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Final report:

‘ Paisa Vasool ‘ portrays Balayya in a different role than his screen image. In that process Balayya’s strengths are under utilized , Teda Singh’s characterization works only in Few Scenes.

While first half is Mediocre, second half is slightly better. 3 songs , Portugal episodes are good !

Puri jagan should seriously consider coming out of his template mafia don stories.

Overall , this film ‘ Paisa Vasool ‘ as director speaks through Balayya character :

“It is only Fans and Family may like it. “. Bala’s high energtic performance is appreciable, Shriya looked cute as usual.

Verdict : Fans and Family

5:50 AM With a standard action climax movie comes to an end

5:40 AM Bala (Bala Krishna Nandamuri) lectures about greatness of India. Unfortunately there is no solid premise behind spate of dialogues.

5:25 AM ‘ Kannu Kannu Kalisayi ‘ a melody song on Shriya & Balakrishna

5:20 AM  Balakrishna rescuing Shriya ( in Portugal ) scene is best in the film so far. Characterization & dialogues worked out ! Some respite for fans. Balayya mannerism’s in the fight are good.

5:17 AM Shriya records Marley’s criminal activities , gang is after her !

5:15 AM Popular song ” Maava Ek peg lao ..” shot on Balakrishna, Shriya is good , fans will love Balayya’s energy in this song.

5:00 AM Balakrishna works as cab driver in Portugal. A Chase sequence has been shot well

Interval Report :

As seen in trailors, Puri Jagan has attempted a comedy characterization which is different from Balayya’s larger than life heroism image l. This attempt doesn’t appear fruitful.

Storywise too not much to offer, first half is average. Two scenes and two songs worked out, Dialogues are good

4:40 AM interval fight and twist.

4:30 AM As typical with Puri Jagan, movie is progressing with no much story. Third song ” Padha marii ” time. Balakrishna steps in this song appeal to fans

4:15 AM Remake song ” Konte Navvu cheptondi” has been shot well. But the lead pair is pretty average. Interesting selection of costumes to say the least.

4:10 AM Balakrishna role as nickname ‘Teda Singh ‘ is comedy orienTed. Movie revolves around invisible Bob Marley. Balayya infiltrates that gang as   informer.

3:55 AM Neeku Bob Marley Tesla?

Balayya : “Naaku Mansion House tappa edhi teliyadu”

3:50 AM Different from his heroism elevation intro , Balakrishna has been introduced in title song ‘ Paisa Vasool’ . This Item song is just OK .

3:40 AM Title cards showing Mafia Don Bob Marley’s murders and extortions in the backdrop. Fedup with Bob’s gang activities , Indian agency RAW decides to take on him out of law

3:35 AM Balayya still continuing Basavatarakam Putra Balakrishna title.

3:30 AM #Showtime : Paisa Vasool

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Very few combinations in Tollywood could have matched the hysteria that erupted when Puri Jagannadh announced a film with Nandamuri Balakrishna. The duo have teamed up for the first time in their careers and audience are eagerly awaiting the result of this crazy combination.

As expected, Puri has come up with an amazing transformation for Balakrishna in Paisa Vasool. The electrifying trailers promise an out and out mass entertainer with Puri’s trademark dialogues and action elements. Balakrishna’s unmatchable energy levels are said to be the biggest asset for the film.

Shreya Saran and Musskan Sethi are the female leads in the film and Anup Rubens composed the tunes. Bhavya Creations is the production unit behind this film.

Amidst good expectations, Paisa Vasool is all set for a grand release today (Sep 1st).

Let’s see if the dashing combination of Puri – Balayya strike it hard at the box office or not. Here are the live updates followed by detailed analysis of the film.

Release Date : 1st Sep, 2017
Director : Puri Jagannadh
Music Director : Anup Rubens
Choreography : Mukesh G
Production Company: Bhavya Creations
Starring : Balakrishna, Shriya Saran

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