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AP moves from ‘World Class’ tag to ‘World Best’ tag for Amaravati

Vijayawada: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had come up with a new phrase to describe the new capital, Amaravati. Right from the day one of his plans for the new capital, he had been using the phrase of World Class capital to describe Amaravati plans. He wanted Amaravati to be the global destination for investments and employment.

Now, the buzz word is “World Best”. Chandrababu Naidu wants the Amaravati city to be the world’s best right from its planning to the designs of the structures. As the master plan and the plans for the structures, including bridges across river Krishna are in the final stage, the Chief Minister wants everything now to be the world’s best. He is very particular about the representation of the Telugu culture, the historical Buddhist connection and the prestigious Kuchipudi tradition reflected in every sphere.
Of the two proposed bridges across river Krishna, one bridge would be the total reflection of the Kuchipudi Mudra (dance form). The design of the bridge is in its final stage and the Chief Minister wanted it to be the special attraction for the tourists. The bridge is would have four lanes besides additional space for the people to walk around in the evenings.

The hills around Undavalli and Penumaka, besides the Vaikuntapuram and Harischandrapuram too would be made tourist attractions. The seven Islands in river Krishna, besides the existing Bhavani Island, would also be converted into tourist places.

The government city, slated to come up on 900 acres near Uddandarayapalem too would reflect the Telugu and Buddhist cultures. The city would have the Assembly, Secretariat, Raj Bhavan, the Chief Minister’s Office and the residences for the Ministers, MLAs, MLCs and senior bureaucrats. Chandrababu Naidu wants every structure here should be the world’s best and reflect the Telugu culture. The focus now is on the design of the Assembly building which would have an iconic tower that is expected to go about 500 meters height housing the Assembly and Council Halls, offices of the Speaker and the political parties.

The new city would have metro bus services on the main roads, pollution-free electric bus services in the internal roads. This would be in addition to the water transport being planned in the city. “Every movement and every travel from one place to the other should not take more than 30 minutes,” is what the Chief Minister is insisting on the planners and designers.

In all probability, the Chief Minister is firm on launching the works of the two bridges across the river and the Government city with the construction of Assembly complex on priority. The works on the roads is in progress and they are set to complete 80 per cent in the next six months. Special focus is being laid on the greenery development in the city, along the roads and around the buildings. “All this would make the city a best in the world,” Chandrababu Naidu asserted.

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Varla Ramaiah wants CBI to seize Jagan’s passport


Vijayawada: Senior Telugu Desam leader and AP Housing Corporation chairman Varla Ramaiah had asked the CBI to seize the passport of YSR Congress president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy to prevent him from leaving the country. As the CBI court is scheduled to give its verdict on CBI’s plea for cancellation of Jaganmohan Reddy’s bail petition on April 28, Ramaiah hinted at the possibility of the leader leaving the country to avoid arrest.

Ramaiah recalled that Vijay Mallya had fled from the country to avoid arrest and feared that Jaganmohan Reddy too would escape if the government and the courts remain silent. He further said that Jaganmohan Reddy had already sought permission from the court to go for holidays to New Zealand. He said that Jaganmohan Reddy is facing 11 charge sheets, while his assets were attached by the Enforcement Directorate in 4 cases. Stating that the government was having tough time to bring Vijay Mallya who is accused in Rs 9,000 crore, he wondered how can the government allow Jaganmohan Reddy who is accused in Rs 43,000 crore fraud case.

The TDP leader further alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy was also trying to influence witnesses in the CBI cases, besides misleading the courts. He cited the interview of former chief secretary Ramakanth Reddy in the Sakshi media and said that the interview was an open attempt by Jaganmohan Reddy to mislead the courts.

He took strong exception to the YSR Congress leaders drawing parallels between Jaganmohan Reddy and Nara Lokesh. He said that Jaganmohan Reddy had indulged in criminal activities when his father was chief minister, while Lokesh was extending welfare programmes to the party cadre with his father as Chief Minister. “There is a complete difference between Jaganmohan Reddy and Lokesh and it is unfair to compare them. Lokesh is not a criminal and corrupt like Jaganmohan Reddy,” he asserted.

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Will invoke Land Acquisition Act 2013 in Amaravati, says Minister Narayana


Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh government is now getting ready to invoke the Land Acquisition Act 2013, to acquire the lands from farmers in the capital villages. Following the Hyderabad High Court’s order suspending the land acquisition notification issued last week, the government is now planning to go ahead with the Land Acquisition Act 2013.

Minister for Municipal Administration, P Narayana, who is monitoring the Amaravati plans and development, told media persons that the government would invoke the provisions of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement 2013. He said that the High Court had only objected to the AP Land Acquisition Relief and Rehabilitation Rules 2014. He discounted the claims of the YSR Congress that the High Court had ruled against land acquisition in Amaravati.

“Since the court had ruled against the land acquisition under the provisions of AP Land Acquisition Relief and Rehabilitation Rules 2014, we will invoke the provisions of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement 2013. The farmers have refused to give their land in land pooling. If we invoke the 2013 Act, I am sure they will come forward and that would end all the problems in land acquisition,” the Minister asserted.
Having taken more than 33,000 acres of land from farmers in pooling for the new capital, the government had issued notification for a few hundreds of acres of land in Penumaka, Undavalli and Bethapudi villages. The capital project could be completed only if these lands are taken from the farmers as they are located at the entry of the capital. The prestigious six lane seed access road too was started from Venkatapalem as the lands from Undavalli and Penumaka are not given to the government yet.
Once the government invokes the provisions of the 2013 Land Acquisition Act then Amaravati project would go smooth, the Minister asserted.

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Digital Mapping Begins for Amaravati Roads


Vijayawada: The officials have started digital mapping of the 29 capital villages for internal roads and the two ring roads that would be part of the new capital city, Amaravati.

The officials of the State government have already started formation of a six-lane seed access road, the main road for the new city. In addition to this, the officials have also planned seven internal roads in the first phase, besides an inner ring road and one outer ring road that would come in the next phases. The seven internal roads are already planned and a draft is prepared by the AP Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA). The CRDA had served notices to the owners of houses, shops, cattle sheds and others that are to be acquired for the formation of these internal roads. A whopping compensation is offered to these owners in return to their lands and talks are being held with them to surrender the identified lands.

Meanwhile, the officials have started the aerial survey and digital global positioning systems for both the internal roads and the ring roads. The work on the outer ring road has already been started at Kanchikacharla and Veerulapadu mandals of Krishna district, the other side of the Krishna river. This would provide an iconic bridge across the river, while another iconic bridge is planned between Bhavani Island and Ibrahimpatnam.

The 150 meter wide outer ring road is planned to cover 188 kilometers would be executed by the Central government. The internal ring road too is also planned with 75 meters width and 97 kilometers length that would provide better connectivity to the Vijayawada city with Amaravati. The APCRDA would execute this project directly and both the inner ring road and outer ring road are planned to be ready by the end of 2018.

The officials say that the actual work would begin for the two ring roads simultaneously with the seven internal roads and the main seed access road. The APCRDA officials are of the opinion that the roads, once completed would give a clear look to the proposed Amaravati city, as by then the master plan for the city and the government buildings would be ready.

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Chandrababu heeds to Brahmani’s wish: Lokesh to be Vijayawada Parliamentary in-charge

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is making moves to rope in his daughter-in-law Brahmani into mainstream politics, after making the path seamless for his son Nara Lokesh into the cabinet. Chandrababu hinted at a snap poll and asked his party cadre to gear up for the same. Subsequently, TDP supremo has reintroduce district in-charge ministers, the arrangement which was dismissed two months back. The system of district in-charge Ministers this time comes with a slight modification. Chandrababu introduced the ministers as in-charges of parliamentary segments.

Minister of IT Lokesh is bestowed with the responsibilities as the in-charge to the Vijayawada parliamentary constituency. Brahmani is keen on contesting from the Vijayawada constituency and looks like Chandrababu heeded to her request. To get a strong hold in the Parliamentary constituency for his family, the CM is making effective moves and one such is appointing Lokesh as the in-charge.

This seems to be a well-planned move by the TDP chief especially after the souring relationship with the present Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani. The TDP MP who was instructed to apologise to transport commissioner, recently announced the shutting of Kesineni Travels. It is now a cake walk for the CM to side-line Nani and allot the seat to Brahmani.

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Mega call center: Chandrababu’s step towards good governance


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is all set to launch the State Government’s Mega Call Center on Friday. Even though government is implementing several welfare programmes, people are facing organizational problems. Also, people want to share their ideas and opinions with the government. Naidu took this step not only to address such issues but also to reduce the gap between the government and people. The call center will work with 28 departments and will function for 12hours each day. It will receive complaints and independent feedback from the public and operate as a solution platform. The feedback and complaints received will be occasionally reviewed by the CM himself. Taking suggestions and inputs from people will pave the way for good governance.

This sophisticated call center is setup in 10000 sq.ft at Guntupalli near Vijayawada. The office is suitable for accommodating 1200 employees and will operate under the state government. The Planning commission will oversee the complaints received at the call center and subsequently redirect it to respective departments. The activities will be analyzed and the information received will be sent as a daily report to the relevant departments. The toll-free number is the best platform provided by the government at free of cost to its people. The technicalities are maintained by Karvy. The call center employees will also get in touch with the people based on the telephone numbers already available with the government to better understand their response.

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Silpa Mohan Reddy is firm on contesting Nandyal seat


Vijayawada: Telugu Desam leader and former MLA Silpa Mohan Reddy affirmed that he would contest the Nandyal Assembly seat in its by-elections. He told media persons that he would contest the seat to protect and save his supporters in the district.

Mohan Reddy and his brother Chakrapani Reddy met Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu at his residence in Undavalli on Wednesday night. The brothers waited for several hours to meet the Chief Minister at Velagapudi secretariat in vain. The two leaders met several ministers too as they were kept waiting from morning and made their claims clear to the TDP leadership.

Even after meeting Chandrababu Naidu, the Silpa brothers said that they were not ready to give up their claim for the Nandyal Assembly seat. “We are contesting the by-election. There is no second thought on it, come what may. We hope the Chief Minister would take a decision in our favour,” said the brothers during their brief interaction with the media while coming out of the meeting with Chandrababu Naidu.

The Silpa family had already made its stand clear to the TDP leadership about its stakes on the Nandyal seat. They went one step ahead and declared that “contesting the by-election is certain and there is no change. The only issue to be cleared is whether we would be contesting on the TDP ticket or YSR Congress ticket or as Independent.”

Though there are no positive signals from the YSR Congress leadership to this statement of the Silpa brothers, it is said that they have already sent feelers to Jaganmohan Reddy. The YSR Congress, which is also equally firm on contesting the seat, is waiting for the TDP squabbles to settle down.

The Silpa brothers are going tough particularly in the light of Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya setting the date, April 24, to announce the name of their candidate for the by-election. Surprisingly, while it is the party president Chandrababu Naidu who is expected to announce the name of the candidate for the election, the two groups are declaring their names giving no room for Chandrababu Naidu, making the battle tougher and interesting too.

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AP govt moves forward on land pooling, farmers look for muted Pawan

Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh government had made one step forward to take the lands of the farmers who have not given their lands in land pooling system to the government for the new capital. The government had issued land acquisition notification last week, notifying the lands of Undavalli and Penumaka villages that have been refusing to give land to the government for capital. The government had issued the notification under Clauses 1 (1), (B) under the Andhra Pradesh Land Acquisition, Relief and Rehabilitation Rules 2014.

While the government had notified 29 villages of Thulluru, Tadepalli and Mangalagiri mandals for the capital – Amaravati – and took up the land pooling system to collect the lands from farmers, the villages under Tadepalli and Mangalagiri have been resisting the pooling system. They have put up banners in Undavalli and Penumaka villages of Tadepalli mandal, Yerrupalem and Bethapudi of Mangalagiri mandal refusing to give their lands. Several of them have approached the courts against land pooling, while some of them have not given the required papers accepting the land pooling system. It was in these villages, Opposition leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan have toured in 2016 in support of the farmers. While Jaganmohan Reddy had promised to return their lands if they wanted once he came to power, Pawan Kalyan advised the government not to use force to take the lands. He had even asked the government not to issue land acquisition notification. Now that the government had issued the notification, the farmers are looking towards Pawan Kalyan to save their lands.

“Pawan Kalyan had promised to stand by us and he had promised to fight for us if the government issued land acquisition notification. Now, the government had issued the notification. We have sent a representation to the Jana Sena chief and waiting for him to react,” said Penumaka farmers’ leader Naresh Reddy. A team of farmers have also approached Pawan Kalyan seeking his intervention to save their lands.

The government can’t move even a inch forward in developing the new capital, Amaravati, if it failed to take lands in Undavalli and Penumaka, the mouth of the capital. It is by passing through these villages, one can reach Amaravati and it required lands to lay roads and bridges. The proposed six-lane Seed Access Road from Kanakadurga Varadhi (Chennai-Kolkata national highway) to Thulluru would require lands in Undavalli and Penumaka which are not given yet to the government. If these lands are not taken, the government cannot lay the road from Vijayawada to reach the new capital zone. The government would have to take a new route from Mangalagiri to the core capital area passing through Kuragallu, Neerukonda and Inavolu. The existing flood bank passing along the river from Prakasam Barrage is another option for the government if it cannot get the lands of Undavalli and Penumaka villages. The flood bank (karakatta) can be expanded and used as access road to the capital from Vijayawada through Prakasam Barrage. However, as Prakasam Barrage requires to be closed once in a year for maintenance of the gates, the government would have to use an alternative and permanent road from Kanakadurga Varadhi. This too has a big problem as the farmers of Tadepalli through which the road has to be formed, are opposed to the land acquisition. Caught in a critical situation like this, the government had issued the notification to acquire 680 acres of land in Penumaka village.

Farmers’ leader Naresh Reddy expressed confidence that Pawan Kalyan would come to their rescue and save them from the forcible acquisition of their lands. It is to be seen how Pawan Kalyan would react to the request from the farmers to whom he had promised to stand by.

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Devineni era ends in Vijayawada, a remarkable leader in AP politics

Vijayawada: The sudden death of former minister and senior Telugu Desam leader Devineni Rajasekhar Nehru during early hours on Monday had cast a shadow on the State politics, particularly the politics of Vijayawada. A man who had his say in the Vijayawada politics in 1980s was a friend of a few and foe of many. Started his public life as an associate of faction Vangaveeti Radha, both of them as loyalists of the then Communist leader Chalasani Venkata Rathnam, Nehru was active in organising the cycle rickshaw and taxi drivers in the 1980s. Later, he separated from Vangaveeti family and that separation had turned the city into a battle field for one full decade. He lost his two brothers, Gandhi and Murali, in the faction fight with the Vangaveeti family, which also lost its key players, Radha an Ranga in the same period.

Nehru, after separation from Vangaveeti brothers, established United Students Organisation (USO) in Vijayawada and thus made inroads into the colleges in the city capturing the youth. The USO, in just less than one year time, became a big competitor to the Vangaveeti’s United Independents (UI) students wing, in whose formation Nehru and his brothers played crucial role. The city had witnessed the daylight terrifying murders starting from the killing of Vangaveeti Radha, the elder brother of Vangaveeti Ranga, in 1974. The feud took its ugliest turn when the Vangaveeti’s group retaliated Devineni brothers killing Devineni Gandhi in 1979 in a filmy chase. The Devineni family also lost Murali in March 1988 and that followed the death of Vangaveeti Ranga in December 1988.

Nehru swung into active politics in 1982 with the launch of Telugu Desam Party by N T Rama Rao and became MLA in 1983. He was a five-time MLA from Kankipadu Assembly constituency and was a Cabinet Minister for a brief period during N T Rama Rao’s term from 1994 to 1995. He sailed with N T Rama Rao in the 1995 August silent coupe led by N Chandrababu Naidu and stayed with NTR till the later died. He was part of the NTR Telugu Desam Party launched by NTR’s widow Lakshmi Parvathi and had contested to Lok Sabha from Vijayawada in 1996 elections. After his defeat in the elections, he joined the Congress and subsequently became very close to late Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

Though he had won in the 2004 elections, he could not make it to the Congress cabinet headed by Dr Rajasekhar Reddy. However, he lost in 2009 and again in 2014. He had been a staunch critic of Chandrababu Naidu for all these years. However, the return of Chandrababu Naidu to power in the state in 2014 elections had changed the equations. Besides, the crushing defeat of the Congress had also prompted him to return to the TDP along with his son, Devineni Avinash and other supporters.

Nehru is an accused in the cases of Vangaveeti Ranga, Muthyala Sobhanadri, in which he was later acquitted. A man who commanded the district politics once and has a greater following across the State lost his life without achieving his dream of winning the elections once again and seeing his son Avinash becoming MLA.

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Allu Arjun met his terminally ill fan at Vijayawada.


Allu Arjun fulfills the last wish of 67 year old Mastan Bee! She was suffering from cancer and her last wish was to meet Allu Arjun. Moved by the story of this lady telecasted on TV9 two days ago, Allu Arjun rescheduled his shooting schedules and took a flight to Vijayawada to meet her this morning and fulfill her last wish.

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Naidu flags off she-autos in Vijayawada


In a unique endeavor to ensure economic empowerment of women, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu today flagged off ‘She Auto’ services in Vijayawada. Painted blue and yellow these she-autos are expected to be special attraction in the city. Though not first, the experiment will go a long way in not empowering the women but also provide a safe travel in the city, said an official commenting on the new venture of TDP government.

Under the government’s flagship ‘She Auto’ scheme, the Chief Minister distributed auto rickshaws to 49 women worth Rs 1 crore. The government has provided 7 percent subsidy to each auto that originally costs Rs 1,91,000. The remaining amount can be paid in 40 installments at a monthly price of Rs 4,500. Officials have estimated that the beneficiaries can earn up to Rs 18,000 per month.

The Chief Minister said, “Since these autos run on CNG, they are environment-friendly. This scheme will also provide security to women in the city.” In this regard, women auto drivers felicitated the Chief Minister. Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani, MLA Gadde Rammohan Rao, Krishna district collector Ahmad Babu and other officials were present.

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First time Narakasura Vadha celebrated on Ramaleela style in Vijayawada


First time Narakasura Vadha celebrated on Ramaleela style in Vijayawada. CM and Governor greets Telugu speaking people.

Vijayawada: Celebrating for the first time on the lines of Ramaleela being celebrated at Delhi, a 70-feet effigy Narakasura has been burnt here on Tuesday. This being the first time, people in tens and thousands thronged to witness the event. Elaborate arrangements like barricading for people to witness the event have been made by the organizers.

Amidst songs and dances by folk artists the 70-feet effigy of Narakasura has been burnt on the shore of River Krishna. The organisers said that they hit on the idea of celebrating the Narakasura Vadha, to celebrate in the new state capital area, against the back drop of bifurcation of the State. And, this is to reflect the new hopes and aspirations of the people of the State, on the eve of Diwali, to chart out a new course, putting behind the painful movements of bifurcation of the State, considering it to be a dark phase in the State’s journey, and look into the future full of hope and light, the said.

Meanwhile, State Governor E S L Narasimhan and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu have extended Diwali greetings to the people of two Telugu speaking states and are those residing abroad. While the Governor wished for the peace and prosperity, the chief minister, said that the Diwali would bring in a new beginning in a new light and success to the people of the State.

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AP releases Rs 10 crore to V’wada metro rail


Andhra Pradesh government, which wants the Vijayawada metro rail to completed by 2018, today released a token grant of Rs 10 crore to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to enable it to start preparatory action on Amaravati Metro Rail Corportion (AMRC). Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, which has prepared the detailed project report for the Vijayawada Metro, is also the executing agency of the project.

Even though there has been no sanction for the project yet, Andhra Pradesh government chose to release the amount anticipating the clearance from the centre soon. A formal agreement has to be signed between the centre and state. State has requested the centre to clear the proposals for equity participation to the tune of Rs 866.50 crore and subordinated debt for central taxes for Rs 667 crore, along with giving nod to appointment of DMRC as the executing agency of the AMRC.

As the state is shifting temporary capital from Hyderabad to ViJayawada, chief minister Naidu wants the metro rail project to be taken up on war footing. Last week, DMRC invited tenders for the metro project. The works include the part design in construction of elevated viaduct( chainage km 1.338 to km 6.577) and five elevated stations namely city cancer hospital, SRR Govt. College, Sri Satya Sai Mandir, Besant Road and Railway Station East. The works also include architectural finishing water supply, sanitary installation, drainage in respect of Pandit Nehru Bus Stand- Nidamanuru corridor of Vijayawada Metro Project. In the second package (from km 6.577 to km 12.520) works include construction of elevated viaduct depot connection and six elevated stations namely Nadamanuru, Enikepadu, Ramakrishna Weigh Bridge, Prasadam Padu, Ramvarappadu Ring Road and Gunadala including their architectural finishing, water, sanitation etc.

As the paper work has begun, state today released the token amount of Rs 10 crore to the project. The question is, why the centre is still dragging its feet in giving the clearance to the project even though union urban development minister M Venkaiah Naidu assured that all rules would be relaxed to Vijayawada metro as caters to the needs of a capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

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Naidu for changing the name of district collector


Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrabu Naidu feels that the name of the district collector should changed. “There is need to change name of chief of district administration as collector, which was given by colonial administration,” he said.

Addressing the conference of district collectors in Vijayawada, he said, change of name of collector should be debated across the country as it was a colonial legacy.”The role of the district collector has changed a lot, particularly in the context of globalization. We need a suitable name that represents new times,” he said.
Naidu expressed displeasure over the functioning of medical and health department. He was particularly unhappy at the poor quality in rural medical services.” Doctors are irregular in rural health centres,” he said. He also reminded the tragic event of Guntur general hospital where a new-born was bitten to death by rodents.

Naidu called upon the officials to work in full coordination to achieve the double digit grwoth. ” We have no capital city. The division of certain departments has not been completed yet. The distribution of revenues has not been done properly. The previous central government had assured special status to backward regions. It is not forth coming. Despite all these we have to work together and achieve the double digit goal,” he told the conference.

He was emphatic about the need for a overhaul of the woman and child welfare department.

He exhorted the officials to work towards achieving global recognition like Sinapore and Dubai. ” Singapore and Dubai, once backward region, today progress phenomenally without any resources. We have everything, but are not able to progress. We have to think of it,” he asked the officials.
He asked he collectors to explore the ways to bridge the intra-district variations in per-capita income.

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Myths and realities of Godavari – Krishna Inter Linking : An expert’s view


[intro]Telugu360.com has requested former Chief Technical Adviser to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO/UN), Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy, to present views on TDP Government’s much publicized inter linking of  Godavari – Krishna rivers  this week. In this guest essay he discusses about Polavaram, Pattiseema projects and Inter linking of rivers[/intro]

I did the inter-linking of Godavari River with Krishna River during 1964-69 on many occasions of my travel in train Guntur to Visakhapatnam via Vijayawada to Rajahmundry. I used to fill Krishna water in a bottle at Vijayawada and put that water into Godavari at Rajahmundry and vice versa . I enjoyed this. Now i read a story (by Tanaya Singh in BetterIndia)which says that the TDP government is the first to inter-link the Godavari water with Krishna River. The story says the Godavari River water from Tadipudi lift irrigation was pumped in to Polavaram Right Canal and this reaches Krishna River Prakasam barrage. The TDP Government plan was to pump water of Godavari from Pattiseema lift irrigation project in to the Polavaram right canal to Krishna River.

Justice Bachawat Tribunal approved the inter-linking of Godavari River with Krishna River through Polavaram project [it is a multipurpose project with 960 MW of power production]. With this 80 TMC of surplus water in Krishna River basin becomes allotted water. In this AP share is 45 TMC. For Polavaram Project in 80s Chief Minister Anjaih laid the foundation stone but nothing moved afterwards. In 2004 Dr. Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy took over as Chief Minister of the State. He started the work [got most of the necessary approvals] including first phase of rehabilitation and right left canals excavation before his death. Dr. YSR’s government released excellent R & R Package. As part of this, Pulichintala project was initiated [I was a member of the CFE committee in APPCB which cleared the project – three collectors agreed with my proposal to give land to land for displaced]. If Dr. YSR would have been alive this project would have been completed and Rayalaseema would have benefited from the inter-linking of Godavari with Krishna. Here the water moves through gravity from Godavari to Krishna, which is real inter-linking of rivers.

Now present TDP Chief Minister says, he laid foundation stone to Tadipudi lift irrigation project so, it is his baby [inter-linking]. Unfortunately, NTR laid foundation stones for several projects but none of them started work. The Present TDP Chief Minister also laid second time foundation stones where NTR laid the foundation stones prior to 2004. With this we lost the flood water use from Krishna basin [8 projects]. All these projects were proposed in Congress time in 70s-80s only. TDP rulers simply laid foundation stones. Under Jalayagnam Dr. YSR initiated all the projects [proposed in 80s] by giving funds. Now, TDP government says, though they abused on Jalayagnam projects now they claim Tadipudi lift irrigation project is their own, so they own the inter-linking of the rivers.

A report in Andhra Jyothi, 20 June 2014 state that in Telangana under Jalayagnam 25 projects were initiated to irrigate 22,77,416 acres at a cost of about Rs. 21,506 crores. So far around 14,321 crores were spent on them. After Dr. Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy death in 2009, the later governments failed to speeding up the construction activity as: if they are completed the benefit goes to Dr. Y. S. Rajashekara Reddy. To complete the projects around Rs. 11, 440 crores are needed in which original estimate is Rs. 7,185 crores plus an addition of Rs. 4,255 crores [escalation costs]. However, the new government is playing politics and wanted to change the projects. Some of them are nearly completed. These projects include under Krihna River as well Godavari River. One of the major projects initiated on Godavari River is Pranahita-Chevella project that is expected to meet the drinking and irrigation needs in 7 districts out of ten districts of Telangana and thus bring down the cost of water grid project initiated at Rs. 40,000 crores.

Have you seen the water that flowed from Tadipudi lift irrigation project built by Dr. YSR government in to Polavaram right canal which was built by Dr. YSR government – it is a muddy water [irrigation minister & TDP leaders have a dip in that water] pumped in to mud canal [TV channel showed this – water flow cutting the banks and carrying red sandy soil with it and will deposit it in to Krishna River].

Tanaya Singh says in the write up the Pattiseema project is meant to supply water to Rayalaseema. May be the writer has no knowledge on the Rayalaseema projects and Pothireddypadu head regulator are not yet finished after Dr. YSR death – everybody is afraid that these are completed Dr. YSR will get the credit.

TDP leader including NTR were never interested to take up irrigation projects due to regional politics. NTR completed Telugu Ganga project with most of the money was given by Tamil Nadu Government to take drinking water to Chennai – but on the day of opening the canal breeched submerging vast cropped lands in Rayalaseema.

Inter-linking of Rivers – by definition, the water from One River joins another river through gravity. Lift irrigation does not come under inter-linking of the rivers as the flow water will not connect the two rivers. So, water taken from Godavari through Tadipudi or Pattiseema through lift irrigation will not connect the two rivers through water flow. Unfortunately no irrigation expert says this is not a inter-linking of rivers. This is our political experts!!!

Tadipudi was built by Dr. YSR government and Polavaram Right Canal was excavated by Dr. YSR government. TDP government simply lofted water from Tadipudi and put in to Right Canal. So, the credit of inter-linking [?] as propagated goes to Dr. YSR and not to TDP government. Tadipudi water is meant for Godavari district and not for Krishna district.

Pattiseema lift irrigation project – it is meant to serve the real estate interests in the new capital city only and not to take water to Rayalaseema. Rayalaseema get water only by completing the pending works on projects in Rayalaseema and Polavaram.

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Vijayawada to get capital ‘glory’


Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu made a significant announcement on Sunday that Vijayawada would be the capital of Andhra Pradesh till the construction of Amaravati was constructed and would get facilities commensurate with with capital. He instructed the officials to give face-lift to the city that suits the capital city of any state. The 40.63 km long roads in the city will be repaired at a cost of Rs 96.32 crore. He also instructed the official to beautify the city by relaying the footpaths, setting up road dividers, street lights, enhancing greenery etc. As part of the program, the CM said, a 7.5 km long river-front would be developed by removing the encroachment into a beautiful pathway. Modern sensor driven traffic signal will be set up at all traffic junctions. All parks and community halls will be modernized. The beautification program is entrusted to Blue and Green international organization.

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V’wada and Vizag metros to be ready by 2018


Even though the population is below viable level in Vijayawada and Vizag, centre is ready to give go ahead for the construction of metro rails for the two cities. On Saturday Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) submitted the detailed project report (DPR) to the state government. DMRC advisor Sridharan delivered a copy of the DPR each to chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and union urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu today in Vijayawada. Later, Andhra Pradesh has decided to entrust construction of the two metros to DMRC. For the time being, Guntur metro has been put on hold.

Talking to media chief minister Naidu announced that these two projects had been fast tracked and will be completed as per the schedule. “Vijayawada works will begin any time and project will be completed by 2018,” he said. Union minister Venkaiah Naidu said there won’t be any problem for Vizag as the population might have reached 20 lakh by now. ” As per the 2011 census Vizag population was 17 lakh. As the city has recorded 2.85 pc growth rate, by this time the population must have reached to 20 lakh by now,” he said.

Similarly, he said, Vijayawada metro had been permitted without sticking to the population norm as it is the capital city. He said Vijayawada DPR had already been approved by the Andhra Pradesh government which letter sent it for centre’s approval. “Centre has also cleared the project and it is being posed for international aid,”Venkaiah said.

The 26.03 km long Vijayawada metro will be taken up at a cost of Rs 6769 crore while the 42.55 km Vizag metro needs Rs 12727 crore. Venkaiah hoped that Vijayawada and Vizag projects would be completed by 2018 . He appreciated the CM for fast tracking these projects.

Chief minister said a special purpose vehicle (SPV) would be set up with union government, Andhra Pradesh government and financiers soon.

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Political storm clouds hover over Vijayawada


In the next few days Vijayawada, the temporary seat of government of Chandrababu Naidu, is all set to be encircled by intense political storm.

While Janasena president and movie star Pawan is going make a whirlwind tour of river front villages, YSR Congress has announced its program of agitation against the invocation land acquisition act to acquire the multi-crop lands in Amaravati capital region.

Pawan is said to have cancelled his movie shooting to visit these villages. His proposed visit has already unsettled the ruling Telugu Desam party. As per some sources in TDP, a meeting is likely between chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan. A team of ministers are planning to meet Pawan to make him understand good intention of government in acquiring the lands for world-class capital.

Any climb down by Pawan after these meetings would erode his image as a power star among the people Andhra Pradesh. Sitting unseen Pawan has raised temperature in the region by tweeting support to the people and urging the government to spare these ‘green-mines’ on the banks of River Krishna. Pawan opposed desctruction of the multi-crop lands in the name of capital construction.

For the past three four days farmers have been organizing dharnas in front of capital region development authority (CRDA) office. Today YSR Congress organized protest in front of CRDA office in Tullur. The party announced their program and it would culminate in party president Jagan’s diksha near the CRDA office in Vijayawada on August 26.

Before that the party would organize Rastha rokho on Prakasam barrage on August 23, and on 24 , YSRC leaders stage a protest dharna near CRDA office, Nidamarru followed by a public meeting. And on August 25, the party is going to organize a bandh in support to agitating farmers in Nidamarru, Betapudi, Penumaka and Tadepalli mandals.

As all opposition parties have undeclared solidarity among themselves versus TDP government all other parties are expected joint the programs and make it a success.

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AP puts capital shifting on fast track


Andhra Pradesh government has put the shifting of capital to Vijayawada on fast track. The government now wants Vijayawada play the role of full fledged capital from January 1,2016. “Hyderabad will not be more than an outpost of Andhra Pradesh administration,” a senior official commented.

Plans are afoot to address the all issues raised by the government employees which are stopping them to move to Vijawayada. The idea is that, from New Year’s day onward, Hyderabad should not be more than a nominal capital for Andhra Pradesh. The issues raised by the employees- local-nonlocal problme of children of government employees and the housing- are being tackled on priority basis.First, the government will soon request the centre to amend the presidential order with divided the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh into zone for the benefit of employees. Just as the centre transferred the seven mandals from Khammam to Andhra Pradesh to facilitate Polavaram project, state government expects the Modi government would also amend the presidential order if necessary within hours. This issue is going to be priority one in the Modi-Naidu meeting agenda on August 20.
Chandrababu Naidu

According the Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu chief minister Naidu is getting ready to request the centre to bring changes in the zonal system, which was incorporated in Article 371 (D).

“We want the Centre to scrap the zonal system as it has no relevance in the reorganised State,” he said.

The arrangements being made to shift the base to capital region.

1. The government identified about 6.75 lakh sft. office space in Vijayawada, Guntur and Nuzvid to relocate the Heads of Departments (HoDs).

2. In Guntur city along as many as 19 buildings have been identified with about 1.5 lakh sft office space.

3.About 3.78 lakh sft have been identified in Vijayawada city.

4. In Nuzvidu aboutt 1.3 lakh sft identified for offices.

5. Government may need to relocate about 25,000 employees from Hyderabad, to the new capital region.

6. 252 apartments in Vijayawada-Guntur and 31 villas in Mangalagiri identified for providing accommodation for ministers and AIS officers.

7. 53 suites in Tilottama Hotel in Vijayawada earmarked for for officials.

8. 25 cottages and 25 suites identified in government guest house in area.

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Dog days ahead for Andhra ministers


All Andhra Pradesh ministers, who are used to cold-comforts of Hyderabad, have to quit common capital in a month or two. They have to willy nilly relocate themselves to the hot and humid climate of Vijayawada, popular as Blazewada.

In Hyderabad, ministers live in a high security, uninterrupted power supply- ministers quarters in Road No 12 of Banjara Hills. Naidu’s decision to make Vijayawada temporary capital is forcing them to bid good bye to Telangana’s Hyderabad. Till the other day ministers boasted that they would not leave Hyderabad not a day before the expiry of 10-year time Andhra Pradesh has been given to share the city as joint capital. But, the cash-for-vote and the following telephone tapping has thrown everything into haywire. After the telephone tapping, which Telangana says had been done as per the law, Naidu and his son Lokesh feel Hyderabad is unsafe. The idea of shifting government to Vijayawada had to be put on fast-track.

Chief minister reportedly asked all the ministers to relocate their premises to Vijayawada ” only to come closer to the heart of the Andhra People.

Andhra Pradesh government is converting all the guest houses available in Vijyawada into residences for ministers. After the CM decided to work from Vijayawada for five days in a week, it has become incumbent upon the minister to migrate to Vijyawada leaving behind the posh Hyderabad they have adopted for ages.

Finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu said, the R&B guest house, government guest house, and all available private guest houses also had been hired and being converted into residential quarters. He said the ground-floors of the guest houses would be converted into conference halls.
” No minister or officer will be allowed to stay in five-star hotels as the state finances are in bad shape.He also said government is planning to amend the rules related to the private houses so that senior officers can hire these houses,” the minister said.

As the housing is being shown as the stumbling block to move the administration to Vijayawada, the government has entered into an agreement with Hudco to build at least 10,000 houses for employees in the proposed new capital areas.

The finance minister hoped that the government could persuade the leaders of NGOs to send first batch of employees to Vijayawada for the benefit of the people.

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