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What is KCR’s ‘hidden agenda’ behind land value increase for 2nd time?


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao’s decision to increase market value of lands from February all of a sudden came as a big shock to land buyers in Telangana.

This is because the land values were increased in Telangana only six months ago in July 2021. This triggered a debate in political circles that there is a ‘hidden agenda’ behind land value increase.

Telangana state was formed in 2014 and KCR became Telangana CM also in 2014. KCR did not give permission to hike land values for seven years until July 2021. Prior to that, land values were revised by previous Kiran Kumar Reddy government in Undivided AP in 2013, which KCR continued till 2021.

As per rules, the market value of lands should be hiked every two years. But KCR kept calm for seven years. What prompted KCR to keep calm for seven years to increase market values of lands earlier and now what prompted KCR to increase land values twice within six months.

It is believed that KCR did not increase land values from 2014 to 2021 as TRS government was busy acquiring thousands of acres for various irrigation projects like Kaleshwaram, Palamur Rangareddy, Seetharama etc besides other projects like Hyderabad Pharma City, Kakatiya Mega Textile Park etc. If market values were increased then, KCR’s government would have faced a huge financial burden as it had to pay higher compensation for landowners based on increased land values.

Now that, the entire land acquisition for all projects has been over, KCR decided to hike market value of lands. In this way, KCR planned ‘double benefit’ for TRS government and ‘double loss’ for land owners and buyers.

KCR saved financial burden for TRS government in acquiring lands by not increasing land values earlier and now KCR is eyeing higher revenues for TRS government with increased market values as it will automatically fetch higher land registration charges for the government.

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Eight months after Etela left, KCR is yet to fill ministerial vacancies


It has been almost eight months since Etela Rajender left the KCR cabinet. But, Telangana CM KCR has not yet filled the vacancy. Normally, KCR is known for his quick silver decisions and mercurial manners. His decisions usually leave everyone surprised and their seed leaves people baffled. But, for the first time, KCR has not taken a decision on filling the vacancy in the cabinet for over eight months and that is leaving many surprised.

On several occasions, KCR has promised ministerial berths to seniors like Gutta Sukhender Reddy, former minister Kadiyam Srihari and others. Even Banda Prakash, the Rajya Sabha MP, who was asked to become an MLC, is said to be expecting a ministerial berth. Also, his daughter Kalwakuntla Kavitha is also waiting for some ministerial post. But, despite the vacancy, KCR has not taken any decision so far.

There is also a talk that KCR might replace some of his ministers such as Gangula Kamalakar, Malla Reddy, Satyavati Rathod, Indrakaran Reddy, Puvvada Ajay and Vemula Prashanth Reddy and bring in new ministers. Similarly, Rega Kantha Rao, Madhusudhana Chary and L Ramana too are waiting for their turn.

Usually, KCR is known for his quick decisions. But this time, he has not taken any decision even after eight months. Usually, KCR is not known to consult anyone while making any decisions. In this case too, no one really knows what is in KCR’s mind. Sources say that KCR is weighing several options and this is the reason for the delay.

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KCR gives counter to Jagan: Sanctions 3 DAs to TS employees


At a time when Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is resorting to salary cuts and allowance cuts for government employees and pensioners in AP, the Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has sanctioned three pending DAs at a time.

KCR issued orders on Wednesday (today) sanctioning three DAs pending from January 1, 2020, July 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021.

Moreover, the DA has been increased from 7.28 per cent of basic pay to 17.29 per cent with monetary benefit from July 1, 2021 for employees and

The new DA will be paid from July 1, 2021 and all the previous DA arrears will be credited in the GPF accounts of employees and pensioners.

The Telangana government employees and pensioners are already drawing higher salaries over AP government employees since bifurcation of state in 2014.

KCR gave 30 per cent fitment to employees and pensioners from April 1, 2020 while Jagan gave just 23 per cent fitment.

But Jagan imposed drastic cuts in HRA and other allowances of employees and pensioners which resulted in AP government and employees getting a net fitment of just 14 per cent.

KCR did not impose any cuts in HRA or other allowances. With this, Telangana employees are considering themselves as luckier for working under Telangana government and expressing pity over their AP counterparts who are on agitation path demanding abolition of 23 per cent fitment and implement at least 27 per cent IR.

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Not Rythu Bandhu, not Dalit Bandhu, this is KCR’s biggest worry


What is KCR’s biggest worry these days? Not BJP, not even Congress Party. Not even the state’s economy. The biggest problem before him is how to enable the Metro rail services to run without any hitches. Yes. The prestigious Metro rail service is now running into huge losses and the L and T, which is running it, has literally sent an SoS to the State Government.

The fact that KCR spent close to three out of nine hours of the recent cabinet meeting on the Metro Rail tells us the importance of ensuring that the Metro rail runs. If the Metro rail stops functioning, it would be a huge loss of face for the State Government. It cannot go to the voters next year with a closed Metro Rail, which affects over a third of Telangana’s population.

The Metro Rail sources said that the Metro Rail is incurring a loss of Rs 3280 crore. There are three routes in which the Metro rail is operating. During the pre-Kovid period, the daily passenger traffic used to range between 3.80 lakh to 4.10 lakh. But, during the first phase, the passenger traffic was just around 80000 a day. In the second phase, the traffic is around 2 lakh. From December 2021, the commuters have risen to 2.60 lakh. Even this is nowhere near the pre-Covid figures. The L and T is paying Rs 1412 crore towards the repayment of the bank loans.

KCR is determined to ensure that the Metro rail runs. It would be a huge loss of face for the TRS government if it closes now. KCR also realises that the tight-fisted and financially strict Central Government will not bail out the State Government on this issue. Now KCR is said to be looking at the ways and means to run the Metro Rail without taxing the general public. Now it’s like being between the devil and the deep sea for KCR.

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Did Owaisi brothers stop KCR from involving in UP Assembly polls?


TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao and other TRS leaders stopped talking about Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls all of a sudden. KCR, his son KTR and other TRS leaders talked in favour of Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh polls.

TRS leaders even went to the extent of giving leaks to media stating that KCR will campaign in UP Assembly polls in support of Samajwadi Party.

If KCR cannot make it for any reason, he will send KTR and a team of TRS leaders to Uttar Pradesh to campaign for Akhilesh, they claimed.

But now, TRS leaders are maintaining complete silence of UP Assembly polls. This led to speculations that there are ‘political reasons’ behind TRS turning silent on UP polls.

And these political reasons are nothing but Owaisi brothers of AIMIM, who reportedly stopped KCR and TRS from supporting Akhilesh or involving in UP Assembly polls.

AIMIM and TRS are friendly parties in Telangana. The AIMIM is helping TRS to get Muslim vote bank in favour of TRS in all elections. The AIMIM is confining only to Old City and not contesting elections in other districts to benefit TRS by ensuring there is no split in Muslim vote.

Now AIMIM is contesting in UP polls. It has decided to contest 100 out of total 403 Assembly seats on its own as its efforts to forge alliances with other parties failed. AIMIM does not want TRS to work in favour of Samajwadi Party in UP.

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Is this the reason behind KCR’s cancellation of Warangal tour?


That KCR’s political career is a classic case of about-turns. But none can beat his latest about-turn. Within a matter of few hours, he has backtracked. He had in the evening announced that he would undertake a tour of Warangala and meet the hailstorm-affected farmers. By late evening, he has cancelled his visit. What made the Telangana CM rescind his decision all in just a couple of hours? This is the hottest topic of discussion in the political circles of Telangana.

The Government later announced that a team, led by Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy would visit Warangal and take stock of the situation. It also said that the team would submit a report to the government. This was a huge disappointment for the hailstorm-hit farmers who were hoping that KCR would listen to their tales of woe.

Interestingly, no reason was proffered for the cancellation of the tour either by the party or by the government. But insiders say that KCR was wary that there could be some protests over the non-fulfilment of the earlier promises. Sources say that even a small protest could be blown out of proportion. Hence he decided not to go ahead with the tour.

This is not the first time that KCR’s programmes have been cancelled in former Warangal. The Janagama collectorate inauguration has been postponed for five times so far. The TRS Vijaya Garjana programme, which was to be held in Warangal, has been put in a cold storage. The latest cancellation is another addition to the long list of postponement.

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KCR follows Jagan’s failed attempts!


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has decided to introduce English Medium in all government schools in Telangana from upcoming academic year 2022-23. The Telangana cabinet which met at Pragathi Bhavan on Monday (today) took a decision to this effect.

However, KCR’s decision triggered speculations over whether he will succeed or not in implementing this initiative. This is because Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy took this decision earlier and faced backlash in courts.

Jagan had to change his decision from compulsory English Medium to optional English Medium following court cases.

KCR also followed another scheme of Jagan which is ‘Nadu Nedu’ to strengthen government schools. KCR named his scheme as ‘Mana Vuru, Mana Badi’ and got it approved in the cabinet today.

It remains to be seen whether KCR succeeds in implementation of two schemes copied from Jagan in Telangana.

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KCR convenes key cabinet meet, TS heading for night, weekend curfews!


Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has convened a key cabinet meeting on Monday (tomorrow) to discuss on imposing Covid restrictions across the state in the wake of increasing Covid cases and Omicron variant.

In all likelihood, the cabinet is expected to impose night curfew on all days and day curfew on weekends to prevent the spread of Covid in Telangana.

Telangana has been witnessing a steep increase in Covid cases for the past one week especially in Hyderabad and surrounding districts.

The Cabinet meeting will be held tomorrow (Monday) at 2 PM at Pragati Bhavan under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Sri K Chandrasekhara Rao.

In view of the increasing number of corona cases in the country and the state, the government has decided to extend the holidays till 30th of January 2022 to all educational institutions in the state as per the directions of the Chief Minister.

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Is KCR funding Akhilesh poll expenses in UP?


TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao wants BJP to lose Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls at any cost. This is because KCR fears that if BJP retains power in UP for second term in March, it would signal the end of TRS in Telangana.

KCR is reportedly worried that if BJP wins UP, the next target of BJP national leadership will be Telangana Assembly polls in 2023 and PM Modi and Amit Shah will go to any extent to defeat TRS to come to power in Telangana.

KCR feels that BJP will be unstoppable in Telangana if it wins UP and for that reason KCR too wants to go to any extent to defeat BJP in UP.

KCR strongly feels that only Samajwadi Party has the strength to defeat BJP in UP but Akhilesh Yadav is facing financial problems to counter BJP, which is a ruling party both in UP and at the Centre.

KCR reportedly offfered financial help to Akhilesh to take on BJP. Earlier, KCR reportedly financed YS Jagan in 2019 Assembly polls to defeat TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

Since TRS is now engaged in a do or die battle with BJP, KCR is not going back even to fund in UP polls to defeat BJP.

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Jagan present, KCR absent from PM’s video conference!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (today) held a video conference with the Chief Ministers of all States to discuss on Covid situation in the state in the wake of sharp increase in Covid positive cases and Omicron variant across the country for the past one week.

However, Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao skipped the PM’s video conference, while Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy attended promptly. CMs of all the states took part in the meeting.

This triggered speculations over why KCR stayed away from Modi’s meeting. Of late, KCR and his son KTR are attacking the Modi and BJP-led NDA government on all the issues.

KCR even gave a clarion call to people in Telangana and across the country on Thursday to root out Modi government at the Centre for its anti-farmer, anti-people policies, which attracted national headlines in all newspapers and TV channels today.

KCR is also meeting leaders of various political parties and bringing together anti-Modi forces to defeat BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Against this backdrop, KCR reportedly decided to skip the meeting convened by Modi, held a exactly a day after he appealed to entire nation to root out Modi government.

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Will YS Jagan join KCR-led Federal Front?


It is now clear as crystal that TRS Supremo and Telangana CM KCR has intensified efforts to form a federal front. He is putting all his energies in bringing all anti-BJP forces on one platform. He has already held discussions with Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin and followed it up by another meet with Kerala’s Communist CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

But, the big question is what will be YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s stand on the issue of Federal Front so that they can emerge as a strong force by the time the Presidential elections are held. Will Jagan join the Federal Front? Will he take the plunge and take on the might of the BJP, which is ruling the Centre?

YS Jagan has always played safe and stayed closer to the NDA, though not joining it officially. He had even obliged the BJP by giving one Rajya Seat to the Reliance nominee Nathani. The YSRCP, the Biju Janata Dal and the AIADMK have always played with ambivalence and backed the NDA when needed. But will Jagan show the dare and join the anti-BJP league? Will he show the gall to take on the BJP?

There is every possibility of KCR contacting the TDP in Andhra Pradesh to solicit its support. Interestingly, in 2017 when Ram Nath Kovind was the presidential candidate, both TDP and the YSRCP had sided with the NDA. Will they do the same thing this time or will they join the anti-BjP front? Let’s wait and see.

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KCR readies next weapon to attack Modi, asks farmers in all States to revolt!


Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has registered a strong protest against the Central government ‘s decision to increase the price of fertilisers, which will put agriculture sector into a crisis and break the backbone of farming in the country. The CM will write a letter to PM Narendra Modi registering his protest against the increase of fertilisers’ prices.

The CM expressed his anger that the Central government which made tall promises that it would increase the farmers income double fold by 2022, is now increased the prices of fertilisers at an all time high to break the farming community’s back. It is highly reprehensible that the Central government which promised to double the income of farmers took a U turn and increased the agriculture expenses. This shows that the BJP government is totally against the farmers and it is proved right beyond any doubt. The CM said there is deep conspiracy behind the central government policies and actions to make the lives of farmers miserable. Decisions like to install meters to motors to collect the power charges, not linking NRGE with the farm sector, increasing the fertilisers prices to all time high, not purchasing the Paddy cultivated by the farmers, all these draconian decisions of the BJP government at the Centre have made farmers life difficult to survive. One should oppose the actions that would make farmers becoming a labourer in his own land.

The CM gave a clarion call to people in the state and people across the country to root out BJP government which is weakening the rural economy, hereditary trades, playing havoc with the farm sector only hand over agriculture sector to the Corporates.

The CM has expressed anguish that the BJP government at the Centre had removed subsidies on the fertilisers, which were in vogue for several decades, and the situation came to such a pass that the farmers had no option but to take up their plows and revolt against the Central government.

The CM urged the people to confront the BJP on the matter at every opportunity. He made it clear that if the central government fails to withdraw the increased prices of fertilisers, there will be statewide and countrywide agitations to against the Central government. He also urged the farming community in the state to expose the BJP’s conspiracy and join the struggle to make the Centre withdraw the fertiliser price hike.

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Centre serious on KCR’s corruption, will be jailed soon ?


BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay on Wednesday (today) made sensational comments on TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao. Sanjay said that the Centre has gathered all the evidence on KCR’s and his family members’ corruption during the last seven years of TRS government regime.

Sanjay said the BJP-led government at the Centre is very serious on KCR’s corruption and sending KCR to jai is only a matter of time.

Sanjay said as per his sources KCR will be jailed very soon and KCR too knew this very well and for this reason KCR is trying to put pressure on Centre in the name of anti-BJP Front and meeting leaders of non-BJP parties every day.

Sanjay said KCR should realise that his ‘anti-BJP Front’ drama will not save him from going to jail as Centre has all the proofs of how KCR and his family members looted public money in Kaleshwaram and other irrigation projects, Mission Bhagiratha etc.

Sanjay said KCR is only trying to gain public sympathy with his meetings with non-BJP leaders as KCR wants to project that BJP government at the Centre has jailed him because he was trying to forge anti-BJP Front against Modi government.

He warned KCR that the Centre will trace KCR even if he hides anywhere or goes underground and sends him to jail for corruption.

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Will KCR invite Chandrababu to Pragathi Bhavan to discuss national politics?


TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has been inviting leaders of national parties and regional parties to Pragathi Bhavan since January 8 to forge a Front against BJP-led government at the Centre for 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

He invited CPI and CPM leaders including Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan to Pragathi Bhavan and hosted lunch for them. The Left leaders who met KCR include Sitharam Yechury, D.Raja etc.

KCR on Tuesday invited RJD chief Tejashwi Yadav to Pragathi Bhavan. KCR is planning to invite few more regional party leaders to Pragathi Bhavan to bring all non-BJP parties together to dethrone Narendra Modi led BJP government at the Centre.

However, doubts surround over whether KCR invites TDP chief and former AP CM N.Chandrababu Naidu to Pragathi Bhavan for discussions on anti-BJP Front.

Naidu fought against NDA and BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Naidu met leaders of various regional parties and attempted to form a Congress-led Front against NDA in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. But shockingly, Naidu himself lost AP Assembly polls in 2019 held along with Lok Sabha polls.

Now Naidu is neutral. Neither he is talking in favour of BJP or Congress. Against this backdrop, all eyes are on KCR whether he invites his former boss in TDP Naidu to Pragathi Bhavan or not.

Naidu or TDP is no more a threat to KCR in Telangana unlike earlier. The TDP has vanished in Telangana and there is no scope of its revival in Telangana as entire TDP leader base and cadre base has shifted to TRS.

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RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav meets KCR, discuss anti-Modi Front!


Rasthriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader and Leader of Opposition in Bihar Legislative Assembly Tejashwi Yadav on Tuesday (today) met TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao.

Tejashwi Yadav came to KCR’s official residence Pragathi Bhavan for the meeting. Yadav’s sudden meeting with KCR triggered political speculations about the purpose of their meeting.

Of late, KCR has been trying to bring all anti-BJP parties together to form a Front to take on BJP-led NDA government at the Centre in 2024 Lok Sabha polls. KCR is waging a battle against BJP government at the Centre since Huzurabad Assembly bypoll.

Two days ago, KCR met top CPI and CPM national leaders at Pragathi Bhavan including Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan. In the meeting, it was discussed on the importance of all anti-BJP parties to come together to uproot Modi government in 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

In continuation of these discussions, KCR reportedly held a meeting with Tejashwi Yadav, who is already waging a war against NDA and BJP in Bihar.

Both Yadav and KCR reportedly discussed about the strategy to be adopted to defeat BJP in Uttar Pradesh polls. They strongly felt that if BJP is ousted from power in Uttar Pradesh, it will weaken BJP and Modi at national level and help to defeat NDA in 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

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Minister Srinivas Goud’s assets under KCR’s radar?


Telangana minister V.Srinivas Goud and his family members are frequently landing in controversies in Mahabubnagar. Srinivas Goud and his brother are accused of resorting to land encroachments and amassing wealth misusing power.

Srinivas Goud started his career as a small time government employee in undivided Andhra Pradesh. Later he became a key leader of Telangana NGOs association and played a key role in Telangana statehood agitation supporting TRS and KCR.

KCR gave him TRS ticket in 2014 Assembly polls. He won and became MLA. He won for second time in 2018 and KCR made him minister.

After becoming minister, Goud is facing severe allegations of amassing wealth by misusing his position. One TRS councillor in Mahabubnagar Sudhakar Reddy recently lodged a complaint with TS Human Rights Commission that he is facing life threat from Goud after he questioned his land encroachments.

This development shocked TRS leadership. KCR reportedly sought secret reports from intelligence department on Goud’s assets after he became minister. If he is found guilty, KCR may remove him from cabinet whenever he undertakes cabinet reshuffle.

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KCR betrayed people of Telangana: Assam CM


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday alleged that his Telangana counterpart K. Chandrasekhar Rao betrayed the people, especially the unemployed youth.

Addressing a meeting organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Hanamkonda town, he said Chief Minister KCR failed to fulfill his promise of providing jobs.

Sarma claimed that despite being a smaller state than Telangana, Assam is doing well in providing jobs to the unemployed.

He said the BJP government in Assam was working to fulfil the election promise of providing one lakh jobs in one year.

He alleged that KCR had failed to provide two lakh jobs in a year as he had promised. He said the Telangana Chief Minister was not giving jobs despite vacancies in government departments.

The meeting was organised by the BJP to demand amendment to government order 317 regarding transfer of government employees and teachers.

The Assam Chief Minister was invited to address the meet as part of party’s efforts to rope in top leaders from across the country to target Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government for ‘illegal’ arrest of BJP state unit chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar and other party leaders.

Sanjay and others were arrested during the protest over GO 317 in Karimnagar on January 2.

Stating that BJP will come to power in Telangana in 2023, Sarma warned that the party will take revenge for the humiliation meted out to its leaders.

Alleging that police broke into Bandi Sanjay’s office, the BJP leader said in 2023 the police may enter KCR’s farm house.

The Assam chief minister said that both the government employees and unemployed youth were unhappy with the TRS government.

“The government has support of only the police,” he remarked but reminded KCR that police merely obey the directions of those in power.

Sarma said KCR was frustrated over the defeat of TRS in recent by-election to Huzurabad Assembly seat and was hence resorting to steps like using police against the BJP leaders.

He also targeted KCR for being concerned only about his family and for running the government from his farm house.

“A chief minister has to come to the secretariat and meet 500 to 1,000 people. The government can’t be run from a farmhouse,” he remarked.

He also alleged that the KCR was running the government with the support of AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi.

“Owaisi will not be able to save you. The way Article 370 was scrapped and Ram temple’s construction started, the name of Nizam and Owaisi will also be written off. That day is not very far,” he said.

Sarma also criticized KCR for luncheon meetings with leaders of CPI-M and CPI. He reminded the TRS chief that the CPI-M had opposed formation of Telangana state.

Meanwhile, TRS legislator and KCR’s daughter K. Kavitha hit back at Assam chief minister. She pointed out that the TRS government has so far created 1.3 lakh jobs.

“Your remarks today once again restated the intent of BJP to erase the glorious history of Telangana. I wonder, why you and your party are so threatened with idea of unity? Did you forget the verdict of Telangana in 2018, where BJP lost deposits on 107 seats,” she told Sarma.

She also reminded him that the unemployment rate of India has been scaling up and it now stands at 8 per cent.

“The TRS party is made from the struggle of peoples’s rights, we fought for Telangana all by ourselves. As promised, we have generated over 1.3 lakh jobs so far for our people and we continue to create avenues,” she tweeted.

Kavitha mentioned schemes like Rythu Bandhu, KalyanaLaxmi and Mission Bhageeratha launched by KCR saying they have been a testimony for the entire country.

“If you look up for these schemes, you’ll find some similar projects. Fun fact, your party renamed these schemes of Telangana government,” she wrote.

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KCR meets top leaders of Left Parties, What’s up?


TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao on Saturday (today) met top national leaders of CPI and CPM at Pragathi Bhavan including Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan. KCR himself invited them for lunch to Pragathi Bhavan.

KCR’s back to back meetings with top leaders of Left parties fuelled political speculations over KCR reviving his efforts to forge Federal Front against BJP-led NDA at the Centre for 2024 Lok Sabha polls to dethrone Prime Minister Narendra Modi from power.

The CPM leaders came to Hyderabad to attend the Party’s three-day National Committee meetings, while the CPI leaders are in the city to participate in All India Youth Federation, an affiliate of the CPI. The CPM and CPI leaders had a courtesy call on the CM separately. The Communist leaders discussed with the CM on a various issues including the national political scenario, Telangana development, and other issues.

In the meeting CPM National General Secretary Sitaram Yechuri, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan, Tripura former CM Manik Sircar, CPM Central Polit Buro Members Ramachandran Pillai, Balakrishnan, MA Babi and others met the CM.

CPI National leaders included party’s General Secretary D Raja, CPI Parliamentary Party leader, Kerala MP Binay Viswam, Kerala Revenue Minister Rajan, Telangana CPI General Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy, State secretaries, Palla Venkat Reddy, Kunamneni Sambasiva Rao and others met the CM.

This is for the first time, the CM is meeting leaders of national parties after the 2018 Assembly polls. KCR met leaders of regional parties earlier in 2018 to forge Federal Front for 2019 Lok Sabha polls against NDA and UPA but it failed to take off.

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Why KCR is protecting MLA Vanama in suicide case?


There is a huge uproar across Telangana on the issue of Kothagudem TRS MLA Vanama Venkateshwar Rao’s son Vanama Raghavendra Rao alias Vanama Raghava, abetting suicide of a business family in Khammam.

Raghava allegedly sought sexual favours from the wife of businessman to settle a property dispute which forced him to commit suicide along with his wife and two children.

While the incident happened on Sunday last, Raghava’s role came into picture after two days. Since then, there is a huge demand from all sections demanding action against MLA Vanama and his son Raghava.

But TRS on Friday (today) issued a statement suspending Raghavan from the party. This surprised all as Raghava is just a primary member of the party. He does not hold any post in the party or government.

It’s an open secret that Raghava is the ‘shadow MLA’ of Kothagudem. He runs the entire show on behalf of his father. Raghava acts as per the directions of his MLA father. That’s what every one strongly feels in Kothagudem. Nothing happens in Kothagudem without the involvement of Raghava, they opine.

KCR did not take any action against MLA Vanama. Why KCR is protecting Vanama despite severe anger among people against him? is the question being debated in political circles.

KCR reportedly feels that if action is taken against MLA at his stage it amounts to the party accepting that MLA has committed crime and not just his son. Party wants to send a message across that MLAs son committed crime and MLA has no role in this.

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Did KCR bow to BJP and allow Nadda’s rally in Hyd?


TRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has been maintaining an aggressive stand against BJP after TRS lost to BJP in Huzurabad bypoll in November 2021.

KCR even ordered the arrest of BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay and sent him to 14-day jail, when Sanjay tried to hold a protest against TRS government on GO 317 for transfer of employees and teachers.

Sanjay was arrested on Sunday on charges of violating Covid restrictions. KCR imposed ban on protests and rallies in Telangana from December 28 citing increase in Covid cases and Omicron variant. Sanjay was sent to jai on Monday after Karimnagar district court denied bail to him.

This evoked sharp protests from BJP both at national-level and state-level. Telangana BJP leaders and cadre are strongly protesting the arrest of Sanjay.

BJP national president JP Nadda arrived in Hyderabad on Tuesday (today) and took part in a candle rally in Secunderabad to protest Sanjay’s arrest. When Nadda arrived in Shamshabad airport, Telangana police rushed to the spot and told him that there is no permission to hold rallies, protests in Telangana as per GO issued by Telangana government.

But Nadda insisted on holding rally. Finally, the police permitted him to hold a rally by following Covid restrictions.

It surprised all as the GO itself says there is a ban on rallies, protests, public meetings in Telangana until January 10. Where is the case of allowing rallies with Covid restrictions?

Political analysts say it clearly shows that KCR bowed to Nadda and allowed him to hold rally fearing that if Nadda is arrested or obstructed, it will anger PM Narendra Modi and union home minister Amit Shah and they may avenge this in the coming days.

Nadda held a huge rally with a large gathering. No masks were there. No physical distancing was followed. Covid restrictions were openly violated but Telangana police remained mute spectators to all this as they have no orders from the CM to take action against violators.

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