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Silpa brothers hail YSRCP: Chakrapani Reddy resigns as TDP MLC


YSR Congress party finally managed to bring Nandyal TDP MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy into the party. In a major setback to TDP ahead of the Nandyal by-election, Chakrapani Reddy announced resignation to his MLC post and the ruling party. He cited that he is switching to the YSRCP as he is not being given enough importance in the ruling party.

Chakrapani Reddy faxed his resignation letter to the TDP office. He will be meeting YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy in Hyderabad on Wednesday. He will be joining the opposition party officially tomorrow in Nandyal.

The defection seemed obvious after his brother Silpa Mohan Reddy switched to YSRCP and is now named as the candidate for the Nandyal by-poll.

Chakrapani Reddy, a senior leader from Kurnool, was elected as MLC under local bodies’ quota took oath in May on a TDP ticket.

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Silpa Mohan Reddy asks his brother to defect to YSRCP


YSR Congress Party candidate for Nandyal by-poll Silpa Mohan Reddy met his brother TDP MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy on Monday.

Mohan Reddy reportedly requested Chakrapani Reddy to switch from the Andhra Pradesh ruling party and join the opposition party. Mohan Reddy said that it is better for both the brothers to be in the same party rather than being in two different parties.

It may be recalled that Mohan Reddy defected from TDP to YSRCP last month after he felt that the ruling party will not let him contest in the Nandyal byelections. He apparently requested his MLC brother to support him in the by-poll.

Chakrapani Reddy instead of outrightly denying his brother’s request allegedly asked time to think and respond.

Mohan Reddy nonetheless is confident that he will win the by-elections with party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s charisma and support from the party cadre.

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Silpa Mohan Reddy blessed with Nandyal by poll ticket


The battle lines are drawn for the Nandyal by-poll between TDP candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy and YSRCP candidate Silpa Mohan Reddy. As expected, Former Minister Silpa who recently joined the YSR Congress party has been finalised for nomination. YSRCP supremo Jagan Mohan Reddy decided in favor of Silpa on Sunday.

TDP earlier appealed to opposition leader seeking cooperation for unanimous election of its candidate. Requesting them to follow the tradition, they even mentioned that TDP did not field a candidate in the by-poll caused by death of Allagadda MLA Sobha Nagi Reddy. Bhuma Nagireddy won the 2014 elections from YSRCP, but later switched loyalty to TDP.

After losing to Bhuma Nagireddy in 2014 elections with a very less margin, Silpa was adamant to contest in Nandyal by election. It was difficult for him to continue in TDP post the demise of Nagireddy, especially with Minister Akhila Priya taking pot-shots at the YSRCP leader.

Silpa, along with his supporters, joined the YSRCP on 14June frustrated with the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu’s indecisive attitude on the Nandyal by-election candidature. Following his defection, TDP announced Brahmananda Reddy’s name as candidate for by-election. Ever since , Chandrababu himself has been touring the Kurnool district and campaigning for TDP.

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Bhuma Akhila says Silpa Mohan joining YCP not a loss for TDP

Telugu Desam Party’s Nandyal constituency in charge Silpa Mohan Reddy, announced his resignation from the party and will be joining YSR Congress Party on Wednesday. Subsequently Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday had a teleconference with Bhuma Akhila Priya Reddy, Kalva Srinivasulu and Atchannaidu to enquire into the political scenario of Nandyal.

Tourism Minister Akhila Priya allegedly said that Silpa’s ouster from the party was not loss for them. Apparently, she informed that no one is going to tag along with him, on the contrary many are ready to join TDP. Chandrababu asked the leaders to speed up development activities in the district and that he would be visiting the district on 23June.

Akhila Priya of Allagadda constituency defected to TDP and became a minister while Gangula Prabhakar Reddy, who was TDP in charge in the same constituency, joined YCP and later became MLC.

TDP appeared to prefer Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy for Nandyal constituency. However, former Minister Mohan Reddy had been aspiring for party ticket in the by-elections but did not get positive reply. With Mohan Reddy switching allegiance, TDP will most likely field a member of Bhuma family. Minister Akhila Priya already started campaigning on behalf of her cousin in the constituency.

It is not yet clear if MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy would follow the footsteps of his brother.

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Kala Venkata Rao builds peace with warring Bhuma, Silpa groups


Vijayawada: The ruling Telugu Desam Party in the State seems to have built peace between the two warring groups in Kurnool district over the Nandyal Assembly by-election. TDP AP unit president and Minister K Kala Venkata Rao held several rounds of talks with the leaders of the two groups in his office on Saturday. Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya represented the Bhuma family, while Silpa Mohan Reddy represented the Silpa family. The TDP had also held talks with Nandyal MP S P Y Reddy to bring the unanimity among the leaders. After day long talks, the warring Bhuma and Silpa families took a step backward and agreed to leave the selection of candidate to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

Interestingly, the two families have agreed to work together for the party’s victory in the elections whoever is the candidate. Silpa Mohan Reddy, who had earlier threatened to quit the party if ticket is denied, changed his plans now and agreed to be with the party and work for its victory this time. Bhuma Akhila Priya, who had already taken one step backward and did not announce the candidate on April 24, the death anniversary of her mother Sobha Nagi Reddy. The Bhuma family too had agreed to work for the party leaving the candidature issue to the party chief.

During a brief interaction with the media after the initial talks, Silpa Mohan Reddy said he would stay with the party in the larger interests of the Constituency. He further said he would leave the decision to the party chief but insisted that the Bhuma family should work for his victory if his name is cleared. He also promised to work if the party chief picked up a candidate from the Bhuma family.

The two warring families have finally left the decision to Chandrababu Naidu, giving a sigh of relief to the party leadership. Kala Venkata Rao, who took the initiative of holding consultations with the leaders, said that the differences were resolved and the leaders would work together for the victory of the party.

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Silpa Mohan Reddy is firm on contesting Nandyal seat


Vijayawada: Telugu Desam leader and former MLA Silpa Mohan Reddy affirmed that he would contest the Nandyal Assembly seat in its by-elections. He told media persons that he would contest the seat to protect and save his supporters in the district.

Mohan Reddy and his brother Chakrapani Reddy met Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu at his residence in Undavalli on Wednesday night. The brothers waited for several hours to meet the Chief Minister at Velagapudi secretariat in vain. The two leaders met several ministers too as they were kept waiting from morning and made their claims clear to the TDP leadership.

Even after meeting Chandrababu Naidu, the Silpa brothers said that they were not ready to give up their claim for the Nandyal Assembly seat. “We are contesting the by-election. There is no second thought on it, come what may. We hope the Chief Minister would take a decision in our favour,” said the brothers during their brief interaction with the media while coming out of the meeting with Chandrababu Naidu.

The Silpa family had already made its stand clear to the TDP leadership about its stakes on the Nandyal seat. They went one step ahead and declared that “contesting the by-election is certain and there is no change. The only issue to be cleared is whether we would be contesting on the TDP ticket or YSR Congress ticket or as Independent.”

Though there are no positive signals from the YSR Congress leadership to this statement of the Silpa brothers, it is said that they have already sent feelers to Jaganmohan Reddy. The YSR Congress, which is also equally firm on contesting the seat, is waiting for the TDP squabbles to settle down.

The Silpa brothers are going tough particularly in the light of Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya setting the date, April 24, to announce the name of their candidate for the by-election. Surprisingly, while it is the party president Chandrababu Naidu who is expected to announce the name of the candidate for the election, the two groups are declaring their names giving no room for Chandrababu Naidu, making the battle tougher and interesting too.

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Nandyala is all set to be high voltage electoral battle

Vijayawada: Though not decided or declared yet, the by-election to Nandyala Assembly Constituency in Kurnool, is all set to see a high voltage electoral battle. Besides being a tough one between the ruling TDP and Opposition YSR Congress, it is also set to make a few nail biting developments within the ruling TDP.

The by-election is for sure as its sitting MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy died last month. Though Nagi Reddy was elected on the YSR Congress ticket, he defected to the TDP in his last days. It is for this reason both the YSR Congress and the TDP are staking claim for the seat. The YSR Congress which had won the seat in 2014 elections is firm on winning it again and prove its hold, while the TDP wants to wrest the seat as Bhuma was with it in his last days. However, the two parties are yet to name their candidates and it would be clear only once the Election Commission notifies the schedule.

There is a big internal fight going on within the TDP with the family members of Bhuma Nagi Reddy insisting on having the ticket to the family members on one side and Kurnool senior leader Silpa Mohan Reddy staking claim for the seat. Though it has been a formality in the Telugu States to give the by-election ticket to the family members of the deceased MLA, the practice is all set to be kept aside this time for the MLA had defected in his last days. Having won the seat in 2014, YSR Congress claims for it, while having the MLA in its bag, the TDP too is claiming. For these two reasons, the election is set to be a real battle field and the voters would have tough time to decide. The YSR Congress is strong once again with the Gangula family joining the party after the death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy and thus the party had gained its lost ground.

The ruling TDP is already feeling the heat with Silpa Mohan Reddy being firm on contesting the by-election. He lost the seat to Bhuma Nagi Reddy in the 2014 elections by a small margin of 3,604 votes. Earlier, he had won the seat on Congress ticket for two successive terms, 2004 and 2009. This time too he is mounting pressure on the TDP leadership to give the ticket to him as the seat belonged to him. Moreover the TDP had already compensated the Bhuma family by giving a Cabinet berth to Bhuma Akhila Priya. Mohan Reddy had even threatened to quit the TPD and contest either as Independent or join the YSR Congress. While YSR Congress has not made up its mind on fielding the Silpa family in case he defected, it is said that Silpa Mohan Reddy is firm on contesting the seat, which would give a tough time to the ruling TDP.

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