Goodachari Review – Gripping action thriller !


Goodachari 2018 review

Telugu360 Rating 3/5


An Indian national security operations team Trinetra’s agent Raghuveer dies in 1995 in a special operation. Fast forwarded to 2017, his son Gopi is passionate about serving the country in similar job. Despite 174 applications Gopi won’t be shortlisted to any agency. After being tested practically, Trinetra agency admits him into their secret group. Terrorists who eye on the agency,traps the information, assassinate the top brass of the organization. They frame Gopi responsible for these killings. Gopi who is on the run works to

  1. Find out the persons who assassined his bosses
  2. Find out who is the culprit behind the killing of his father


Widely touted as a spy thriller, Goodachari opens in a promising manner. Gopi (Adivi Sesh) ’s childhood episode establishes basis for his desire to join the security agencies. Later when he grows up, the scene in which secret agency tests his calibre is interesting. Once hired by Trinetra, the training phase scenes flow smooth. After training phase is completed, each agent has been deployed to different zones. Ex-heroine Supriya plays a key role as madam Nadiya. Ex-Miss India Shobita Dhulipala as Sameera plays a smaller but important role as Gopi’s girlfriend. The cat and mouse game between the terrorists and security agency continues to a final showdown interval block. There is an interesting twist here in the way villains frame Gopi. Overall, Goodachari’s first half has been dealt with grip. The director has set the right premise for the next half. Personal side of Gopi has been blended well with main theme (National security agency). However, once Gopi is on run, the tight screenplay goes haywire and plot dilutes. Instead of being a spy mission, Goodachari’s theme narrows down to mere ‘on the run fugitive’ story largely. There is a twist to cover up this, this fugitive has a doubled edged objective. One is to hide himself from police, same time find the culprits who killed his bosses. Climax twists and closing shot are good and saving grace for second half. Closing shot raises the curtains for Goodachari – 2

Due to budget constraints, the large canvas story doesn’t get adequate production values. However, the director Shashi Kiran Tikka and his technical team must be appreciated for delivering decent output with limited budget. Background score by sricharan pakala is very good. Editing is excellent in this film, cinematography by Shaneil is good as well.

On flip side, India’s #1 secret agency operating from a disguised tailor shop, terrorists keeping an eye on the #1 agency’s office with so ease and grabbing all the information they require through their insiders doesn’t sound logical, and the main villain (Name kept secret as per makers’ wish) thread is in-convincing.


Adivi Sesh as a secret services agent is classy looks wise, he performed well. Shobita Dhulipala as Gopi’s girl friend is just ok. Supriya got a lengthy role. Anish Kuruvilla, Prakash Raj played senior agents’ roles, they are adequate.


  • Gripping first half
  • Engaging narration and Twists
  • Slick action episodes
  • Climax


  • Budget constraints
  • Second half graph goes down

Verdict :

Goodachari is a well-made action film blended with father-son sentiment. This film is more like a crime investigation genre film disguised as a Spy Thriller. It starts off on a bigger canvas, as progress, pushes itself to a smaller canvas. Nonetheless ‘Goodachari’ is an appreciable effort on Telugu screen, on return on investment basis, we have a winner at box-office!

Telugu360 Rating 3/5

Release Date : 03rd Aug, 2018
Director : Sashi Kiran Tikka
Music Director : Sricharan Pakala
Production company: Abhishek Pictures
Starring : Adivi Sesh, Shobitha Dulipala

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