Mental Madhilo Review : A Beautiful Journey


Mental Madhilo Review, Mental Madhilo Movie Review

Telugu360 Rating : 3.25/5

Mental Madhilo is such a movie that will leave good impact among the audience with its simple story , interesting narration and unexpected twirls.

Here is the complete review of the film:


Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) is born with a peculiar confusion state and he stays puzzled if he is asked to select one option amongst many. He is shy , runs away from girls and his parents struggle alot to find a girl for him. Finally, the day arrives and Swetcha (Nivetha Pethuraj) is the girl who has utmost clarity in all the things.

Aravind witnesses a massive change in his life soon and right before his engagement with Swetcha, Aravind moves to Mumbai on his office work.

During his trip he meets another girl who likes him. Things turn extremely different after he gets confused to choose one. The rest of ‘Mental Madhilo ‘ is all about whom Aravind chooses as his life partner.


Most of our Telugu films in the recent times lacked strong storylines and interesting narration. ‘Mental Madhilo’ has a lean plot. But the debutant director , Vivek Athreya , manages to stand up in the crowd with his narration skills along with the characterizations. Sree Vishnu’s character has been extremely well penned and executed without any flaws. One will fall in love with Swetcha’s practical characterstics. The audience will be left disappointed initially with the arrival of the third character, Renu , into the plot. Her role appears too cinematic , but the director manages to shine as her character grows. Like Aravind Krishna , audience too get sympathetic about her as we approach final acts.

The first half has been extremely comfortable and is packed with fresh love story and entertaining episodes. The second half of ‘Mental Madhilo’ is not as good as first half but decent and is engaging. The climax episodes elevate the film well and leave the audience impressive. ‘Mental Madhilo’ is a pleasant journey and will impress the audience right from the first frame.

On flipside , in second half for sometime movie is bit slow but suspense is well maintained.


Sree Vishnu proved his mettle as an actor earlier and his subtle performance throughout the film is the major highlight of Mental Madhilo. The actor has been extremely impressive throughout the movie. He has very bright future in Tollywood. Nivetha Pethuraj’s natural performance will strike hard and will be remembered for a long time. The other actress who played Renu is look alike of Vidya Balan , initial impression would be she is kind of miscast for this role. However, her performance is decent and is impressive as movie progresses. Sivaji Raja is very good in hero’s father role. All the other actors have been extremely impressive.

Technical Aspects:

Vivek Athreya tops the show with his flawless directorial abilities. The screenplay and the dialogues look extremely fresh. Vivek has presented this film with sensibilities and mainly in a very family friendly manner . The cinematography looks decent and the music, background score have been apt and soothing. The production values looked decent.


Mental Madhilo is a fun, romantic story with a very fresh treatment. Laced with lighter emotions , this journey of Aravind – Swetcha is impressive. Mental Madhilo is a beautiful experience that should not be given a miss by class movie lovers

Telugu360 Rating : 3.25/5

Release Date : 24thth Nov, 2017
Director : Vivek Athreya
Music Director : Prashat R Vihari
Produced by: Raj Kandukuri
Starring : Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj

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