Sharmila’s ‘Open Heart with RK’ : Not explosive, but diplomatic

Contrary to expectations based on the promos aired by ABN Andhra Jyothy channel for the past few days, ABN channel CMD Radhakrishna’s “Open Heart with RK” Season-3 with YSRTP chief YS Sharmila, which was aired on Sunday for one-and-half hours from 8.30 pm to 10 pm on Sunday (today) did not turn out to be an explosive one as Sharmila chose to be ‘diplomatic’ by not making any controversial or aggressive remarks on his brother and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy.
Despite RK posing several political and family questions on Jagan, Sharmila evaded most of them by not giving straight answers or to-the-point answers.
Except for stating that she felt pained by Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy’s statement that YSRCP has nothing to do with Sharmila’s entry into Telangana politics, Sharmila did not make any explosive comments on Jagan or YSRCP or on Jagan-KCR friendship.
Highlights of replies given by Sharmila to RK are :

-It took nine months for me to recover from my father’s untimely death in a helicopter crash in September 2009

– My father YSR was very close to me than my brother Jagan. My father pampered me a lot than Jagan
– After YSR’s death, my brother YS Jagan did not try to gather signatures of Congress MLAs to make him CM. The fact was that few ministers and Congress MLAs themselves started gathering signatures on their own in support of Jagan as CM and sent to Congress high command.
– I was never interested in politics. I am averse to politics since childhood. I never thought or dreamt of entering politics. I gained interest in serious politics only recently.
– The reason I launched the party in Telangana is that there is no alternative for TRS. I felt bad at KCR’s style of functioning after he took the Covid situation lightly. National media also pointed out this.
– A friend of mine who happens to be an election strategist told me that KCR won for the second term as CM as there was no alternative. Then I thought seriously that I should do something in Telangana and offer a better alternative for TRS.
– I am confident that YSRCP will succeed in Telangana politics. Because there is a political vacuum in Telangana. There is no opposition here. Congress and BJP are in nexus with KCR. Congress has turned as a MLAs supplying company to KCR and BJP’s Bandi Sanjay only makes tall claims that he has 100 pieces of evidence on KCR’s corruption but never discloses one. Under these circumstances, only YSRCP will emerge as a real alternative for TRS.
Revanth Reddy was caught red-handed in cash for a vote case. His fate is in the hands of KCR. For that reason, Revanth will only listen to KCR, not Congress’s high command. Definitely, YSRTP has space in Telangana.
– YSR never opposed Telangana. KCR branded YSR as ‘anti-Telangana’ to flare up Telangana sentiment and emotions for his political mileage.  KCR tied up with YSR in 2004 and Chandrababu Naidu in 2009.
– YSR supported Telangana in 1999 even before TRS was born in 2001.
– YSRTP will go it alone in all the elections. There is no need for any tie-up.
– YSR never discriminated against Telangana. YSR’s welfare schemes of free power benefitted Telangana the most as lakhs of farmers are dependent on borewells. YSR’s Jalayagnam projects benefitted more Telangana than Seemandhra.
– Telangana people enjoyed the fruits of YSR’s welfare schemes.
– It’s my decision to launch a party in TS because my entire life in linked with TS. But Jagan did not like this idea.
– I took the decision after in-depth analysis and thorough research. I felt pained at Sajjala’s comments. I did a lot for Jagan’s political future. I did padayatra due to blood relations and felt it as a responsibility.. The difference with siblings, within a family, is common. It’s not proper for Sajjala to use such words. I got hurt.
– I cannot talk about KCR-Jagan friendship.
– I am definitely cut out for politics now.
– My mother Vijayamma is proud of what I am doing. She encouraged me. She blessed me. She is all along with me. she is my strength.
– My mother is fine with both me and Jagan.
– After YSR’s death, we knew for the first time what troubles are. For that reason, we as a family stood united to overcome those troubles. For that reason, I and my mother came in support of Jagan and supported his party while he was in jail. Now they have no need. They are in power now.
– If Jagan can’t continue as CM in the future due to any circumstances,  their party (YSRCP) will decide who will be the next CM. I have no role in this. I am not even a member of YSRCP. They never gave me any posts. I was never a member of YSRCP. I and my mother just helped YSRCP when Jagan sought our help.
– I never asked Jagan for a Rajya Sabha member. I am not aware that he had any plans to send me to Rajya Sabha.
– Like any other family, it’s common to have disputes over property and businesses in our family too. But I am confident that in due time everything will be resolved. I have stakes in all properties, businesses of our family because my father treated me and Jagan equally and never discriminated against me.
– I am prepared for a long battle in politics.  I have to be prepared.
– I saw the greater cause, the greater good. In this way, I can make my dad proud.
– I never sought anyone’s help, even of YSR’s supporters in Telangana. YSR has credibility. I have credibility as YSR’s daughter. I have to prove myself. People’s and God’s blessings are important. I will give my best shot.
– Courage, perseverance, never give up…these are the traits I acquired from YSR.
– YS Viveka’s murder pained me a lot and our family. I felt very sad. It’s more than two and a half years now and we are waiting for justice.
– We are all with Viveka’s daughter Sunitha, Entire YSR’s family si with Sunitha.
– My husband said to go ahead when I told him about my political entry in Telangana. He is a very loving husband. I am proud of his work. He never interferes in politics.
– I met Anil in Secunderabad dhaba with a group of my friends. It was not love at first sight. Anil proposed to me first.
– YSR did not approve of our marriage initially. He said they are brahmins and our and their family’s religions are different. I can’t eat without non-veg, chicken, Anil eats non-veg but his family won’t. Finally, I convinced my father.
– We are leading a very happy family life. He never campaigned for politics.
— Me and Jagan or our family members never talk during prayers on the occasion of father’s death anniversary at Idupulapaya. I had breakfast with Jagan and their family on that day. I have good relations with Jagan. We talk frequently over the phone. I don’t lie.
– Prashanth Kishore offered to help me in the upcoming Assembly elections in Telangana in 2023.  He will work for Assembly elections. He will soon take charge.
– I will begin Padayatra in October. How long not decided but it should be at least a year.
– My son and daughter are currently pursuing higher education in the US. Both are well-behaved children.
– My dad’s 12th death anniversary was held in a grand manner in Hyderabad because it was pushkara vardhanthi. It was not held for political reasons. It’s honor for him. Jagan was invited to the function but he did not turn up due to prior engagement. Some politicized this event unnecessarily.
– Sonia Gandhi refused permission for odarpu yatra after YSR died. I tried my best to convince her. It is, for this reason, we left Congress.
– God is my mentor.
– Telangana people want new generation politics, no need to take any leaders from other parties.
– People are not happy with the KCR government, there is severe anti-incumbency. Most people oppose his dictatorial type of functioning. He focuses only on issues that benefit him not people.
– My life is dedicated to Telangana.

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