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Visakha is executive capital, no change in it, says Sajjala


State government advisor and ruling YSR Congress general secretary, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, on Wednesday reiterated that Visakhapatnam would be the executive capital of the state. He said that there was no going back on the decentralisation plans of the YSR Congress.

When the reports of finance minister Buggana Rajendranath saying that Visakhapatnam is the only capital of the state, were brought to the notice, Sajjala said that the finance minister’s statement was misrepresented. He said that the government is committed to the decentralization plans.

We have said that Visakhapatnam would be the executive capital, while Amaratai and Kurnool would be the legislative and judicial capital respectively, Sajjala said. He said that there was no plan to change this policy.

Amaravati would continue to be the legislative capital and Kurnool would be the judicial capital. The chief minister and the senior bureaucrats would function from Visakhapatnam, Sajjala said.

“We don’t speak one thing for elections and another if there are no elections,” Sajjala said and criticised a section of the media in the state for their misleading reports. He said that the media in Andhra Pradesh was playing a political role disseminating politically motivated information.

Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said that Jagan Mohan Reddy would not go back on any promise that he gave and the three capitals promise was a decision after a serious thought. He made an appeal to the people not to be carried away by the misleading and politically motivated reports of the media.

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Three capitals only to create hatred among people, say TDP leaders


The ruling party leaders are giving the slogan on three capitals only to create hatred among the people of different regions, said the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders here on Saturday.

At a round-table meeting held at this port city of Visakhapatnam, the president of the State unit of the party, Atchen Naidu felt that there is no clarity among the YSRCP leaders themselves who called for a ‘Garjana’. He is of the opinion that North Andhra witnessed development only during the TDP regime.

Former minister, Ayyannapatrudu asked as to why Ministers, Dharmana Prasada Rao and Botsa Saytanarayana, are not now talking about the capital and said that properties worth over Rs 25,000 cr were mortgaged only for their own benefits.

Former minister, Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy, said that Amaravathi will continue to be the capital of the State and Dharamana Prasada Rao is stooping so low with regard to the Vizag Steel Plant.

Another former minister, Sujayakrishna Ranga Rao, stated that the ruling YSRCP had totally damaged the Haritha Resorts and the YSRCP is inciting hatred among the people in the name of three capitals.

The former MLA, Kuna Ravi Kumar, is of the opinion that there is no mention of three capitals in the Constitution and the intellectuals should realise the fact that which political party had developed the State.

Former minister, Kimidi Kala Venkat Rao, felt that Andhra Pradesh is now witnessing the state and violence and those who are in power resorting to ‘Garjana’ only amounts to this. He said that the Chief Minister, who is supposed to do justice to the people, is resorting to doing injustice to them.

MP and senior TDP leader, Rammohan Naidu, asked as to why the ruling party leaders are not opening their mouth on the railway zone and why they are not fighting for the special category status for the State.

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TDP dares Jagan to dissolve Assembly to seek fresh mandate on three capitals


Telugu Desam Party (TDP) AP unit president, K Atchen Naidu alleged that the ministers and the YSR Coongress leaders were spitting venom on Amaravati farmers only due to fear of losing posts. He said that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, was chanting three capitals’ issue in the name of decentralisation.

Atchen Naidu, along with TDP politburo members Chintakayala Ayyannapatrudu and Nakka Ananda Babu, told media persons at the party headquarters here that Jagan was facing resistance from the public, the TDP state president stated.

Observing that the former chief minister, late N T Rama Rao, was the brain behind the decentralisation, Atchen Naidu said that his successor, Chandrababu Naidu, continued it. During the TDP regime, the administration was taken to the people in the name of ‘Prajala Vaddaku Palana’ (administration to the doorstep of the people). In fact, before the TDP came to power, the people never knew to whom they had to approach to resolve their problems, the TDP state unit president observed.

During Chandrababu regime, Visakhapatnam has been upgraded as the city of technology and almost some unit or the other have been set up in all the districts in the State, from Srikakulam to Chittoor, he maintained.

If the Chief Minister is so keen on three capitals, he should dissolve the Assembly and seek a fresh mandate from the voters on the same demand making it as a referendum, he said. The TDP always stands by its word and has gone to the electorate in 2019 with Amaravati as the capital and in 2024 too the party will go to the voters again with the same manifesto, he added.

Asking the YSRCP leaders as to why they are seeking his resignation, Atchen Naidu felt that in fact, the YSRCP leaders should quit their posts as they never keep the promises made to the people. Ministers, Botsa Satyanarayana and Dharmana Prasada Rao and Assembly Speaker, Tammineni Seetharam, always take people for a ride. These leaders should recollect what they had said earlier and how they are changing tack now, he said.

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Three-capital formula is a failure idea across the globe, says Somireddy


Former minister and senior TDP leader, Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, felt that only those having a factionist mind-set can call the peaceful pada yatra of the capital region farmers as invasion.

Talking to media persons at the party headquarters, Chandramohan Reddy said that the farmers from Amaravati are not carrying any weapons like firearms or swords. “It is not correct to cause inconvenience to the Amaravati farmers who are undertaking pada yatra in a peaceful manner,” he added.

The former minister is of the strong opinion that the three-capital formula is a failure concept even in foreign countries like South Africa and it is only out of ignorance that the ruling party is still pursuing this idea. “It is not a fact that only capital cities will witness development. For instance, the American capital of Washington DC remained only as a city but the metros like Chicago and New York are progressing well,” he felt.

Similarly, though London is the capital of the United Kingdom, the city of Manchester witnessed industrial revolution, he said and added that how the ruling party in the State can think of a three-capital formula when the very idea is a failure across the globe. Also, Legislative capital theory is also wrong as the Maharashtra Government is incurring huge losses by conducting a single Assembly session in Nagpur. The Maharashtra Government has almost come to a conclusion not to hold the Assembly session in Nagpur any longer.

Almost all the parties in the State, including the BJP, the Congress, the Jana Sena and the Left parties have been demanding that Amaravati be continued as the capital. “Even the YSRCP has earlier made it clear on the Floor of the Assembly that Amaravati be the capital of Andhra Pradesh,” he recalled.

Chandramohan Reddy expressed doubts as to who will come forward to invest in Andhra Pradesh if there is no single capital for the State. Even in the combined Andhra Pradesh, cities like Warangal, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam have developed a lot though Hyderabad was the capital city and hence it is wrong to say that other cities will not progress well other than the capital city, he pointed out.

“Every city needs to have certain qualities for development. Since Visakhapatnam has a port, several industries like Hindustan Shipyard, Hindustan Zinc, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and other industries are being successfully operated,” he stated.

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Jagan planning to get resolutions supporting 3-capitals from every panchayat?


If one thought that the three-capital issue is done and dusted in AP and that Jagan will not touch the issue even with a bargepole, then think again!! Jagan has not completely abandoned the idea of three capitals, say those who are close to him and know how his mind works. They say that he is all set to bring back the three-capital bills after thorough legal scrutiny.

Highly placed sources say that Jagan has a master plan up his sleeves. He wants to build up a frenzy across the state for a three-capital move and wants to completely isolate the TDP. If sources are to be believed, Jagan is planning to get resolutions passed by every panchayat in the state. Similar resolutions would be passed in Mandal parishads and Zilla parishad.

By doing this, he is planning to portray Amaravati supporters as a minority group driven by real estate interests. With the kind of majority YSRCP enjoys, it would be quite easy to get all these resolutions passed. After that the bill will be whetted by legal luminaries to ensure that there are no legal loopholes. YSRCP insiders say that the bill is likely to be tabled by the end of 2022 to ensure that it becomes an election issue.

YS Jagan wants to stoke sub-regional passions and ensure that the TDP is wiped off on a sentimental issue in both North Andhra and Rayalaseema. Sources say that the process of passing of resolutions would begin from March 2022.

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Has Jagan really conceded defeat on three-capitals issue?


It is now emerging that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s decision to withdraw the three-capital bill is only a temporary ruse. He has clearly not abandoned the idea and nor is he admitting that it was a wrong decision. He has only withdrawn the bill because it has some lacunae and continuing with it will only end the state government get embroiled in long legal wrangle.

From his speech in the Amaravati assembly, it is quite clear that all the cases in the AP high court will now become redundant. After this, the State Government will seek public opinion on the issue of three capital on lines of Sivaramkrishnan committee. This will ensure that the issue remains live in the public mind and strong feelings would be created in both North Andhra and Rayalaseema. The TDP would be put on the defensive in these regions. It would lose its support base in these two regions.

Secondly, Jagan and YSRCP will be able to keep the issue of three capitals alive among the people of the state. The TDP yatra, the growing support to yatra will now wither away. Jagan has also will be able to prevent a BJP-TDP entente on the issue of Amaravati. The BJP has suddenly become active on the issue of Amaravati ever since Union Home Minister Amit Shah asked them not to ignore the issue. From Sunday, both BJP and TDP are openly joining hands on the issue of Amaravati farmers’ yatra .

Jagan is likely to use the intervening period to remove the legal complications and prepare a fool-proof legislation on the three capital issue. He might call Amaravati the Capital, but have several offices moved to Vizag. The High Court will still be taken to Kurnool without calling the city the judicial capital. He is said to be exploring all these actions.

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Naidu offers to quit politics if Jagan holds referendum


TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu challenged Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to withdraw his 3 Capitals or go for a referendum seeking public opinion on Amaravati as the only Capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Naidu offered to quit politics forever if Jagan Reddy’s 3 Capitals plan received public sympathy or support from any section of society in the State. Amaravati is located at a central point in AP with six districts and 12 parliamentary constituencies on one side and another six districts and 12 parliamentary constituencies on the other side.
The TDP chief addressed the ‘Jana Bheri’ public meeting organised by Amaravati Parirakshana JAC in the Capital City area. Even the media surveys witnessed 80 percent respondents giving their choice for Amaravati. Whereas, the Chief Minister was going ahead with his dangerous 3 cards game with the farmers who sacrificed over 34,000 acres of their ancestral lands. Without any credibility, Jagan Reddy was now saying at the BC Sankranthi meeting that Amaravati agitation was being run by businessmen with real estate interests. In fact, the CM was himself a misguided businessman bent on destroying the Capital City and the State as well.

Mr. Chandrababu Naidu deplored that over Rs. 10,000 Cr was spent already for developing basic infrastructure in the Capital City area but the atrocious Ministers and MLAs were describing it as a desert and a burial ground. The fake Chief Minister gave kisses to the voters at the time of elections but now he was giving blow after blow to all sections of people. In course of time, Amaravati would have the potential to create a wealth of Rs. 1 lakh Cr to Rs. 2 lakh Cr for the people of the entire state. No sane person would take the decision to shift Capital from Amaravati to Visakhapatnam.

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Submit detailed plan on Vizag guesthouse: High Court


The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Monday dismissed supplementary petitions on three capitals issue.

Hearing a petition on the Vizag guest house and three capitals issue, the High Court directed the state government to submit a detailed plan on the construction of the guest house. 

The petitioners argued that the construction of the guest house in Visakhapatnam was part of the state government’s larger plan of shifting the administrative capital of the state to the port city. The court asked the petitioners to approach it if the construction of the CM camp office is part of shifting the administrative capital.

The Jagan government has already begun an exercise to construct a state guest house on a 30-acre site atop Greyhounds Hill at Kapuluppada in Visakhapatnam. The State guest house is being built for providing accommodation to VVIPs such as President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and judges, Union ministers, governors, chief ministers, and ministers during their visit to the city.

Farmers filed a petition raised doubts over the construction of the guest house and brought to the notice of the court that the government did not provide details on how many rooms will be built in the guest house in Vizag. The petitioner raised doubts over the intention of the government in building guest houses in expansive land. The farmers expressed concerns that the guest house will be turned into CM’s camp office.

Hearing the plea, the court ordered the government to submit a detailed plan of the Visakhapatnam guesthouse. Further, the court allowed some lawyers to hear the case directly while allowing others to hear arguments via online.

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