Game Over Review – Engaging , New Age Thriller


Game Over Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Story :

Swapna ( Tapsee Pannu) is a video game professional who stays with her maid in Gurugram. She is haunted by her scarring past and shows suicidal tendencies. First reason for her mental disorder is , the bad memories from a physical assault at last year’s New Year party. Second reason is the tattoo made from mixing of the ashes of a deceased girl in the tattoo ink. Third one is a psychopath serial killer who beheads women in suburban areas of Gurugram, and burn them

The film is about the struggle of Swapna to overcome the traumatic condition


Game Over has too many elements packed into a single film. It is a crime thriller with psychological, spiritual and horror concepts embedded. Director Ashwin Saravanan narrates the story in sluggish manner in first half, keeps on adding complex layers as moving forward. Second half has true thriller moments which are crux of the film.

Tapsee has carried this film frame by frame on her shoulders. As a lady with psychological disorder she excelled. The lady who played maid role has done decent job as well.

Ron Ethan Yohan’s score is simple. The sound design is excellent and adds more impact in horror scenes.


  • New Age thriller concept
  • Tapsee performance
  • Thrilling elements


  • Lack of emotional connect
  • Sluggish first half


GameOver is an intelligent, engaging, new age thriller that is genuinely terrifying at couple of moments. On the flip side, first half is patchy and theme of the film is complex for masses. This film will find critical acclaim, we need to wait and see about Box-office performance.

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Movie: Game Over
Director: Ashwin Saravanan
Release Date: 14-06-2019
Production companies: Y NOT Studios, Reliance Entertainment
Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodini Vaidyanathan, Sanchana Natrajan, Ramya Subramanian, Anish Kuruvilla

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