of the film excluding the scenes involving NTR and ANR’s characters is being canned currently. Makers have Sharwanand and Nani as reserve options to play NTR and ANR respectively but Dutt is still hopeful of convincing NTR to portray his grandfather by showing him the output thus far. If NTR still stands by his apprehension, Dutt will go with Sharwa and Nani.

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When will Nara Rohit sleep?


The over enthusiastic PR team of Nara Rohit has sent a press release yesterday stating that the young hero is shooting in Ramoji Film City for two films. Since it is the same location the actor is apparently is working for director Pradeep in a Varahi production Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, the shoot begins at 6 am. By 6 pm the press release says Rohit goes to work to the sets of ‘Savitri’ being directed by Pawan Sadhineni and works till 6 the next morning . The note adds a word or two on the dedication and passion of the actor. Nara Rohit’s film Raja Cheyyi Vesthe’s shoot is in progress but a heroine is yet to be finalised.

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Madhavi Latha on Anushtanam

I took a gap for education and in the industry it means out of sight is out of mind, also my PR is not strong and the third reason Telugu industry doesn’t encourage Telugu girls. Whatever I get, I choose the best and do it. My last film was Aravind 2. I am not into limelight because I am not doing glamorous roles, now I am ready to take it up”, says Madhavilatha in an exclusive chat with telugu360.com on Anushtanam.

How is it working with the team? 

Everyone worked with love, passion for Anushtanam. We have been working for two years and the crew be it costume person or hair stylist, make up department all have stayed on. I did not read the novel and did whatever the director Krishnavasa told me to do. From the accessories, Nallapoosalu, Pateelu onwards everything he selected and the diction resembles that of what the characters spoke in Kanyasulkam. How Savitri and NTR would speak to each other in black and white films, that sort of conversation you will find here. RR will be less and there will be clarity in dialogues. For instance there is a dialogue, “Yemite nuvvu chestunna pani? Aadhemitamma aa rojullo munulu rushulu vocchinnappudu…aadavaalu yilane dhaakunnevaara lekapothe bayatakocchi matladevaara?”

Was it tough?

I was upset for a day as I didn’t get it right, the entire night I saw Kanyasulkam and the next day did it. I settled down a bit. The director encouraged me and said I alone could do it. Learnt so much in the process, for pathetic scenes, I had to crumple one end of my pallu and cover it on my nose and mouth and express anguish and cry after running out and holding the wooden pillar. The director would be particular about how I would drape my saree, what sort of anklets I should wear and how much curve from behind I should show while putting ‘muggu’ just like a Bapu Bomma.

What is Anushtanam?

It is a 1950 novel titled Anushtanam by Chalam..it is a satisfying feeling that you experience when you sacrifice something. It is a woman oriented film, shot in Palakollu where century old houses were available. We shot a song in Sarathi Studios, it came out very well. The lady will be discussing with her mother, she reads a lot of mythology, history about men going astray those days and what the wives did. Were they silent or did they question them? The mother says, “Mee naanagaru inthakanne ekkuva tiregevaarule. She replies”Appudu Nuvvu enduku tiragaledu, ” Yemite aa maatalu? Magaadu cheste nyayamu mari aadadhi cheste tappuna? Mari natho itihaasalu puranaalu enduku chadivacchavu? Chalam’s women in the stories always had a questioning spirit. She takes a resolution and it is a revolutionary decision. Her husband works in a bank, she is traditional but modern thought. I found difficult wearing cotton sarees and sporting a lengthy plait

How many characters are in the film? A husband, devadasini, a rowdy with the devadasini and a few others, hardly a handful characters in the story. I learnt Telugu, earlier I would pronounce Telugu as Telgu and the director would correct me. I realised why yesteryear actors were considered legends. There is only one song, that too montages during the initial stage of marriage to show how compatible they were. There is no romance at all.

(Sunita Yalavarthi)

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