TANA Elections 2021 : Large Scale Voter Fraud Attempts



TANA ( Telugu Association of North America ) , the best organization by miles in providing service to the Telugu Community, receives flak everytime they go for organizational elections. For the 2021-2023 Executive Committee, 2021-2025 term Board of Directors elections are being held from now till May 2021.

It is well known fact that the TANA’s contestants “bought” a lot of votes ( Click to read Telugu360 Coverage 2017 ) and enrolled dummy members to help them win in 2017 elections. Despite TANA’s effort to prevent these fake voters,contestants are finding ways to manipulate the voters list.

One such classic case of electoral roll abuse came to light yesterday. As a standard procedure, TANA has requested change of address from their members , has received 3 to 4 thousand Change of address requests which are abnormal by any standards.

Further scrutiny of the requests reveals :

–  9 Change of address requests came with same new Address belongs to MI State, with same energy bill number for all requets as support document

– Another set of 13 allegedly fake requests with single energy bill , same address are received from MI state

– From Connecticut state, multiple requests with edited names on utility bills are received

– Allegedly Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut states constitute huge number of address change requests

– These are very few of the visibly fake voter enrollments

– Change of Address page on TANA website was down for numerous days

Given the blatant federal crime qualified acts, it is evident that TANA elections are once again heading towards fraudelent direction unless the board, election commission and the well wishers act wisely, timely opined the seniors in TANA

Here are the evidence of voter roll fraud :

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