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Will KCR take ‘big risk’ by inducting Kavitha into cabinet?


Ever since Kalvakuntla Kavitha was fielded as TRS MLC candidate for Nizamabad local bodies constituency in March 2020 and won this election in October 2020, there has been a talk that her father and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao will induct his daughter into his cabinet.

But this did not happen even a year after her election as MLC.

However, the sudden appointment of TRS MLA from Nizamabad rural constituency Bajireddy Goverdhan as chairman of TSRTC two days ago has again fuelled speculations of KCR inducing Kavitha into his cabinet anytime.

There is a debate in political circles that KCR appointed Bajireddy Goverdhan all of a sudden as TSRTC chairman only to pave way for his daughter Kavitha’s entry into his cabinet.

Bajireddy is a senior most MLA from the same Nizamabad district and if KCR takes Kavitha into cabinet without giving any post to Bajireddy, it may create unnecessary problems for him and to avoid this he gave cabinet rank post to Bajireddy first.

But questions are also being raised in political circles whether KCR will take such a big risk of inducting Kavitha into his cabinet under these circumstances where he is already facing severe attack from Opposition parties for bringing ‘family rule’ in Telangana by giving cabinet minister posts to his son KTR and nephew T.Harish Rao. Besides, he gave Rajya Sabha seat to his other nephew J.Santosh Kumar.

Already opposition parties are targeting KCR saying that there are four posts in Kalvakuntla family but there are no jobs for lakhs of youth in Telangana.

At this juncture, whether KCR will take the risk of giving the fifth post to Kalvakuntla family by taking his daughter Kavitha into his cabinet is a million-dollar question.

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2 major anti-government rallies, but why is KCR still happy?


Chief Minister KCR must be laughing in his sleeves by the evening of September 17. He must be feeling smug and satisfied. The reason? He is happy at the stupendous success of the two Opposition rallies. One was by the BJP, which focused on September 17 and no less a person than Amit Shah was the star attraction of the largely attended programme.

The second is the anti-TRS rally organized by the Congress party in Gajwel, his constituency. This too was a well-attended rally and Revanth raved and ranted against KCR. But the rallies hogged the media space on September 17. Several media houses gave live coverage of both the events. But, instead of getting worried, KCR must be feeling happy.

Why? KCR feels happy because the anti-TRS and anti-KCR sentiment will be divided between the two competing rivals. Both the BJP and the Congress will divide the anti-TRS votes. This division will help KCR win the elections in 2023. If one of the two parties is weaker, the anti-TRS voters would consolidate behind the stronger of the two. This polarization might affect KCR’s apple car. But now that both are emerging stronger, the likelihood of anti-incumbency votes getting divided is growing.

KCR is also happy for another reason. The more the BJP talks about the liberation of Hyderabad, the more Muslim voters will turn towards the TRS. This reverse polarization is sure to help the TRS. Anti-BJP sentiment will prove beneficial to the ruling TRS in a significant way. After all, Nirmal, Adilabad, Khanapur and Bhainsa are communally sensitive and the BJP programme was held in Nirmal. This will cause reverse polarization, the TRS sources feel.

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Will Governor’s Praja Darbar spell trouble for KCR?


Telangana Governor Tamilisai Saundararajan is all set to organise People’s Durbar in Rajbhavan. The nitty gritty of this programme is being readied in about ten days. As part of this, she will receive complaints directly from the people and then forward it to the state government for necessary action.

This development is being viewed with concern by the TRS government and CM KCR. This Praja Darbar can put the state government in a spot of bother and the people will flock to the Governor for the redressal of their complaints. This will show the government in a poor light. So, the TRS is naturally worried about this programme. Governor had in the past exposed the shortcomings of the KCR government in handling of Covid. She wrote six letters and personally informed KCR about the problems in Telangan’s Covid care. Her comments that Telangana did not conduct as many tests as needed had caused discomfiture to the KCR government.

Now that she is planning to hold Praja Darbars, the KCR government feels that it will spell trouble for the ruling party.

Ever since Bandi Sanjay took over, the BJP leaders have been meeting the Governor very often. Even the Congress leaders have begun meeting the governor. Realising this, KCR has recently started touring various districts and begun meeting the people at large. He has also begun giving appointments to the ministers and others. Let’s wait and see how the Praja Darbar of the Government will impact the Telangana politics.

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Telangana aims to double IT exports in five years


The Telangana government on Thursday unveiled its information technology policy 2021-26, aimed at doubling the IT exports to over Rs 3 lakh crore in the next five years.

During 2020-21, IT exports from the state stood at Rs 1,45,522 crore.

The new policy has also the target of taking the total number of employees in the IT sector to over 10 lakh in the next five years. The number of employees in 2020-21 stood at 6,28,615.

Over 50,000 jobs will be generated in the IT/ITeS sector in the Tier II and Tier III cities in the state establishing them as IT Hubs of the future.

Information Technology Minister K.T. Rama Rao unveiled the new policy in the presence of NASSCOM Chairperson Rekha Menon, US Consul General in Hyderabad Joel Reifman, and senior officials.

In his remarks on the occasion, Rama Rao said Telangana has seen the highest annual growth rate in IT/ITeS exports in the last 5 years in the country and has created over 2.5 lakh jobs in the sector during this period, bringing in several marquee investors.

He said that Telangana recorded a phenomenal growth in the IT/ITeS sector with at a rate of 12.98 per cent as total IT/ITeS exports stood at Rs 1,45,522 crore. Telangana’s growth rate is more than double the average national growth rate, he said.

During the next five years, the government proposed to launch several new initiatives for the development of IT/ITeS sector.

The state will set up a start-up fund worth Rs 1,300 crore and a government investment committee with a goal to support over 8,000 start-ups and making Telangana the top choice for start-ups in the country.

It will facilitate investments and create jobs in the IT, product, engineering and R&D fields to emerge as the leader in this country.

A truly contactless, paperless and presenceless government will be created with 100 per cent of government services available over web and mobile applications except in cases that mandate physical presence, like driving license tests.

The government will ensure that at least one individual in each household and Self-Help Group is digitally literate and is given access to take advantage of the digital ecosystem.

Over 12,000 Digital Telangana Centres will be set up at the Panchayat level to provide digital services to citizens even in the remote locations. Basic Artificial Intelligence training will be provided for all technology graduates to be prepared for the next wave of employment creation in the new technologies.

There will be special focus on electric vehicles, battery storage systems, consumer electronics, medical devices and automobile sectors and the state will attract over Rs 75,000 crore in investment and over 3 lakh jobs in the electronics sector.

The Telangana Emerging Technologies Corridor will be launched as a “Hub for CoEs or Technology Centres” and will be a platform for providing institutional support, thought leadership, promoting R&D and innovation in the latest trends in technology.

The policy aims at establishing Telangana as the leader in technology-based governing through the creation of the data stack, a data analysis wing and promotion of ethical usage of emerging technologies like AI, ML and Blockchain in government services.

The government will use its patented and home-grown technology solutions to support businesses, and MSMEs. A dedicated Smart Cities wing will be created in collaboration with the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department with an aim to create over 40 smart regions in the state benchmarking with the best smart cities in the world.

Rama Rao stated that Telangana is the fourth largest contributor to the country’s economy, according to the “Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy 2020-21” released by the RBI.

He said the state passed several milestones in the IT and electronics sectors over last five years.

The electronics sector saw over 1.5 lakh jobs being created and Telangana is now responsible for the production of 7 per cent of India’s electronics output and growing.

He said the state developed a robust innovation ecosystem consisting of T-HUB, TSIC, WE-HUB, RICH, TASK, T-WORKS, Emerging Technologies Wing, and IMAGE Center of Excellence. Over 1,500 start-ups have received support in the form of mentorship, incubations and industry connects and have raised Rs 1,800 crore in funding over the last 5 years.

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KCR’s ‘new reservations’ for setting up liquor shops!


We have seen reservations for Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in education and employment all these years.

But now Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has come with ‘new reservations’ in Telangana for BCs, SCs and STs.

KCR has decided to give reservations to BCs, SCs and STs for setting up liquor shops in Telangana.

This decision was taken in the cabinet meeting chaired by CM KCR at Pragathi Bhavan on Thursday (today).

The cabinet decided to extend 15% reservations for BCs (Gowdas), 10% reservations for SCs and 5% reservations for STs.

Telangana government currently gives permission to run 2,216 liquor shops across the state.

The license for these shops expires in October and fresh licenses will be issued.

The new reservations will be implemented when fresh licenses will be given in November.

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TTD Board appointments indicate Jagan-KCR ‘understanding’!


The appointments made by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy to the TTD Board (Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam) Board on Monday triggered political speculations that there is an ‘understanding’ between Jagan, Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao and his son K.T.Rama Rao.

This is because Jagan appointed five persons to TTD Board which were recommended by KCR and KTR.

In fact, speculations are rife that Jagan has even agreed to accommodate one more woman recommended by KTR as a ‘special invitee’ on TTD Board and orders are awaited anytime.

Jagan appointed MSN Laboratories vice president Jeevan Reddy as a member of TTD Board. Jeevan Reddy is the brother of TRS Mahabubnagar MP Manne Srinivas Reddy.

Jagan continued Jupally Rameshwar Rao of My Home Group, B Parthasaradhi Reddy of Hetero Group and TRS leader from Siddipet Mooramsetti Ramulu as members in the new TTD Board. All these are close aides of KCR.

TRS Koratla MLA Kalvakuntla Vidyasagar Rao was also appointed to TTD Board. He is a relative of KCR.

Contrary to speculations that Jagan will not consider recommendations of KCR in the wake of the ongoing Krishna water dispute between both the states, Jagan accommodated all recommended by KCR and KTR in the new TTD Board.

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KCR comes to the rescue of loss-making Hyd Metro Rail


Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said that the state government would explore the possibilities of helping Hyderabad Metro, as it was in heavy losses due to less traffic on account of the Corona pandemic.

The CM gave assurance to the L&T higher officials that the government would support Hyderabad Metro Project and help it to be back on tracks.

The L&T higher officials have made repeated requests to the government to support them as Hyderabad Metro Project had incurred heavy losses due to the Corona pandemic.

In this regard, The L&T Officials had a meeting with the CM late on Tuesday night at Pragathi Bhavan with a request that the state government should support the Hyderabad metro. The L&T officials discussed about the financial losses of the Metro, Bank loans repayment, the mounting interest’s day by day and urged the government to come to their rescue.

The CM said,” Within a short span of time Hyderabad Metro by providing safest travel services, became a popular public transport system. The Corona pandemic had adverse impact on Hyderabad Metro as it did for other sectors. For Hyderabad, which is growing day by day, metro rail services are very necessary and there is a need to expand the metro services in future. It is regrettable that Corona Pandemic situation forced Metro Rail project into financial crisis and it was made to pay compound interests. The state government would come to the rescue of the prestigious Hyderabad Metro project as it did for other sectors. He said the state government would examine the possibilities. In accordance with the public needs, the government has to take out of the box decisions during the difficult times like the Corona pandemic situation.”

The CM said measures would be taken not only to support Hyderabad Metro but also to rejuvenate it. To study the matter extensively, weigh pros and cons and arrive at a policy, the CM said a high-level committee would be formed.

In this committee, Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao, R&B Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Government’s Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, CM Principal Secretary S Narsing Rao, Finance Special Chief Secretary Ramakrishna Rao, MAUD Spl Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar, Principal Secretary (Industries) Jayesh Ranjan will be there.

The CM has instructed the Committee to submit its report shortly on how to save Hyderabad Metro from incurring losses after thoroughly studying all the aspects.

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Kishan Reddy’s TV interviews confirm Modi-KCR bonding!


The only union cabinet minister from the Telugu States in Narendra Modi government, G.Kishan Reddy is on a spree of giving interviews to all major Telugu news channels for the past three days.

The common question being encountered by Kishan Reddy in all these interviews is about ‘bonding’ and ‘secret ties’ between Prime Minister Narendra Modi, union home minister Amit Shah and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao.

Kishan Reddy’s answers to the questions raised by journalists in these interviews give clear indications that there is no confrontation between TRS and BJP at the national-level but there is only ‘street fight’ between TRS and BJP in Telangana.

On one hand, BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay is undertaking padayatra in Telangana for the past two weeks attacking KCR and TRS every day stating that BJP will send KCR to jail for corruption in irrigation projects and land dealings.

When journalists asked Kishan Reddy about BJP sending KCR to jail, he answered, “There is no evidence with the Centre on KCR’s corruption to send him to jail.”

Kishan Reddy in turn asked journalists to give such evidence if any to him so that he can examine and take suitable action.

This clearly shows that BJP national leadership has no intention to book corruption cases against KCR and send him to jail.

When journalists asked him “Do you think KCR indulged in that much corruption in the last seven years which can send him to jail?”, Kishan Reddy replied, “I can’t say he will go to jail or not but as of now there is no evidence available to prove corruption charges against KCR.”

Kishan Reddy’s answers to several questions in his interviews only suggest that BJP has no problem with TRS and KCR remaining in power in Telangana and they only want that Congress should not come to power in Telangana since BJP anyway has no strength to come to power in Telangana.

TRS is supporting BJP on all issues at the national-level and also in the Parliament. Why should Modi and Amit Shah target KCR and TRS then? is the opinion being expressed in political circles after watching Kishan Reddy’ interviews.

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KCR making grand arrangements for Modi’s visit to Yadadri


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has started making grand arrangements for the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Yadadri temple.

It may be recalled that KCR invited Modi for the inauguration of renovated Yadadri temple complex, the dream project of KCR being undertaken at a cost of Rs 1,200 crore.

KCR extended an invitation to Modi when he met him in Delhi recently on September 3.

KCR requested Modi to attend the inaugural event as Chief Guest.

Modi readily accepted KCR’s invitation and promised him that he will attend the event without fail.

KCR informed Modi that the inauguration will be either in October last week or in early-November.

With just two months time left and several works remain pending in Yadadri, KCR is rushing to Yadadri on September 14 to inspect the works and speed up works to meet deadlines and to finalise grand arrangements for Modi’s first visit to Yadadri temple.

KCR is expected to spend five to six hours in Yadadri temple complex on September 14.

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Credit Rs 10 lakh and freeze: KCR’s Dalit Bandhu strategy!


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has launched Dalit Bandhu scheme in August first week in his adopted village Vasalamarri in Bhongir district. He released Rs 7.60 crore to extend Rs 10 lakh each to all 76 Dalit families in Vasalamarri.

KCR again formally launched Dalit Bandhu in Huzurabad on August 16. He released Rs 2,000 crore to cover all 20,000 Dalit families in Huzuruabad.

But the amount was not credited into the bank accounts of Dalits till September first week and the amount was lying with the district collectors.

The delay angered dalits in these two districts. Sensing this, KCR directed collectors to immediately transfer Rs 10 lakh each to Dalits.

Collectors transferred Rs 10 lakh each to Dalit beneficiaries in Huzurabad and Vasalamarri in the past four days.

Dalits celebrated the occasion as they received messages from banks on their mobile phones stating that their account was credited with Rs 10 lakh each.

Dalits tried to withdraw the amount soon after but the bank officials refused to give money saying that the collectors have frozen their accounts.

When Dalits approached Collectors and district officials they were told that the amount cannot be withdrawn unless they select one business unit on which they want to invest and that business idea should be financially viable.

Many dalits opted to buy tractors and cabs but collectors refused saying that if everyone purchases tractors and cabs, they will suffer losses as the business will not be viable.

Dalits are now breaking their heads how to withdraw the funds that are lying in their accounts.

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Telangana CM calls meeting on implementation of Dalit Bandhu scheme


Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Friday decided to convene a preparatory meeting for the implementation of the Telangana Dalit Bandhu scheme in four mandals on a pilot basis.

The meeting will be held at Pragathi Bhavan, the official residence of the Telangana chief minister on September 13.

The chief minister recently announced that Dalit Bandhu will be implemented in four mandals — Chintakani in Madhira constituency, Tirmalgiri in Tungaturthy, Charakonda mandal in Achampet and Kalwakurty constituencies and Nizam Sagar in Jukkal constituency. This is in addition to the ongoing implementation of the scheme on a pilot basis in Huzurabad Constituency.

Ministers, zilla parishad chairpersons, collectors from the four districts of Khammam, Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad, legislators from Madhira, Tungaturthy, Achampet, Kalwakurty, Jukkal constituencies, SC welfare minister Sri Koppula Eswar, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, SC Development Secretary, CM Secretary Rahul Bojja, Finance Secretary will participate.

The CM said the Karimnagar district collector will attend the meeting as a special invitee and share his experiences at the ground level while implementing the scheme in Huzurabad.

The government has selected four mandals in four Assembly constituencies, which are represented by Dalit MLAs (constituencies reserved for scheduled castes) in the north, east, west and southern parts of the state.

The scheme will be implemented for all Dalit families in these mandals.

The government has taken up Dalit Bandhu as a movement. It has already released Rs 2,000 crore for implementation of the scheme for all Dalit families in Huzurabad constituency.

Under the scheme, every beneficiary Dalit family will get Rs 10 lakh as grant and they will be free to choose their profession, self-employment or businesses for utilising the funds.

Addressing a public meeting on August 16 in Huzurabad constituency to launch the scheme, the chief minister had announced that the government will disburse over Rs 2,000 crore to 21,000 Dalit families in Huzurabad in the next two months.

He had also declared that all the 17 lakh Dalit families in the state will be benefited by the scheme.

The scheme implementation across the state for all Dalit families will cost Rs 1.7 lakh crore. He said the government will allocate Rs 30,000 crore to Rs 40,000 crore in the budget every year for 3 to 4 years.

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Why Jagan banned Ganesha festival and why KCR allowed it?


While the AP government has imposed restrictions on public celebrations of the Ganesh festival, the neighbouring Telangana government did not impose any such restriction. In fact, the restrictions are only with regard to the immersion of plaster of Paris idols and blaring of the DJs after 10 PM during Ganesh festival. In fact, these restrictions have been imposed only in the wake of a High Court directive.

Why did the Telangana government allow public celebration of Ganesha pandals, while the AP allowed only private celebration? Political observers say this is because of the Bandi Sanjay effect. Currently on a 40-day Padayatra, Bandi Sanjay is unabashedly espousing strident Hindutva line. He has been talking about protecting Hindu Dharma and Hindu interests all through his yatra. He began his yatra from the Bhagyalakshmi temple and painted the Charminar area saffron. BJP sources have unofficially told the media representatives to highlight the Hindutva line of Bandi Sanjay.

Hindutva has been the weakest spot for KCR. His “Hindu Gallu Bondugall” comment cost him four MP seats in 2019 and he wants to steer clear of the controversy. His alliance with MIM too is being seen as pandering to minority vote bank. Hence, the TRS government decided not to impose any restrictions on the Ganesh festival this time. It knows that the BJP is waiting to pounce upon the opportunity and turn it into a big issue. The TRS also realises that the Ganesha festival is an emotive issue in Telangana.

So, the TRS cleverly imposed no restrictions on the Ganesha pandals. As for the High Court directives, the TRS has a plausible deniability and say that it is duty-bound to implement the orders. As for YS Jagan, he knows that the BJP is too weak to put up a fight in Andhra Pradesh. Hence he went ahead and imposed a ban on public celebrations of the Ganesha festival.

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KCR taking Revanth Reddy seriously!


It’s been more than three months since Congress firebrand leader A.Revanth Reddy was appointed as TPCC chief.

But TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao never took Revanth Reddy’s criticism seriously.

At the most, KCR asked junior leaders like Balka Suman, Guvvala Balaraju to counter Revanth’s criticism on him and TRS.

But KCR took Revanth’s criticism on his ongoing Delhi visit seriously for the first time.

Revanth was also in Delhi to meet Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday. Revanth told Delhi media that KCR is in Delhi since September 1 despite heavy rains in Telangana for ‘secret pacts’ with PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

He said KCR-Modi bond is like Fevicol bond.

KCR who saw Revanth’s comments on TV, immediately issued instructions to his PROs to immediately issue rejoinders on Revanth’s criticism stating that CM is in Delhi only on official visit seeking funds and pending projects for Telangana.

He also asked senior TRS leader B.Vinod Kumar to counter Revanth and not juniors which shows that KCR started feeling Revanth heat and he no longer can ignore him like earlier.

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KCR’s extended Delhi trip now raises health concerns


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao continues to stay in Delhi even after eight days though there have been no official engagements for the past two days.

KCR left for Delhi on September 1. He laid foundation for construction of TRS office in Delhi on September 2.

Later he met, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 3 and union home minister Amit Shah on September 4.

There was no official programme on September 5. KCR met union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari and union jal shakti minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on September 6.

KCR was not seen anywhere after September 6 though he is in Delhi.

This triggered speculations about his health condition as reports came out that KCR is undergoing health check ups at a private hospital in Delhi.

He underwent eye and dental check ups on September 7.

TRS circles say KCR visited the hospital even today (Wednesday) and undergone health check ups.

But there is no official update from TRS or Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).

With this, TRS leaders and cadre are discussing his health condition.

KCR never stayed in Delhi for such a long tim earlier after he became CM in 2014. There is no clarity when he will return to Hyderabad though speculations are rife that he will return on Thursday.

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Governor gives new twist to KCR on MLC issue!


Telangana governor Tamilisai Soundararajan gave a new twist to the ongoing controversy over TRS government nominating Padi Kaushik Reddy as MLC under Governor’s quota.

The Telangana cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao approved nomination of Padi Kaushik Reddy as MLC under Governor’s quota on August 1 and sent it to Governor for approval on the same day.

But Governor kept her approval on hold even after more than a month. However, she has maintained complete silence on this issue since then.

The governor on Wednesday (today) broke her silence on this issue for the first time.

She said that she was not happy with the Telangana government nominating Kaushik Reddy under Governor quota under social service category.

Governor said she will examine what social service Kaushik Reddy did before giving her approval. She further said that she will take more time to take a decision on this issue.

Already one month and one week passed since Kaushik Reddy’s name was sent to Raj Bhavan for approval and Governor seeking more time to give her nod reportedly angered CM KCR, who is waiting for the right time to strike against Governor if she rejects Kaushik’s nomination.

36-year Kaushik Reddy is a cricketer who flayed first class matches for Hyderabad and later entered politics. He joined Congress and contested against then TRS candidate Etela Rajender in Huzurabad in 2018 Assembly polls and lost. However, after Etela quit TRS and joined BJP in June this year forcing bypoll in Huzurabad, Kaushik Reddy quit Congress and joined TRS in July. KCR nominated him as MLC within ten days of joining TRS.

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KCR reviews Telangana flood situation from Delhi


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), who is on a visit to New Delhi, on Tuesday reviewed the situation in the state in view of heavy rains.

Rao spoke to Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar over the phone to review the situation and issued directions. The Chief Minister wanted the District Collectors and the state administration to remain alert and take appropriate measures.

With rivulets and lakes overflowing due to incessant rains, Rao directed that departments be alerted to minimise the inconvenience to people in flood-affected villages and mandals.

Since continuous rains are likely to affect the electricity supply, roads, storm water drains, KCR directed the officials of departments concerned to be put on alert.

Municipal administration, panchayat raj, roads and buildings, and electricity departments were directed to alert the entire staff, from the officials to employees working at the lowest level.

The Chief Minister has instructed that since projects, lakes and tanks are overflowing due to heavy rains, steps must be taken to ensure that people living in low-lying areas do not suffer. He directed that the officials of Water Resources department be asked to remain alert.

KCR also directed the state Chief Secretary to undertake rescue and relief measures in affected areas by making alternate arrangements. He said in view of the alert by the Meteorological department, disaster management teams must be kept ready to rescue those stranded in affected areas.

The Chief Minister urged the public representatives to help the affected people in coordination with the state administration.

He appealed to the people in rain-affected areas not to come out of their houses in view of incessant rains.

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Drop Telangana irrigation projects from unapproved list: KCR


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday called on Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and urged him to drop 11 projects from the list of unapproved projects in Godavari basin in the notification issued by the Union ministry last month.

During his meeting with Shekhawat in New Delhi, Rao said the 11 projects mentioned as unapproved in Godavari basin as per the gazette notification dated July 15 were started before formation of Telangana and are within the 967.94 TMC share of the state.

Out of this allocation, projects for 758.76 TMC are already cleared by the Central Water Commission (CWC) and water availability has been cleared by the Hydrology Directorate for another 148.82 TMC. The balance allocation of 60.26 TMC has been kept as a reserve for future projects, evaporation losses etc, the Chief Minister said in a letter submitted to the Union Minister.

He also contended that the additional 1 TMC/day of Kaleshwaram project is not an additional nor a new project, and has only been taken up with state government funds to utilise the 240 TMC allocation made to the Kaleshwara project by the CWC, within a shorter time period, and as such, does not require any approval of the Central government.

“Kandakurthy LIS is a minor scheme serving an ayacut of 3,300 acres and does not require any appraisal. The Ramappa Pakhal Link and Tupakulagudem barrage, which are part of the Devadula Project, do not require any new approval. The Gudem LIS is a part of the approved Kaddam project, constructed to serve the tail end areas and does not need any approval. Finally Kanthanapally, which is non-existent, may also be dropped from the list of unapproved projects,” the letter added.

Rao urged Shekhawat to issue appropriate directions to the Godavari River Management Board (GRMB) and the CWC for taking immediate action.

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KCR wants better road connectivity between TS-AP, meets Gadkari


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao on Monday (today) met union minister of road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari in Delhi.

He submitted five representations to Gadkari seeking new highway projects and funds to Telangana.

Surprisingly, two of KCR’s representations pertain to seeking better road connectivity with neighbouring Andhra Pradesh which include six-laning of Hyderabad-Vijayawada national highway (NH-65) and four-laning of Kalwakurthy-Nadyal highway.

On Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway, Rao said, “This was four-laned in 2012 under BOT (toll). As per the agreement with the concessionaire, GMR Hyderabad-Vijayawada Expressways Ltd, the six-laning of this high traffic corridor is to be completed by April 2024. As per the State PWD reports, the present traffic on this highway is more than 40,000 PCUs (passenger car units). However, it is learnt that the concessionaire has raised a dispute and not showing any inclination to take up six-laning. It is requested to look into the above matter and help in taking up six-laning of this very important corridor, which is a vital link between the capitals of two Telugu states.”

KCR thanked Gadkari for notifying the new national highway from Kalwakurthy in Telangana to Nadyanl in AP, via Kolhapur, Somasila and Karivena as NH-167K, Rao said with a new bridge across river Krishna at Somalia will reduce the distance between Hyderabad and Tirupati, Chennai etc by about 80-kms.

“The newly declared 167K takes off at km 67/0 of NH 765 near Kalwakurthy. The NH-765 connects Hyderabad with famous Jyothirlinga at Srisailam. The present traffic up to Kalwakurthy on NH-765 is about 14,000 PCUs and the traffic will further increase manifold once
Kalwakurty-Karivena section of NH-167K is developed. Keeping this in view, it is essential to develop the existing two-lane paved shoulder
highway from Hyderabad (ORR) to Kalwakuthy (NH-765) to four-lane standards. It is requested to approve the same at the earliest,” the CM urged.

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Why was Harish not invited to KCR’s Delhi programme?


The launch of the works on the TRS office in Delhi was a gala affair. No wonder, everyone who is someone in the TRS was there to mark the occasion. The ministers and the MPs were there in tow. The office bearers made their presence felt. But, there were two top TRS leaders who were conspicuous by their absence.

KCR’s daughter and former TRS MP Kavitha Kalwakuntla and TRS’s troubleshooter Harish Rao were absent.

While Kavitha is said to be on a vacation abroad abd us said to have skipped even the Rakhi Bandhan this year, Harish is very much available in Telangana. He is currently busy with the campaign in Huzurabad. He could have spent a few hours to be in Delhi for the occasion. But, he could not come to Delhi and was tied up in Huzurabad.

Party insiders say that if KCR wanted he could have asked Harish Rao to be in Delhi for the inauguration. But, there was no formal invitation from either the party or from the top boss to Harish Rao. Insiders say that this was a deliberate attempt to show him his place in the party. This is KCR’s way of telling Harish Rao’s position in the pecking order.

The party sources are speaking in hushed tones about how the party leadership is using Harish Rao and is sidelining him when he is not wanted. Harish Rao is being used for the all-important Huzurabad elections, but he is not needed when the party’s key office is being constructed. Sources say Harish Rao knows this but is deliberately keeping a low profile. Sources said that he is biding his time in the party.

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KCR urges Amit Shah to raise Telangana’s IPS cadre strength


Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao met Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday and urged him to clear the plans to raise the state’s IPS cadre strength to 195.

The Chief Minister, who called on Shah at the latter’s residence here, is on a five-day visit to the national capital.

In its request to the Central government, Telangana has sought to increase senior duty posts from 76 to 105. The earlier IPS cadre review for Telangana was done by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2016 when a total of 76 senior duty posts and resultant 139 total authorised posts were approved for the state.

While this translates into a 40 per cent increase in cadre strength as opposed to the 5 per cent increase that is usually allowed, the state government is pitching for the increased numbers in view of the reorganisation of its districts, from 10 previously to 33 now.

This also means that the state now has 20 police districts and 9 police commissionerates against 9 police districts and 2 police commissionerates that existed previously.

“The allocation will help the posting of IPS officers as commissioners/superintendents of police/zonal DIGs/multi-zonal IGPs in various territorial units. At present, these territorial units have no sanctioned cadre posts,” KCR said in his representation submitted to the Prime Minister as well as the Home Minister.

“At present, these territorial units have no sanctioned cadre posts,” he stated.

During the course of the meeting that lasted around 45 minutes, the Chief Minister also briefed the Home Minister on the state’s requirements in the Naxal-affected areas of Telangana.

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