Tirupati exit polls give higher vote share for YCP


There are only two days remaining for the Tirupati by-election result, which would be announced on May 2. The Sunday result is raising a lot of curiosity on not the final result but on how much majority the YCP would get this time. Amidst this, the pro-YCP media have published two exit poll results. Both the organisations have given a very high vote share for the YCP which is higher compared to the 2019 election.

The Sakshi media published the exit poll result of ‘Aatma Sakshi’ which gave 59.25 percent vote share for the YCP in Tirupati bypoll. This is nearly 10 percent higher than the overall vote share secured by the party in the 2019 assembly election. It gave just 31.25 percent to the TDP, which would be nearly 9 percent less when compared to its 2019 overall vote share. The BJP would get around 7.5 percent.

Whereas, the Aara exit poll gave a whopping Rs. 65.85 percent vote share to the YCP this time. This would come to a huge 15 percent increase in the YCP vote share when compared to 2019. On its part, the TDP would get 23.10 percent which would be nearly 17 percent less compared to 2019. The BJP would get 7.34 percent.

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