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ANR Virtual Production Stage successfully launched


The unique collaboration between Annapurna studios and Qube cinema brings the best ANR Virtual Production Stage in Hyderabad. The launch of the ANR Virtual Production Stage can be a game-changer for the Indian film industry, and it could help India’s entertainment sector take a significant step forward in the global entertainment industry. This cutting-edge ICVFX (In-Camera Visual Effects) facility promises to revolutionise the filmmaking process.

Filmmakers can now seamlessly blend real and virtual elements and shoot scenes in multiple locations around the world without physically relocating. They can also change the weather and lighting to their liking, giving them more creative freedom. The ANR Virtual Production Stage has been testing since October 2022 and has already been used to shoot a number of films, commercials, and music videos.

Nagarjuna Akkineni of Annapurna Studios said, “The successful launch of the ANR Virtual Production Stage is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge services to our clients. Our strengths and experience in making movies and running studios, in tandem with Qube’s technical knowledge, make this a great collaboration. Virtual production enables the creative mind to imagine without limit and then create it.”

The stage is the first world-class permanent ICVFX facility in India, offering significant cost savings in logistics and production, and it promises to empower filmmakers to tell their stories without being limited by location or space. This is really a game changer in Indian film industry.

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Nagarjuna responds about his 100th Film


King Nagarjuna played an important role in Brahmastra and the actor is quite happy with the response. During the recent media interaction, Nagarjuna responded about his 100th film which has been in discussion stages from some time. He said that four directors are in talks for this prestigious project and he would announce the details of the film very soon. He said that he is quite careful about his 100th film and Nagarjuna will announce the details of the project at the right time.

There were talks that Mohan Raja is in talks for the project but now Nag revealed that he is holding talks with four directors. His home banner Annapurna Studios will produce the 100th film of Nagarjuna. He is all set for the release of The Ghost which is announced for October 5th release. Praveen Sattaru is the director of this stylish action thriller.

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Rangula Ratnam Review : Sentiment Overloaded !

Rangula Ratnam Review 2018

Rangula Ratnam Review 2018

Telugu360 Rating : 2.5/5


Vishnu (Raj Tarun) – an easygoing boy who runs a greeting card company ‘Emotions’. His mother (Sitara) is very affectionate towards him, raises him with so much care and liberty. Vishnu likes a girl Keerthi (Chitra Shukla), an employee of event management company. She is so principled that, she makes her younger brother always wear a helmet even as a pillion rider.

After a tragedy in his life, Vishnu’s only solace is Keerthi. However, Keerthi has her own justified reasons to be overprotective and overcaring about him. The rest of the story is about the love and conflict between the lead pair.


Raj Tarun – An actor with ease continues his impressive work as Vishnu. The scene after tragedy stands out for his performance. New heroine Chitra Shukla has innocent looks, fits the role aptly. However, it is Priyadarshi who steals the show in hero’s friend – a comedy role. Sitara did an emotional role, dubbed her own. The lady who acted as priyadarshi’s wife is impressive with her natural Telangana diction. These are the only five roles in the film.


Contrary to Annapurna Studio’s standards, technical values are not that great for this film. Sricharan Pakala’s music is not impressive. ‘Enno Enno’ Song is good melody, rest of the songs are not upto the mark. ‘Rey Vishnu ‘song is loud and irritating as background score in second half. L K Vijay’s photography is adequate. There is no much artwork as such to present well. Srikar Prasad editing is good, however in first half there is lag in redundant sentiment scenes. There are no fight sequences, except a small bit.


Theme of this film revolves around motherly love in first half, showcases the issues arise with possessiveness and overprotecting nature of girlfriend in second half. Director Sree Ranjani came up with a different story line, her approach is family oriented. She has good comedy timing as well, it works in parts of second half. Despite these positives, the melodrama part is overdone and emotional connect is gone missing. Director has redundantly established mother and son affection scenes in order to generate emotion but it did not work. Such heavydose of melodrama in first half is unnecessary, rather she should have stuffed more comedy scenes. Sentiment involving mother has nothing to do in second half story. In general, those tragedies play a significant rule in overall story but not in this case.

Songs play a major role in success of these genre films, but songs are not impressive in this film except ‘Enno Enno…’ song. Lack of impressive songs is another major deficit in this film
Priyadarshi got a meaty role in this film and is a saving grace in the film. His comedy in wedding scenes, in native place scenes are impressive.


  • Lead pair Raj Tarun, Chitra
  • Comedy in second half is big relief
  • Priyadarshi, Raj Tarun youthlife enjoyment scenes
  • A different concept


  • Slow paced narration
  • Overdose of mother sentiment
  • Poor Songs – bad songs in a love story is a crime
  • Heroine’s dull characterization (as per script though)
  • Poor production values


While second half is good in parts for its comedy, overdose of sentiment in first half makes this film a slow paced one. Though the core point is justified, you feel something is amiss as you walk out of the theater. Priyadarshi role, his comedy is a big relief. All in all, family audience may give this film a try but saleable items are less to none for other sections of audience.

Telugu360 Rating : 2.5/5

Release Date : 14th Jan, 2018
Director : Sri Ranjani
Music Director : Sricharan Pakala
Production Company: Annapurna Studios
Starring : Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla

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Line clear for Annapurna studio link road. Nagarjuna to lose some land??


Nagarjuna to lose Annapurna studio 20 feet land

“This is Hyderabad. Traffic here is very bad”, says a Trivikram’s character in a movie. Especially traffic in the road that covers Banjara hills, Indira nagar, Krishna nagar, yousuf guda towards Hitec city is almost like bumper-to-bumper on weekdays. But at last, Telangana government has taken some measures to address this issue. It is planning to clear the line for proposed link road near Annapurna studio.

This proposal was actually started during the congress government itself but later it was put to cold storage. But after 2014 elections, TRS revived this project again and started widening the road in banjara hills. KTR has given special consideration for this issue and TRS MLA sought help of Nagarjuna and Nagarjuna agreed to give some land of Annapurna studios. So government planned widening the road from 40 feet to 60 feet.

The extra 20 feet land will be of Annapurna studios and Nag agreed to give it to the government. But now again the team of engineers suggested to increase it to 80 feet. So again government is planning to ask Nagarjuna for additional 20 feet road from Annapurna studios. Though the team of engineers and local MLA are skeptical about getting this additional 20 feet road from private property of Annapurna studios, it is learnt that KTR told them he will personally speak to Nagarjuna on this issue and get it resolved,

We have to wait and see how Nag is going to respond on this.

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Massive fire accident in Annapurna Studios


Massive fire accident in Annapurna Studios

In an unfortunate incident, a major fire mishap occurred in prestigious Annapurna Studios which left many sets turned into ashes in minutes. The fire spread in no time and short circuit is expected to be the reason for the fire accident. Though the staff tried their best to control the fire, it spread soon that they failed to control. The studio management confirmed no human loss but several sets have been damaged.

The famous Manam set turned out into ashes and sources also informed a set of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Syeraa have been damaged but a confirmation on this is awaited. The Fire authorities later brought the situations into control and an investigation is on about the fire accident.

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