Exclusive — TV9 to file criminal case on Pawan Kalyan for video morphing


The Sri Reddy – RGV controversy took an ugly turn after actor and Janasena party supremo Pawan Kalyan alleged a conspiracy behind his character assassination by head honchos of top Telugu media channels in collusion with TDP party.

Since yesterday morning, Pawan Kalyan came up with a barrage of tweets making insinuations and vague allegations on TV9 CEO Ravi Prakash, well-known entrepreneur Srini Raju and ABN Managing director Radha Krishna.

Surprisingly, Pawan tweeted the video of Sri Reddy, which led to this controversy, three times through his Twitter handle leaving fans in a state of confusion. What is more startling about this video that it is a morphed and forged version of the original one.

Below are the charges:

  • Forgery for purpose of cheating, harming the reputation and using forged electronic record asgenuine for the purpose of cheating and harming the reputation of TV9.
  • Sections: 420, 468, 469, 471, 474 R/w 120B IPC
Tv9 telecasted the video on 16th of this month by beeping the cuss word uttered by Sri Reddy. But, Pawan Kalyan posted the edited one with the intention to harm the reputation of TV9. He has posted the video by deleting the beep sound from the original version to show TV9 in a false light. Sources tell Telugu360 that video has been downloaded from TV9’s YouTube channel and auido was added by Pawan’s team. TV9 didn’t air Sri Reddy’s press meet live.
Miffed with all this, TV9 is now going to file a criminal case on Pawan Kalyan for defaming the channel reputation by using fraudulent and false mean.
We have to wait and see how far this confounding saga will continue and how Pawan Kalyan reacts on these criminal cases.

Telangana Media committee chairman Allam Narayana letter

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          • వీడి మొహానికి టింగ్లీషే సరిగ్గా రాదు. ఫ్రెంచ్ కూడానా. ముందు హిందీ నేర్చుకోమని. చెప్పు. వాడెవడో వైస్సార్సీపీ మినిస్టర్ అడ్డగాడిద చెప్పినట్టు. వీడు. పీఎం అవ్వాలంటే. ( ముందు సీఎం పోస్ట్ పోద్ది తర్వాత జైలు గతి అవుద్ది. ).

    • ఏహేయ్ .. కొత్త కుక్క వట్ట కాయ గాడు ఫీల్డ్ లోకి ఓచ్చ్చాడు .. నీ పెరేటి రా .. ప్రకాష్ చౌదురా …

  1. 33 మంది సలహాదారులు నెల నెలా జనం డబ్బు, కోట్లు కోట్లు తింటూ కూడా మా బ్లీచింగ్ గానికి మాత్రం వారం వారం చెప్పు దెబ్బలు తినిపి0చడం న్యాయంగా ఉందా చెప్పండి?


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