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At a time when everyone were raving about the big films like Baahubali, Srimanthudu and their revenues, the gritty little film, Cinema Chupista Mama did well to deviate movie watching crowds and has packed a punch to everyone’s surprise in the theatres. The movie’s dialogues are being talked about as the high point and the writer Prasanna, who penned nearly 70 episodes for the TV show Jabardasth is enjoying the limelight he’s getting for his debut. His first interview after entering the industry, he reveals the film was a test drive to see how good he was in his job and my boy, he sounds very happy that masses are enjoying his lines. Here’s more about his journey to films and beyond in an exclusive conversation to

Cinema Chupistamava is doing well at the single screen theatres. The masses are loving it and Prasanna, the writer from Machilipatanam is suddenly in the spotlight. Armed with a B.Tech degree, he worked in Infotech before he tried his hand at writing for television channels. He talks of his four year struggle like this, “I wrote skits for children’s show and got a good rating of 8 and was responsible for starting Jabardasth. I wrote 70 episodes for Venu and Dhanraj. The script, concept and dialogues for Jabardasth were written by me. Later, I began working for one and a half years for this film. I introduced a few people from Jabardasth to this cinema but not Dhanraj and Venu who already are familiar faces.”

He adds, “During the making of Jabardasth, I got 16 movie offers and it was the time when Jabardasth was doing well. I didn’t take it up as all the films were remakes or dubbed scripts. Producer Bekkam Venugopal asked me to write for a film but then I didn’t like that as I couldn’t identify myself with that story. After many calls, I went to their office and met Trinadh. Both of them wanted to make a movie but had no story. They had a small point. They had a hero who despite failing goes to college. We kept on developing it.

There is no story in that film and only dialogues. I didn’t tell a great story, I know. I needed an opportunity to prove myself and they needed a story, an entertainer. Nenu oka cinema demo chesukovalanukunna, open ga cheppalantey. The mass liked the positive points in the hero, and we should remember that every man has a positive point. The hero’s attitude is bad but he’s positive and his approach is arrogant. Though the heroine asks for a kiss, he doesn’t respond. We wanted to go for newcomers, but eventually settled for this duo for business reasons. There were people in the team who did not like the skit and a few other episodes and wanted me to remove it. Now, these particular scenes are a big hit and the mass is thoroughly enjoying it.”

Dil Raju apparently removed the Brahmanandam and Saptagiri track as he felt it was not connected to the story. The idea is to incorporate it after two weeks and at a moment when the film is running to packed houses. He says, “We had to bring in Brahmanandam as we thought the Censor Board will object to the word Bokka. Luckily, they didn’t. Everyone’s saying the hero copied Ravi Teja but frankly, he just imitated me. I narrated each and every character and they did it as I said and wanted it. They believed in me totally. In the skit, we abused Kauravas and it ended on a positive note with the hero covering the heroine with the pallu. I have one or two stories and have not yet really made up my mind. I will write for another couple of years before I try my hand at direction which is my ultimate goal. I have been here struggling since seven years.”

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