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Dhulipala blames govt on false cases


TDP senior leader and chairman of Guntur’s Sangam Dairy Dhulipala Narendra alleged that the state government was foisting false cases against the Sangam Dairy and its employees. He said that the government was trying to close the dairy on flimsy grounds.

Speaking to media persons in Guntur on Saturday, Narendra said the Sangam Dairy had been serving the people and the farmers for several decades. The dairy had been giving good prices to the farmers for milk procurement and giving milk at cheaper prices to the customers, he said.

Referring to some disturbance at the Sangam Dairy office a couple of days ago, Narendra said that some farmers from West Godavari district have come to the company to ask for arrears. However, the government had sent some people to join these farmers and caused some law-and-order problems there.

However, the state government had filed several cases against the Sangam Dairy management and officials. He said that the government did not file any case against those who came there and created problems. They tried to destroy the Sangam Dairy properties, he said. However, the police filed cases against himself and 15 others of the Sangam Dairy, he said.

Narendra dared the State government and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to prove the charges against the Sangam Dairy. He said that Sangam Dairy is not the TDP and sought to advise the government to stop witch hunts.

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CM, Govt have no basic knowledge on drought, says Dhulipala


It is really unfortunate that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, and his Government do not have even basic knowledge on the prevailing drought situation in the State and the plight of the farmers, said former MLA and senior TDP leader, Dhulipala Narendra, on Thursday.

Though the farmers did not cultivate lakhs of acres in the State this year there is absolutely no response from the State Government, Narendra told media persons here. Pointing out that the TDP government had taken come for the rescue of the farmers several times whenever there was drought conditions in the State, Narendra said this Government has totally neglected the farming sector. “In fact, the farming sector is almost dead in the State,” he remarked.

The Chief Minister has no basic knowledge with regard to farming and how to act towards the farmers while the Minister for Agriculture is totally scared of coming out with facts with regard to his portfolio, he said. While severe drought conditions are prevailing in 470 mandals, the Government has simply announced 103 mandals and washed off its hands, he felt.

Also, except declaring the drought-hit mandals through GO-4, no steps have been taken to release funds to overcome the situation nor to save the farming community, Narendra maintained. Though several villages are reeling under severe drought conditions and the people are migrating in search of livelihood, there is no response at all from the State Government and the Chief Minister, Dhulipala said.

The Chief Minister is not feeling ashamed of the remarks made by the ruling party leaders of the neighbouring State of Telangana that grain is not being purchased in the State, he said. When will the State submit reports to the Centre on the drought condition and when the relief will be released to bail out the farmers, he asked.

Did the State Government ever conduct any kind of review meetings on the prevailing drought situation in the State, Narendra said and advised the Chief Minister to focus on supplying irrigation water to the fields. Though the Centre has released Rs 500 cr under the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF), in July why not even a single rupee is released by the State for providing drinking water facility or to save the standing crops, Narendra asked.

Stating the the farmers wing of the TDP which met recently under the leadership of the president of the State unit of TDP, Atchen Naidu, has taken a decision to visit the drought-hit areas, Narendra said that the party leaders will personally meet all the affected farmers. “The TDP will move ahead with an action plan to personally meet the farmers and take the prevailing situation to the notice of the State Government. We will also take the help of the Jana Sena in this regard,” Narendra maintained.

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Dhulipalla blames jail officials on health of Naidu


Former MLA and senior TDP leader Dhulipalla Narendra blamed the Rajamahendravaram jail officials on the health of TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu.

Speaking to the media at Guntur on Saturday, Narendra said that the jail officials were even threatening the doctors of the Rajamahendravaram government general hospital. They were forcing the doctors to change the medical reports of Naidu, he alleged.

He said that the state government had appointed Ravi Kiran Reddy, a relative of finance minister Buggana Rajendranath, as jail’s DIG, days before Chandrababu Naidu was arrested. Similarly, Minister Adimulapu Suresh relative Babji was made director of the health department, he said.

With all these officials, the state government was playing with the health of Chandrababu Naidu. He said that the officials were tampering with the health records of Chandrababu Naidu in the jail.

He expressed concern over the health of the TDP chief and wanted an outsider to examine Chandrababu Naidu. He wanted the courts to send private doctors to check Chandrababu Naidu in the jail and give their report.

He recalled the letter of Chandrababu Naidu to the ACB court in Vijayawada wherein he expressed serious doubts over his security in the jail and his health condition.

Narendra demanded thorough enquiry into the health of Chandrababu Naidu. He criticised the government for forcing the doctors to change the records. He also alleged that some of the ruling party leaders were openly saying that Naidu will die in jail. This indicates the state government’s conspiracy against the TDP chief, he said.

The TDP former MLA appealed to the Union government to intervene and provide security to Chandrababu Naidu in the jail. He said that Naidu is one of the Z Plus security persons in the country and it would be the responsibility of the Central government to take care of his security.

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Dhulipala demands Jagan, CID to come out with details on how funds reached Naidu


Demanding Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, and CID chief, Sanjay, as to how the funds as is being alleged, have reached the former chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu, in the Skill Development Corporation issue, senior TDP leader and former MLA, Dhulpala Narendra, on Thursday said that there is no iota of truth in the statements made by Sanjay and the Additional Advocate General, Ponnavolu Sudhkar Reddy, in Hyderabad earlier in the day.

Only to satisfy Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, both Mr Sanjay and Ponnavolu uttered blatant lies suppressing the facts, Narendra told media persons at the party headquarters here. Stop these empty statements and come out with facts as to how and from whom the money reached Chandrababu, he asked.

He is of the opinion that the media conference called by Sanay and Ponnavolu in Hyderabad is certainly politically motivated. There is no iota of truth in the statements made by both of them, Narendra felt and pointed out that Sanay himself has admitted that of the total amount of Rs 371 cr released by the Government, Rs 70 cr had reached Siemens Global organisation.

Pointing out that all those who were earlier arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) by the Skill Development Corporation case, were granted bail by the High Court after declaring them innocent, the senior TDP leader said that the High Court also pointed out that no evidence was produced that money trial took place in this case. When the ED takes up the investigation in a particular case does it investigate only part of it leaving the other matter, he asked.

The name of Chandrababu’s was not mentioned then and including him now in the CID investigation is nothing but a conspiracy, Narendra felt. The TDP MLA revealed that YSRCP MP, Viayasai Reddy, has offered money to some of those who were earlier arrested by the ED if they mention Chandrababu’s name.

Will the corruption which was not found when the ED and the CID inquired 30 persons, come out when they inquire Chandrababu, Dhulipala Narendra asked and made it clear that there is absolutely no money trail in the Skill Development Corporation as is being alleged and the arrest of Chandrababu is totally politically motivated.

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Jagan started a culture of political revenge, says Dhulipala


Is the wrong committed by former chief minister and TDP supremo, Nara Chandababu Naidu, to take the State to number one position in the country in human resources development, asked senior TDP leader and former MLA, Dhulipala Narendra, on Monday.

Narendra told media persons here that Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, has started a culture of taking revenge on the leaders of rival parties. Did Chandrababu commit a blunder by launching Skill Development Centres to provide employment opportunities to the youth, he asked.

Is it the crime of Chandrababu Naidu to take the State to number one position in the country in human resource development, Narendra questioned. Observing that Chandrababu always strived for the welfare and the development of the people, Dhulipala Narendra said that it has become a habit to Jagan to foist false cases against those who are raising their voice on the faulty policies of the Government.

Pointing out that the late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy too filed some cases against Chandrababu which he later withdrew, the TP leader said that the Siemens was encouraged to ensure that the State should progress industrially. When 2.13 lakh youth were imparted training using the project, Jagan utilising the services of the same project gave training to 21,000 persons, he pointed out.

If there is a scam in this project, how the YSRCP Government has given training to 21,000 youth using the same project, he asked. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, introduced the Skill Development project in Gujarat in 2013, he said and asked whether it is not a fact that some senior officers had visited the centres run by the Siemens in Gujarat, he asked.

On November 5 and 6 of 2015, the IAS officers, Sunitha, Lakshminarayana, and Ganta Subba Rao were among the team which visited Gujarat, he said and added that they met a team of Siemens and DesignTech in that State. They also had a meeting with Additional Secretary (Industries), Arvind Agarwal, the Commissioner of Industries, Mamatha Varma and the Industries Joint Commissioner, Trivedi besides the Skill Development Secretary of Gujarat, he added.

The YSRCP leaders who are levelling baseless charges against Chandrababu should know the fact that Trivedi had said that ”The Funds of Government meant for implementation of phase-1, Phase -2 were transferred institution wise to DesignTech in one go advance.” Also is it not a fact that the team of officers from the State submitted a report that “Siemens is a reputed company working with DesignTech and the implementation of the project is satisfactory,” he pointed out.

The funds were released based on the report submitted by the officers after their visit to Gujarat, he said and asked as to why those who are claiming that funds were looted by escalating the estimates are not talking about the letter of Premachandra Reddy to the Central Tool Design Institute.

It was Premachandra Reddy who wrote a letter on the cost of the project while the Central Tool Design Institute has submitted its report on this, Narendra said asked where is the involvement of Chandrababu in this. He expressed surprise that if at all the project cost is revised why Premachandra Reddy has not been made responsible for this.

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Why Jagan was silent for 4 years on Skill Development project, asks Dhulipala


Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, has now brought the Skill Development project issue onto the screen only to divert the public attention from his involvement in the murder case of his uncle, Y S Vivekananda Reddy, observed former MLA and senior TDP leader, Dhulipala Narendra Kumar.

Talking to media persons, Dhulipala Narendra Kumar asked if at all if there are any irregularities or even corruption in the Skill Development project, why the Chief Minister has been keeping silent for the past four years. Is Jagan dare enough to include the Siemens company as an accused in the CID inquiry, he questioned the government.

Dhulipala Narendra expressed surprise as to why the Andhra Pradesh CID, which named the Design Tech company and its Managing Director as accused based on the forensic audit report, excluded the Siemens. Also, why the Indian head of the Siemens, Sumas Bose, is not being questioned, he asked.

Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, should answer as to how 2.94 lakh youth were given training at grassroots and 65,000 youth were provided job opportunities if the whole project is filled with corruption as is being alleged, Narendra said.

The Chief Minister and his team who have been alleging that money was diverted into the accounts of the TDP leaders are not giving the details like the names of the TDP leaders into whose accounts the money was diverted and how much, he pointed out.

Observing that the internal affairs of the Siemens are being attributed to the TDP by the AP CID only as a vengeful attitude, Narendra felt that the CID is holding selective and biased investigation in the Skill Development project case. This is only aimed at subjecting some leaders to political harassment, he noted.

The murder case of Vivekananda Reddy is a classic example that Jagan will make anyone as a victim to safeguard his own skin, Narendra remarked.

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Jagan’s inefficiency delaying Polavaram project works, says TDP


Former MLA and senior TDP leader, Dhulipala Narendra on Wednesday expressed deep concern over the inordinate delay in completing the Polavaram project works and held the inefficient administration of the Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy, responsible for not completing the project.

Talking to media persons at the party headquarters, Dhulipala Narendra said that the inappropriate decisions of Jagan Mohan Reddy only added to the abnormal delay in the process of completion of the Polavaram works. “Polavaram is the lifeline of the State and the Centre has accorded national project status to it at the time of the State bifurcation,” he pointed out.

The baseless allegations made by Jagan when he was in Opposition have become a bane for the project, he felt. People’s welfare and the development of the State are on the top priority for any responsible administration. But in the case of Jagan Mohan Reddy it is totally different and Polavaram has become a victim of his self-centred political gains, Dhulipala remarked.

During Chandrababu Naidu’s regime, top priority has been accorded to Polavaram and he took every decision to see to it that the project works moved on a faster pace, he maintained. Following this, at least 71 per cent of the works were completed during Chandrababu Naidu’s rule and over Rs 7,000 cr have been spent on these works.

But after Jagan Mohan Reddy came to power he completely neglected the project and not even one per cent of the works were completed in the past three years, the former MLA said. Though the Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) has asked the Government not to change the contractor, Jagan for his personal gains transferred the contact to his close relation, he stated.

Jagan is making rounds to New Delhi only to get away from his and his close relations cases, Dhulipala Narendra said, adding that he almost surrendered before the Centre. The IIT, Chennai committee, appointed by the PPA under the directions of NITI Aayog has made it clear that the incorrect decisions and the State Government’s faulty policies are responsible for the delay in the project works, he noted. When Jagan Mohan Reddy was in Opposition he made several baseless charges against Chandrababu Naidu, he maintained.

The TDP leader said that the neighbouring States, which never dared to question the State administration, are raising the Polavaram issue now taking advantage of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s inefficiency. The YSRCP leaders looted the State hundreds of crores of rupees taking advantage of the land acquisition for Polavaram project, he said.

When someone points out the failures of the State Government, illegal cases are being foisted against such persons, he said and stated that the impatience of the State Government is because the people are openly discussing the inefficiency of the Chief Minister. Can the State Government complete the remaining works even before the completion of its present term? Dhulipala Narendra asked.

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Naidu is visionary, while Jagan is a prisoner, says Dhulipalla


Senior TDP leader Dhulipalla Narendra Kumar blamed chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy for the poor show of students in the SSC public examinations. He said that the state had seen the lowest pass percentage of students for the first time this year in the last ten years.

Calling TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu as visionary, the TDP leader said that every sector in the state saw progress and growth during Naidu’s regime. The state had seen the upward growth in the state and the students from AP have excelled during Naidu’s tenure.

However, the same students have failed in the SSC examination bringing down the pass percentage to the lowest of 67, which was never seen. He termed Jagan Mohan Reddy as a prisoner and asserted that the state was showing a downward growth during Jagan’s dispensation.

He said that Jagan Mohan Reddy could not show any progress in the public examinations of the students. He said that the chief minister had confused the students with the English medium and diverted the teachers from the classrooms with more non-teaching work.

Referring to the Covid 19 pandemic, the TDP leader said that several states have worked hard with new strategies to improve standards of education while Jagan ignored the factor. Because of Jagan’s ignorance, the students and parents were suffering now, he said.

Stating that several students of Class X were committing suicide across the state, he held Jagan Mohan Reddy responsible for those deaths. He also advised the chief minister to stop imposing English medium on the students and allow them to study in their mother tongue for better results at least in the coming academic year.

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High Court rejects Dhulipalla quash petition

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh gave a rude shock to TDP former MLA Dhulipalla Narendra. It has rejected the quash petition filed by Narendra against the judicial remand given by the ACB court earlier. With this, Dhulipalla would have to stay in jail for the full 14-day term. He has been shifted already to the Rajahmundry Central Jail.

However, the High Court has also ordered the ACB to file its counter on full details in the judicial remand report. It has postponed the next hearing for May 5. This has raised some hopes in the Dhulipalla Narendra loyalists for the court relief in future. Their argument is that the State Government has no authority to interfere with the Sangam dairy management as it has no shares or financial contributions of any sort for the company.

The High Court has admitted two petitions that were filed against the Jagan Reddy Government’s decision to conduct the 10th and intermediate examinations. Some individual students and Praja Shanti Party KA Paul have filed these petitions saying that the exams would pose a threat to the lives of the students because of Covid infections.

Not a day passes when a handful of cases come up before the High Court every day challenging one or decision of the AP Government.

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YCP leaders making huge money out of fee reimbursement: TDP


Telugu Desam Party former MLA D. Narendra Kumar has blamed Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy and his party leaders for ‘misusing and abusing’ all Government programmes in order to make easy and quick money by looting all resources of the State. The YCP leaders were allowed to collect far higher fee under the reimbursement scheme while many good managements were being ignored. Minister Audimulapu Suresh college was being paid Rs. 54,000 fee per student while other colleges in Prakasam district were given just Rs. 35,000.

Mr. Narendra Kumar said the situation was so pitiable that even ruling party sympathiser Mohan Babu had to approach the court on the issue of fee reimbursement following which GO 1516 was cancelled. On the one hand, Jagan Government was talking about a serious financial crisis and funds crunch. On the other hand, it was spending whopping amounts of public funds for the sake of sheer publicity.

The TDP leader said Andhra Pradesh has slipped into anarchy and lawlessness with the ruling party leaders twisting all rules and regulations to their advantage to amass illegal wealth while all other individuals and organisations were being harassed and demotivated. In the name of Navaratnalu, YCP unveiled a new kind of looting and plunder in an unchecked manner. New names were being given to old programmes and the funds allotted for them were being bagged by ruling party leaders in different ways.

Mr. Narendra Kumar said J-brands have become a major concern for poor people even as the ruling coterie was ripping apart all sections of people and all sectors of economy. While TDP increased pensions from Rs. 200 to Rs. 2,000 during its regime, YCP did not fulfill its promise to give Rs. 3,000. The eligible poor people were not getting pensions and benefits which were being lapped up by YCP leaders and their henchmen.

The former MLA said that TDP has deposited Rs. 15,000 in every farmer’s account during its rule but Jagan did not fulfill his promise to give Rs. 12,500 per farmer. The ruling party leaders were doing liquor business illegally thereby playing with the lives of people. Illegal liquor from Arunachal Pradesh was seized in the state which reflected the extent and reach of YCP mafia. People’s health was getting damaged. Ruling party leaders were brewing illicit liquor. High rates of liquor was making some people to take spirit at the cost of their lives.

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