Exclusive : Tollywood Chicago arrests – Chronology of events


Telugu360 has been on top of this story and we piece together all the events happening from last couple of years, which led to the arrests. For people involved in Telugu organizations, the names ”Vibha’, ‘Sree Raj Chennupati’ are all too familiar. However no one knew the actual person behind those aliases until the indictments yesterday. Many people tried to find out the person behind those aliases too no avail. People just hear him on phone (with calls routed through UK, Romania etc) like a Tollywood villian. Kishan alias Modugumudi was assigned to handle all the negotiations with Tollywood stars and arrange for all their travels for most of the Telugu association conferences on USA. While the stars and starlets have grumbled about Vibha’s behavior, they never complained about it openly.

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ATA2016 June 2016- This event in Chicago was a significant event that led to arrests of Modugumudi couple. There was a huge controversy (covered in detail by Telugu360) and all the star anchors Anasuya, Rashmi came out openly and criticized ‘Vibha’. There were allegations that Sree Raj Chennupati requested additional favours from stars. Due to misbehavior of Mr Chennupati, lot of stars didn’t make to trip. Also, Mr Chennupati has not been honoring commitments and paying the stars for the events and additional commitments as per agreement. When asked about the money, he used to threaten, sometimes physically, as he had their passports while they were in States.

అమెరికాలో తెలుగు కథానాయికల చీకటి భాగోతాలు: తెర వెనుక ఇంకెన్నో కధలు!

July 2016 – Due to his misbehavior, few stars approached media organizations and complained about his behavior. With help from few media executives, the stars approached American embassy and gave all the proofs. American embassy passed the details to Federal authorities and Chicago police and This led to start of investigation.

2017/2018 – A number of community leaders were interviewed. Current president of the top Telugu association was also interviewed few months back, as to why these organizations always engage services of Vibha. As per close sources, they just told since he had all contacts we’ve been using him and we’re in no way connected.

April 2018 – Federal authorities arrested key players involved in the operation. Kingpins behind this racket Kishan Modugumudi (35) and his wife Chandra Modugumudi were arrested. The couple’s two school-age children, meanwhile, are in the custody of child welfare officials in Virginia.

It is high team to clean up all the dark incidents happening in the guise of Telugu association meetings, which are attended by families and kids.

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