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Induvadana Teaser: Love + Horror

The makers of Induvadana, a love drama starring Varun Sandesh and Farnaz Shetty in the leading roles was unveiled by the makers.

Going by the teaser, Induvadana seems to be a blend of love and horror elements.

The teaser starts with the narrative focused on the romantic journey of the lead pair. Their love drama track looks interesting.

The teaser then switches gears and we see the lady lead exhibiting supernatural traits. This is when the horror track sets in.

Induvadana is directed by MSR and produced by Madhavi Adurthi. The release date will be announced soon.

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SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 Telugu finalists: Varun Sandesh


Bigg boss season 3 Telugu entered the final week. There is curiosity among the audience to see who will be the winner this time. Ali Reza, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul, Varun, and Sreemukhi are the finalists. Out of these finalists, each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Earlier Telugu360 has done a SWOT analysis on the finalists of Bigg Boss 1 and Bigg boss 2 and now coming up with SWOT analysis of Bigg boss 3 finalists.

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Varun Sandesh:

Varun Sandesh joined the show as a favorite and since day one he has been the main contender for the title. Now, as expected by the audience, he reached the finale and SWOT analysis on him as below.


His strength is his image of Mr. Cool and Mr. Perfect. He is one housemate who is liked by most of the other housemates. He turned a psychological counseller when any of his friends in the house are in trouble. It is not an exaggeration to say Punarnavi could have been evicted from the house because of her attitude if Varun hadn’t counseled her in some of the episodes.

In Bigg boss Telugu, the first couple to enter the house is Varun and Vithika. The way he cared Vithika also earned him lots of following.


His strength, as well as weakness, is Vithika. She got lots of negativity because of the cunning acts she did. Varun got negativity as he tried to protect her when it was not good to do so.

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Another weakness is that many audiences felt Vithika and Varun were playing a combined game instead of individual games. That is seen as an unfair advantage for the couple.

Also, while all other housemates missed their families for 3 months, Varun is one contestant who did not miss the family and that is seen as another advantage for him. This perspective of the audience is actually a minus point for Varun.


Varun has a good following among the youth, thanks to blockbuster movies like ‘happy days’ and ‘kotha bangaru lokam’. This fan following is fetching him good votes. His Mr. Cool image in Bigg boss house also helping him get more votes.


The audience perceiving him as having an unfair advantage is one of the main threats for him to win the title. Also, Rahul and Sreemukhi giving a very tough competition for him.


Overall, he has very good chances of being one of the top 3 contestants. We will have to wait and see whether he will win the title or not.

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Tidbits: Bigg Boss orchestrating the game to save Varun’s gang of 4?


Bigg boss season 3 going strong with good ratings. Already the show completed 10 weeks and as of now 9 candidates are there in the house. Some candidates like Ali and Himaja who are already evicted are definitely stronger than candidates like Shiva Jyothy and Mahesh and yet they got evicted because of various seasons. One more observation by audience is that, the gang of Varun, Vitika, Punarnavi and Rahul is becoming strong in the house and some audience opine, Bigg boss team is orchestrating the game to save the candidates of this gang.

Gang of 4 – Varun, Vitika, Rahul and Punarnavi:

Right from the beginning, these four formed a gang and mingled only among themselves. In the initial weeks, Mahesh even poked a satire that, if someone has to join this gang, they need to have US Visa. Punarnavi used to mingle only with this batch and nominated several times by housemates because of this reason. Mahesh also told at one instance that(in the initial weeks itself), whatever may come, none of these 4 will be eliminated as Bigg boss saves them.

Vitika not into nominations for 7 successive weeks

Vitika is not nominated in last 7 weeks. Out of the 10 weeks, she was there in nominations only for first 3 weeks. She is not into nominations not because she is liked by all the housemates but the way nominations scheme is designed. For example, in some weeks, all the housemates get chance to nominate any two of the housemates. But some weeks, Bigg boss forms pairs and one of them must be saved and other must be nominated. Bigg boss formed the pair of Vitika with Ravi two times and in both occasions, Ravi came into nominations and Vitika got saved.

Punarnavi got easiest secret task and waiver from eviction:

In case of Punarnavi, Bigg boss seems to have gone extra mile to save her several times. Punarnavi got lot of negative feedback during initial weeks. That is mainly because of her “I am Ok but you are not Ok” attitude. The week when Ramya Krishna hosted the weekend episode, as per reports, Punarnavi was supposed to be evicted but she got waiver that week. Himaja after eviction gave interview to a channel and raised the same point. Even before that week, Bigg boss gave a simple task to enter a secret room without knowledge of housemates to get immunity for a week. That was the easiest secret task of this season.

Bigg Boss eliminated Rohini to save Rahul

The same applies to Rahul also who had too much of negative feedback in the initial weeks. As per the reports, the week during which Rohini eliminated, Rahul was having least votes but despite that Rohini was eliminated as Rahul-Punarnavi’s track was giving lot of footage to the show.

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However, Rahul transformed a lot later and earned good fan following and reached a stage where Bigg boss team doesn’t need to do anything specific to save him now.

Varun has good fan following

Out of this gang, Varun got good following and voting consistently since first week, probably because he was a hero. He didn’t do anything extraordinary in the house till now.

In recent interview after eviction, Himaja told that, Bigg boss team does try to save some contestants in the house at the cost of others, as the team itself told her after eviction. So, it looks like, Bigg boss team is orchestrating the game to save this gang at the cost of other housemates. We will have to wait and see how many of these 4 will be in finals.

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Bigg boss forgot his words, Varun Sandesh becomes captain again


Today in the 41st episode of Bigg boss, Varun Sandesh becomes captain of the house again.

Captaincy task:

After BB express task that lasted 2 days, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul and Varun Sandesh became eligible for captaincy task. This was a physical task. As per the task, this three guys will be given three different baskets and whoever throws maximum balls into their baskets will be the winner. However there is a catch here. This three guys will be tied together and each of them can disturb others by pulling the thread tied. Moreover, this entire task happens in the mud. As Varun Sandesh is a basket ball player, he could easily win the game.

Bigg boss forgot his words that Varun Sandesh cannot become captain again:

This is second time Varun Sandesh becoming captain of Bigg boss house. However, it surprised the audience because when Varun Sandesh became captain of the house for the first time, Bigg boss announced that he utterly failed as captain and so he is prohibited from becoming captain of the house for the entire season. It seems Bigg boss organisers completely forgotten this and allowed Varun Sandesh to become captain of the house today.

We will have to wait and see how will be the captaincy of Varun Sandesh this time.

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Opinion : Biggboss 3 – Varun’s act is wrong at many levels


If you are married ask your wife, if unmarried ask your mother, how she would feel if her husband threw coffee on her face? Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on Tuesday stood as an example of how wife is taken for granted. Varun Sandesh had to perform task to splash cold coffee on any contestant. He picked his wife Vithika Sheru for pulling off this act. There were several instances where Varun was convincing Vithika over petty fights, but that doesn’t balance this stint he tried to pull off. It sends such a wrong message even if he apologized or cried. Varun Vithika may have considered it as a task, but the kind of audience bigg boss has, hope it doesn’t have those unwanted repurcussions. He could have just picked anyone else and apologized. He literally goes by a big assumption that his partner is interested and available for whatever, whenever. Many men take their wives for granted because they are focused on other things like Professional or domestic work, hobbies and leisure activities. As long as she’s not complaining, they don’t notice a problem.

There were two tasks, he preferred to pick his wife over others for both task. What kind of game is that where he tries to play safe by throwing coffee at his wife and cutting her shirt. Why Vithika in both tasks.? Because she is wife and signed up to bear all the nonsense he throws at her.

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Is it curtains for Varun Sandesh?


Bad choice of films and taking every role that came his way has nearly sealed Varun Sandesh’s career. At one time he was known as the satellite hero because his films though wouldn’t run at the box office would at least fetch a price for being telecast on television. Now with the satellite industry in the slump, he is on his way down and has recently made a guest appearance in Manchu Mohan Babu’s movie Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu. He also did a huge mistake of acting in Manchu Manoj’s movie previously. In this current film Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu he is playing Ramya Krishna’s son and Sonia is his heroine. The film is releasing on December 25th.

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