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Bihar coterie dominates Telangana administration?


The civil services officials in Telangana are unhappy at the concentration of power in the hands of three IAS officers. Interestingly, all of them are from Bihar. These three officers are virtually controlling the levers of power in Telangana. Some disgruntled officers have said that they were totally demoralised at the complete domination by the officers from Bihar.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar is from Bihar and seems to trust the other two Biharis – Sandip Sultania and Aravind Kumar. Besides being the chief secretary, Somesh Kumar is also handing three key departments in the Telangana secretariat. At the same time, Aravind Kumar is handling the all-important Municipal Administration and the I and PR wing. He is also doubling up as the commissioner of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.

Sources say that hundreds of files are lying pending in the HMDA as the commissioner is unable to clear them due to workload. In addition, he is also the commissioner of the Telangana Urbad Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation for the last three years. All these positions make him extremely powerful and he is said to be having the full support of a key minister in the KCR cabinet.

As for Sandip Sultania, he is handling nearly eight key departments. The departments he is handling are: panchayat raj and rural development, higher education, primary education, power. He is the MD of the Telangana Power Finance Corporation, CMD of T Transco and T Genco, incharge CMD of Singareni Collieries and CEO of the SERP. Sources say that a senior IAS officer has proceeded on long leave in protest against the centralisation of power in the hands of a few. The chief minister is said to have done literally nothing to salvage the situation.

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AP’s top official goes on “official tour” to Delhi whenever there’s a holiday!!


Questions are now being raised about the frequent Delhi tours of a senior IAS officer considered to be the alter ego of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. If highly placed sources are to be believed, he has been going to Delhi every weekend to be with his family. To facilitate this, the officialdom is showing this as an official tour Thus the government treasury bears the whole expenditure of his tour

The official, considered very close to the CM, leaves for Delhi every Friday evening. While Saturday and Sunday are holidays in Delhi, what official work he does is a big question mark. But, we do know that his wife is an official working in Delhi. While there is nothing wrong in visiting one’s wife, what is rankling many people is that these tours are being portrayed as official.

In fact, most government officials, from top bosses to junior assistants in AP government, still have their families in Hyderabad for various reasons. So, using the five-day week facility, most of them go to Hyderabad by Friday night and spend the weekends with their families. But none used the kind of facility that this official uses. The General Administration Department has confirmed in an RTI reply that the official in question goes to Delhi in an official capacity every week and that his expenses are borne by the AP Government.

Even while in Amaravati, this top boss is said to enjoy A + facilities in the state guesthouse. What he does on Saturdays and Sundays when the offices in Delhi too are on a holiday is a big question mark. This profligacy for a cash-strapped state is going on unabated. Who will look into it?

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Why are retired IAS officials planning to complain against Jagan government?


Severely cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh Government is in for another embarrassment with the retired civil servants, drawing pensions from AP government’s account, getting agitated over the delay in their pension disbursal. With the state government giving top priority to paying welfare pensions and other schemes such as Amma Vodi and Navaratnalu, the payment of pensions is taking a backseat.

The former civil servants have reportedly decided to take the issue to the notice of the Central Government, which is already tightening the screws on the State government for its profligate spending. They will soon lodge a complaint and ask the centre to pay their pensions directly bypassing the State Government. They are upset that the State Government is diverting this amount for its welfare schemes. The pensions of the IAS officers are being paid much later.

If the retired IAS and IPS officers do this, it will be a huge embarrassment for the Jagan government. The Jagan Government is unable to pay for the welfare schemes to the people. Continuing with these schemes is proving to be a huge burden. Even the salaries of the government employees and other pensioners are being delayed. The former civil servants took a serious view and have reportedly decided to take up the matter with the Central Government.

If this happens, the credibility of the state government would be seriously damaged, sources say. The officials of the state government are said to be lobbying hard with these former officials not to resort to the extreme step. Let’s wait and watch how things unfold.

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Can Jagan Govt ignore SEC poll notification?


Senior IAS officers are getting caught in the crossfire between CM Jaganmohan Reddy and SEC Ramesh Kumar in Andhra Pradesh. Despite the Government’s request, the SEC is going ahead with his schedule to issue notification for the first phase panchayat polls today. Mr. Ramesh Kumar has already instructed that the Special Chief Secretary and the Commissioner of the Panchayat Raj departments would make all arrangements for conducting the polls.

The SEC has also clarified that the Spl CS and the Commissioner would have to mobilise funds and resources for the election process. Also, they should take all necessary steps to provide Coronavirus preventive materials to all the staff on duty in the election process.
Over half a day is over since the Government requested the SEC for postponing the poll notification. Till now, there has been no indication from the SEC on change of plans. Mr. Ramesh Kumar is continuing to give his instructions and also cautionary statements against the erring officers.
As per reports, the first phase panchayat polling nominations will be accepted from January 25. Scrutiny will be on January 28, withdrawals on January 31. Polling will be held on February 5. The people can cast their votes between 6.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. The counting will be taken after 4 p.m.

Now, the big question is whether the senior IAS officers will follow the SEC notification or not. If they do, they will fall out of favour of the CM. If they do not follow, they will have to face serious action that may be initiated by the SEC.

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IAS officers unhappy with Chandrababu’s indifferent attitude


The IAS officers in Andhra Pradesh have stopped pitching ideas or suggestions due to Chandrababu Naidu’s indifferent attitude towards them. The priorities of the Chief Minister and the bureaucrats do not seem to align. Moreover, the TDP supremo can be swayed only by two people currently – a prominent individual from Delhi and a head of regional media house.

Previously reports surfaced that there was huge intervention from the CMO officials and even the ministers expressed discontent. Last month former Chief Secretary IYR Krishna alleged that the CMO was operating as an analogous secretariat.

However, the winds have changed their direction now and Chandrababu is reportedly making decisions without seeking the ideas of bureaucrats and orders them to implement his instructions.

Additionally, the chief minister is assessing the performance of the CMO officials along with the status of pending files. As per the reports in DC, Special Secretary Satish Chandra will be given additional responsibility of Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA). IAS officer Budithi Rajashekar will be pulled into the CMO for his commendable work during Krishna Pushakaralu. The CRDA Commissioner Cherukuri Sridhar will be either given additional responsibility or moved out of the CRDA itself. Chandrababu visualizes AP as Sunrise state, may give key posts may go to North Indian officers.

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