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VH Removes Portraits of 3 PCC Ex-chiefs From Gandhi Bhavan


Telangana Congress today disowned three past PCC presidents who ditched the party and crossed over to other parties. Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao accompanied by former minister R Damodar Reddy removed the portraits of former PCC presidents K Kesavarao, Botsa Satyanarayana and D Srinivas from the Conference hall of the party headquarters, Gandhi Bhavan. The hall, refurbished and airconditined by none other than Botsa when he was PCC president before 2014 elections, is adorned by the portraits of the PCC presidents ever since the Andhra Pradesh Congress (APCC) was formed in 1956. For the first time, party disowned three of its leaders and erased theie memories from the Gandhi Bhavan. Rao and Reddy  accused Srinivas of collecting money from the candidates while distributing the B-Forms.

“He( D Srinivas)  claimed that he had distributed 294 B-Form to candidates in various elections during his tenure as PCC president. Can he deny the fact the many candidates had to grease his hands to get their B-Form legitimately,” VH said.

Though he corned many posts claiming himself a BC leader, they accused, D Srinivas had never encouraged any BC leader.

“ DS’ crossing over to TRS will not affect  the Congress in any manner,” they said.

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Why did DS Bite His Tongue in PC?


D Srinivas, the third PCC president to leave the Congress in the recent past,  developed cold feet to criticize the party for marginalizing him which ultimately forced him to embrace TRS. (The other PCC presidents who defected to other parties were K Kesava Rao and Botsa Satyanarayana.) In the press conference, Srinivas restricted his criticism to a single remark against Digvijay Singh, AICC general secretary, in-charge of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, who he said a cheat. Everybody thought he would excoriate the party he was leaving.

Congress leaders such as V Hanumantha Rao, Ponnam Prabhakar etc. have kept ready their arsenal to attack D Srinivas, in case he unleashes abuses against the party leadership, especially Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

Everybody knows D Srinivas was the principal beneficiary from Telangana when the Congress was in power at the centre and state. He was made minister and PCC president. He got his son Sanjay appointed Nizambad Mayor. There were complaints about his style of functioning. His distribution of B-Forms to party candidate from his residence instead of Gandhi Bhavan, party headquarters, had attracted criticism.

DS was the only senior Congress leader from Telangana who never uttered a single word supporting the Telangana, when in power. According to a senior leader, his marginalization in the party was not without reason. And many leaders were waiting to pounce upon him the moment he uttered a single word against the Congress party. The Congress had kept ready some of the candidates to reveal who they got the B-from from his son Sanjay.

Sensing the mood of his colleagues, he decided to confine his press conference just to reveal his intension to support chief minister KCR who is fighting with Andhra Pradesh for Telangana rights.

Consequently, the verbal fight has been averted. T-Congress leaders, N Uttam Kumar Reddy (PCC president), K Jana Reddy (Opposition leader), Bhatti Vikramarkha Mallu (PCC working president) and Md Ali Shabbir (former minister) softened their stand against their former colleague. They simply said people would not welcome his decision as he had enjoyed immense power and pelf. They dismissed the DS’ charge that he was humiliated in the party.  His decision was reeked of opportunism and he was so power hungry that he could not live even for a month without power and defected to TRS only to get some position, they said adding that his resignation won’t affect the any manner.


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Who Will Benefit From KCR’s Killing-Spree?


It is confirmed that senior Congress leader D Srinivas is joining TRS purportedly to help chief minister KCR, who , he said, was working hard to build “Bangaru Telangana”. Along with  Srinivas, many more second-rung leaders are expected to join the TRS.

Apart from Greater Hyderabad Congress leader Danam Nagender and former MLA Nandeswar Goud, several district Congress presidents are expected join the TRS. Names of few more Congress leaders such as former minister Sudarshan Reddy also are being talked about.

Now the question is who will benefit from the KCR’s continued killing-spree?

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been poaching on MLAs from the opposition parties ever though he has enough strength in Assembly, probably with the hope that removal of leaders from the parties would destroy them and make TRS only  dominant party in the New Telangana state.

Branding as Andhra Party first he wanted to weaken the Telugu Desam party which had a strength of twenty MLAs in Assembly when it was formed in 2014 . Now, he finds Congress as the soft target, whose leaders, having lost power both at the centre and state, can easily be lured.

Observers consider the KCR”s poaching of Congress leaders will help TDP more rather than TRS. Liquidation of Congress from Telangana will pave the path for a direct confrontation with TDP. A multi-corner contest in general elections in 2019 will benefit TRS more as the anti-incumbency factor and anti-TRS forces would get divided between Congress and TDP. In the absence of strong Congress, anti-incumbency get consolidated under TDP.

Saner elements see suicidal element in KCR’s poaching of Congress leaders. “Congress is not an enemy party. He may need Congress in future. If he destroys Congress, he has to face a tough fight from Telugu Desam party, which has enough money and muscle power to meet the challenge posed by the TRS,” said a Congress leader. As the grand old party of India and as the party that pushed T-bill, Congress has its own base.


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Four MLA’s in Line to Join TRS


Many more TDP MLAs from Telangana are reportedly in touch with TRS . This information has been revealed by Telangana transport minister Dr P Mahender Reddy. TRS appears to be upbeat over the news that senior Congress leader D Srinivas is expected to join the Party. The Telangana minister said MLAs from both TDP and Congress had joined TRS. He said three or four more MLA were expected to join the pink party. Mahender Reddy was talking to media to TRSLP meeting today. He did not give more details.


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Is DS Quitting Congress?


Former minister, twice PCC president, a party veteran from Telangana, “D Srinivas is planning to leave the Congress. He may join TRS. Joining BJP is  also not ruled out.”

This is the talk in Gandhi Bhavan, the Telangana Congress headquarters, and in Nizambad, Srinivas’ home town. Ask any of his aides, pat comes the reply, “What is the option before him?”

The party is insulting him, they allege.

The man, who earned the moniker of “winning-horse” in the company of YS Rajasekhar Reddy  from Congress high-command in his heydays, is now persona non grata in 10, Jan Path, Sonia Gandhi’s residence in New Delhi. After the defeat of the party in 2014 elections many T-Congress leaders have fallen from the grace of  party high command. One such leader is D Srinivas, who is popular as DS. DS expected renomination to the Legislative Council this time. It did not happen amid changed equations.

“He was not only denied the MLC ticket, but had been thoroughly humiliated by the party. The party picked up Akula Lalita from his home district. DS was not all informed about the decision. In fact, Sonia Gandhi thought of re-nominating him. But, some leaders like Digivijay Singh influenced her against DS,” one of his close aides told telug360.com.

It was not the only instance where he was not consulted.  On many issues, he was kept out of loop and one such important occasion was Rahul Gandhi’s Telangana visit in May, 2015.  When Rahul was in Nirmal in Adilabad district, DS was not allowed to meet the party vice president. According to his aides, of late even Sonia Gandhi’s office is also not enthusiastic about arranging madam’s audience to DS. When he brought his predicament in state party to the notice of party president through some friends, she had reportedly informed him that such issues should be tackled at the state level. It is in stark contrast to the respect he commanded from 10, Jan Path some time back.  Sonia Gandhi used to summon him to Delhi even at the slightest disturbance in the party before the division of the state. He was the only leader from Telangana to have unrestricted access to 10, Jan Path. His clout was so much before the 2004 election that while appointing him as the PCC president for united Andhra Pradesh, the then AICC general secretary in charge of the state Gulam Nabi Azad described DS and YS as winning horses. Again in 2009, calling him a winning horse, party appointed him as PCC president for the second term. On both occasions he lived up to his moniker.

Now, DS, who has been with the party since his NSUI-college days, is now totally cut off from the party.

His bad luck he could not win any election since 2009.

This is the background of the talk about his imminent quitting of the party.

Talking to telugu360.com, a close aide of DS admitted that TRS was one option as relations with party do not seem to returning to normality.

“TRS has been inviting him for quite some time. The party has even offered him local body constituency MLC seat for which election are likely to be held soon,” they say adding that some time back, BJP sources also had contacted him. “BJP has big assignment for him in Delhi,” they claimed.

According the aides DS is waiting for some rapprochement. Because, the former APCC president is finding it very painful to severe a 40-year long bond with Congress.







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