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KCR invites WEF to Hyderabad


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao requested Professor Klaus Schwab, the Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum (WEF) to hold the next meeting at Hyderabad and Schwab responded to it positively.

Rao met Schwab this morning at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions at Dalian in China, the foremost global business gathering in Asia, which is known as the “Summer Davos.” They both had discussions for about 30 minutes and CM briefed him on various economic and social aspects of Telangana state, including significance of Hyderabad City in India.

Schwab praised Telangana as a state renowned for social and economic innovations. He said, “I enjoyed meeting the Chief Minister of a state renowned for social and economic innovations in India. We look forward to his participation at our Annual Meeting of New Champions in China.” Responding to Schwab CM said that “It was wonderful to meet Klaus Schwab and learn about the tremendous impact that the World Economic Forum has had. I am impressed by him and his team.”

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Bon Voyage, KCR garu


Telangana Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao left for China, to showcase the investment attractiveness of the new-born Telangana state. During his nine-day stay in China, the CM is expected to attend, besides world economic forum meeting, conferences, business meetings, visit to industrial towns and of course tourist places. KCR does everything in style. He left for China today hiring a super luxury 50-seat aircraft and with a 16-member delegation consisting of ministers Jagdish Reddy (energy), Jupally Krishna Rao(industry), Swamy Goud (legislative council chairman), Madhusudhana Chary(assembly speaker), Rajya Sabha member K Keshava Rao, MLAs K Eshwar and G Balaraju, chief minister’s political secretary S Subhash Reddy, state’s representative in Delhi Venugopala Chary, senior officials in CMO and industrialists.

According to sources in the government,the CM will explore the possible areas of cooperation and investments in Telanana to the tune of Rs 50,000 crore.

But unfortunately for Telangaan chief minister, he is visiting China at a time when the communist country’s economy has taken a nose dive. The growth rate is falling. Political uncertainty looming large. Stock market crash and devaluation of currency badly affected the image of China globally. The market’s decline has now wiped out more than $3.5 trillion in market value in a month, unparalleled in stock market history. China is not only world’s second largest economy it is also the largest trading nation for 75 countries and is by far the largest importer of commodities in the world, a vital export for many emerging market nations. For the past three decades, China’s economic model was built on three pillars—exports, the property market, and domestic fixed-asset investment. Unfortunately, these three pillars are now started crumbling. The housing market is facing a glut with 70 million unsold homes. In most major cities, residential prices have been falling for 18 months. The return on invested capital is rapidly dropping. Many basic industries, such as steel and cement, are operating at 75 percent capacity or less, and factory prices have been declining for three consecutive years which finally peaked in the stock market collapse on August 24, which the Chinese official news agency called ‘Black Monday’.

China, which has been on the top of world economy, could not foresee this tumble and prevent it. ” For decades, the Chinese Communist Party has been able to keep control of democracy protests, dissidents, the legal system and the military, but it is now facing an even more intractable foe: a plummeting stock market,” commented Washington Post.

What would a country, which is caught up in all round financial crisis, offer to Telangana? Or would the luxury trip simply turn out to be a pleasure trip at the cost of tax-payers’ money?
But, let’s wish the chief minister and his team all the best.

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Revanth removes cloak from Telangana politics


Firebrand TDP MLA Revanth Reddy removed the cloak from the Telangana politics exposing the caste contours clearly. He said TRS government was targeting the Reddys, a social group which is generally seen as the rival to TRS in politics. Ever since Congress lost the 2014 election and TRS formed the government, Reddys are worried of their removal from the political power. All attempts have been made to re-consolidate the Reddy as a political force in the new state. In an attempt to bring all the prominent Reddys together, a conference also was held in Ravindra Bharati. But all this was cloaked in different jargons. Now, Revanth Reddy, on Saturday, reacting to the attack on Ch Rammohan Reddy in Mahabubnagar Zilla Parishat meeting by TRS MLA Guvvala Balaraju, said Telangana government was targeting all Reddys, including himself (for having trapped him in cash-for-vote sting operation by T-ACB).

This is for the first that Telangana politics have been made to seem Reddy versus TRS (Velama).Revanth cited three instances in which Reddys were targeted. One, the attack on Wanaparthy MLA G Chinnareddy in March this year; two, TRS minister Jupalli Krishna Rao stalling S Rajinder Reddy, Narayanpet TDP MLA; three, slapping of Rammohan Reddy by Guvvala Balaraju. He even cited the case booked against home minister Nayani Narasimhan Reddy’s son-in-law as the attack on Reddys. What Revanth made was not a sudden announcement. It was the explosion of pent up anger among the Reddys since day one, when TRS formed the government under the leadership of K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Evolution of Reddy versus Velama politics

1.Even though TRS wave swept the Telangana in 2014, all prominent and militant Reddys weathered it successfully.

2. All these Reddys are concentrated mostly in Ranga Reddy, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda and Hyderabad districts. These district form a separate geography of South Telangana.

3. In these districts Congress and BJP emerged stronger than TRS. Even those Reddys who lost the elections are vocal and militant like Nagam Janardhan Reddy etc.

4. First, Congress MLAs noticed a sort of discrimination against the Reddy region by KCR regime. But instead of calling this as discrimination against Reddys, they carefully, constructed a theory called South ( of Reddys) and North ( of Velamas) divide.

5. MLAs DK Aruna and G Chinna Reddy raised the South voice in Assembly and outside as discrimination against Southern districts.

6. Chinna Reddy beautifully constructed a cultural divide between South and North Telanganas.

7 .According to Chinna Reddy, who is popular as Chinnanna, ruling TRS was trying to force the culture of the northern districts upon people of South Telangana.

8.Names of schemes were being borrowed from North Telangana. He says Bathukamma is being thrust on South Telangana. He objected the naming water tanks restoration scheme as ‘Mission Kakatiya’. According to Chinnareddy Kakatiyas built water tanks only in North Telangana.

9. Bonalu, Chinna Reddy says, is the major festival of South Telangana. Though the TRS government declared both as state festivals, it is unduly skewed in favor of Bathukamma and Bonalu given minor attention.

On Saturday, Revanth Reddy removed this cultural cloak of geographical division by making it look like an assault on Reddy social group by Velama TRS.

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“Naidu and KCR on wild goose chase”


The CPI (M) politburo member BV Raghavulu warned the governments of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh not to depend too much for investment on countries like China which were in financial crisis as it would lead to economic crisis at home front as well.

He said the two Telugu states revolving around China, Singapore and America for investment without knowing the deeper crisis they were passing through.He ridiculed the chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for their extraordinary interest in China. He also referred to the proposed KCR’s Rs 2 crore special luxury flight trip to China.”It’s all wild goose chase”, he said in Nizambad.

Given the worsening world economic situation, and especially that of China, Raghuvulu said there was no guaranty that any of these three country would come forward to invest in Andhra and Telangana.

Raghavulu was critical of Telangana and and Andhra state government for raising false hopes among the people about the flood of investment they were claiming to come from China, Singapore, Japan etc.

He reminded these governments the prediction of Arvind Subramanin, Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India that deflationary conditions were likely to engulf the economy unless the powers that be were alert and take corrective monitory and fiscal measures

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KCR searching for graceful exit ?


Highly placed sources in the Telangana government told Telugu360.com that T-cabinet was likely to review the decision to introduce the cheap liquor in mission mode. Following the widespread resentment over the cheap liquor , chief minister KCR government is said to be having second thoughts over the introduction cheap liquor at every street corner in villages at the rate of Rs 15 per 90 ml.

The government thinks that opposition from women would serve as a great pretext to beat a honorable retreat.

The cheap liquor decision and CM KCRs’ justification that the un-adulterated liquor would work as body pain reliever for rural folk after hard-day’s work met with an unprecedented opposition, especially from the women folk. The issue has brought all the political parties-from right to extreme left- and mass organization together into a joint action committee under the convener ship of Prof PL Visweswar Rao, noted social justice activist. Already, Congress has been campaigning aggressively against the cheap liquor. Rasta rokos and dharnas have become order of the day. In this backdrop, according to sources , the government is thinking of going slow on the issue.

“The cabinet, which is meeting on September 2, is expected to discuss the policy vis-à-vis political fallout. Many ministers and MLAs are said to have conveyed to the TRS supremo that going against the public sentiment will tarnish the image of the party with women,” sources said. Some amendment in the policy with regard to the cheap liquor is expected before the October 1, when this policy will come into force. The looming drought situation in the state is also said to be working on the government to take a relook into the policy. ” Drought will affect the family economy. As there would be no crops people have to make do with whatever small amounts they earn from alternative works like MNREGS. So, cheap liquor will have the potential to rob the families of this meager income also,” said the sources.

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KCR strikes at Mahabubnagar district


Mahabubnagar has always been thorn in the flesh for TRS president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Reason, the district has always been an outlier for the Telangana Rashtra Samiti. Even when KCR won Mahabubnagar Lok Sabha seat in 2009, the party lost miserably in Assembly elections. In 2014 as well, when the pink wave swept across the state, Mahabubnagar was by far remained unaffected . Along with Nagarkurnool Lok Sabha seat, Congress and TDP could stop the TRS juggernaut in the boarders of the district. Rubbing salt to the insult, Congress and TDP have indomitable Reddy leaders like Revanth Reddy and DK Aruna. Aruna floated a theory that KCR was creating the rift between north and south Telanganas by promoting the North part. So, KCR is hell bent to cut the supply roots of Congress and TDP to weaken the opposition parties. In this direction, he is now luring grass-root leaders to TRS and succeeded to some extent. Finally he could wean away two influential grassroot leaders, one from TDP and another from Congress. Kodangal mandal Prajaparishat president N Dayakar Reddy and Gopalpet MPP president Janakiram Reddy joined the party in a spectacular show on Saturday. The two leaders hit Hyderabad like a cyclone with hundred of vehicles each and huge contingent of followers. They both garlanded Ambedkar statue before proceeding to TRS Bhavan. Along with Janakiram Reddy, Mandal Mahila Samakya former president Nagamani, Single window president Siva Ramreddy also.

It is not known how TDP and Congress would react to the KCR strategy of wooing grassroot leaders from these parties.

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“Gujarat has lessons for KCR”


CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury cautioned TRS government in Telangana not to create situation where Gujarat Patel like movement emerges in the new born state by pursuing anti-people policies. Yechuri, who was in Hyderabad, expressed dissatisfaction over the way chief minister government was functioning in Telagana. The CPM leader was obviously referring to the feeling of left out among the members of SC, ST, OBC and Minority groups.

“Telangana has got substantial population of SCs, STs, BCs and other minority communities. TRS government should fulfill the aspirations before discontentment erupts among these vast mass of marginalized section,” he said.

Yechuri , flanked by T-CPM secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram,said the agitation for OBC status by the Patel community had exposed chinks in the “Gujarat model” which Modi was attempting to thrust at national level.
“That a well-to-do community like Patidars hit the streets on agitation for reservations shows the the high degree of discontent among the people. This is clear indication to the fact that Gujarat model was faulty and not inclusive. It benefited only a few,” he said.

Yechuri alleged mismanagement of the Gujarat society by Gujarat government then by Modi and now by his predecessor. The Patidar anger in Gujarat should serve as a wake-up call to the KCR regime which had failed to live up to the expectation of the people, he warned.

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KCR fulfills promise in record time


It’s a record of sorts for any village in India to get Rs 10 crore grant within days after it was announced. And also a record for any government to fulfill the financial commitment made in public meeting and that too in a seven working days. We see every day number victims of false promises by governments. Delay in giving compensation to the familes of farmers who committed suicides, compensation of project affected people, etc. We hear the cases of Kargil martyr families still waiting for compensation.

In this backdrop the official model village of Telangana Gangadevi Palli got the promised Rs 10 crore grant . While inaugurating the Grama Jyothi in the celebrity village, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao promised the village Rs 10 grant for the development (?) of the village which apparently has no problem at all. He also said he would give whatever they demand . Surprisingly, last night, the Telangana state government issued orders giving administrative sanction to the Rs 10 core to Gangadevi Palle, Parkal Assembly constituency, warangal district. The file containing the proposal appears to have travelled with a breakneck speed in the secretariat.

The grant has been released under ” special development fund welfare and developmental activities”. The money has been released to the district collector. The District Collector will take necessary action for executing the sanctioned works and monitor the progress of work on a regular basis. It’s really boon for the village which is by far a fully developed village. The modus operandi of the village is participatory development. BP Acharya, principal secretary, planning, gave the administrative sanction.

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“KCR as cheap liquor brand ambassador disgraceful”


Congress former MP Ponnan Prabhakar wondered how a chief minister prescribes liquor consumption as a remedy for body pains for a working class man in Telangana after a day-long hard labor.

Referring to Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s promotion of cheap liquor, Ponnam, who represented Karimanagar Lok Sabha constituency in previous Lok Sabha, said KCR was first chief minister in the country, who openly endorsed consumption liquor as body-pain reliever for poor in the place of country liquor.
” Mr Chief Minister, can you release a medical certificate to prove that cheap liquor has soothing effect on the people?,” he asked.

Ponnam on behalf of Congress party is working for an all-party JAC to wage struggle against the cheap liquor promotion by chief minister himself.

“In the name of eliminating Gudumba (country brew), the government has decided to make available to cheap liquor in every village in Telangana. The mandal headquarters will have a shop and every village will have an outlet. This is the promotion strategy of the government,” Ponnam said.

Stating that governmental promotion of cheap liquor and making it freely available at every street corner would ruin the families of weaker sections in the new state, he said.

“With chief minister KCR as brand ambassador, and ubiquitous availability will encourage people to cheap liquor consuption. It is bound to destroy the family economies.Families are bound to witness unrest. It will spoil cordial relations in families. Crime rates and suicides will increase. All parties should oppose and form into a Joint Action Committee to oppose the introduction of cheap liquor,” Ponnam told T-360.

The former MP ridiculed KCR for his inability to eliminate Gudumba despite having vast police, prohibition apparatus at his command.
“Attempt to ban Gudumba only to help liquor business won’t do any good. Because, as production of Gudumba is lucrative, it always encourages illicit brewing,” he warned.
Ponnam said an attempt was being made to form JAC with all political parties and voluntary bodies to fight the menace of KCR’s cheap liquor promotion.

If JAC proves impracticable, Congress would alone launch a movement against the introduction of cheap liquor as medicine and outlets in every village, he said adding that Congress had the backing of many women’s organizations.
” We will announce the action plan in a day or two,” Ponnam said.

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“Separate reservoir to quench Hyd thirst”


Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced an I-Day gift to the people of Hyderabad.
He said the state government was planning to resolve the drinking water problem of Hyderabad once for all.

Unfurling the national flag at Rani Mahal Lawns,Golconda Fort, on 69th Independence-Day of India, the CM said a separate reservoir would be built at a cost of Rs 21,000 crore to meet the demand of Greater Hyderabad exclusively.

Addressing the impressive gathering of people, the chief minister highlighted the achievements of the 14-month old TRS government and explained the new initiatives taken for the development of the new state.
“Last time when we celebrated Independence Day, the state of Telangana was only two and half months. Over the last one year, the government has taken many good initiatives for the benefit of the people,” KCR said.
“As Mahatma Gandhi said, the soul of the country lies in villages, state government has launched ‘Gramajyothi’ to make all-round development rural Telangana with a budget of Rs 25,000 crore. All the villages in the state will be covered as part of the program,” chief minister announced.
Chief minister felicitated BVR Chary, the sculptor of ‘Telangana Thalli’ with a cash award of Rs1.16 lakh

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KCR way of deceiving people


Shabbir Ali, leader of opposition in the Telangana legislative council, asked chief minister KCR to issue white paper on state finances and the schemes he proposes to launch and ways and means he wants to mobilize funds to implement them. If not, he said, all the schemes including the latest Grama Jyothi should be construed as fraud and only meant to deceive people with tall promises, ambitious schemes and unrealistic statistics

The Congressleader asked KCR to explain as to how he proposes to mobilize at least Rs. 1.70 lakh crore to fund the much touted schemes which his government plans to implement.

“These schemes need huge sums. For example Rs. 50,000 crore for SC Welfare, Rs. 25,000 crore for BC Welfare, Rs. 5,000 crore for Minorities Welfare, Rs. 20,000 crore for Mission Kakatiya, Rs. 35,000 crore for Water Grid and Rs. 25,000 crore for Grama Jyothi,” he said.
Shabbir Ali alleged that by showing large outlays with thousands of crores, chief minister KCR is trying to impress upon people that he was spending money in a big way for people and divert their attention from controversial projects. All these figures, the MLC said, were unrealistic.

“If they are realistic and genuine, lay bare before the people your plan of mobilization of funds and sources. You should specify whether the government proposes to borrow loans, sell government lands or increase taxes etc to meet the expenditure of these schemes,” he asked.

The Telangana, a revenue surplus State at the time of creation, had gone bust because of avoidable wastage and splurging on luxuries of chief minister, Shabbir Ali accused.

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Birth of a VIP constituency in Telangana


Gajwel is all set to become an oasis in the wilderness of Telangana. This assembly constituency has acquired the distinction of being first VIP constituency in new state. The qualification for catapulting from a nondescript backward region to most sought after island is that this is represented by none other than K Chandrasekhar Rao, the chief minister of the state, which gained statehood on the plank of backwardness, poverty, suicides and unemployment.

Funds are flowing to the new-born VIP constituency like cheap liquor (sorry, water is a scarce commodity, can’t flow like funds in Telugu states). Officials jostling to work in the constituency, and heads of the department are vying to help the constituency which is set to join the league of Pulivendula, Kuppam and Pileru in Andhra Pradesh and Amethi, Rae Bareli Baramati, Bhatinda,Rohtak,Chhindwara etc.outside of Telugu states.

Interestingly the Telangana so far hasn’t had privilege of having a VIP constituency. Because, the VIP constituency culture began with Chandrababu Naidu, when he contested from Kuppam in 1994 and became chief minister two years later. Earlier CMs never bothered to pamper their constituencies with undue favor and flow of funds, ignoring other parts of the state. Former chief ministers Sanjeeva Reddy, Sanjeevaiah, Kasu, Jalagam, PV Narasimha Rao, Kotla and NTR, are not known to too much skewed in favor their constituencies. The culture of making constituencies their pocket boroughs began with Naidu,  and YSR and Kirankumar Reddy took it to new heights. Now, after the formation of Telangana, it has spread to the new state also.

The pattern is same. KCR, after assuming office as CM, following the foot steps of immediate Telugu predecessors, set up  Gajwel Area Development authority and sanctioned Rs 49.66 to take up works in the constituency under the aegis of GADA. The objectives of GADA among other things, are 1. planning for overall development of the area and convergence of Government Programmes; 2.Undertaking basic infrastructure works/schemes such as,C.C. Roads, C.C.Drains, Water Supply Schemes, Electrification and Street lighting etc.;3. Undertaking innovative livelihood programs for enhancement of productivity and training for employment generation activities linked to skill up gradation; 4.Establishing and promoting suitable industries especially Agro based industries.

A water supply scheme has been sanctioned in April this year with a cost of Rs 59 crore. Another Rs 50 crore was sanctioned for Roads and side drains in December 2014. A multipurpose auditorium is being constructed at a cost of Rs 1.20 crore in Gajwel. At a cost of Rs 25 crore an integrated welfare hostel for boys and girls is being built at Gajwel. A two-unit fire station is being set up in the CM’s constituency. One residential degree college for girls has been sanctioned at Mitrajpalli and one residential school and junior college for girls at Peerpally. In Gajwel town, an integrated office complex is coming up at a cost of Rs 20 cr. A ring road is being laid around Gajwel town. In May 2015, chief minister KCR announced that Gajwel would soon be one of the best cities where people love to come and live.

He announced a slew of facilities for the town: a 1,500-capacity auditorium, a new Shadhi Khana, a veg and non- veg market, squeaky clean streets, drinking water connection to every home, underground drainage, streetlights in all localities, 1+1 housing complex for 2,500 to 3,000 poor families, a green belt, bus bay, Tank-bund. He assured the people that it was only a beginning.

These are only a fraction of the works sanctioned for Gajwel constituency.The ideology behind this is to develop the constituency as pocket borough and ensure reelection even at the time of adverse conditions when their party might lose power. Doesn’t it amount to bribing the voters with developmental works to ensure win in future elections at the cost of other backward constituencies that are crying for attention?

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Thus spake Jana Reddy…


Opposition leader Kunduru Janareddy  is known for his indecipherable language. Though he speaks Telugu, one needs a brilliant interpreter to convey the meaning of his speeches. The joke was that the  talks with Naxalites, held when he was home minister during YSR regime, failed because they could not make head or tail of the home minster views  and quit the dialogue.

On Saturday, surprisingly, Jana Reddy used piercing language against CM KCR, which hardly needs any elaboration or interpretation.

“It is no problem  if he lives in camp office or any other place. Wherever he lived, he should think of people and their problems,”  Jana Reddy said. His disgust is clearly visible.

He said T-CM should also think of farmers who were in distress and demanded that Assembly should be convened immediately to discuss the problems.

Of late, the complaint against is that KCR is spending more time in his farm-house rather than working from secretariat. Recently he did not set foot in secretariat for over a month.


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Not liquor, T-farmers need water


KCR’s intense love for luxury cars and his inappropriate longing to supply cheap liquor to the rural poor has come in for criticism from all quarters. Congress which is planning to launch second Telangana movement as per the call given by  Congress president Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi, wants to make this main plank.

Today the state Congress leaders , N Uttam Kumar Reddy (PCC president), Mallu Bhatti Vikramarkha, MLA Sampath Kumar, chief spokesperson Shravan Dasoju etc and briefed her about the what was happening in Telangana under TRS rule.


Even the issue of KCRs new cars and his weird liquor policy that laid emphasis on supplying cheap liquor to every village in the name of eradicating Gudumba, arrack also came up for discussion. She called upon Telangana people to wage second Telangana movement for peoples’ Telangana on the line of T-movement which they ran for ten year for the separate state.

Party spokesperson Mallu Ravi slammed KCR  for his for his misguided priorities. ” Entire Telangana received  deficit rainfall. Power shortage is acute. Dirnking water problem is aggravating. At this time,  instead of concentrating on addressing these issues, chief minister KCR, without any feeling of guilt, is advocating the drinking of cheap liquor as pain killer. He had no compunction to spend about 10 crore on a bus and four cars, even though new cars which were bought just an year ago were available.

He wondered how chief minister reviewed the Excise department readiness to make available cheap liquor from October 1, in every village.


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BJP ridicules KCR’ letter to PM on Kalam


Telangana state BJP heckled KCR for showing an artificial respect for former president APJ Abdul Kalam. The party pointed out how the TRS government failed to pay tribute to late Kalam in an appropriate way, who drew  international attention to Hyderabad city by heading the defense laboratories in the city.

” The CM did not do anything but release a press note consoling the death upon news agencies flashed the information of sad demise of great former president.He released a press note and declared holiday. this was all CM Chandrasekhar Rao did,” said BJP spokesperson Dr S Prakash Reddy.

How couldn’t a chief minister and his cabinet find time to hold a condolence meeting for the departed leader, he wondered.

” I am happy that the CM remembered that Kalam headed DRDO labs in Hyderabad and it would in the fitness of things to name it after Kalam. His letter would not cover up the lapses in paying tributes by the cabinet,” Reddy said.


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KCR for Naming DRDO after Dr Kalam


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao urged centre  that  Hyderabad based DRDO laborataries be named after former president APJ Kalam in recognition to the serviced  he rendered to these laboratories.
In a letter addressed a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi , Rao said naming DRDO after late scientist would be  fitting tribute Dr Kalam.

Rao recalled that research in DRDO institutions in Hyderabad, where Dr Kalam conducted crucial research, was responsible for India attaining self-sufficiency in defense sector.
Rao said the crucial research for the indigenous development of India’s missile technology took place when Kalam headed the organisation.

Dr APJ Kalam

“The efforts of Kalam went into establishment of Defence Research and Development Laboratory, Mishra Dhatu Nigam and Research Centre Imarat in Hyderabad. Under these circumstances, naming Defence Research and Development Organisation after Kalam, who had close connection with Hyderabad, will immensely inspire future generations,” the CM said in the letter. At the same time, Rao said, it would also be defense sector’s tributes to the great scientific visionary.

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Reason for KCR’s Uneasy Relationship with Hyderabad


Even though Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana and seat of power of TRS, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao appears to have harbored some discontent for the city. His strange plans to redesign the city to give entirely a new look bears testimony to this argument. If implemented, the Hyderabad of his dreams would cut city’s umbellical card with old history and recent history.

He is planning to transform Telangaa into a bangaru Telangana. It is natural that it should have its own capital, at least a old capital with new look.

His plans to rejig Hyderabad ( If possible replace the ‘old’ Charminar, in the words of his hilarious deputy CM Mahmood Ali) is not without reason. Even though he conquered Telangana, his Juggernaut was stalled at the outskirts of city. He is scared of he city’s demography. An emperor that brought many a warlord of Telangana to their knees had to be careful enough not to invite the wrath a small party called MIM, ensconced in the dingy Old City of Hyderabad. For his stature and his organizational skills, he should have embraced the GHMC elections with open hands by this time. But he could not. This is where lies his strong dislike for the cultural profile of present Hyderabad city.

The Hyderabad of 2015 has two dominant and embarrassing parts- MIM dominated old city and the Andhra dominated rim of assembly constituencies. MIM’s pincer like grip over old city compels any other party to work out a tie up with it to form the governing council in Hyderabad. Similarly and  irritatingly also, Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu claims that it was he who built the Hitech City, equivalent of Charminar in modern terms.

Naidu is encouraged by the fact that his party has swept the 2014 Assembly elections in modern Hyderabad leaving only 2 to the champion of Telangana. What is it their for KCR to claim as his own except singing paeans to Nizam’s past with a Muslim-voter appeasing tone. This uncomfortable relationship with Hyderabad is forcing KCR to attempt to affix his signature on some portions of glorious city so that he could lay claim that he too contributed to the grory of the city. His uneasy position in Hyderabad, which is also a common capital for Andhra and Telangana, is the source of strange plans of grand demolitions which includes the Osmania General Hospital.

CM KCR is correct in way. This is what exactly conquerors,colonial or desi, do after subjugating kingdoms. In democracy, after winning elections, leaders behave like conquerors and attempt to erect a symbolism that represent the values, ideologies and politics they believe in. This demolition drive is two kinds. one, it may be a positive drive that reflects creativity and may serve an expression of common interests and goals of solidarity the people achieved during their fight for liberation. This happened in African continent. After the end of colonial regimes, Africans changed all names the white rulers had given to their towns, streets, hills, rivers, seas etc and revived their connection to the past. This is how Rhodesia became Zimbabwe and capital Salisbury-Harare. Two, it may also become a political tool of manipulation, even destruction, of social assets and cultural heritage that may never be regained. I wonder if Hyderabad is falling in the second category.

See the public outcry the idea to demolish Osmania General Hospital generated. Except the Telangana intellectuals who are cautious to oppose the TS decisions, everybody associated with City is coming out to save the culturally significant Hospital. Meetings are held by lovers of the city to oppose the government move.

Telugu university auditorium, LaMakaan, Sundarayya Vignana Kendram have seen the depth, breadth and width of the disapproval for the government’s decision to demolish and to have a new concrete jungle. All political parties have raised their voice against the move that is set to erase the history. Delegations have visited the hospital, that came into existence in 1921, to see if such a demolition was really warranted.

The general impression among the people is that there is no need to demolish the OGH. Compared to the oldest and functioning hospitals across the world, OGH is relatively younger and not weighed down by the age. A quick google search would give the list of the oldest hospitals that are still serving the patients. Partisan Politics should not be allowed to run amuck if one wants Hyderabad to remain melting pot of cultures.

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KCR blocking Andhra bound investors: Ravela


Opening a new front in the on going  war of words with Telangana, Andhra Pradesh welfare minister Ravela Kishore Babu accused Telangana chief minister of creating hurdles to  the flow of investments to his state.

He said the Telangana chief minister KCR was sending mails to the prospective investors against investing in Andhra Pradesh stating that AP’s financial situation was not good and AP was not a suitable location to  set up new units.

Kishore Babu, a vocal minister in Andhra Pradesh cabinet, said jealous about the global response to the effort s AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s, KCR was trying to prevent the investors by spreading canards about the  state finances.

“The TRS government in Telangana is hell bent on scuttling  progress of new Andhra Pradesh which is reemerging a powerful economy after the bifurcation. So, the TS government is trying to persuade some investors against choosing to invest in AP,” Ravela alleged.

He said the Andhra Pradesh government had enough evidence to prove that KCR was trying to scuttle the investors from making Andhra Pradesh their destination and added the the T-chief minister would get disappointed.

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Cash-for-vote chargesheet : ACB fails to name Naidu


The expected has happened. Notwithstanding the ferocious statements by T-Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao that no God would save Chandrababu Naidu from being implicated in Cash-vote-scam, Naidu’s name did not figure accused in the chargesheet filed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) of Telangana.

Though the chargesheet did mention Naidu’s name many times as the person responsible for the whole episode, the ACB could not conclusively say that the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was accused.

The basis for the Chandrababu Naidu’s reference in the chargesheet was the telephonic conversations between complainant Elvis Stephenson and TDP MLA Revanth Reddy, and Harris Sebastian.

The telltale reference was made in the form of “Babu’  and  ‘Boss’ and ACB argues that this  Babu and Boss was none other than Andhra Pradesh chief minister  Chandrababu Naidu.

To buttress its argument the ACB also produced call data of conversations where Babu and Boss recurrently popped up.

The ACB today filed a 25-page chargesheet in the special ACB court.  ACB  claimed that the chargesheet had been filed after interrogating 39 witnesses including TDP MLA Revanth Reddy, Sebastian, Uday Sinha, TDP leader Vem Narender Reddy, his son Krishna Kirthan, Sandra Venkata Veeraiah etc.The ACB annexed 319 documents to the chargesheet.

ACB also strategically chose a day, when entire media was running helter-skelter  to cover every bit of news related to  former president Kalam, to file the charge sheet.

Chief minister KCR’s periodic threats that Naidu was directly involved in the cash-vote-scam and T-News channel’s leaks of purported telephonic conversation between  nominated MLA Stephenson and AP CM Naidu, onlh created a hype that Naidu’s name was all set to appear in the charge-sheet.

Media carried reports that ACB was thinking of slapping a notice on Naidu to appear before ACB. The mind game unleashed by TRS was so frightening that CM Chandrababu Naidu had to issues an ultimatum to KCR that if he would attempt to arrest him that would be the  end of T- government.

Following intense war of words, Prime Minister Modi is said to have asked a union minister to work out a rapprochement between the two warring chief ministers. Consequently  KCR’s son and IT minister met union urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu twice in New Delhi. Telangana.Similarly, Venkaiah personally met KCR in Hyderabad.

Finally, today, the chargesheet filed by ACB has not reflected the terrible animosity the two chief minister displayed for each other. What KCR said in public meeting about Naidu’s role in cash for vote scam, in hind sight and Naidus’ ultimatum looks like  staging of a gory war scene to cover up the compromise being struck behind the screens.

All the accused will tried under IPC 120 (B) for conspiracy and prevention of corruption Act, because the peoples representatives come under the definition of public servants.

However, those who deny the compromise theory say  AP CM’s names might figure in the supplementary chargesheet which ACB is expected to file after further investigation.

“The ACB had thrown enough light on the role of Naidu. Telephonic conversations squarely point to the role AP CM played in the attempt to buy nominated MLA’s vote for a TDP candidate in Telangana Legislative Council elections,” they said.

Chandrababu Naidu’s name as well as the origins of money paid to the complainant would also come out soon in the supplementary chargesheet, they added.




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