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Comprehensive Analysis: Bigg Boss Telugu, A Journey of TRP Triumphs and Declines


Bigg Boss Telugu, the Indian reality TV sensation, has taken audiences on a rollercoaster ride over the years. Each season has had its unique charm, controversies, and unforgettable moments. Let’s delve into the TRP ratings of each season and see how they fared.

Season 1: Jr NTR’s Debut Delight

Hosted by the charismatic Jr NTR, Season 1 set the stage on fire with its launch episode garnering a remarkable TRP rating of 16.18. The main attraction was undoubtedly Jr NTR himself, leaving audiences curious about his hosting skills. While Shiva Balaji claimed victory, Navadeep stole the show with his exceptional comedy and entertainment. Hariteja also left a lasting impression as a star entertainer.

Season 2: The Kaushal Craze

Season 2, hosted by Nani, made waves with its launch episode, scoring a TRP rating of 15. However, this season is best remembered for the “Kaushal effect.” Kaushal Manda’s popularity sparked the formation of the Kaushal Army, which conducted rallies in his support. The Kaushal phenomenon created intense debates and discussions everywhere. Kaushal’s eventual win even led to midnight rallies, reminiscent of political processions. This season left a profound impact and remains the most successful in Bigg Boss Telugu history.

Season 3: Nagarjuna Takes the Reins

Season 3, hosted by Nagarjuna, set new records with a launch episode TRP rating of 17.9. The finale of this season got a staggering 22.4 rating, mainly due to the presence of megastar Chiranjeevi as a chief guest. This season outshone its predecessors in every aspect be it ratings or entertainment. With engaging contestants like Sreemukhi, Rahul, and Baba Master, it delivered endless entertainment. While Rahul emerged as the winner, Sreemukhi and Baba master left an indelible mark with their entertainment quotient.

Season 4: A Tumultuous Triangle

Nagarjuna returned to host Season 4, which recorded a launch episode rating of 18.5 and a finale rating 21.7. While the premiere and closing episodes garnered significant attention, regular episodes struggled in the ratings department. The season became known for the intense rivalry between the final two contestants, Abhijit and Akhil, with Monal adding a complex layer to the story. The media even questioned Akhil’s parents about his relationship with Monal.

Season 5: A Dip in Interest

Season 5 had Sunny emerging as the winner, but it marked a decline in the audience’s interest. Although the launch and finale episodes received impressive ratings of 18 and 18.4, respectively, the weekday shows failed to captivate viewers. This season signaled a waning interest in the show among the audience.

Season 6: The Unfortunate Decline

Season 6, hosted by Nagarjuna, unfortunately, became the poorest-performing season in Bigg Boss Telugu history. Its launch episode scored a TRP rating of 8.86, with the finale episode managing only 8.17. Despite the heart-wrenching story of Keerthi, who had lost her entire family in an accident, this season failed to engage the audience effectively.

Season 7: A Resurgence of Interest

With declining interest in previous seasons, there were doubts about Season 7’s potential ratings. Surprisingly, the launch episode of Season 7 achieved a commendable TRP rating of 18.06. This resurgence can be attributed to well-known contestants and meticulous show preparation by the creators. The show’s success also reflected positively on the Star MAA channel’s ratings during this period.

As Bigg Boss Telugu continues to evolve, it remains a captivating journey of TRP triumphs and declines, proving that the show’s success depends on the right mix of entertainment, drama, and engaging contestants.

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Bigg Boss, the show that has been entertaining the Telugu audience for 5 seasons, is back with a spin off version on the OTT Streaming Platform, Disney Plus Hotstar. Having witnessed tremendous success among the audience over seasons, the popular reality show has become India’s most loved format and is all set to entertain us all again.

Making the drama available for 24 hours a day, Disney Plus Hotstar has brought this incredible show even closer to the hearts of the public.

The OTT version of this sensational show promises to be even bolder, crazier, and more entertaining than ever. Ahead of the season, the audience is intrigued by one question – Who all are going to be trapped in the house? All those questions will be answered as the show gets unveiled by the Superstar host Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna who has also hosted the TV version of the show brings in the X-factor to the show with his charm.

Watch the Season Premiere on February 26th at 6p.m., as the host King Nagarjuna serves it hot with his entertaining persona.

Your favourite show will not just air for an hour now. It will be available to watch for 24 hours Non Stop on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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Star MAA offers to Bigg boss contestants


Bigg boss is one of the most popular programs on Telugu TV nowadays. Even though season 4 got lot of criticism for biased eliminations and running the show as per the whims and fancies of the makers, the show still deemed to be successful mainly because of lack of alternative entertainment programs. However, at the end of each season, there will be a question whether the show is helping the contestants in their careers or not.

It seems star MAA now wants to provide some good opportunities for the contestants. Already Gangavva has been made party of a health related program in MAA TV. Sohail is also given a chance to host the Bigg boss buzz programs by MAA TV. Latest to join the bandwagon is heroine Monal. She will be seen as judge in the upcoming dance program in MAA TV. Reportedly, she is paid a bomb by MAA TV for this program and it is in the tube of the remuneration she receives per movie.

Overall it is a good strategy by MAA TV as they can encash the craze of Bigg boss contestants of the latest season and at the same time this move will intensify the competition for Bigg boss program next season and they can attract better talent.

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NTR sets bars high for Bigg Boss 3


The team of Star MAA is struggling to find the right host for the third season of the reality show Bigg Boss. Though Star MAA was ready to pay a fat pay cheque for Tarak, he clarified that he wishes to focus on RRR and is not ready to spare time for Bigg Boss 3. Names like Venkatesh, Rana Daggubati, Vijay Devarakonda, Anushka have been speculated for the latest season. The first season was a smashing hit and NTR’s hosting skills have been widely appreciated.

With NTR’s exit, Nani hosted the second season which was decent. He faced the heat after he was compared with NTR’s skills which did not go well with Nani. Now the bars are set high for Bigg Boss 3 as the host will surely be compared with NTR. Hence most of the approached actors wished not to take any risk at this point of time. Bigg Boss 3 was planned to roll from July but nothing has been finalized as of now.

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NTR – Bigg Boss 3: Real Updates


Young Tiger NTR surprised the small screen audience with his hosting skills for Bigg Boss realty show which registered record TRP among the Telugu television shows. Natural Star Nani hosted the second season and Star MAA is keen on bringing back NTR for the third season and he is offered a hefty pay of Rs 20 crores for Bigg Boss 3. Several media channels reported that Tarak already gave his nod and signed the third season but things are completely different.

NTR and Ram Charan are locked for SS Rajamouli’s prestigious project RRR which is a high budget action entertainer. The duo allotted 200 days each for the film’s shoot and 25 days of shoot has been completed till date. With over 175 days of shoot left, it is really hectic for NTR to juggle between RRR and Bigg Boss 3. Hence the actor is in plans to reveal his decision to Star MAA but the top channel is keen on convincing NTR for the show.

NTR’s close aides already clarified that NTR will not be a part of Bigg Boss and the makers will soon start their hunt for their right host and announce the news officially.

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Bigg Boss set: The new destination for shootings


Star MAA raced to the top in TRPs with the realty show Bigg Boss. Both the seasons ended up as super hits. The first season was shot in Lonavla, near Pune in which the Hindi Bigg Boss was shot. For the second season, the makers erected a massive set in Annapurna Studios (7 Acres). Now this set turned out to be the new destination for film and tv shows shoot.

The set wasn’t disturbed after the makers got several offers. Some portions of NTR – Kathanayakudu was shot in this special set. ETV’s top show ‘Swarabhishekam’s is being shot here currently. Though most of the ETV shows are shot in Ramoji Film City, Swararbhishekam is shot in Bigg Boss set to reduce the cost cutting (vehicle expenses and time for Ramoji Film City travel).

On the whole, the Bigg Boss 2 set has been raking money for the makers and is busy with several shoots currently.

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Jr NTR to host ‘Bigg Boss Telugu’ 3?


Bigg Boss Telugu’s first season is turned out to be a huge hit due to the dynamic presence of its host Jr NTR. Reports say that the producers of Bigg Boss Telugu are getting ready to begin the third season and Jr NTR may be back to being its host.

Busy with his acting commitments, Jr NTR could not host the second season and the role was eventually offered to actor Nani. Though Jr NTR is now busy with SS Rajamouli’s movie RRR, sources say that Jr NTR is bound by the contract not to act in any other films until RRR is wrapped up, so he is considering hosting Bigg Boss Telugu.

Reports say that makers of the show want real popular contestants for the next season and are consulting with considerably popular heroines. Rumours say that a struggling Telugu heroine is approached for the show and also a popular Mumbai girl who is fluent in Telugu is also being considered. Let us hope the next season of the show will be a smashing hit.

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Bigg boss : Twists and emotions during Shyamala eviction


As pointed out in a recent article, Bigg boss show got less TRP ratings last week . Probably it was due to couple of factors like – after elimination of 2 common people in the first 2 episodes, there was a sort of negative reaction from the audience on the show, and also the theme of romantic tracks between housemates did not go well with audience. Moreover, Bigg boss show pattern itself is like – it turns interesting with each eviction as the competition stiffens. One more reason is lengthy episodes compared to Bigg boss season-1

This weekend episode was emotional when Shyamala got evicted from the show. Actually, even before the episode telecast, Shyamala tweeted about her eviction and within minutes she deleted the tweet. But this week turned emotional as there was a twist to process of elimination this week, as Bigg boss shortlisted 3 contestants – TV9 Deepthi , Shyamala and Nandini and it was Tejaswi and Kaushal to decide who will be evicted this week.

Tejaswi and Kaushal earlier got some special powers because of a task and they can save one person from eviction. So now Tejaswi and Kaushal can each save one from the 3 girls nominated for eviction. Kaushal saved Nandini and Tejaswi saved Deepthi and this left Shyamala with no choice but to leave the house. Housemates themselves saving one person and indirectly deciding eviction was dealt emotionally. Probably Syamala did not expect eviction until yesterday and she looked a bit confident.

She came to the show leaving her 11 months kid at home and she told she will be happy as she will be able to be present for her son’s first birthday on 29th of this month.

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Bigg Boss 2 to last for 100 Days


It’s official now that Natural Star Nani will replace NTR in the second season of the realty show Bigg Boss which will start next month. Nani recently shot for a promo and it will be aired soon on Star MAA.

The second season of Bigg Boss will last for 100 days while the first season was telecasted for 70 days. The makers wanted to extend the second season and the prize money too is said to be huge. However the number of participants will be 14 along with two wild card entrants like the first season had.

Nani who will be present on the sets of Bigg Boss 2 only during weekends is said to have been charging Rs 4 crores for the season which is huge. The makers clarified that the list of participants will be announced on the day the show begins. Bigg Boss 2 starts from June 10th and massive sets are being erected in a private studio in Hyderabad for the shoot. Star MAA is leaving no stone unturned for Bigg Boss 2 after the first season ended up as a huge success.

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Interesting updates on Bigg Boss season-2 Telugu


Bigg boss season-1 hosted by Jr. NTR was a big hit in small screen. Season ended with Siva Balaji winning the grand title. Ever since the season-1 was finished, people started asking for Season-2. There have been rumors that NTR may not host the season-2 and also there have been rumors that Bigg boss shooting also may happen in Hyderabad. Now there are more updates on this.

Bigg boss season-2 is all set to roll from June, 2018. While the season-1 was there only for 70 days, season-2 will be for 100 days. It is now confirmed that NTR himself will be hosting the season-2 too. Also, season-2 will be more star-studded compared to season-1. It seems there have been requests from several senior journalists and analysts too. Probably they have taken a cue from Kathi Mahesh who became celebrity after Bigg boss show. Also, it is confirmed that shooting of Bigg boss-2 will happen in Hyderabad itself, unlike the season-1 that happened in Lonavala.

We will have to wait and see who all will be the participants in season-2.

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Fidaa and Bigg Boss fetch mind boggling TRPs


Star network acquired MAA after which many interesting television shows have been produced. Star MAA inked their biggest deal with Young Tiger NTR for Bigg Boss and the tv show ended up as one of the biggest hits fetching some terrific TRPs. The final episode of the tv show took place recently and it lasted for four and half hours. The final episode shattered all the records ending up with 14.13 TRP which is huge.

At the same time, Tollywood’s recent sensational hit Fidaa too has been telecasted on Star MAA and it raked a mind boggling TRP of 21.3 which is highest ever for a Telugu movie. Fidaa is a massive hit on silverscreen as well as small screen. This Sekhar Kammula directorial featured Varuntej and Sai Pallavi in the lead roles. Star MAA raced to the top and dominated the television channels with Bigg Boss and Fidaa.

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Bigg boss team, what next??


Bigg boss show that ended 2 days back, is undoubtedly one of the most successful show Telugu TV history. NTR got full marks for his energetic anchoring and Siva Balaji got the title. Remaining participants also got huge attention from audience and some of them, who were not celebrities earlier, got celebrity status over night, to be precise – over 70 days and nights 🙂

However, how they are going to utilize this status is most important if they plan to reshape their careers. We have previously seen Gabbar Singh Antyakshari team, running from one channel to another to give interviews for couple of months after the stupendous hit of Gabbar Singh movie and especially that Antyakshari episode in that movie. But after 4 years, they are still at the same place where they were previously. This shows, no matter how much attention you draw, it is bound to fade out if not properly planned.

So bigg boss show has given excellent platform for artists like Madhu Priya, Deeksha, critic Mahesh, Sameer, Hariteja, Prince etc who were not very well know to audience. On the other side, Sampoo, Mumaith, Archana, Dhan Raj etc were already more popular and they added value to the show. But by the time they came out of the show almost all are equally popular. They all received grand welcome at Shamshabad airport by Telugu media.

Coming to the prospects of the contestants, Kathi Mahesh has been saying he is writing a book on this show. HariTeja who got immense popularity is expected to get more and more offers. Karthika told she is actually in the business of interior decoration designing. For Madhupriya, its double dhamaka as she got super hit song in Fidaa movie almost at the same time. As she got more popularity now she is also expected to get more singing offers. As far as Diskha concerned, we have to wait and see . Because immediately after eviction, she made allegations on the show as well as on other contestants like Dhan Raj. Prince and Adarsh who became very well known names now may get more offers if they are not keen on lead or second lead roles. Regarding Hari Teja, there are already rumours like she will have a role in NTR and Trivikram combo as she is close to both of them now.

Kalpana, Mumaith, Sampoo, Archana, Sameer etc didn’t gain anything more than what they already have from this show.

Anyway, as already mentioned, if not properly planned, it is not soon before this popularity fades out. So, they have to be quick and well planned to maximize the opportunity they have now. Moreover, if bigg boss-2 starts, again there will be new team and new members to take on the opportunities!!!

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Tarak’s hosting skills to precious moments, Bigg Boss has seen it all


Young Tiger Junior NTR as the host of Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 was engaging and enjoyable. With his captivating skills, he made the weekend episodes entertaining and was a delight to watch. His on-screen acts, songs, satires, sarcasm, voice modulation and fun managed to hold the viewers’ attention which in itself in an exceptional achievement for a first timer. With this show Starmaa was top in TRPs for almost 6 consecutive weekends, and of course the weekend episodes always had higher ratings than the weekdays.

Music director Devi Sri Prasad on the finale said that he has never seen this avatar of Tarak. The Jai Lava Kusa actor said, “The Tarak you see on Bigg Boss is the real me”. Through this 71days journey, Tarak shared a lot of moments but here we have curated specifics related to his personal life…

Tarak Mutton Biryani

The star’s friends often said that NTR is a great cook but the audience of Bigg Boss got an rare opportunity to witness his cooking skills. Tarak entered the house to prepare mutton biryani for the contestants. The recipe is now termed as ‘NTR mutton biryani’. Kalyan Ram did heap praises on the burgers made by Tarak which took him 6hours to cook.

Bromance between Kalyan Ram and Tarak

Through Bigg Boss, audience could witness the bonding with his brother Kalyan Ram which was never seen before in public. While the host calls him ‘Kalyan anna’, the Patas actor calls him ‘nana’.With a new public display of affection they just proved how close their bromance is.

Tarak’s trademark accessory

Tarak is seen sporting a diamond ring which was gifted by his wife Pranathi, when he had to travel for shooting in London for 70days. He shared on Bigg Boss that their names (Abhay and Pranathi) were engraved on either side of the stone. The actor was flaunting the ring in his recent flick Jai Lava Kusa as well.

Walking encyclopedia

Contestant Sameer said that Tarak has knowledge about anything and everything in this world. From his stint as Bigg Boss host we surely know about his love for old movie songs/dialogs and food as such.

NTR’s virtual coordination with Pranathi

Tarak said that he need not tell his wife everything how to do, she just understands and coordinates everything. Tarak wants his things to be in an order and Pranathi ensures that certain things are placed in the order he prefers. He quoted the example of ‘brush paste’ to praise of Pranathi’s ability to understand without talking

Tarak’s supreme oratory skills

While Tarak’s communication skills are exceptional, he gave glimpses of his kannada speaking skills. While conversing with contestants Madhupriya and Kathi Kartika, he would speak in Telangana dialect. He was often seen mimicking the contestants and also the anchors who try to mix-up Telugu and English

Enjoying Fatherhood

In the very first press conference of Bigg Boss, Tarak said that his son Abhay loves his mom more than dad now which makes him envious. The 34-year-old is enjoying fatherhood a lot and makes sure to mention the cuteness of his son at least once in every episode.

Abhay Ram’s birthday

Tarak celebrated the birthday of his little munchkin son on the sets of reality show in Lonnavala. He shared a picture from the sets of Bigg Boss house on twitter where the father-son duo can be seen twinning.

We just hope that Tarak returns to season 2 of Bigg Boss to entertains us and share even more delightful stuff.

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And the Bigg boss season-1 title winner is…


Bigg Boss Telugu Winner

Bigg boss show grand finale just finished. Battle among the top 5 contestants Archana, Hariteja, Siva Balaji, Navadeep and Adarsh was so engaging and it made Telugu audience glue to their television sets this evening. So keep reading to know who finally emerged as title winner….

Show started with Devi Sri Prasad rocking the floor. Family members of the contestants attended the event.Also almost all the contestants who were evicted earlier also attended the event. Contestants like Mumaith Khan and Kalpana were among the absentees. When the evictions started in the grand finale, Archana was the first to get evicted. Disappointment was seen on her face very clearly. Next to get evicted was Navadeep. He responded very maturely that other four contestants spent more time in the house than him and so they faced more heat and definitely deserve the title more than him. When only final three contestants were left, Tarak gave an opportunity that if someone is so sure to not get the title they have an opportunity to walkaway with the briefcase that contains amount of 10 lakh rupees. However, non of the three – Siva balaji, Adarsh and Hariteja didn’t utilize that chance. And then, the third one to get eviction was Hariteja. She told that she got a premonition that she would be the next one to get evicted. Tarak revealed that she got more than 2 crore votes out of total 11 crore votes polled for the show.

Finally two contestants, Siva balaji and Adarsh competed for the title. Tarak entered the bigg boss house walked both of them on to the bigg boss stage to announce the title winner. But it was Siva Balaji who finally walked away with the title. Sivabalaji won the hearts of the audience with his genuineness and the way he handled the housemates when he was captain, his patience while dealing with housemates. Also audience connected well with his character and his transformation from a short tempered guy to some what composed guy. He is awarded with prize of 50 lakh rupees along with the title.

With this, the most entertaining Telugu TV show, of recent times came to and end.

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Diksha’s sensational comments on Bigg boss show and Dhan Raj


Diksha Panth, who got eliminated last week from Bigg boss show, made sensational comments today. She alleged that Bigg boss had bias and intentionally projected her in bad way. She accused all the good that she did was not shown and only the footage where she was crying or she was eating has been telecasted and because of that only she got evicted from the house. She also made sensational comments on another contestant Dhan Raj, who was not only co-house mate in bigg boss but also her co-star in the movie ‘Banthi poola Janaki’.

She told – “Dhanraj had special interest on me during the shoot of the film Banthipula Janaki. He used to ask me to meet in the evenings after the shoots for which I never responded.Keeping those incidents in mind, Dhanraj behaved harshly with me in Bigg Boss show.”

Diksha who acted in Telugu films like Gopala Gopala, Sankarabharanam, Oka Laila Kosam, Rachha, and Varudu never got break from those films. She got the much needed break from this show. But unlike other contestants who got eviction earlier, she directly targetted the show itself by alleging that the makers of the show intentionally shown the footage that damage her image.

We have to wait and see if makers of the show or Dhan Raj respond to he comments.

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Will Tarak-Mahesh recreate the Salman-Shah Rukh moment on Bigg Boss?


A common ritual on Bigg Boss is to promote movies and Telugu audience enjoyed Tarak and Kalyan Ram’s bromance on Saturday’s episode. It did sound like audio function, but the entertainment quotient from the contestants of the show and Jai Lava Kusa team was way too high.

Celebrated actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan promoted each other’s movies on Bigg Boss Hindi twice. With Superstar Mahesh Babu and Young Tiger NTR films all set to release this Dusshera, will the duo be able to recreate the Salman-Shah Rukh moment for the Telugu audience?

The scope for movie promotions on the season one of the Telugu version was pretty limited. Only Nene Raju Nene Mantri promotion by Rana Daggubati was on par with its Hindi counterpart. All other promotions were lacked luster and that too during the weekdays.

The coming of the two superstars Shah Rukh and Salman on Bigg Boss was an iconic moment and there was an upsurge in TV ratings like never before. It still remains one of the highest rated episodes ever.

While the duo is clashing with a gap of one week at box office, Mahesh sharing stage with Tarak in the ongoing season’s finale episode to promote his upcoming film Spyder will undoubtedly be a treat to watch. Even though they compete at box office, Mahesh and Tarak have maintained a good rapport all through.

On the other hand, Mahesh who is making his debut in Tamil through this film might end up on Bigg Boss Tamil sets with Kamal Hassan. Nonetheless the actor promoting on either of the shows will certainly create excitement among the fans about this much-awaited SPYder.

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Congress leaders should participate in Bigg Boss Telugu : TRS MP


Bhuvanagiri Member of Parliament B Narsaiah Goud advised the Telangana Congress party leaders to participate in Tarak’s Bigg Boss Telugu show for time pass.

He is confident that TRS will win 100 seats in the 2019 assembly elections. He criticized TPCC leaders for obstructive the projects taken up by the TRS government.

Clarifying TRS’ stance on relationship with BJP, Narsaiah said that their party would work in co-ordination with the Centre for development and that there is no political agenda with the saffron party.

The MP said that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is essentially working for the welfare of the farmers.

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NTR Unstoppable: Star MAA hits Jackpot


Young Tiger NTR surpassed the television crowds bigtime with his stupendous performance as a host for his first ever television show Bigg Boss. The show turned out to be an instant hit and fetched the highest ever TRPs for a television show. For the sixth week in a row, Star MAA which has been telecasting Bigg Boss. The Sunday TRPs are said to be 11.1 with an average TRP of 8.2 last week. Wishes are being poured from the all the corners for hosting the show with utmost ease.

The actor too has been extremely delighted for the response and he has been working more hard to live up the expectations. There are talks that NTR even signed the second season of the prestigious show. On the other side, Tarak is busy wrapping the songs for Jai Lava Kusa with which the entire shoot will be wrapped up. Directed by Bobby, the movie has been aimed for September 21st release. Rashi Khanna and Nivetha Thomas are the heroines.

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NTR and Rajamouli to educate on Cyber Crimes

The number of cyber crimes have coming up every single day and the Hyderabad police decided to educate the people about the crimes that are registered quite often. For this they approached Young Tiger NTR and Tollywood’s top director SS Rajamouli for which they gave their nod. The Hyderabad Cyber Crime cops are in plans to educate everyone with short films, which are all set to be out. NTR and Rajamouli were quite happy to join this initiative which brings awareness among the people to eradicate the cyber crimes.

Tarak who has been busy with Jai Lava Kusa and Bigg Boss has been working round the clock. However he immediately gave his nod after being approached and he even completed dubbing for his part recently. Rajamouli will soon lend his voice and he suggested minor changes after he had gone through the short films which will be telecasted in all the public places including bus stations, railway stations, shopping malls and movie theatres along with television. A great initiative by SS Rajamouli and NTR.

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Bigg Boss Turning a Lucky Charm for Films?

Promoting films by roaming around almost all the popular TV shows has been a tactic used by Bollywood for long. Telugu film industry has slowly adapted this trend, and Bigg Boss Telugu show seems to be strengthening the belief that promotion on its platform will help films by adding the Midas touch besides bringing attention.

Young actor Vijay Devarakonda was the latest celeb to appear on Bigg Boss, and his ‘Arjun Reddy’ is on its way to become a hit. The reviews, word of mouth and the opening numbers were all great for this bold film. Earlier, films such as NRNM and Anando Brahma were promoted on Bigg Boss show and they became big hits, thus staging a belief that the show is lucky for new releases.

It may be noted that Bigg Boss organizers charge Rs 50 lakhs for movie promotions. Which producer would back off from such a deal if it comes with the luck factor too?

Meanwhile, the show is running smooth, thanks to NTR’s hosting and the steadily improving attention grabbing aspects in it.

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